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Beverage Center; Glass Shelves; Loading Tips And Suggestions; Temperature Control - GE PCR06WATSS Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

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Table of Contents
To remove, lift up on the back
of the shelf
Tilt the shelf at an angle while
removing or replacing
Place in slots when replacing
the shelf
Bottom drawer arrangement

Temperature Control

The operating temperatures of the beverage
center range from the low forties to the mid
fifties. This appliance is not a refrigerator
and does not maintain temperatures like a
refrigerator (below 41°F).
Do not install the beverage center where the
temperature will go below 55°F (13°C) or above
90°F (32°C).
As with any refrigeration-type product, there
is a slight temperature variance at different
locations within the cabinet.
The coolest area will be in the lower part of the
The cooler area will be in the middle section.
The upper part of the cabinet is the warmest
Tempered glass shelves in the beverage center
unit are removable for easy cleaning or for
storing larger items.
open the door completely to
avoid potential damage to the gasket. Lift up on
the back of the shelf slightly. Tilt the shelf to one
side at an angle while pulling forward.
To replace a shelf, open the door completely to
avoid potential damage to the gasket. Tilt the
shelf to one side at an angle and slide toward
the back wall, placing one side onto the shelf
support. Place the other side onto the opposite
shelf support. Ensure rear locking tabs are
engaged. When installed properly, the shelf will
not slide forward when gently pulled.

Loading Tips and Suggestions

• The bottom two full extension drawers hold six
bottles each and are loaded with necks facing
the rear. Tall bottles should not be loaded on
the bottom drawer because they may prevent
the door from closing.
When the temperature is adjusted, allow 24
hours for the unit to stabilize.
To set the control, turn it to the midpoint setting
(approximately 45ºF). Once the beverage center
is loaded, allow at least 24 hours before making
any adjustments to the initial setting.
• This unit is designed for storing and cooling
beverages. It is not intended for the storage of
perishable foods.
• The lowest temperatures are found on the
lower shelves/racks and toward the rear of
the shelves/racks.
• Do not allow children to climb, stand or
hang on the beverage center shelves or full
extension drawers. They could seriously injure
themselves and possibly cause damage to the

beverage center.


Table of Contents

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