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Electrolux LAVAMAT 61271 BI User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux LAVAMAT 61271 BI

  • Page 3 ENGLISH FOR PERFECT RESULTS Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler – features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it.
  • Page 4: Safety Information SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use, read this manual carefully: • For your safety and the safety of your property • To help the environment • For the correct operation of the appli- ance. Always keep these instructions with the appliance also if you move or give it to a GENERAL SAFETY different person.
  • Page 5: Technical Information

    ENGLISH • Do not install and connect a damaged • Do not use multiple plugs and exten- appliance. sion cables. There is a risk of fire. • Make sure to remove all packaging and • Do not replace or change the mains ca- transport bolts.
  • Page 6 Electrical connection: Voltage 230-240 V Overall power 2050 W Fuse 13 A Frequency 50 Hz Level of protection against ingress of solid particles IPX4 and moisture ensured by the protective cover, except where the low voltage equipment has no protection against moisture Water supply pressure Minimum...
  • Page 7: Product Description

    ENGLISH PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Detergent dispenser Feet for the appliance level Control panel Water drain hose Door handle Mains cable Rating plate Water inlet hose Drain pump Feet for the appliance level ACCESSORIES Spanner To remove the transit bolts. Plastic caps To close the holes on the rear side of the cabinet after the removal of the transit bolts.
  • Page 8: Control Panel CONTROL PANEL Programme selector dial Display TEMPERATURE button START/PAUSE button SPIN button DELAY START button • Indicator pilot lights: Rinse hold position • A – Washing phase STAIN button • B – Door locked EXTRA RINSE button • C – Extra Rinse TIME SAVE button DISPLAY The display shows the following informa-...
  • Page 9: Indicator Pilot Lights

    ENGLISH End of programme When the programme has finished, the display shows a blinking zero The DOOR light B, the WASHING light A and the light of button 8 go out. The door can be opened. Incorrect option selection If you set an option which is not compatible with the wash pro- gramme, the display shows the message Err for some seconds.
  • Page 10 10 4 and 5 until the symbol comes on or disappears from the display.
  • Page 11: Washing Programmes

    ENGLISH WASHING PROGRAMMES Programme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Cycle De- Options Type of Laundry scription Maximum Load Cottons Main wash SPIN REDUCTION 95° - Cold Rinses RINSE HOLD Max. load 7 kg - Reduced load 3 kg Long spin STAIN White and coloured cotton (normally soiled TIME SAVE items).
  • Page 12 12 Programme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Cycle De- Options Type of Laundry scription Maximum Load Spin Drain SPIN REDUCTION Max. load 7 kg Long spin Separate spin for hand washed cotton gar- ments and after programmes with the Rinse hold option set.
  • Page 13: Consumption Values

    ENGLISH Programme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Cycle De- Options Type of Laundry scription Maximum Load Economy Main wash SPIN REDUCTION 40° Rinses RINSE HOLD Max. load 7 kg Long spin STAIN Fast coloured cotton. EXTRA RINSE Slightly soiled cotton items. The appliance decreases the temperature and extends the washing time to obtain a good washing efficiency so saving energy.
  • Page 14: First Use

    14 FIRST USE To activate the drain system, put 2 li- detergent dispenser. Set and start a tre of water in the main wash com- programme for cotton at the highest partment of the detergent dispenser. temperature without laundry. This re- moves all possible dirt from the drum Put a small quantity of detergent in and the tub.
  • Page 15: Setting And Starting A Programme

    ENGLISH This is the maximum level for the quantity of liquid additives. Always obey the instructions that you find on the packaging of the deter- gent products. SETTING AND STARTING A PROGRAMME SETTING THE PROGRAMME SETTING THE SPIN SPEED (KNOB 1 ) (BUTTON 3) Turn the programme selector dial to the When you set the programme, the appli-...
  • Page 16 16 The appliance will perform some addi- If you have chosen a delayed start with tional rinses. button 9, the machine will begin the countdown. If you set an incorrect option, the yellow SETTING PERMANENTLY THE pilot light of the button 8 blinks for 3 EXTRA RINSE OPTION times.
  • Page 17: Cancelling A Programme

    ENGLISH ALTERING AN OPTION OR A again. Press button 8 to start the pro- gramme again. RUNNING PROGRAMME It is possible to change some options be- CANCELLING A PROGRAMME fore the programme carries it out. Before you make any change, you must press the Turn the selector dial to to cancel a button 8 to pause the appliance.
  • Page 18: Helpful Hints And Tips

    18 HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS THE LAUNDRY LOAD DETERGENTS AND ADDITIVES • Divide the laundry in: white, coloured, • Only use detergents and additives spe- synthetics, delicates and wool. cially made for washing machines. • Obey the washing instructions that are •...
  • Page 19 ENGLISH Water hardness Level Type °dH °T.H. mmol/l Clarke medium 8-14 16-25 1.6-2.5 10-16 hard 15-21 26-37 2.6-3.7 17-25 very hard > 21 > 37 >3.7 >25...
  • Page 20: Care And Cleaning

    20 CARE AND CLEANING WARNING! find on the packaging of the manufactur- Do this separately from the laundry wash. Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply before you clean it. EXTERNAL CLEANING DESCALING Clean the appliance only with soap and warm water.
  • Page 21: Drain Pump

    ENGLISH Remove the top part of the liquid ad- ditive compartment. Clean all the parts with water. Clean the dispenser recess with a brush. Put back the dispenser in the recess. WARNING! DRAIN PUMP Before unscrewing the pump cov- The pump should be inspected regularly er, switch the appliance off and and particularly if: remove the mains plug from the...
  • Page 22 22 When no more water comes out, un- screw the pump cover (A) by turning it anti-clockwise and remove the fil- ter. Use pliers, if necessary. Always keep a rag nearby to dry up any water spillages when removing the cover.
  • Page 23: Emergency Emptying Out

    ENGLISH To clean the water inlet filters: Close the water tap. Remove the water inlet hose from the water tap. Clean the filter in the inlet hose with a stiff brush. Remove the inlet hose behind the appliance. Clean the filter in the valve with a stiff brush or a towel.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    24 TROUBLESHOOTING Certain problems are due to lack of sim- • : problem with the water supply ple maintenance or oversights, which can • : problem with the water draining be solved easily without calling out an en- • : door open gineer.
  • Page 25 ENGLISH Problem Possible cause/Solution The drain hose is squashed or kinked. • Check the drain hose connection. The drain filter is clogged. • Clean the drain filter. The machine does not You have set an option or a programme that ends with empty and/or does not the water still in the tub or a that eliminates all the spin:...
  • Page 26 26 Problem Possible cause/Solution The transit bolts and packing have not been removed. • Check the correct installation of the appliance. The support feet have not been adjusted The machine vibrates or • Check the correct levelling of the appliance. is noisy: The laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum.
  • Page 27: Installation

    ENGLISH INSTALLATION UNPACKING Use the gloves. Remove the external film. If necessary, use a cutter. Remove the cardboard top. Remove the polystyrene packaging materials. Remove the internal film. Open the door. Remove the polystyr- ene piece from the door seal and all the items from the drum.
  • Page 28 28 Put one of the polystyrene packaging elements on the floor behind the ap- pliance. Carefully put down the appli- ance with the rear side on it. Make sure not to damage the hoses. Remove the polystyrene protection from the bottom. Pull up the appliance in vertical posi- tion.
  • Page 29: Positioning And Levelling

    ENGLISH Put the plastic caps in the holes. You can find these caps in the user man- ual bag. WARNING! We recommend that you keep the Remove all the packaging and the packaging and the transit bolts for transit bolts before you install the when you move the appliance.
  • Page 30: Water Drainage

    30 THE INLET HOSE • Connect the hose to the appliance. Turn the inlet hose only left or right. Loose the ring nut to set it in the cor- rect position. • Connect the water inlet hose to the cold water tap with 3/4 thread.
  • Page 31 ENGLISH With the plastic hose guide. • On the edge of a sink. • Make sure that the plastic guide cannot move when the appliance drains. At- tach the guide to the water tap or the wall. • To a stand pipe with vent-hole. Refer to the illustration.
  • Page 32: In The Interest Of The Environment

    32 Without the plastic hose guide. • To a sink spigot. Refer to the illustration. Put the drain hose in the spigot and tighten it with a clip. Make sure that the drain hose makes a loop to prevent that remaining particles go in the appliance from the sink.
  • Page 33: Building In

    ENGLISH BUILDING IN OVERVIEW • This appliance has been designed to 600 mm be built into the kitchen furniture. The recess should have the dimensions min. 596 mm 555 mm 560 mm shown in Fig 1. min. 820 mm 818 mm 75 mm 60 mm 170 mm...
  • Page 34 34 • Hinges To mount the hinges it is necessary to drill two holes (dia. 35 mm, depth 12.5-14 mm depending on the depth of door furniture) on the inner side of the door. The distance between the holes hobs fixing centres must be 416 mm.
  • Page 35 ENGLISH Fig. 7...
  • Page 36 132927080-A-022012...

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