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Weight Limit - Airwalk User Manual


4. Safe-use of Airwalk Scooter
We wish for you to have a pleasent experience with the Airwalk scooter. To minimize risk of injury please
read this user manual carefully and wear all appropiate saftey gear, including a CPSC certified helemet.
1. Please follow the related contents in this user manual. We strongly recommend that you read the user
manual carefully before riding Airwalk Scooter the first time. Check whether tires are damaged, or parts are
loose before driving. If there is any abnormal situation, please contact our customer service department
for repair.
2 . Do not use the Airwalk Scooter incorrectly to endanger the safety of persons or property.
Do not modify the parts of Airwalk Scooter, it will affect the performance of Airwalk Scooter and can cause
serious injury.

4.1 Weight Limit

The following two points are the reason for a weight limit:
1. To ensure the safety of the user.
2. To reduce damage due to overload.
Maximum Load: 100 kg.
Minimum Load: 23 kg.
4.2 Maximum Range
There are a lot of factors that will affect driving range, such as:
Grade: A smooth, flat surface will increase the driving distance, while an incline or hilly terrain will
reduce the distance.
Weight: The weight of the driver can affect driving distance.
Ambient temperature: Please ride and store Airwalk Scooter under recommended
temperature, which will increase driving distance. (Section 9)
Maintenance: A consistent battery charge will help increase the mileage and life of the battery.
Speed and Driving Style: Maintaining a moderate speed will increase distance, on the contrary,
frequent starting, stopping, acceleration and deceleration will reduce the distance.
5. Learning to Ride
It is important to learn and remember the related warnings and notes before driving Airwalk Scooter.
Your Airwalk Scooter is equipped with a dual riding mode system. You can toggle between NOVICE mode
(slower turns and lower top speed) or EXPERT mode (quicker turning and higher top speed) at the time
you power on your scooter.
For EXPERT mode, simply turn your scooter on with a single push of the power button
and listen for the chime that indicates the power is on.
For NOVICE mode, similar to the above – power up your scooter with a single push of
the power button and listen for the power on Chime. Immediately following the chime
push the power button a second time. a shorter single beep will confirm you are now in
NOVICE mode.
Your Scooter is pre programmed for the above 2 power on modes.
Single push for EXPERT and Double for NOVICE.
User's Manual
05082016 version 1.4
5.1 Operation Procedure
Step 1: Turning on
Press the silver power button directly next to the charging port.
Step 2: Prepare to ride
1. Put Airwalk Scooter on a flat surface.
2. Put one foot on mat, that will turn on the indicator light, after that the system enters the
balance mode, then put the other foot on the other mat.
Step 3: Control Airwalk Scooter
After standing up successfully, keep your balance and center of gravity stable while Airwalk
Scooter is in stationary state. Make small forward or backward movements through body, remember DO NOT
WARNING! DO NOT JUMP onto the Airwalk Scooter,
this will cause severe damage to scooter, carefully step on mats only.
Step 4: Turning
You can turn the Airwalk Scooter by angling the opposite mat forward. For example to turn left
you will put more of an angle on the right mat to accelerate the outer wheel through the turn. The steeper the
angle the faster it will turn.
Step 5: Getting off
Bring the Airwalk scooter to a complete stop. Step one foot behind the scooter and then remove the other.
Never step off the front of the scooter, as it might sense forward movement and roll away.
Control Turning
Do not turn sharply or at high speed to avoid danger.
Do not drive and turn around quickly on slopes,
it may cause serious injury.
User's Manual
05082016 version 1.4
Driving Schematic