LG LGD521 User Manual

LG LGD521 User Manual

2ch front full hd / rear hd high resolution/ front 30fps / rear 30fps/ format free recording/ low battery and high temperature shutdown/ security led & audio prompts/ wirelessconnectivity


User Manual
2CH Front Full HD / Rear HD High Resolution
Front 30FPS / Rear 30FPS
Format free recording
Low battery and high temperature shutdown
Security LED & Audio prompts
Wireless Connectivity



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  • Page 1 LGD521 User Manual 2CH Front Full HD / Rear HD High Resolution Front 30FPS / Rear 30FPS Format free recording Low battery and high temperature shutdown Security LED & Audio prompts Wireless Connectivity...
  • Page 2: Caution For Safety

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Caution for Safety For safety and prevention of any property damage, be sure that user use the product after reading the following(Operation and Caution) carefully. Caution on Operation and Storage  Do not operate the product while driving. It may cause an accident. ...
  • Page 3 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Caution for Safety For safety and prevention of any property damage, be sure that you use the produc t after reading the following (Caution on SD Card) carefully. Caution on SD Card  In order to confirm normal operation of the product, please check the image of the MicroSD card and format it on a regular basis.
  • Page 4: Product Specifications

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Product Specifications Item Specifications ARM Cortex-A7 CPU Flash Memory Video Recording 2 channels Camera Front: 4M pixels / Rear: 1M pixels Front : FHD (1920 x 1080P) Recording Resolution Rear : HD (1280 x 720P) Memory Device micro SD Card (up to 128GB opt) Front : 110°...
  • Page 5 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Package These are the accessories included with the product at the time of purchase. Rear(HD) Camera, Main Body(LGD521) Bracket Rear Camera Video Cable [Consumable] Manual MicroSD Card & Adapter Clip Quick Manual Hardwire Cable GPS Module...
  • Page 6: Product Parts

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Product Parts Front Camera Security LED WLAN Button(Multi Key) Power Button GPS LED REC LED Mic/Speaker Power Connection Rear Camera SD Card Slot Connection Connection ▶ How to remove the bracket...
  • Page 7: Product Installation

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Product Installation ▶ Front Camera Installation 1. Insert the MicroSD card in the card 2. Remove the protective tape from 3. Connect the cigarette lighter cable slot. (Check the MicroSD card direction) the bracket. to power connection.. 4.
  • Page 8: Recorded Video

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Recorded Video ▶ Title of Recorded Video Files Title of aaab_cccc_dddddd_eeeeee_f.avi recorded file Type of Description Remarks recording Normal recording inf0_0000_140120_091603_I.avi Impact recording evt0_0000_140120_091603_I. avi Motion recording moe0_0000_140120_091603_P channel Description Remarks 1 channel Front 2 channels Front+rear cccc index...
  • Page 9 Recordings of an accident can also be deleted. ▶ On-Screen Display (OSD) Description (1) Model name : LG INNOTEK LGD521 (2) F/W Version : V :1.0.772 (3) Date recorded : 2016/11/28 MON 10:07:51 (4) G-Sensor Value : X :-0.2 Y :-0.0 Z :-0.9...
  • Page 10 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Recording Scenario ▶ Driving Mode ① Recording of an impact event in the driving mode  A buffer video of 10 seconds will be included in the video when an impact event occurs in the driving mode. ...
  • Page 11: Led Operation

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM LED Operation ▶ Front Security LED and User Notice LED Status Security Item Remark 2 Channel 1 Channel (Blue) (White) WLAN ON WLAN OFF WLAN ON WLAN OFF (Red) (Green) (Red) (Green) Booting Blink alternately SC card not inserted Green 3 Red 3 seconds...
  • Page 12: Sensor Operation

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM High Temperature Cut-off  The temperature cut-off function is used to protect the product from high temperature.  The high temperature cut-off function is not enabled in the normal mode.  The temperature cut-off function is enabled only if the "Use temperature cut-off" option is set to "Yes" in the black box viewer.
  • Page 13: Time Settings

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM SD Card  To insert or remove a SD card to and from the product, you need to turn off the product first. ▶ Automatic Formatting  Update is performed only when you insert a SD card with the update firmware and restart the product by turning it off/on.
  • Page 14 ① Android phone : Android 4.4 or higher recommended  Galaxy S3 or later or an equivalent model supported  LG Optimus G or later or an equivalent model supported ② iPhone : OS 10.0.2 or higher recommended  iPhone 5 or higher supported...
  • Page 15 ▶ Before use LG Innotek Smart Manager Application  Application is available for both Android and iOS.  Search ‚LG Innotek‛ in Google Play Store or Apple iOS App Store.. Google Play Store App Store  Real time video and playback can be delayed depending on the type of Smartphone.
  • Page 16 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Using the Smartphone App ▶ Home Screen 1) Version: Displays the version of the app. 2) Reset the password : Resets the WLAN password saved in your phone (not the black box password) to 00000000. (This function is supported only in an Android phone and not in an iPhone.) ※...
  • Page 17 ▶ Live View ※ Touch "Live View" to start live view with a ringing sound in the black box. The screen definition of the recording saved in the black box switches to 4 Mbytes for front and 2 Mbytes for rear. ※...
  • Page 18 ▶ Configuration 1) You can fetch the values set in the black box and change the basic settings or system settings. You need to press the Transmit button to apply the settings to the black box. 2) Transmit : Press the Transmit button at the top after changing values to transmit the changed values to the black box and reboot the black box.
  • Page 19: Using The Pc Viewer

    Switch to full screen Latitude/Longitude Flip horizontally G sensor information Flip vertically Play screen <Windows PC Viewer> - LG Innotek recommends above Windows7(32/64bit)/Intel core i3/RAM 2GB/Display 1920x1080 < MAC PC Viewer> - LG Innotek recommends above OSX : 10.11.x (OS X El Capitan)
  • Page 20 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Using the PC Viewer ▶ Viewer Settings Video Adjustment JPEG Storage Path Brightness Contrast Saturation Volume Select Language Play Mode Repeated Play Always at the Top Front Camera Flip Horizontally Flip Video Flip Vertically Rear Camera Flip Vertically Flip Horizontally Version/Build Date...
  • Page 21 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Using the PC Viewer ▶ Settings 1 Basic Settings System Settings Recording Mode Front Video Definition Rear Video Definition Normal High High Motion Detection Driving Mode Parking Mode Sensitivity G-Sensor G-Sensor Voice Recording Voice Output OSD Output Volume Volume Cut-off Voltage...
  • Page 22 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Using the PC Viewer ▶ Settings 2 Basic Settings System Settings Time Zone Daylight Saving Time Camera Sensor Settings Reset the Sensor Brightness Color Adjust Percentage of SD Card Folders Some files may be deleted when the black box boots. Reset Cancel Item...
  • Page 23: Firmware Update

    Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM Firmware Update Firmware Update 1. Power off dshcam and separate SD card from Dashcam. 2. Insert SD card to PC and copy firmware file to SD card. 3. Insert SD Card Dashcam and Power on. 4. Dashcam will update firmware file automatically and LED indicator will be bli nked while updating.
  • Page 24: Warranty And Customer Service

    ④ LG Innotek does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents in this Quick Manual as there may be technical errors and/or omissions. ⑤ LG Innotek shall not be responsible for any problems and/or damages that may occur from the use of Unauthorized parts and accessories.
  • Page 25: Product Warranty

     In accordance with Personal Information Security Law & related legislation, LG Innotek Co., Ltd. will not be held responsible for any problem due to illegal use of this product.  The recorded video produced by this product constitutes the secondary data that may help to determine the circumstances of an accident.
  • Page 26 Non LCD FHD-HD DASHCAM LGD521...