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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. PATTERN PARAMETERS ..........3 2. PART PARAMETERS ............4 3. STEP EDIT ................5 4. PART UTILITY ..............5 5. SAMPLE EDIT ..............6 6. GLOBAL PARAMETERS ..........7 7. DATA UTILITY ..............9 8. EVENT REC/PLAY ............10 9.

  • Page 3: Pattern Parameters

    Thank you for purchasing the Korg electribe sampler music production station. To ensure trouble-free enjoyment, please read the included owner’s manual carefully and use the product as directed. This document contains information about all of the electribe sampler’s parameters. Refer to this guide when you want to learn more about a specific parameter.

  • Page 4: Part Parameters

    2. PART PARAMETERS MOTION SEQ ......... [Off, Smooth, Trigger Hold] Specifies how motion sequence will work for the selected part. These parameters are for part settings. The settings are saved Off: The recorded motion sequence is disabled. independently for each part. Smooth: Knob movements are fluid, creating smooth change in the sound.

  • Page 5: Step Edit

    3. STEP EDIT 4. PART UTILITY To create a more elaborate pattern, you can edit individual steps of a COPY PART pattern that you’ve recorded or a pattern that’s saved in the electribe This lets you copy the sound and sequence data (including the sampler.

  • Page 6: Sample Edit

    5. SAMPLE EDIT It will no longer be possible to select the preset sample num- bers with the Oscillator knob. If you want to use the preset Here you can edit or modify a sample. samples again, execute FACTORY RESET. After editing each item, press the Write button to save the You can hear a preview playback by pressing a trigger pad.

  • Page 7: Global Parameters

    Internal: The electribe sampler’s internal clock is the basis for synchronization. Choose this setting if you’re using the electribe sampler by itself, or if you're using the electribe sampler as the master device that controls other synchronized devices. Auto: If MIDI clock data from an external MIDI device con- nected to the MIDI IN connector (or USB connector) is received, the electribe sampler automatically operates as with the “Exter-...

  • Page 8

    Sync In jack. and the knob is in the position shown. 1 step: When a sync signal is input, the electribe sampler ad- Suppose that you switch programs, and the actual value of the vances by one step. A sync signal is output at each step.

  • Page 9: Data Utility

    CHAIN MODE ................ [Off, On] card. Turning this parameter On enables the CHAIN MODE. The file is exported in the format of KORG\electribe sampler\ If this parameter is set to Off, the individual CHAIN TO and CHAIN [pattern number]_[pattern name].e2spat. If an identically-named file REPEAT parameters of each Pattern will have no effect.

  • Page 10: Event Rec/play

    SOFTWARE UPDATE Updates the system software of the electribe sampler. Obtain the update file from the Korg website, use your computer to copy it to the specified folder of a memory card, insert the memory card into the electribe sampler, and then execute this function.

  • Page 11: Appendix

    9. Appendix Shortcut list The following table lists the functions that you can access by operating a knob or button while holding down the Shift button. Section Button/knob name Function when operated while holding down the Shift button 5. Transport Play/Pause button Play from beginning of pattern Tap button...

  • Page 12: Osc Type List

    OSC Type List No. Name Category Slice Stereo No. Name Category Slice Stereo 64 Ringy Snare 129 Zed Close HiHat 130 Zed Open HiHat 65 Hoppy Snare No. Name Category Slice Stereo 131 Chip Close HiHat 66 Oldskool Snare 1 SAW Analog 132 Chip Open HiHat...

  • Page 13

    No. Name Category Slice Stereo No. Name Category Slice Stereo No. Name Category Slice Stereo 195 PianoFXChord Shots 260 BiririnBan Voice 325 Conga 1 Perc. 196 PianoFX 1 Shots 261 Banter Voice 326 Conga 2 Perc. 197 PianoFX 2 Shots 262 No!! Voice 327 Conga 3...

  • Page 14

    No. Name Category Slice Stereo 390 Nutta/128 Loop 391 A.Piano 392 E.P.MarkV 393 E.P.Wurly 394 Clavi 395 RotalyOrgan 396 M1Organ 397 A.Guitar 398 NylonGuitar 399 E.BassFinger 400 E.BassPick 401 WahBass 402 AcousticBass 403 RecordBass 404 RaggaBass 405 DubBass 406 Flute 407 Flute16Voice 408 SopranoSax...

  • Page 15: Modulation Type List

    Modulation Type List No. Name Modulation Source Modulation Destination BPM Sync Key Sync 1 EG+ Filter AD Envelope (positive) Filter Cutoff 2 EG+ Pitch AD Envelope (positive) Oscillator Pitch 3 EG+ AD Envelope (positive) Oscillator Edit 4 EG+ Level AD Envelope (positive) Amp Level 5 EG+ AD Envelope (positive)

  • Page 16: Filter Type List

    No. Name Modulation Source Modulation Destination BPM Sync Key Sync ○ 65 S&HBPM Pan LFO (sample & hold) ○ 66 S&HBPM IFX LFO (sample & hold) IFX Edit 67 Random Filter LFO (random) Filter Cutoff 68 Random Pitch LFO (random) Oscillator Pitch 69 Random OSC LFO (random)

  • Page 17: Mfx Type List

    MFX Type List No. Name 27 Chorus No. Name 28 Flanger LFO 1 Mod Delay 29 Flanger + 2 Tape Delay 30 Flanger - 3 High Pass Delay 31 Phaser LFO 1 4 Hall Reverb 32 Phaser LFO 2 5 Room Reverb 33 Phaser Manual 6 Wet Reverb 34 Tremolo...

  • Page 18: Pattern List

    Pattern List No. Pattern Name Author *Advisory 65 Harp On One KORG Inc. 86.0 No. Pattern Name Author *Advisory 66 TypeRocs KORG Inc. 97.0 ○ 1 Advi$ory1 KORG Inc. 128.0 67 Ironworks KORG Inc. 94.0 2 Advi$ory2 KORG Inc. 128.0 68 Get Funky1 KORG Inc.

  • Page 19

    *Advisory: These patterns contain gunshots, screams, alarms, and 186 Init Pattern 120.0 police car sounds etc. 187 Init Pattern 120.0 All Patterns —© 2015 KORG INC. All rights reserved. 188 Init Pattern 120.0 189 Init Pattern 120.0 Credits (alphabetical) 190 Init Pattern 120.0...

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