Warranty Policy - Canon R-1SO Instruction Manual

Laser rotary encoder
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Warranty Policy

If the product should become faulty within one year of purchase despite normal use
according to the instruction manual, it shall be repaired or replaced free of charge
upon taking or sending it to the customer support section or the maintenance
section mentioned at the end of this document. The user shall bear such expenses
for transportation and sending.
Even during the period of warranty, product repairs or replacement shall be
charged for in the following cases:
(1) Fault or damage attributable to careless handling or incorrect use
(2) Fault or damage attributable to repairs, alteration, or disassembling and cleaning
not by Canon
(3) Fault or damage caused by water, oil, mud, or sand, drop, or shock
(4) Fault or damage caused by fire, earthquake, lightning, or any other act of God,
environmental contamination, or abnormal voltage
(5) Fault or damage of this product attributable to the use of a part not made by
(6) Fault attributable to inappropriate storage (e.g. storage in a place of high
temperature and humidity or with naphthalene or camphor) or inappropriate
(7) Product serial number (labeled on the product) unknown
(8) Fault attributable to other equipment connected
Canon will take no responsibility for direct or indirect damage caused by a fault or
use of this product or incidental damage (e.g. loss of profit by the use of this
Please complete all-necessary procedures including filing an application for export
permission with the Government of your country.
No part of this document may be reproduced without permission.
The contents of this document are subject to change without notice.
If you have found any problems, errors, or missing descriptions, contact the customer
support section mentioned at the end of this document.
Canon will take no responsibility about the results of using this product.



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