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Siemens WT45W561BY Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Siemens WT45W561BY

  • Page 1 Tumble dryer WT45W561BY Register your product online
  • Page 2: Your New Tumble Dryer

    Caution! To meet the high quality demands required by Siemens, every tumble dryer This signal word indicates a possibly that leaves our factory is carefully dangerous situation. Not heeding the checked to ensure that it functions caution can cause property and/or correctly and is in perfect condition.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents e n I n s t a l l a t i o n a n d o p e r a t i n g i n s t r u c t i o n s Setting a programme.
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Intended use Intended use Safety instructions The following safety information This appliance is intended for private ■ I n t e n d e d u s e S a f e t y i n s t r u c t i o n s and warnings are provided to domestic use only.
  • Page 5 Safety instructions Do not allow children to Warning ■ clean or maintain this Risk of suffocation! appliance unsupervised. If allowed to play with the Keep children under 3 years packaging/plastic film or ■ and pets away from this packing components, children appliance.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Safety instructions Installation Warning Risk of electric shock/fire/ Warning material damage/damage to Risk of electric shock/fire/ the appliance! material damage/damage to If the appliance's mains cable is the appliance! altered or damaged, this may If the appliance is not installed result in electric shock, short properly, this may lead to a circuiting or fire due to...
  • Page 7: Operation

    Safety instructions Incorrectly placing (stacking) The appliance has sharp ■ ■ this appliance on top of a edges on which you could washing machine may result cut your hands. in injury, material damage Do not take hold of the and/or damage to the appliance by its sharp appliance.
  • Page 8 Safety instructions During the last part of the Warning ■ drying cycle, the laundry in Risk of explosions/fire! the drum is not heated If there is any residual ■ (cooling cycle). This is to material left in the fluff filter, ensure that it remains at a this may ignite when drying temperature at which it will...
  • Page 9 Safety instructions If you operate the appliance Warning ■ without a fluff filter, or if the Risk of injury! fluff filter is defective, this If you support your weight/sit ■ may result in damage to the on the appliance door when appliance.
  • Page 10: Cleaning/Maintenance

    Safety instructions If the appliance overheats, it Repairs and any other work ■ ■ may not be able to operate on the appliance must only properly, or this may result in be conducted by our material damage or damage customer service or by an to the appliance.
  • Page 11: Energy-Saving Tips

    Energy-saving tips Warning Energy-saving tips Risk of injury/material damage/damage to the Spin the laundry before drying. The ■ E n e r g y - s a v i n g t i p s appliance! drier the laundry, the shorter the programme will be, in turn reducing The use of spare parts and energy consumption.
  • Page 12: Installing And Connecting The Appliance

    Installing and connecting the appliance Do not position the appliance behind ■ Installing and a door, as this may obstruct the appliance door or prevent it from connecting the opening completely. appliance Once an appliance has reached the ■ end of its life, pull the mains plug Included with the appliance: from the socket before severing the I n s t a l l i n g a n d c o n n e c t i n g t h e a p p l i a n c e...
  • Page 13: Connecting The Appliance

    Installing and connecting the appliance If you take hold of any of the If necessary, turn the appliance feet ■ appliance's protruding parts (e.g. the to make sure it is level. appliance door) in order to lift or You can now connect the appliance. move it, these parts may break off Notes and cause injury.
  • Page 14: Before Using The Appliance For The First Time

    Installing and connecting the appliance Before using the appliance for Warning Risk of electric shock/fire/material the first time damage/damage to the appliance! If the appliance's mains cable is altered Before you switch on the appliance: or damaged, this may result in electric Check that there is no visible damage to shock, short circuiting or fire due to the appliance.
  • Page 15: Appliance Settings

    Appliance settings Switch on the appliance. Appliance settings Childproof lock A p p l i a n c e s e t t i n g s Activating the childproof lock prevents the settings from being accidentally changed on the control panel. Activating/deactivating the childproof lock: Press and hold Childlock 3 sec.
  • Page 16: Exiting Setting Mode

    Appliance settings Switching the automatic switch-off function on/off If the appliance is not used for an extended period, it may automatically switch itself off until a programme starts or when a programme has ended in order to save energy.It can be switched back on again at any time by pressing You can switch the appliance's automatic switch-off function on or off...
  • Page 17: Quick Reference Guide

    Quick reference guide Quick reference guide Q u i c k r e f e r e n c e g u i d e Before starting the programme: Sort the laundry. Switch on the Select a appliance. programme. -------- Open the door and Close the door.
  • Page 18: Familiarising Yourself With

    Familiarising yourself with your appliance Familiarising yourself with your appliance Appliance overview F a m i l i a r i s i n g y o u r s e l f w i t h y o u r a p p l i a n c e ( Condensation container 0 Control panel 8 Drum interior lighting (depending on the model)
  • Page 19: Panel

    Familiarising yourself with your appliance Panel ( Programmes ~ Page 21 0 Programme selector Press to switch the appliance on/off ■ Turn to set a programme ■ 8 Childproof lock Prevents the functions you have set from being changed accidentally. To activate/deactivate it: ~ Page 15 @ Anti-Crease 60 min H Anti-Crease 120 min...
  • Page 20: Display

    Familiarising yourself with your appliance Display Empty the condensation ð container Remove the fluff ñ The heat exchanger is being é cleaned automatically Programme progress for: Drying Iron Dry Ø Cupboard Dry » Anti-Crease Ý Pause - ˜ - Programme end - ‹...
  • Page 21: Overview Of Programmes

    Overview of programmes Overview of programmes O v e r v i e w o f p r o g r a m m e s Programme Maximum load Programme name Maximum load based on the dry Brief explanation of the programme and the items for which it is suitable. weight of the items ü...
  • Page 22 Overview of programmes Duvet ÿ 2.5 kg Clothing, pillows, quilts or bedspreads filled with synthetic fibres. Note: Dry large items individually. Follow the instructions on the care label. Pillow/Down Ü 1 pillow Pillows filled with down or synthetic fibres. Outdoor K 1 item Weatherproof and outdoor clothing with a membrane coating and water-repellent fabrics.
  • Page 23: Programme Settings

    Programme settings Programme settings P r o g r a m m e s e t t i n g s Buttons Displays Explanations and information Not all buttons and their functions can be selected in all programmes. Note: ü Level ^ : Select the dryness level depending on the required degree of dryness.
  • Page 24 Programme settings E.g. û ‹ : …‹ The drying time for timed programmes can be extended to up to 3 hours 30 minutes in 10-minute increments. The drum moves the laundry at regular intervals after drying to Less Ironing 60’ Ý prevent creasing.
  • Page 25: Laundry

    Laundry Notes Laundry – When washing laundry to be tumble-dried, use the correct P reparing the laundry amount of detergent and care L a u n d r y products as specified in the Warning manufacturer's instructions. Risk of explosions/fire! –...
  • Page 26: Operating The Appliance

    Operating the appliance You can select a timed Open the door. Note: programme to add extra drying time for Check that the drum has been laundry that is still damp. completely emptied. Empty it if necessary. Caution! Risk of material damage to the appliance and laundry Do not tumble-dry the following items or fabrics in the appliance:...
  • Page 27: Setting A Programme

    Operating the appliance Starting a programme Caution! Risk of material damage to the Press Start/Pause Ü. appliance or laundry. Make sure that laundry is not If you want to prevent the Note: trapped in the door. programme from being adjusted inadvertently, you can activate the childproof lock.
  • Page 28: Cancelling The Programme

    Operating the appliance The programme duration is Press # to switch off the appliance. Note: updated on the display, depending on the load and on the residual moisture in the laundry. The values displayed may change when the programme or load is changed.
  • Page 29: Removing The Fluff

    Operating the appliance Pour out the condensation water. Removing the fluff During drying, fluff and hair from Note: the laundry is trapped by the fluff filter. If the fluff filter is clogged or dirty, this reduces the flow of air, preventing the appliance from achieving optimal drying results.
  • Page 30 Operating the appliance Pull the two-part fluff filter apart. Rinse off fluff under warm, running water. Open the two parts of the filter. Dry the two parts of the fluff filter, snap them shut and reinsert the filter. Remove all fluff from both parts of the filter.
  • Page 31: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Caution! Cleaning and Material damage/damage to the maintenance appliance Cleaning agents and agents for Cleaning the appliance pretreating laundry (e.g. stain removers, C l e a n i n g a n d m a i n t e n a n c e prewash sprays, etc.) may cause damage if they come into contact with Warning...
  • Page 32: Cleaning The Filter In The Condensation Container

    Cleaning and maintenance Clean the moisture sensor with a Pour out the condensation water. rough sponge. Remove the filter. Clean the filter under warm, running Caution! water or in the dishwasher. Risk of damaging the moisture sensor. Push the filter in until you feel it lock The moisture sensor is made from into place.
  • Page 33: Information On The Display

    Information on the display Information on the display I n f o r m a t i o n o n t h e d i s p l a y Faults Cause/remedy ð on the display and Empty the condensation container and reinsert it.~ Page 28 ■...
  • Page 34: Help With The Appliance

    Help with the appliance Help with the appliance H e l p w i t h t h e a p p l i a n c e Faults Cause/remedy Appliance does not start. Check the mains plug and fuse. ■...
  • Page 35 Help with the appliance Drying programme is If the drying programme is stopped due to a power failure, restart the pro- stopped. gramme or remove the laundry and spread it out. Unusual noises when Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger produces noises. This does not indi- drying.
  • Page 36: Transporting The Appliance

    Transporting the appliance Empty the condensation container. Transporting the appliance Warning T r a n s p o r t i n g t h e a p p l i a n c e Risk of injury/material damage/ damage to the appliance! If you take hold of any of the appliance's protruding parts (e.g.
  • Page 37 Transporting the appliance Press Start/Pause Ü. Wait for 5 minutes. The condensation water will be drained. Empty the condensation container again. Switch off the appliance. Disconnect the appliance's mains plug from the power supply. The appliance is now ready to be transported.
  • Page 38: Consumption Values

    Consumption values Consumption values Consumption values table C o n s u m p t i o n v a l u e s Spin speed used for Duration** Energy consumption** Programme spinning the laundry (in min) (in kWh) (in rpm) ü...
  • Page 39: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications Technical Disposal specifications Dispose of packaging and the D i s p o s a l Dimensions: appliance in an T e c h n i c a l s p e c i f i c a t i o n s environmentally responsible 85 x 60 x 60 cm manner.
  • Page 40: After-Sales Service

    After-sales service After-sales service If you cannot rectify the fault yourself by A f t e r - s a l e s s e r v i c e turning the appliance off and then on again, please contact our after-sales service.~ Enclosed after-sales service directory or cover page We will always find an appropriate...
  • Page 44 01450 2655 (0.03 € per minute at peak. Off peak 0.0088 € per minute.) You can find the contact information for all countries in the attached after-sales service directory. BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München GERMANY *9001225850* 9001225850 (9607)

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