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Peavey FX Mixer Series Operating Manual

Fx mixer series 16, 24 and 32 channel, four-bus mixing consoles.
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Mixer Series
16, 24 and 32 Channel • Four-Bus Mixing Consoles


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    ™ Mixer Series 16, 24 and 32 Channel • Four-Bus Mixing Consoles Operating Manual

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    ATTENTION: Afin de réduire le risque de choc électrique, ne pas enlever le couvercle. Il ne se trouve à l’intérieur aucune pièce pouvant être reparée par l’utilisateur. Confiez I’entretien et la réparation de l’appareil à un réparateur Peavey agréé. AVIS: Dans le but de reduire les risques d’incendie ou de decharge electrique, cet appareil ne doit pas etre expose a la pluie ou a l’humidite et aucun objet rempli de liquide, tel qu’un vase, ne doit...

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    WARNING: When using electrical products, basic cautions should always be followed, including the following: Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any of the ventilation openings. Install in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.

  • Page 4: Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise

    ACHTUNG: Beim Einsatz von Elektrogeräten müssen u.a. grundlegende Vorsichtsmaßnahmen befolgt werden: Lesen Sie sich diese Anweisungen durch. Bewahren Sie diese Anweisungen auf. Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. Befolgen Sie alle Anweisungen. Setzen Sie dieses Gerät nicht in der Nähe von Wasser ein. Reinigen Sie es nur mit einem trockenen Tuch.

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    INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES DE SECURITE ATTENTION: L’utilisation de tout appareil électrique doit être soumise aux precautions d’usage incluant: Lire ces instructions. Gardez ce manuel pour de futures références. Prétez attention aux messages de précautions de ce manuel. Suivez ces instructions. N’utilisez pas cette unité proche de plans d’eau. N’utilisez qu’un tissu sec pour le nettoyage de votre unité.

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    INSTRUCCIONES IMPORTANTES PARA SU SEGURIDAD CUIDADO: Cuando use productos electrónicos, debe tomar precauciones básicas, incluyendo las siguientes: Lea estas instrucciones. Guarde estas instrucciones. Haga caso de todos los consejos. Siga todas las instrucciones. No usar este aparato cerca del agua. Limpiar solamente con una tela seca.

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    , 24FX ™ 32FX ™ are studio-quality mixing consoles designed to meet diverse needs. These consoles feature Peavey-exclusive technology that enhances live studio reproduction as well as project studio recording, making them perfect for every venue. FX ™ Series mix- ers also feature built-in DSP effects that are useful in real-world recording and sound reinforcement, while parameter controls allow you to tailor each effect to meet your needs.

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    Front Panel MONO INPUT CHANNELS Gain This control establishes the nominal operating level for the channel. The input gain can be adjusted over a wide range (0 dB – 60 dB) to compensate for soft voices or very loud drums. To maximize the signal-to-noise ratio, the gain should be set to the proper level, with the Channel Fader (13) set to 0.

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    Front Panel This control determines the signal’s position with respect to the assigned L/R and Group 1–4 buses. Rotating the control counterclockwise increases the amount of signal sent to L and odd-numbered groups; rotating clockwise increases the amount sent to R and even-numbered groups. For example, with the channel Bus Assign switch (10) in the 1/2 position, rotating the control counterclockwise increases the amount of signal sent to Group 1, while rotating clockwise increases the amount sent to Group 2.

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    Front Panel STEREO INPUT CHANNELS Mic Gain This control establishes the nominal operating level for the mic input (XLR) of the channel. The mic gain can be adjusted over a wide range (0 dB – 60 dB) to compensate for soft voices or very loud drums. To maximize the signal-to-noise ratio, the gain should be set to the proper level, with the Channel Fader (13) set to ø.

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    Front Panel Phantom Power Switch This switch applies +48 VDC voltage to the input XLR connectors to power condenser microphones requiring phan- tom power. This switch is recessed into the console and requires a small “tool” such as a pencil or pen tip to activate. A regular low impedance dynamic mic such as the PVM™...

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    Front Panel AFL Switch/Signal-AFL LED This switch connects the Group’s post-fader signal to the PFL/AFL mix. When the AFL button is in, the Group’s signal can be monitored through the headphones and/or on the PFL/AFL display. A yellow LED in the Master section will blink to indicate that the signal on the Master LED display and the Headphone Output is the PFL/AFL mix.

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    This LED indicates that AC power is supplied to the unit‚ the power switch is on, and the unit is function- ing properly. Lamp 12Vdc (24FX™ and 32FX™ mixers only) These outputs are designed to power gooseneck lamps such as the Peavey ML-1.

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    44A Effects Screen When you power up your FX Mixer, the Peavey logo will briefly appear on the LCD (47). In a few seconds, once the mixer software is fully loaded, the effects screen will appear on the LCD (47). Your FX Mixer fea- tures a variety of commonly used factory presets and plenty of user-defined, customizable presets.

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    DIGITAL PROCESSING ARENA IMPORTANT: When a signal passes through a digital EFX 1 user 34 effects processor, a short delay results. When this same signal returns to the mixer and combines with the main output, the small delay difference results in a comb filter.

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    (45-46) to make all adjustments. MASTER USER TIP: Peavey highly recommends that you set a security password. Allowing someone else to operate your unsecured FX mixer grants that user complete access to change all of your settings.

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    DIGITAL PROCESSING ARENA This feature is perfect for playing a pre-recorded musical piece through assigned channels of your mixer. USB drives also allow you to record specific segments of your work or an entire gig up to the amount of free memory available on your USB drive.

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    Rear Panel Group Outputs These Group Outputs feature 1/4” TRS balanced jacks and provide output signal from the Groups. The output level is set by the Group Level faders (26). Left/Right Outputs The Left/Right Outputs feature two 1⁄4” TRS Z-balanced jacks and two fully balanced XLR outputs. The 1⁄4”...

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    Rear Panel Power Switch Pressing the power switch supplies power to the unit. Removable Power Cord This receptacle is for the IEC line cord (included) that pro- vides AC power to the unit. Connect the line cord to this connector and to a properly grounded AC supply. Damage to the equipment may occur if an improper line voltage is used (see voltage marking on unit).

  • Page 20: Block Diagram-16fx, 24fx, 32fx


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    Inputs Function Input Z Input Gain (Ohms min) Setting Max Gain Microphone 2.2k (60 dB) (150 Ohms) Min Gain (0 dB) Max Gain Line (40 dB) (10 k Ohms) Min Gain (-20 dB) Max Gain Stereo Line (20 dB) (direct to L/R) Nominal Gain Max Gain Stereo Line...

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    16FX 24FX and 32FX Specifications ™ ™ ™ Outputs Function Min Load Z (Ω) Master Left/Right Groups 1-4 and Aux 1-6 Record Out Channel and Group Insert Send Headphone 0 dBu=0.775 V (RMS) Gain Mic Input Gain Adjustment Range: Mic Input to Left/Right Balanced Output Line Input Gain Range: Line Input to Left/Right Balanced Output Stereo Line Input Gain Range:...

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    16FX 24FX and 32FX Specifications ™ , ™ ™ Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -129 dBu (Mic input terminated with 150 Ohms) Crosstalk/Attenuation Adjacent Input Channels (1 kHz) -70 dB typical Left to Right Outputs (1 kHz) -70 dB typical Common Mode Rejection Ratio (Mic Input) -50 dB minimum (20 Hz to 20 kHz) -60 dB typical @ 1 kHz Phantom Power...

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    What Peavey Will Do We will repair or replace (at Peavey's discretion) products covered by warranty at no charge for labor or materials. If the product or component must be shipped to Peavey for warranty service, the consumer must pay initial shipping charges. If the repairs are covered by warranty, Peavey will pay the return shipping charges.

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    Features and specifications subject to change without notice. Peavey Electronics Corporation • 5022 Hartley Peavey Dr • Meridian, MS 39305 (601) 483-5365 • FAX (601) 486-1278 • © 2005 Printed in the U.S.A. EX000029...

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