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Names Of Controls And Functions; Create A Route To The Destination - Panasonic CN-NVD905U Quick Reference Manual

Dual din in-dash hdd mobile navigation system with 7" widescreen color lcd monitor/dvd receiver
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Names of controls and functions

Adjusts audiovisual volume.
Displays/hides the Open/Tilt/Eject
Closes the monitor.
Displays the Audiovisual source
Displays the vehicle position
operation screen.
(current position).
<Audiovisual source operation screen>
<Current position screen>
Displays the Destination menu.
Panel open
CD/DVD slot
Displays all search methods.
SD Memory card slot
Only used for map data and
software updates.
It cannot be used for playing back
audio format such as SD audio.
<Destination menu (All)>
Selects a station.
Skips a track/chapter.
Fast forward/Fast reverse
Remote control sensor
Use this to operate the Car TV
(CY-TUN153U, option) with the
remote control unit provided.
Navigation and other audiovisual
operations cannot be performed from
the remote control unit.
Displays the Navigation menu.
<Navigation menu>
Adjust navigation volume
 Select [Guide Speaker].
<Destination menu>
 Select a setting [1] – [7] to
adjust volume.
Select [Off] to cancel voice

Create a route to the destination

Search for the destination
Touch [Enter]
on the Navigation menu.
when the map displaying
the destination appears.
A search is made for the route
from the vehicle position to the
The destination (set location) is
marked with a
Select [Destination].
Destination setting screen
Select a search method.
Checking the route to be used
The route selection status for the route
to use is displayed.
Select [Others] to display all
: Use
search methods.
: Do not use
Go to step 4
Select a search method.
: Highway
: Time-restricted road
: Ferry
: Toll road
: Seasonally restricted road
: Car train
page 6
[Road preference]:
The type of road to use can be
page 7
page 8
To switch the search area
page 9
 Touch [Change].
page 10
 Touch the area to search.
page 10
page 10
page 11
<Search Area screen>
page 11
 Select [OK].
page 11
The area to search switches.
Touch [Start]
when the All route screen
is displayed.
Route guidance begins.
All route screen
Distance and time display
The distance and time (such as
estimated arrival time or remaining
time) to the next destination are
Roads and distances used
The total route length is displayed,
together with the distances using
highways, toll roads, time-restricted
roads, seasonally restricted roads,
ferries and car trains.
To check the route
[3 routes]: Three types of routes to the
destination are displayed.
The Change Route screen
is displayed.


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