Sony SRS-X77 Operating Instructions Manual
Sony SRS-X77 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony SRS-X77 Operating Instructions Manual

Personal audio system
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Personal Audio System
Système audio personnel
Sistema de audio personal
Refer to the Wi-Fi Startup Guide (separate document) for how to listen
to music stored in your PC or other device over your Wi-Fi network.
Reportez-vous au guide de démarrage Wi-Fi (document distinct) pour
savoir comment écouter la musique stockée sur votre PC ou autre
périphérique à l'aide de votre réseau Wi-Fi.
Consulte la Guía de inicio de Wi-Fi (se encuentra en un documento
aparte) acerca de cómo escuchar la música almacenada en su PC u
otro dispositivo a través de la red Wi-Fi.
Operating Instructions
Mode d'emploi
Manual de instrucciones


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sony SRS-X77

  • Page 1 à l'aide de votre réseau Wi-Fi. Consulte la Guía de inicio de Wi-Fi (se encuentra en un documento aparte) acerca de cómo escuchar la música almacenada en su PC u otro dispositivo a través de la red Wi-Fi. SRS-X77...
  • Page 2 If you have any questions about this product, you equipment. may call; Sony Customer Information Service Center 1-800-222-7669 or When using a LAN cable, use a shielded type. NOTE: Compliance with FCC requirement 15.407(c)
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    finally to the RF chip. Several special packets are exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate initiated by the MAC. These are the only ways the normally, or has been dropped. digital baseband portion will turn on the RF transmitter, which it then turns off at the end of For customers in the USA and Canada only the packet.
  • Page 4: Precautions

    On safety On operation The nameplate indicating the Sony  trademark, model number and electrical Do not insert any small objects, etc., into rating is located on the bottom exterior of the jacks or ventilation hole on the rear of the unit.
  • Page 5: Disposing Of The Unit

     Remove the battery. method with various devices, High-Resolution Audio playback method, etc. Note  Be careful not to damage the cord cover with metallic tweezers, etc. when you remove the battery pack from the unit.  Do not put the battery into a fire. Also, do not heat the battery, or apply pressure to the battery.
  • Page 6: On Copyrights

     The BLUETOOTH® word mark and logos On copyrights are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. Other  Windows, the Windows logo, and trademarks and trade names are those of Windows Media are either registered their respective owners.
  • Page 7 Web. To download, please access the following URL then select the model name “SRS-X77”. URL: Please note that Sony cannot answer or respond to any inquiries regarding the content of the source code. Notes on the update...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Precautions ........4 Additional information Disposing of the unit......5 Troubleshooting ......20 Documents provided .......5 What is BLUETOOTH wireless On copyrights........6 technology? ....... 22 Specifications ........ 23 Getting started Location and function of controls........9 About SongPal What you can do with SongPal ..
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting started Location and function of controls Rear of the unit  UPDATE button  LINK indicator Indicates the status of the unit’s software Indicates the status of the network update. connection of the unit.  CHARGE indicator  NETWORK button/indicator Display the charging status of the built-in Tap to switch the unit to NETWORK lithium-ion battery by the lighting and...
  • Page 10: Indicator Is Lit Or Flashing

     AUDIO IN button/indicator  LAN port Tap to listen to music in a device Use a LAN cable (not supplied) to connected to the AUDIO IN jack. The connect the PC or the wireless router. AUDIO IN indicator lights up when When using a LAN cable, use a shielded tapped.
  • Page 11 UPDATE button flashes The color of the lit/flashing indicator changes three times to inform you depending on the connected music service. that the update is  Refer to Help Guide for details. completed.
  • Page 12: About Songpal

    Sony does not assume any responsibility for such About SongPal situations. What you can control with SongPal varies What you can do with depending on the connected device. The specification and design of the SongPal application may change without notice.
  • Page 13: Listening To Music Through A

    When a list of detected devices appears Note on the display of the BLUETOOTH  When pairing the unit with a BLUETOOTH device, device, select “SRS-X77”. place the BLUETOOTH device within one meter of the unit. If passkey entry is required on the ...
  • Page 14 To cancel the connection with the Start playback on the BLUETOOTH device BLUETOOTH device. Disconnect the BLUETOOTH connection on the BLUETOOTH device.  You can perform a pairing operation or attempt to make a BLUETOOTH connection with another When you finish playing music, the BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH device while the BLUETOOTH connection may terminate automatically, connection is established with one BLUETOOTH...
  • Page 15: Listening To Music By One-Touch Action (Nfc)

    Listening to music by When you touch an NFC-compliant smartphone on the unit while another BLUETOOTH device is one-touch action (NFC) connected with this unit, the BLUETOOTH device is disconnected and the unit is connected with the smartphone. NFC is a technology for short-range wireless communication between various devices such as a mobile phone and IC tag.
  • Page 16: Listening To Music Via A Wi-Fi Network

    LAN cable directly. document). Method for using a PC See “Connecting with a PC” (page 16). Method for using a wired network  Refer to Help Guide for details. LAN cable (not supplied) Use a commercially-available LAN cable to connect.
  • Page 17 2 minutes until the LINK indicator stops flashing and stays lit. SSID See the recorded password in step 1 Display [Sony Network Device (page 16). Settings] on your PC.  Launch a browser.  Enter the following URL in the Select [Apply].
  • Page 18: Listening To The Same Music From The Multiple Speakers (Songpal Link Function)

     Refer to Help Guide for detailed operation. Connect the unit and smartphone/iPhone to your Wi- Fi network. Connect the unit and smartphone/ iPhone to the same SSID of your router.
  • Page 19: Listening To Music With Connected Components

    (AUDIO Audio cable (not supplied). Connect the device to the AUDIO IN jack with an audio cable (not supplied). Tap the AUDIO IN button, then start playback on the connected device.  Refer to Help Guide for detailed operation.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    If a problem occurs while operating the unit, Unable to connect the unit to a BLUETOOTH check the following to resolve the problem device with one-touch connection (NFC) before consulting your nearest Sony dealer.   Check to see if the problem is listed in this Keep the smartphone close to the unit until the smartphone responds.
  • Page 21 When a LAN on the unit. If the / (on/standby) indicator cable is connected to the unit, the unit keeps flashing, consult your nearest Sony automatically tries to connect to the home dealer or the shop you purchased this unit.
  • Page 22: What Is Bluetooth Wireless Technology

     Refer to Help Guide for symptoms other than frequency, microwave interference may the above. occur and resulting in communication speed deterioration, noise, or invalid connection if the system is used near a wireless LAN device. In such a case, perform the following.
  • Page 23: Specifications

     If the system is used within 10 m (about Specifications 30 ft) of a wireless LAN device, turn off the wireless LAN device. Interference to other devices Section for Speaker Microwaves emitting from a BLUETOOTH device may affect the operation of Speakers electronic medical devices.
  • Page 24 Advanced Audio Coding AC power cord (1) LDAC is an audio coding technology developed AC adaptor (AC-E1826L) (1) by Sony that enables the transmission of High- Wi-Fi Startup Guide Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio content, even over a Operating Instructions, Warranty card (this BLUETOOTH connection.
  • Page 25 Compatible iPhone/iPad/iPod Note models Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event that data recorded to iPhone/iPad/iPod is lost or Compatible damaged when using your iPhone/iPad/iPod AirPlay BLUETOOTH models connected to this unit.   iPhone 6 Plus   iPhone 6 ...
  • Page 26 This warranty is valid only in the United States. / Cette garantie ne s’applique qu’aux États-Unis. / Esta garantía sólo es válida en Estados Unidos.
  • Page 27 ©2015 Sony Corporation Printed in China...
  • Page 28 BLUETOOTH Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi network. Set the BLUETOOTH function of the Tap [SRS-X77] on your connection between the smartphone and the If your smartphone does not support the NFC function, smartphone to on.
  • Page 29 Select [Media Sharing], then check [Library name]. Select (Throw) from the bottom of the Media Go Select [SRS-X77] on the Throw menu of Media Go. Select a song to play and adjust the volume. [Library name] can be changed to an arbitrary name.

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