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Panasonic Palmcorder PV-GS300 Operating Instructions Manual

Digital video camcorder
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For USA assistance, please call: 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or, contact us via the web at:
For Canadian assistance, please call: 1-800-561-5505 or visit us at

Operating Instructions

Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,
please read the instructions completely.
Spanish Quick Use Guide is included.
Guía para rápida consulta en español está incluida.
Digital Video Camcorder
Model No.
LSQT0974 A


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Spanish Quick Use Guide is included. Guía para rápida consulta en español está incluida. For USA assistance, please call: 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or, contact us via the web at: For Canadian assistance, please call: 1-800-561-5505 or visit us at Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Things You Should Know Thank you for choosing Panasonic! You have purchased one of the most sophisticated and reliable products on the market today. Used properly, we’re sure it will bring you and your family years of enjoyment. Please take time to fill in the information on the right.
  • Page 3 Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: Panasonic Model No.: PV-GS300 Responsible party: Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Support Contact: Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company 1-800-211-PANA (7262) This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1)This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1) Read these instructions. 2) Keep these instructions. 3) Heed all warnings. 4) Follow all instructions. 5) Do not use this apparatus near water. 6) Clean only with dry cloth. 7) Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. 8) Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 5 Precautions USE & LOCATION WARNING ≥TO AVOID SHOCK HAZARD ... Your Camcorder and power supply should not be exposed to rain or moisture. Do not connect the power supply or operate your Camcorder if it gets wet. Your Camcorder has been designed for outdoor use, however it is not designed to sustain direct exposure to water, rain, sleet, snow, sand, dust, or a direct splashing from a...
  • Page 6 Before opening the CD-ROM package, please read the following. End User License Agreement (for USB Driver, Quick Movie Magic and MotionDV STUDIO) You (“Licensee”) are granted a license for the Software defined in this End User Software Agreement (“Agreement”) on condition that you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If Licensee does not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, promptly return the Software to Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Page 7 Article 5 Reverse Engineering, Decompiling or Disassembly Licensee may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software, except to the extent either of them is permitted under law or regulation of the country where Licensee resides. Matsushita, or its distributors or dealers will not be responsible for any defects in the Software or damage to Licensee caused by Licensee’s reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembly of the Software.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before using Quick Guide ... 10 Accessories ... 12 Parts identification and handling... 12 The one-touch free-style grip belt ... 14 Power supply ... 15 Charging time and recordable time... 16 Turning the Camcorder on... 16 Setting date and time... 17 Using the LCD monitor ...
  • Page 9 Playback mode Playing back tape ... 43 Slow-motion playback/ frame-by-frame playback ... 44 Variable-speed search function ... 44 Playback on TV... 45 Playing back card ... 45 Deleting files recorded on a card ... 46 Formatting a card... 47 Protecting files on a card ... 47 Writing the printing data on a card (DPOF setting) ...
  • Page 10: Before Using

    Quick Guide ª Charging the battery Connect the AC Cable to the AC adaptor and the AC main socket. Put the battery on the battery mount by aligning the mark, and then securely plug it ª Attaching the battery Push the battery against the battery holder and slide it until it clicks.
  • Page 11 ª How to turn off the power While pressing the button 1, set the [OFF/ ON] switch to [OFF]. ª Recording on a tape ≥Set to Tape Recording Mode. Press the recording start/stop button to start recording. Press the recording start/stop button again to pause recording.
  • Page 12: Accessories

    Before using Accessories The following are the accessories supplied with this product. PV-DAC14D K2GJ2DZ00018 CGA-DU12 N2QAEC000017 K2KZ9CB00001 VFF0304 VFA0453 1) AC adaptor, DC Cable, AC Cable 2) Battery pack -15- CAUTION: This unit will operate on 110/120/220/240 V AC. An AC plug adaptor may be required for voltages other than 120 V AC.
  • Page 13 (11) (12) (13) BATT (11) Viewfinder -18- -75- Due to limitations in LCD production technology, there may be some tiny bright or dark spots on the Viewfinder screen. However, this is not a malfunction and does not affect the recorded picture. (12) Battery holder (13)
  • Page 14: The One-Touch Free-Style Grip Belt

    (37) Shoulder strap fixture This is a fixture for attaching the shoulder strap to hang the Camcorder from your neck or shoulder. ≥Put the strap through the fixture 1 and through the stopper 2 so it will not come off. Extend part 3 by at least 2 cm (1 inch).
  • Page 15: Power Supply

    Charge the battery before using this product. ≥Battery charging time ( -16- ≥We recommend using Panasonic batteries. ≥If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this product. ≥If the DC Cable is connected to the AC adaptor, then the battery will not get charged.
  • Page 16: Charging Time And Recordable Time

    Charging time and recordable time The times shown in the tables below are for when the temperature is 25 oC (77 oF) and the humidity is 60%. If the temperature is higher or lower than 25 oC (77 oF), the charging time will become longer.
  • Page 17: Setting Date And Time

    ª How to turn the power on and off with the LCD monitor/viewfinder When the power switch is set to [ON], the power can be turned on and off with the LCD monitor and the viewfinder when the unit is in Tape Recording Mode or Card Recording Mode.
  • Page 18: Using The Lcd Monitor

    Using the LCD monitor You can record the image while viewing it on the opened LCD monitor. Place your finger on OPEN and pull the LCD monitor out in the direction of the arrow. OPEN ≥It can open up to 90o. Adjust the angle of the LCD monitor according to your preference.
  • Page 19: Quick Start

    Quick Start When Quick Start is ON the battery power is still being consumed, even when the LCD Monitor and the Viewfinder are closed. The Camcorder will resume recording/pause mode about 1.7 seconds after the LCD Monitor and the Viewfinder are reopened. ≥Please note in Quick Start Mode approximately half the pause recording power is being consumed.
  • Page 20: Inserting/Removing A Cassette

    Inserting/removing a cassette Fit the AC adaptor or the battery and turn on the power. Slide the [OPEN/EJECT] lever and open the cassette cover. ≥When the cover is fully opened, the cassette holder will come out. After the cassette holder is opened, insert/ remove the cassette.
  • Page 21: Selecting A Mode

    Insert/remove the card into/from the card slot. ≥When inserting a card, face the label side 1 towards you and push it straight in with one stroke as far as it goes. ≥When removing the card, press the center of the card and then pull it straight out. Securely close the card slot cover.
  • Page 22: How To Use The Joystick

    How to use the joystick ª Basic joystick operations Operations on the menu screen and selection of files to be played back on the multi-image display Move the joystick up, down, left, or right to select an item or file, and then push in the center to set 1 Select by moving up.
  • Page 23: Help Mode

    4) Card recording mode ([AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch is set to [AUTO]) Self-timer recording Backlight compensation Help mode Soft skin mode Tele macro 5) Card recording mode ([AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch is set to [MANUAL]) Iris or gain value White balance Shutter speed Manual focus adjustment (Set to [FOCUS]) ≥1 is displayed only when the ([AUTO/ MANUAL/FOCUS] switch is set to [FOCUS]).
  • Page 24: Switching The Language

    Switching the language You can switch the language on the screen display or the menu screen. Set [LANGUAGE] >> select the desired language. Using the menu screen For each individual menu, please refer to Press the [MENU] button. ≥The menu corresponding to the mode selected by the mode dial is displayed.
  • Page 25: Adjusting Lcd Monitor/Viewfinder

    ª Operating with remote control The menu screen transition is the same as when the buttons on the main unit are used. Press the [MENU] button. Select a menu item. ≥Use the direction buttons (3, 2, 1, 4) and [ENTER] button in place of the joystick on the main unit.
  • Page 26: Using The Remote Control

    Using the remote control ª Remote control Using the remote control supplied will enable control of almost all functions of this Camcorder. On-screen display button [EXT DISPLAY] -45- Date/time button [DATE/TIME] Audio dubbing button [AUDIO DUB] Record button [¥REC] Direction buttons [3, 2, 1, 4] Slow/frame-by-frame forward buttons [E, D] (E: reverse, D: forward) Zoom/volume button [ZOOM/VOL] ¢...
  • Page 27 Type battery out of the reach of children. Never put Button-Type battery in mouth. If swallowed, call your doctor. Replace battery with Panasonic PART NO. CR2025 only. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Caution: Battery may explode if mistreated.
  • Page 28: Record Mode

    ≥We recommend using the SP mode for important recording. ≥In order to fully exhibit the performances of the LP mode, we recommend using Panasonic cassettes marked LP mode. ≥It is not possible to dub audio onto image recorded in the LP mode. ( ≥In the LP mode, the picture quality will not be...
  • Page 29: Recording On A Tape

    Recording on a tape ≥Set to Tape Recording Mode. ≥The lens cover opens automatically. Press the recording start/stop button to start recording. Press the recording start/stop button again to pause recording. ≥For the recording time on a tape, refer to ≥Carry out a recording check ( the image is recorded properly.
  • Page 30: Recording Check

    Recording check The last image recorded is played back for 2 to 3 seconds. After checking, the Camcorder will be set to a recording pause. ≥Set to Tape Recording Mode. Press the joystick to display the icon during the recording pause. Move the joystick down until icon 1 appears.
  • Page 31: Recording Still Pictures Onto A Card (Photoshot)

    Recording still pictures onto a card (Photoshot) ≥Set to Card Recording Mode. ≥The lens cover opens automatically. Press the [PHOTO SHOT] button halfway in order to adjust focusing. (For auto focusing only) ≥If you set [O.I.S.] to [ON], then the image stabilizer function will be more effective.
  • Page 32: Zoom In/Out Function

    ª Select the size of still pictures to be recorded on a card Set [BASIC] >> [PICTURE SIZE] >> select the desired picture size. ASPECT [16:9]: 2048k1152 640k360 ASPECT [4:3]: 2048k1512 3. 1 1600k1200 1280k960 640k480 ª Select the picture quality for photoshot images Set [BASIC] >>...
  • Page 33: Recording Yourself

    ª Digital zoom function If the zoom magnification exceeds 10 times, then the digital zoom function will be activated. The digital zoom function allows you to select a magnification from 25k to 700k. ≥Set to Tape Recording Mode. Set [ADVANCED] >> [D.ZOOM] >> [25k] or [700k].
  • Page 34: Magicpix Functions

    MagicPix functions This function allows you to record color subjects in dark locations to stand out against the background. Attach the Camcorder to a tripod, and you can record images free from vibration. ≥Only manual focusing can be used. ≥Recorded scene is seen as if frames were missed.
  • Page 35: Tele Macro Function

    Tele macro function By focusing only on the subject and blurring the background, the image can be impressive. This Camcorder can focus on the subject at a distance of approx. 50 cm (20 inches). ≥Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. Press the joystick to display the icon. Move the joystick down until icon 1 appears.
  • Page 36: Wind Noise Reduction Function

    Wind noise reduction function This reduces the wind noise coming into the microphone when recording. ≥Set to Tape Recording Mode. Set [BASIC] >> [WIND CUT] >> [ON]. ª To cancel the wind noise reduction function Set [BASIC] >> [WIND CUT] >> [OFF]. ≥The default setting is [ON].
  • Page 37: Self-Timer Recording

    ≥The picture may appear dark if flash is lit in front of a white background. ≥Set the flash to [ ] where using a flash is prohibited. ≥Do not block the flash by hand or any other means. ª When the flash is not used Set [ADVANCED] >>...
  • Page 38: Wide/4:3 Function

    Wide/4:3 function This allows you to record images compatible with wide-screen TVs. Wide Function Images are recorded with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 4:3 Function Images are recorded with a 4:3 aspect ratio. ≥Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. Wide Function Set [BASIC] >> [ASPECT] >> [16:9]. 4:3 Function Set [BASIC] >>...
  • Page 39: Rapidfire Consecutive Photoshot

    ≥If the self-timer is set, the Camcorder records up to 10 still pictures continuously. ≥Intervals between recording pictures may become longer depending on the card. We recommend using a Panasonic SD Memory Card. ≥When using the card formatted by other equipment or a card that was recorded and erased repeatedly, the intervals between recording pictures may become longer.
  • Page 40: Recording In Natural Colors (White Balance)

    ≥During normal playback, the image movement may not look smooth. ≥Avoid recording under fluorescent light, mercury light or sodium light because the color and brightness of the playback image may change. ≥If you record a subject illuminated with strong light or a highly reflective subject, vertical lines of light may appear.
  • Page 41: Manual Focus Adjustment

    When the black balance is adjusted, the screen will temporarily be black. 1 Black balance adjustment (Flashes.) 2 White balance adjustment (Flashes.) 3 Adjustment completed (Lights up.) Record mode Manual focus adjustment If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, then manual focusing is available.
  • Page 42: Manual Shutter Speed/Aperture Adjustment

    Manual shutter speed/aperture adjustment Shutter Speed Adjust it when recording fast-moving subjects. Aperture Adjust it when the screen is too bright or too dark. ≥Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. Set the [AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch to [MANUAL]. Move the joystick left or right to select aperture icon [ ] or shutter speed icon Move the joystick left or right in order to...
  • Page 43: Playback Mode

    Playback mode Playing back tape ≥Set to Tape Playback Mode. (An operation icon automatically appears on the LCD monitor.) Operate with joystick. 1/;: Playback/Pause Rewind/Review playback (Reverts to playback with the 1/; icon.) Fast forward/Cue playback (Reverts to playback with the 1/; icon.) ∫: Stop ≥The power will not turn off when the LCD...
  • Page 44: Slow-Motion Playback/ Frame-By-Frame Playback

    Slow-motion playback/ frame-by-frame playback ≥Set to Tape Playback Mode. (Slow-motion playback can only be performed by using the remote control.) Slow-motion playback If the image is recorded in the SP mode, then it will be played back at a speed approx.1/5 the normal speed.
  • Page 45: Playback On Tv

    Playback on TV Images recorded by this Camcorder can be played back on a TV. ≥Insert a recorded tape or card into this Camcorder. Connect the Camcorder and a TV. [VIDEO IN] ≥Connect the Camcorder and a TV by using the Multi cable 1.
  • Page 46: Deleting Files Recorded On A Card

    ≥If you attempt to play back file recorded in a different format or file data is defective, the whole display becomes bluish and the “UNPLAYABLE CARD’’ indication may appear as warning. ≥When playing back still pictures recorded in 4:3 mode ( ) on a wide-screen TV, 3.
  • Page 47: Formatting A Card

    ª Deleting still picture files recorded on a card by other equipment ≥A still picture file (other than JPEG) that cannot be played back on the Camcorder may be erased. Note: To delete multiple files on the SD Card (selected files) connect to a PC and use the SD Drive feature.
  • Page 48: Edit Mode

    Edit mode Recording from a tape onto a card Still pictures can be recorded on a memory card from scenes that have already been recorded on a cassette. ≥Set to Tape Playback Mode. ≥Insert a tape which already has recorded contents and a card.
  • Page 49: Using The Dv Cable For Recording (Digital Dubbing)

    ª When neither image nor sound from the Camcorder is output to the TV set ≥Check that the plugs are inserted as far as they ≥Check the [12bit AUDIO] settings. ( ≥Check the connected terminal. Using the DV Cable for Recording (Digital Dubbing) By connecting other digital video equipment with DV terminal and the Camcorder by using the DV...
  • Page 50: Audio Dubbing

    Audio dubbing You can add music or narration to the recorded cassette. (Audio dubbing can only be performed by using the remote control.) ≥Set to Tape Playback Mode. When using an external microphone, securely insert the plug into the [MIC] terminal.
  • Page 51: Printing Pictures By Directly Connecting To The Printer (Pictbridge)

    Printing pictures by directly connecting to the printer (PictBridge) To print pictures by directly connecting the Camcorder to the printer, use a printer compatible with PictBridge. (Read the operating instructions for the printer.) ≥Insert a card and set to Card Playback Mode. Connect the Camcorder and the printer with the supplied USB cable.
  • Page 52: With A Pc

    With a PC Check before Use Available software and required drivers vary depending on the OS of the personal computer. Check the required software and drivers with the table described below and then install them from the CD-ROM. Supplied CD-ROM is available for Windows only. Installation of drivers Purpose Soft-...
  • Page 53: Connecting Computer And Camcorder

    ≥MotionDV STUDIO -56- Using the MotionDV STUDIO software allows you to capture video recorded on a tape or images viewed through the lens of a Camcorder. Connecting the Camcorder with the DV cable also allows you to output images edited on the personal computer to the tape in the Camcorder.
  • Page 54: Using As A Web Camera

    Using as a Web camera If the Camcorder is connected to your personal computer, you can send video and sound from the Camcorder to other parties via the network. Note: ≥Do not connect the USB cable until the USB Driver is installed. This feature can be used only if both parties are using the same operating system.
  • Page 55 ≥To send pictures recorded on a tape to another personal computer using Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger, set [BASIC] >> [USB FUNCTION] >> [WEB CAM] on Tape Playback Mode before connecting the Camcorder to your personal computer. When you use the Camcorder as a Web camera in the Tape Playback Mode, the indication of the operation icon is different from the one in usual operation.
  • Page 56: Using Quick Movie Magic Or Motiondv Studio

    ≥Please refer to the HELP file of Windows Messenger to understand its operation. ≥During set up, if [Primary video capture device] selection screen is displayed, [Panasonic DVC Web Camera] is selected. ª Setting up MSN Messenger When starting MSN Messenger for the first time, its setup screen is displayed.
  • Page 57 RAM: 256 MB or more (Adding more memory enables you to operate the personal computer more comfortably.) Hard disk: Ultra DMA – 33 or more Free hard disk space: 640 MB or more (When you capture video, 1 GB is needed for data of approx.
  • Page 58 For details on how to use the software applications, read the help file. Set [start] >> [All Programs (Programs)] >> [Panasonic] >> [Quick Movie Magic 1.0E] or [MotionDV STUDIO 5.6E LE for DV] >> [Manual (PDF format)]. ≥Start Quick Movie Magic/MotionDV STUDIO and select [Help] >>...
  • Page 59: Using On Macintosh

    Connect the Camcorder to the personal computer with USB connection cable. Select [start] >> [All Programs (Programs)] >> [Panasonic] >> [Quick Movie Magic 1.0E] or [MotionDV STUDIO 5.6E LE for DV] >> [Quick Movie Magic] or [MotionDV STUDIO LE for DV].
  • Page 60: To Disconnect Usb Cable Safely

    To disconnect USB cable safely If USB cable is disconnected while the computer is on, error dialog box may appear. In such a case click [OK] and close the dialog box. By following the steps below you can disconnect the cable safely.
  • Page 61 ≥Although the screens in these Operating Instructions are shown in English for the sake of example, other languages are supported as well. ≥These instructions do not cover the basic operations of the personal computer or define any terms. For this information, refer to the Operating Instructions which accompany your personal computer.
  • Page 62 ª About the folder structure when using the Memory Card in a personal computer ≥When a Card with data recorded on it is inserted into a personal computer, folders will be displayed as shown in the following figure. DCIM 100CDPFP MISC [100CDPFP]: The images (IMGA0001.JPG, etc.) in this folder are recorded in...
  • Page 63: Menu

    Menu Menu list Menu figures and illustrations are provided for easy-to-understand explanations, and so they are different from the actual menu indications. ª [TAPE RECORDING MENU] 1) [BASIC] [SCENE MODE] -39- [REC SPEED] -28- [WIND CUT] -36- [ASPECT] -38- [CLOCK SET] -17- 2) [ADVANCED] [PICT.QUALITY]...
  • Page 64 ª [CARD RECORDING MENU] 1) [BASIC] [SCENE MODE] -39- [PICT.QUALITY] -32- [PICTURE SIZE] -32- [ASPECT] -38- [CLOCK SET] -17- 2) [ADVANCED] [BURST MODE] -39- [FLASH] -36- [RED EYE] -37- [FLASH LEVEL] -37- [O.I.S.] -38- [REC LAMP] -65- [SHTR EFFECT] -32- 3) [SETUP] [DISPLAY] -65-...
  • Page 65: Menus Related To Taking Pictures

    Menus related to taking pictures ª [DATE/TIME] This switches between date and time indications. ≥The Camcorder automatically records the date and time the picture was taken on the tape. ≥You can also show or change the date/time indication by repeatedly pressing the [DATE/ TIME] button on the remote control.
  • Page 66: Others

    Others Indications Various functions and the Camcorder status are shown on the screen. Basic indications Remaining battery power 0h00m00s00f: Time code 3:30:45PM Date/Time indication Recording indications R0:45: Remaining tape time ≥Remaining tape time is indicated in minutes. (When it reaches less than 3 minutes, the indication starts flashing.) Standard Play mode (Recording speed mode)
  • Page 67: Warning/Alarm Indications

    No.00: File number Number of DPOF Setting Lock setting -47- [640k360] Image size [2048k1152] Image size [640k480] Image size [1280k960] Image size [1600k1200] Image size [2048k1512] Image size 3. 1 ≥For images not recorded with this unit, the number of horizontal and vertical pixels may differ so the image size is not displayed.
  • Page 68: Functions Cannot Be Used Simultaneously

    PUSH THE RESET SWITCH: An irregularity in the equipment has been detected. Press the [RESET] button ( This may solve the problem. CHANGE MODE TO USE USB: The USB cable is connected to the Camcorder in Card Recording Mode. DISCONNECT USB CABLE: You are attempting to turn the mode dial in PC Connection Mode with the USB cable connected to the Camcorder.
  • Page 69: Before Requesting Repair (Problems And Solutions)

    ≥Variable-speed ≥During repeat playback search ≥Deleting files ≥When the write protect switch on the card is set to [LOCK] ≥When the file is protected ≥Formatting ≥When the write protect switch on the card is set to [LOCK] ≥Audio dubbing ≥The section of a tape recorded in LP mode ≥The blank section of a tape...
  • Page 70 • Is the cassette cover open? If the cover is open, the Camcorder may not operate normally. Close the cassette cover. ( 2: The screen has changed suddenly. • Has the demonstration started? In the Tape Recording mode, if you set [DEMO MODE] >> [ON] without inserting a cassette and a card, the demonstration starts.
  • Page 71 4: Playback picture is not clear. • Are the heads of the Camcorder dirty? If the heads are dirty, playback image cannot be clear. Clean the heads by using the head cleaner for digital video (optional). ( • If the terminal for the Multi cable is soiled, noises may appear on the screen.
  • Page 72: Cautions For Use

    Cautions for Use ª About condensation If you turn the Camcorder on when condensation occurs on the head or the tape, condensation Indication [3] is displayed on the viewfinder or the LCD monitor and the messages [3DEW DETECT] or [3EJECT TAPE] (only when the tape is inserted) appear.
  • Page 73 Do not spray insecticides or volatile chemicals onto the Camcorder. ≥If the Camcorder is sprayed with such chemicals, the Camcorder body may become deformed and the surface finish may peel off. ≥Do not keep rubber or plastic products in contact with the Camcorder for a long time. When you use your Camcorder in a sandy or dusty place such as on a beach, do not let sand or fine dust get into the body and...
  • Page 74 ª About the AC adaptor ≥If the battery is warm, charging requires more time than normal. ≥If the temperature of the battery is extremely high or extremely low, the [CHARGE] lamp may continue flashing, and the battery may not be charged.
  • Page 75: Explanation Of Terms

    ª LCD monitor/viewfinder LCD monitor ≥When the LCD monitor gets dirty, wipe it with a dry soft cloth. ≥In a place with drastic temperature changes, condensation may form on the LCD monitor. Wipe it with soft dry cloth. ≥If your Camcorder is extremely cold, the LCD monitor is slightly darker than usual immediately after you turn the power on.
  • Page 76 ª White balance The image recorded by the Camcorder may become bluish or reddish under the influence of light sources. To avoid such phenomena, adjust the white balance. White balance adjustment determines the white color under different light sources. By recognizing which is the white color under sunlight and which is the white color under a fluorescent lamp, the Camcorder can adjust the balance among the...
  • Page 77: Specifications

    SD Memory Card (8 MB/16 MB/32 MB/64 MB/ 128 MB/256 MB/512 MB/1 GB/2 GB (Maximum)) Please confirm the latest information on the following website. Still picture recording file format: JPEG (Design rule for Camera File system, based 3 (16:9)/ on Exif 2.2 standard), DPOF corresponding...
  • Page 78 AC adaptor Information for your safety Power source: AC 110 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 19 W DC output: DC 7.9 V, 1.4 A (Camcorder operation) DC 8.4 V, 0.65 A (Battery charging) Dimensions: 61 mm (W) 32 mm (H) 91 mm (D) (2.40 inch (W)
  • Page 79: Camcorder Accessory System

    Camcorder Accessory System Accessory# PV-DAC14 *CGR-DU06A/1B *CGA-DU12A/1B *CGA-DU21A/1B PV-DDC9 (For USA) PV-DDC9-K (For Canada) RP-SDK02GU1A RP-SDK01GU1A RP-SDK512U1A RP-SDH256U1A RP-SDQ02GU1A RP-SDQ01GU1A RP-SD512BU1A RP-SD256BU1A RP-SD128BU1A RP-SD064BPPA RP-SD032BPPA VW-LDC10 BN-SDPC3E PV-HB002 (USA only) *Please refer to page , concerning the battery charging time and available recording time. -16- *NOTE: Accessories and/or model numbers may vary by country.
  • Page 80: Camcorder Accessory Order Form (For Usa Customers)

    CALL PANASONIC’S ACCESSORY ORDER LINE AT 1-800-332-5368 [6 AM-5 PM M-F, 6 AM-10:30 AM SAT, PACIFIC TIME] MAIL THIS ORDER TO: PANASONIC SERVICES COMPANY ACCESSORY ORDER OFFICE In CANADA, please contact your local Panasonic dealer for more information on Accessories. LSQT0974 Others...
  • Page 81: Request For Service Notice (Usa Only)

    (Failure to do so will delay your repair.) • To further speed your repair, please provide an explanation of what is wrong with the unit and any symptom it is exhibiting. Panasonic Services Company 410B Airport Road Elgin, IL 60123-9333 Attn: Camcorder Repair...
  • Page 82: Limited Warranty (For Usa Customers)

    If your product does not work properly because of a defect in materials or workmanship, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company or Panasonic Puerto Rico, Inc. (collectively referred to as “the warrantor”) will, for the length of the period indicated on the chart below, which starts with the date of original purchase (“warranty period”), at its option either (a) repair your product with new or refurbished...
  • Page 83: Customer Services Directory

    1-800-211-PANA (7262), Monday-Friday 9 am-9 pm; Saturday-Sunday 10 am-7 pm, EST For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY : 1-877-833-8855 Purchase Parts, Accessories and Instruction Books online for all Panasonic Products by visiting our Web Site at: or, send your request by E-mail to:
  • Page 84: Warranty (For Canadian Customers)

    5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3 PANASONIC PRODUCT – LIMITED WARRANTY Panasonic Canada Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect for a period as stated below from the date of original purchase.
  • Page 85: Index

    Index ª Numerics 0 Lux MagicPix Function ...34 4:3 Function ...38 ª A AC Adaptor ...15, 74 Aperture ...42 Audio Dubbing ...50 Auto Ground-Directional Standby (AGS) ...36 ª B Backlight Compensation ...33 Black Balance ...40 Blank Search ...30 ª C Camcorder Accessory Order Form ...80 Card Playback ...45 Charging the Battery ...15...
  • Page 86: Spanish Quick Use Guide/Guía Española Para El Uso Rápido

    Spanish Quick Use Guide/ Guía española para el uso rápido ª Carga de la batería Conecte el cable eléctrico de CA al adaptador de CA y a la toma de la red de Meta la batería en el respectivo soporte alineando la marca, luego encájela.
  • Page 87 ª Cómo apagar la alimentación Mientras que oprime el botón 1, ponga el interruptor [OFF/ON] en [OFF]. ª Grabación en una cinta ≥Ajuste al modo de grabación de cinta. Oprima el botón de inicio/parada de la grabación para empezar a grabar. Oprima de nuevo el botón de inicio/parada de la grabación para detener brevemente la grabación.
  • Page 88 Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Panasonic Puerto Rico, Inc. Ave. 65 de Infantería, Km. 9.5, San Gabriel Industrial Park, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985 Panasonic Canada Inc. 5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2T3...

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