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Whirlpool ET18AK Use & Care Manual page 6

No-frost refrigerator-freezer
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Changing the light bulb.. .
WARNING: Before removing the light bulb, either
unplug the refrigerator
or disconnect
the electricity
to the re-
at the main power supply.
Shock and injury can occur if elec-
tricity remains connected.
1. Reach behind
control console to find bulb.
2. Remove bulb.
3. Replace
with a 40.watt appliance
Moving the meat
and covet..
to Stop. Lifl the
Front and Pull Again.
Glass is heavy.
Be Careful.
Adjusting the refrigerator shelves...
Shelves can be adjusted
to match the way you use
your refrigerator.
Removlng the Meat Pan:
I, Slide the meat pan out to stop.
2. Lift the front.
3. Slide pan the rest of the way out.
4. Replace
in reverse order
Removlng the cover:
1. Push up glass insert from bottom, then slide out
with both hands.
2. Lift cover frame out of frame support
3. Tilt front of frame support up, lift at back. and pull
support straight out.
4. Replace
in reverse order
Removing crispers and crisper cover.. .
To remove shelves:
1. Tilt up at front.
2. Lift up at back.
3. Pull shelf straight out
To replace:
1. Guide
the rear hooks into the slots in the shelf
2. Tilt up front of shelf until hooks drop into slot. Lower
front of shelf to level position.
Removing the Crispers:
1. Slide crisper straight out to stop, lift front, then slide
the rest of the way out.
2. Replace
in the reverse order
Removing Cover:
I, Push up glcss insert from bottom, then slide out
with both hands.
2. Lift front of cover frame and remove cover support
3. Lift out cover frame by pulling up and out.
1. Fit back of cover into notch supports on walls of
refrigerator, then lower front into place.
2. Replace
cover support with the long tab
towards the front.
If the support needs
turn base right to raise, or left to lower.
3. Slide back of glass insert into place, then lower front.



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