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Protection Function; Practice Riding - Airwalk User Manual


5.2 Protection Function

During operation, if there is a system error, Airwalk Scooter will promt drivers in different ways. An alarm
indicator lights up, and the system cannot enter balance mode.
If you get on the Airwalk Scooter, while the platform is forward or backward more than 10 degress.
Battery voltage is too low.
In charging mode.
In driving status, platform begins to tilt.
Battery has a short.
Motor temperature is too high.
System enters protection mode.
The platform is leaned forward or backward more than 35 degrees, Airwalk Scooter will turn the motors off.
Tires blocked, Airwalk Scooter will halt.
Sustained high discharge rate during performance (such as driving up long steep slope),
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w r
k l a
c S
o o
r e t
l l i
r u t
t n
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o t
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f f o
When Airwalk Scooter goes into protection mode the system will
halt, press foot pad to restart. Do not continue driving Airwalk
Scooter when the battery is exhausted or the
system initiates the stop state, it may lead to danger. Continued
driving under low power will affect battery life.

5.3 Practice Riding

Learn how to ride Airwalk Scooter in an open flat are until you can get on and off the vehicle,
travel forward and backward, and turn and stop easily.
Dress in casual clothes and flat closed toed shoes.
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h s
u o
d l
i r
e d
o y
r u
i A
w r
k l a
c S
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r e t
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d t
backward, turning, getting off.
Drive on flat surface.
If you are not skilled at driving Airwalk Scooter, please avoid driving it in a crowded place. When
you go through a door, please make sure Airwalk Scooter can pass easily and mind your head.
6. Warnings and Cautions
This section provides some safety warnings and cautionary statements teaching you about the safety
precautions before using the Airwalk Scooter.
To ensure that you can safely drive Airwalk Scooter, please be sure to read product manual and
comply with the relevant safety instructions. Please note all the safety warnings and safety precautions that are
mentioned in the product manual, which can make driving Airwalk Scooter safer and more fun.
User's Manual
05082016 version 1.4
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s r
a p
e c
t n
y l i
u o
n a
s a
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o c
r t n
, l o
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o t
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r o f
When you are driving Airwalk Scooter, make sure to take all the safety measures, such as: wear,
a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other protective gear.
Airwalk Scooter should only be used for personal use, and is not designed for commercial
applications or use on public roads or pathways.
It is prohibited to use on any roadway. Check with your local by-laws and goverment authorities regarding use
and restrictions to ensure you are operating the device in a safe manner and in compliance with applicable
Do not allow children, the elderly, or pregnant women to ride it.
DO NOT jump on the Airwalk Scooter as it will cause damage and result in possible injury.
Do not drive after drinking or using drugs.
Do not carry items when you are driving Airwalk Scooter.
Please be alert to things in front or far away from you, keeping good vision will help keep you safe.
Legs should be relaxed, knees slightly bent, to help you keep balance when you encounter uneven ground.
Make sure the feet are always resting on the mats.
Airwalk Scooter should on ly be driven by one person; it cannot be driven by two or more people.
Users and their belongings should not exceed the maximum load of 100 kgs; In addition, the driver should not
be less than 23 kgs.
When you drive Airwalk Scooter along with other users, please keep distance between each
other to avoid a collision.
You should always keep in mind your height has increased 20 cm, be carefully when you pass doors or other
overhead or overhanging obstacles.
Do Not make sharp turns.
Do not engage in distracting activities when driving Airwalk Scooter, such as talking on the
phone, listening to music, or engaging in any other similar activities.
Do not drive on rainy days.
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, d r
Do not drive in dark places or at night.
Avoid driving on surfaces such as snow, ice, and slippery flooring.
Do not drive in surfaces with obstacles, such as twigs, litter or small stones, etc.
Avoid driving in narrow spaces.
Avoid driving on a steep slope.
Avoid driving in unsafe places, including around flammable gas, steam, liquid, and dust, fiber which could
cause fire or an explosion accident.
Check and secure all fasteners before every ride.
Avoid riding in streets, surfaces covered in water, gravel dirt, leaves and other debris.
User's Manual
05082016 version 1.4