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Sanyo CE21KF8R Service Manual

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SERVICE MANUAL Colour Television
Power Source . . . . . . . . . . AC110-240V, 50Hz/60Hz.
Colour System . . . . . . . . . PAL/SECAM/NTSC4.43/NTSC/PAL-60Hz
Television System . . . . . . B/G, I, D/KK', MM
Channel Coverage
. . . . .
Video IF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38.0MHz
Aerial Input Impedance . . 75Ω
Ext. Terminals
Video inputs: Phono jack x 2 (1Vp - p, 75Ω)
S-Video inputs: Din 4 pin x 1 (Separate Y/C signal input)
Audio inputs: Phono jack (L/R) x 2 (436mVrms, more than 40KΩ)
Video monitor outputs: Phono jack x 1 (1Vp - p, 75Ω)
Audio monitor outputs: Phono jack (L/R) x 1 (436mVrms, less than 600Ω)
Sound Output (RMS) . . . . 5W + 5W
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 cm  13 cm  2
Dimensions . . . . . . . . . . . . 652 (W)  460 (H)  490 (D)mm
Weight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . approx. 23.2 Kg
Specifications subject to change without notice.
VHF: E2 - E12,R1 - R12,K1 - K9,J1 - J12,A2 - A13
UHF: 21 - 69, A14 - A69, J13 - J62
CATV: S1-S41, X, Y, Z, Z+1, Z+2
Model No. CE21KF8R
Service Ref. No. CE21KF8R-50
Product Code: 111363414
Original Version
Chassis Series: FC3-G2
(Software: AC5-G2)
Give complete "SERVICE REF. NO." for
parts order or servicing. It is shown on the
rating plate at the cabinet back of the unit.
This T.V. receiver will not work properly in
foreign countries where the television
transmission system and power source dif-
fer from the design specifications. Refer to
the specification table.



  Summary of Contents for Sanyo CE21KF8R

  • Page 1 FILE NO. SERVICE MANUAL Colour Television Model No. CE21KF8R (Russia) Service Ref. No. CE21KF8R-50 TV/AV TIMER MENU -/-- -/-- CH SCAN TV/AV MENU SWAP SOUND • BASS PICTURE SURROUND S.SYS C.SYS JXMRM Specifications Product Code: 111363414 Power Source ..AC110-240V, 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Notice ................2 Chassis Block Diagram .
  • Page 3: Chassis Block Diagram

    Chassis Block Diagrams MAIN SIGNAL PROCESSING CIRCUIT O PWB S-Woofer is not equiped...
  • Page 4 Chassis Block Diagrams SYSTEM CONTROL...
  • Page 5: Ic Block Diagrams

    IC Block Diagrams IC201 < IF/Video/Chroma/Def. > LA76818A Audio Output SIF Input FM Output/Selected SIF APC Filter Audio Output SIF Output PIF AGC Ext. Audio Input RF AGC Output PIF Input1 APC Filter VCO Coil 1 PIF Input 2 VCO Coil 2 IF Ground VCO Filter IF Vcc...
  • Page 6 IC Block Diagrams IC201 <IF System Block Diagram> LA76818A...
  • Page 7 IC Block Diagrams IC1401 < VIDEO Switch > MM1188XS IC501 < Vertical Output > TDA9302H/LA78040N Thermal Protection CLAMP CLAMP CLAMP (-6dB) Pump IN 3 IN1-Y IN1-C IN 2 IN 1 IN 2 IN 3 IC701 < Triple Video Output Amplifier. > TDA6103Q MIRROR 2 MIRROR 3 FLASH-...
  • Page 8: Service Information

    IC Block Diagrams IC3701 < Audio Control & Surround > NJW1142M SR-FIL TONE La MONa TONE Ha OUT a LINEa IN 1a IN 2a VOL 2 TONE VOL 1 IN 3a NJRC IIC BUS IN 4a ORIGINAL INTERFACE SURROUND & SIMULATED STEREO IN 1b...
  • Page 9: Service Adjustments With Replacing Memory Ic(Ic802)

    Service Adjustments with Replacing Memory IC(IC802) Note: The CPU (IC801) and memory IC (IC802) store the service adjustments data and controls data for each circuit.When the Memory IC(IC802) is replaced, some of the service adjustments should be readjusted to obtain the best performance. The necessary service adjustments are carried out by using the RC handset. Please set up the TV set with following steps [1] to [2].
  • Page 10 Service Adjustments with Replacing Memory IC(IC802) Following table shows the initial values which have been stored in the CPU ROM, and items for the service adjustments. Service mode adjustments table in CPU ROM DATA INITIAL DATA INITIAL ITEM RANGE SETUP DESCRIPTION ITEM RANGE SETUP SCRIPTION DATA...
  • Page 11 Service Adjustments with Replacing Memory IC(IC802) DATA INITIAL DATA INITIAL ITEM RANGE SETUP DESCRIPTION ITEM RANGE SETUP DESCRIPTION DATA DATA 0~255 ROM Correction TUNER Tuner Option 0~255 ROM Correction AV123 AV1/AV2/AV3 Option, 0=AV only, 0~255 ROM Correction 1=AV1, AV2, 2~3=AV1, AV2,AV3 0~255 ROM Correction 88 OPT POS...
  • Page 12: Service Adjustments With Replacing Memory Ic (Ic802)

    Service Adjustments with Replacing Memory IC(IC802) [Entering to Service Mode] Press and hold the MENU button on the Remote Control and press the VOLUME (+) button on the TV set. Following setting items appears on the screen. MENU -/-- Display for [RF AGC] RF AGC adjustment MENU Read Status SI.
  • Page 13: Service Mode Adjustments

    Service Mode Adjustments Following adjustments should be carried out when the memory IC is replaced. How to enter the service mode and adjust values, please refer to “ Entering to Service mode” on page 11. Item 05 [V-SCO] V-S CORRECTION Item 01 [RF AGC] AGC NOTE: Do not attempt this adjustment with weak signal.
  • Page 14 Service Mode Adjustments Items 14-17, 19-21 GREY SCALE (1) Receive a monochrome circular pattern. (2) Set the brightness and colour to normal, contrast to maximum. (3) Enter to the service mode. (4) Select No. 14 RBIAS (Red Bias), No, 15 GBIAS (Green Bias), and No. 16 BBIAS (Blue Bias) and set each data to 0 by pressing the VOLUME + or - key.
  • Page 15: Service Adjustments

    Service Adjustments Following adjustments are not required to readjust when replacing the memory IC. B-VOLTAGE SUPPLY CHECKING HIGH VOLTAGE CHECK (1) Connect DC meter to TP-B and the ground. Note: +B (+130V) Voltage Check and Grayscale Adjustment (2) Tune the receiver to an active channel and synchro- must be completed before attempting High Voltage Check.
  • Page 16: Special Function

    Special Function The following special functions can be set up on this TV How to set the special function: set. Note: When making the VOLUME LOCK setting, set the (1) Volume Lock setting desired maximum sound volume by pressing the VOLUME + or - button before entering Special Function setting mode.
  • Page 17: Purity And Convergence Adjustment

    Purity and Convergence Adjustment CAUTION: The Convergence and Purity adjustments have been made at the factory. Readjustment should be made only after picture tube or deflection yoke replacement, following the steps below: PURITY ADJUSTMENT 8. Tighten the mounting screw of the Deflection Yoke. Adjust 1.
  • Page 18: Cabinet Parts List

    LATCH PUSH,7.9X6.9BK 610 311 2206 ASSY,CABINET FR-C5GE 5-a 610 311 2251 CABINET FRONT-C5GE 5-b 610 307 0292 DOOR-C5GT 645 041 7269 BADGE,SANYO*43.5X10L43.5 610 316 2454 CABINET BACK-C5GSH 610 256 7670 HOLDER AC CORD-SGP-D4VA 645 067 5089 ASSY,REMOCON JXMRM 610 297 3723...
  • Page 19: Chassis Electrical Parts List

    C5GSH Chassis Electrical Parts List Product safety should be considered when a component replacement is made in any area of a receiver. Components indicated by a mark in this parts list and the circuit diagram show components whose value have special significance to product safety.
  • Page 20 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description 4050026726 TR 2SA1179-M6-TB 4051631612 TR 2SC2812N-L6-TB0 4050026924 TR 2SA1179-M7-TB 4051631711 TR 2SC2812N-L7-TB0 4051631513 TR 2SA1179N-M6-TB 4051739813 TR 2SC3928A1R 4051632718 TR 2SA1179N-M7-TB 4051739912 TR 2SC3928A1S Q1402 4060087407 TR 2SA1015-G(SAN)-TPE2 4051843411 TR 2SD0601A-R-TX 4050017417 TR 2SA1015-O(SAN)
  • Page 21 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description Q690 4050144519 TR 2SC2412K T146 R IC1401 4094793216 IC MM1188XS 4050144618 TR 2SC2412K T146 S IC1501 4090512910 IC TC4053BF-TP1 4050158724 TR 2SC2812-L6-TB IC201 4095175912 IC LA76818A 4050158922 TR 2SC2812-L7-TB IC202 4092415407 IC BA178M05T...
  • Page 22 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description C121 4032152211 CERAMIC 0.01U K C277 4040871606 ELECT 0.1U M C122 4040847809 ELECT 100U M 4030478422 ELECT 0.1U M 4030422425 ELECT 100U M C278 4033053517 CERAMIC 0.1U Z C123 4011057919 MT-GLAZE 0.000 ZA 1/16W...
  • Page 23 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description 4030494224 ELECT 10U M 4030481917 ELECT 0.22U M C471 4040565208 NP-ELECT 2.2U M 100V C664 4040848004 ELECT 220U M 4040849902 NP-ELECT 2.2U M 100V 4030430222 ELECT 220U M C486 4032600722 ELECT 33U M...
  • Page 24 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description R1060 4010276638 CARBON 75 JA 1/6W R212 4010251338 CARBON 150 JA 1/6W R1061 4011056615 MT-GLAZE 6.8K JA 1/16W R221 4011050514 MT-GLAZE 1K JA 1/16W R1062 4011056615 MT-GLAZE 6.8K JA 1/16W R222 4011050514 MT-GLAZE...
  • Page 25 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description R602A 4020825605 WIRE WOUND 1.8 KA R838 4011051610 MT-GLAZE 15K JA 1/16W R611 4010200851 CARBON 470 JA 1/4W R839 4010263935 CARBON 330 JA 1/6W R613 4020965202 FUSIBLE RES 1.2K J- 1/2W R840 4010263935...
  • Page 26 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description 4080480301 ZENER DIODE MTZJ9.1C-52 D1910A 6102737929 HOLDER LED-S4KF D1001 4070639722 ZENER DIODE MTZJ9.1C 6103039954 HOLDER LED-C4LA 4070579820 ZENER DIODE RD9.1EB3 D280 4070995828 ZENER DIODE MTZJ7.5A 4080480301 ZENER DIODE MTZJ9.1C-52 4070576324 ZENER DIODE RD7.5EB1 D1002...
  • Page 27 C5GSH Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref. No. Part No. Description D671 4080093204 DIODE 1N4148 4050043119 TR 2SA564A-Q(CU) 4070124426 DIODE 1SS133 4050043218 TR 2SA564A-R(CU) 4070134336 DIODE 1S2076A 4051513324 TR 2SA608NF-NPA 4070137129 DIODE 1S2473 4050061717 TR 2SA933S-Q D690 4071490817 DIODE 1SS355-TE-17 4050061816 TR 2SA933S-R D691...
  • Page 28 SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. May./’04...
  • Page 29 8. This circuit diagram covers a basic or representative chassis only. S: Oxied metalized Rated wattage (1/2W) W: Wire wounding POSISTER There SERVICE CE21KF8R-50 C: Solid RESISTOR may be some components or partial circuit differences between the REF. NO. 12 X 10 =12K actual chassis and the circuit diagram.
  • Page 30 Waveforms & Voltages CRT BOARD (Component Location) (On the Main Board) IC001 (AUDIO AMP.) Pin-1 7.1V 1.5V 5.2V 6.9V IC1501 (VIDEO SWITCH) Pin-1 3.7V 2.8V 6.4V 5.9V 5.9V 4.8V 3.5V 6.4V 6.4V 2.8V IC1401 (VIDEO SWITCH) Pin-1 3.6V 4.8V 3.1V 3.5V 3.3V 0.7V...