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HUAWEI Band User Manual

User Manual

Huawei Confidential
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  • Page 1: User Manual

    HUAWEI Band User Manual HUAWEI Band User Manual 2015-10-27 Huawei Confidential Page 1of 28...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Move between screens ..................7 Change the watch face..................8 Pair with only one phone ................. 8 Use the Band when it is not paired ..............10 Charge your Band..................10 Record exercise and sleep data..............11 View monthly activity or sleep data .............. 11 3.10...
  • Page 3 HUAWEI Band User Manual 3.21 Download the Huawei Wear app ............... 20 3.22 Waterproof/dustproof ................21 3.23 Protect the screen ..................21 Trouble Shooting ....................21 Can’t pair with a phone ................. 21 Bluetooth connection unstable? ..............21 Sync failed? ....................23 OTA update failed or took too long? ............
  • Page 4: Introduction

    The Band also has an activity reminder feature that reminds you to get up after a period of inactivity. You can rotate your wrist to wake up the screen and navigate through menus.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Connect your Band to the charger. The Band will power on automatically and enter pairing mode. Note: You can also power the Band on/off using the pinhole button on the back. When pressing the pinhole button, we recommend that you use a SIM eject pin or a ballpoint pen.
  • Page 6: Use The Band

    3 Use the band 3.1 Power on/off The Band will power on automatically when you connect it to the charger. You do not need to power it off during use. If you wish to forcibly power your Band on/off using the pinhole button, we recommend that you use a SIM eject pin or a ballpoint pen.
  • Page 7: Move Between Screens

    HUAWEI Band User Manual  Rotate your wrist: (i) Wear the Band on your wrist and keep your wrist level. (ii) Quickly rotate your wrist by approximately 90 degrees while keeping your wrist level. The screen will turn on in less than 1 second. Try rotating your wrist until you get the hang of turning on the screen.
  • Page 8: Change The Watch Face

    3.5 Pair with only one phone You can only pair the Band with one phone. Once you have established a Bluetooth connection with your phone, you will not be able to find your Band in the list of 2015-10-27 Huawei Confidential...
  • Page 9 Band from your phone. 1. If you are using an Android device, open the Huawei Wear app, touch the Band icon in the top-left corner to access the settings, and then touch the UNPAIR button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 10: Use The Band When It Is Not Paired

    HUAWEI Band User Manual 3.6 Use the Band when it is not paired You must pair your Band with your phone when you use it for the first time in order to sync the time from your phone. Once the time has been synced, you can use the Band to view the time, track your activity, and monitor your sleep quality without pairing it with your phone.
  • Page 11: Record Exercise And Sleep Data

    HUAWEI Band User Manual The Band supports the following charging currents (with 5 V power supply): 0.5 A, 1 A, 1.5 A, 2 A. If the charging current exceeds the maximum supported current, the Band will automatically limit the current to prevent damage to the battery.
  • Page 12 Walking Running Calories Note: The running icon is not displayed unless running activity is detected. You can also connect the Band to your phone and use the phone app to view activity data.  View monthly data. In the app, go to the fitness/sleep data screen and touch the monthly data icon at the bottom.
  • Page 13: Track An Activity

    Your Band will check whether you have been active during the designated period. If you haven't been active, the Band will remind you to do some exercise. As long the band is powered on, the reminder works even if your phone is off. 2015-10-27 Huawei Confidential...
  • Page 14: Event Reminders

    Sync the alarm settings to the Band: On Android, follow the in-app instructions to sync data. On iOS, go to the main app screen and then swipe down to sync data. The Band will remind you of an event at the designated time. You can configure up to five event reminders.
  • Page 15: Incoming Call Alerts

    Once you have paired your Band with your phone, your Band will be automatically granted permission to access your phone's contacts. When you receive an incoming call, the caller's name will be displayed on your Band if the caller is in your contact list. If not, the caller's number will be displayed.
  • Page 16: Decline Incoming Call

    Huawei Wear app to re-pair your Band with your phone. 3.15 Decline incoming call You can use the Band to decline an incoming call when it is paired with your phone. When you receive an incoming call, follow the onscreen instructions to swipe to decline the call.
  • Page 17: Sms/Email Notifications

    Your Band can only display three screens worth of text. To view the next message, swipe up again.  If a message is too long, you will not be able to read it in full on your Band. Please use your phone to read the entire message. ...
  • Page 18: Avoid Losing Your Personal Data

    When you perform a sync, data is backed up to the cloud. Before syncing data, please ensure that: (i) you have the latest version of the Huawei Wear app; (ii) there is a working Bluetooth connection between your Band and phone; (iii) both your Band and phone have sufficient charge.
  • Page 19: Restore Factory Settings

    You can sync data in the cloud to other phones by logging in with the same Huawei ID. Note: If you change your Huawei ID while using your Band, your data will be stored across two separate accounts. This could lead to data inconsistencies.
  • Page 20: Huawei Wear App In Power-Saving Mode

    HUAWEI Band User Manual Note: If you restore your Band to factory settings, all activity, sleep and time data will be deleted. You will also need to re-pair the Band with your phone. 3.20 Huawei Wear app in power-saving mode The Huawei Wear app doesn't work when your phone is in power-saving mode or low power mode.
  • Page 21: Waterproof/Dustproof

    You can wear your Band while washing your hands, having a cold shower or washing your car. Please do not wear the Band while diving or scuba diving. You should not wear your Band while swimming as there is a risk it could be damaged. The Band cannot currently monitor swimming activity.
  • Page 22 If you cannot pair your Band with your phone, try following the steps below:  Ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone. If Bluetooth is disabled, turn on the Bluetooth switch and place your phone next to the Band to try and establish a connection. ...
  • Page 23: Sync Failed

    HUAWEI Band User Manual  If you still can't establish the Bluetooth connection, close the Huawei Wear app in the background and open it again (or restart your phone). Then try to pair the devices again. Huawei keeps improving the compatibility of the Huawei band and regularly releases updates of Huawei Band firmware and Huawei Wear app.
  • Page 24: The Screen Doesn't Always Turn On When Rotating My Wrist

    OTA updates require a reliable Bluetooth connection between your phone and Band. Usually updates take less than 10 minutes. If updates take longer than this, please be patient and do not attempt to use the Huawei Wear app or your Band in the meantime.
  • Page 25: Battery Life Is Short

    HUAWEI Band User Manual 4.7 Battery life is short? The battery life will depend on how you use the Band. Follow the steps below to increase the battery life:  Turning on the screen and syncing data to the Huawei Wear app will significantly decrease battery life.
  • Page 26: Gestures Don't Work

     Sleep readings are too low: If frequent wrist movements are detected, the Band may determine that the user is awake and discard sleep data. If the user takes a nap lasting less than 20 minutes, this might not be detected by the Band and sleep data will not be recorded.
  • Page 27: No Message Notifications At Night

    We recommend that you add Huawei Wear to the list of protected apps. On the Huawei P7, the list of protected apps can be accessed by going to Settings > Protected apps. Find the Huawei Wear app and turn on the corresponding switch.
  • Page 28 HUAWEI Band User Manual History Issue Details Date V1.0 First release. 2015-10-12 2015-10-27 Huawei Confidential Page 1of 28...

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