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Ceiling cassette air conditioner
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  Summary of Contents for LG LT-D5480HL

  • Page 1: Service Manual

    Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner SERVICE MANUAL MODELS: LT-D5480HL LT-D5480HA LT-D5480CL LT-D5480CA...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Functions ..........................3 Product Specifications (Cooling & Heating) ................5 Dimensions ..........................6 Refrigeration Cycle Diagram ....................8 Wiring Diagram ........................10 Operation Details ........................11 Installation of Indoor, Outdoor Unit ..................14 Cycle ............................30 Cycle Troubleshooting Guide ....................33 Electronic Parts Troubleshooting Guide ................34 Electronic Control Device .....................37 Schematic Diagram .......................38 Exploded View and Replacement Parts List ...............39 –2–...
  • Page 3: Functions

    Functions Indoor Unit Operation ON/OFF by Remote controller Sensing the Room Temperature • Room temperature sensor. (Thermistor) Room temperature control • Maintains the room temperature in accordance with the Setting Temp. • Indoor fan is delayed for 5 seconds at the starting. Starting Current Control •...
  • Page 4: Remote Controller

    Remote Controller Operation ON/OFF Operation Mode Selection Cooling Operation Mode ( Soft Dry Operation Mode ( Heating Operation Mode ( Auto Operation Mode ( (Cooling (Heating model only) model only) Fan Speed Selection AUTO (Low) (Med) (High) Room Temperature Display : High:39°C ↔...
  • Page 5: Product Specifications (Cooling & Heating)

    Product Specifications (Cooling & Heating) Model LT-D5480HA LT-D5480HL LT-D5480CA LT-D5480CL 3, 380-415, 50 3, 380-415, 50 3, 380-415, 50 3, 380-415, 50 Power Supply ø, V, Hz 13,608(15,826) 13,608(15,826) 13,608(15,826) 13,608(15,826) Capacity Cooling kcal/h(W) 54,000 54,000 54,000 54,000 Btu/h 13,608(15,826)
  • Page 6: Dimensions

    Dimensions (1) Indoor Unit –6–...
  • Page 7 (2) Outdoor Unit(54K) Liquid side 3-way valve Gas side 3-way valve MODEL 54K Models 1,225 1,135 –7–...
  • Page 8: Refrigeration Cycle Diagram

    Refrigeration Cycle Diagram • HEAT PUMP(LT-D5480HL, LT-D5480HA) INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT LIQUID SIDE CAPILLARY TUBE HEAT HEAT EXCHANGER EXCHANGER GAS SIDE REVERSING VALVE COOLING COMPRESSOR HEATING Pipe Size * Additional Length (m) Elevation (m) (Diameter:ø) refrigerant Capacity (g/m) GAS LIQUID Rated Max.
  • Page 9: Indoor Unit

    • COOLING ONLY(LT-D5480CL, LT-D5480CA) INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT LIQUID SIDE CAPILLARY TUBE HEAT HEAT EXCHANGER EXCHANGER (CONDENSER) (CONDENSER) COMPRESSOR GAS SIDE Elevation (m) * Additional Pipe Size Length (m) refrigerant Capacity (g/m) Max. Max. GAS LIQUID Rated Rated 3/4" 1/2" •...
  • Page 10: Wiring Diagram

  • Page 11: Operation Details

    Operation Details (1) The function of main control 1. Time Delay Safety Control • 3min The compressor is ceased for 3minutes to balance the pressure in the refrigeration cycle. (Protection of compressor) • 5sec Vertical louvers are delayed for 5 secs to be opened to prevent the frictional sound between louver and air flow. •...
  • Page 12: Heating Mode Operation

    6. Heating Mode Operation The unit will operate according to the setting by the remote controller and the operation diagram is shown as follows. Intake Air temp. minimum 3min Setting temp.+3°C (Compressor OFF) Setting temp. (Compressor ON) minimum minimum minimum 1min 10sec.
  • Page 13: Defrost Control

    8. Defrost Control • Defrost control is available 45 minutes later since heating mode operation started, and it will not prolong over 10 minutes. • Defrost control is carried out when the outdoor pipe temp. falls below -6°C for more than 3 minutes after 45 minutes passed from starting of heating operation.
  • Page 14: Installation Of Indoor, Outdoor Unit

    Installation of Indoor, Outdoor Unit 1. Selection of the best location 1) Indoor unit • There should not be any heat source or steam near the unit. • There should not be any obstacles to the air cir- culation. • A place where air circulation in the room will be Ceiling Ceiling Board good.
  • Page 15: Ceiling Opening Dimensions And Hanging Bolt Location

    2. Ceiling opening dimensions and hanging bolt location • The dimensions of the paper model for installing are 875 (Ceiling opening) the same as those of the ceiling opening dimen- sions. 785(Hanging bolt) Ceiling 840 Unit size Level gauge CAUTION Unit:mm •...
  • Page 16: The Indoor Unit Installation

    3. The Indoor Unit Installation Ceiling Keep the length of the bolt Hanging bolt from the bracket to 40mm (W3/8 or M10) Flat washer for M10 Air Conditioner body (W3/8 or M10) (accessory) Ceiling board Ceiling board Spring washer (M10) Flat washer for M10 (accessory) Set screw of...
  • Page 17: Wired Remote Control Installation

    WIRED REMOTE CONTROL INSTALLATION DISASSEMBLING • Separate the under plate from Remote control box. Front case Lever carefully Remote control the box open box body using a screw • Fix the cord clamps on the wall by ø 3 tapping driver, etc.
  • Page 18: Wiring Connection

    5. Wiring Connection • Open the control box cover and connect the Remote controller cord and Indoor power wires. Indoor power cord Remote Control box cover [Air inlet side view] controller cord Control box cover fitting screw(2 units) • 3 Phase Terminal Block of Outdoor Unit Terminal Block of Indoor Unit Heat Pump Model...
  • Page 19: Electrical Wiring

    ELECTRICAL WIRING 1. All wiring must comply with LOCAL REGULATIONS. 2. Select a power source that is capable of supplying the current required by the air conditioner. 3. Feed the power source to the unit via a distribution switch board designed for this purpose. 4.
  • Page 20: Connecting Pipes To The Indoor Unit

    6. Connecting Pipes to the Indoor Unit • Preparation of Piping Main cause of gas leakage is defect in flaring work. Carry out correct flaring work in the following procedure. 1) Cutting the pipes and the cable. Use the accessory piping kit or the pipes purchased Copper locally.
  • Page 21 Piping Connection 1. Form the piping according to its routing. Avoid bend- ing and bending back the same piping point more Liquid side than three times. (This will result in hardening of pipe.) Indoor 2. After deforming the piping, align centers of the union unit fitting of the indoor unit and the piping, and tighten Outdoor...
  • Page 22: Installation Of Decorative Panel

    7. Installation of Decorative Panel The decorative panel has its installation Before installing the decorative panel, direction. always remove the paper template. 1. Temporarily fix two decorative panel fixing screws (hexagon M5 screw) on the unit body. (Tighten by amount 10mm in length.) The fixing screws (hexagon M5 screw) are included the indoor unit box.
  • Page 23: Indoor Unit Drain Piping

    CAUTION Install certainly the decorative panel. Cool air leakage causes sweating. Water drops fall. Good example Bad example Air conditioner unit Air conditioner Cool air leakage unit (no good) Ceiling Ceiling board board Decorative Decorative panel panel Fit the insulator (this part) and be careful for cool air leakage 8.
  • Page 24 HEAT INSULATION 1. Use the heat insulation material for the refrigerant piping which has an excellent heat-resistance (over 120°C). Fastening band 2. Precautions in high humidity circumstance: (accessory) This air conditioner has been tested according to the "KS Standard Conditions with Mist" and confirmed that there is not any default.
  • Page 25: Test Running

    In case of the Outdoor Unit being installed Seal a small opening above position of the Indoor Unit. around the pipings with gum type sealer. 2. Tape the Pipings and Connecting cable from bot- tom to top. Trap 3. Form the pipings gathered by taping along the exterior wall, and make the trap prevent water from entering into the room.
  • Page 26 2) Connection of power supply 1. Connect the power supply cord to the independent power supply. • Circuit breaker is required. 2. Operate the unit for fifteen minutes or more. 3) Evaluation of the performance 1. Measure the temperature of the intake and dis- charge air.
  • Page 27: Optional Operation

    Optional Operation 1) Two Thermistor System (1) Open the rear cover of the wired remote-controller to set the mode. (2) Select one of three selectable modes as follows. • Position 1: The room temperature is controlled by the thermistor of the main body. •...
  • Page 28 2) Adjusting air volume to the height of ceiling You can choose the RPM(or air volume) of indoor motor according to the height of ceiling to supply the com- fortable atmosphere to consumers. Procedure 1. Choose the selectable position in the table after measuring the height of ceiling. Ceiling height Mode of slide switch Change of air volume...
  • Page 29: Wiring Design

    3) Group Control(Optional Wiring) • You can use a group control operation after connecting the brown and yellow wire of each air-conditioner. • Remove the resistor "OP 7" in remote controller. • It operates maximum 16 Units by only one Wired Remote Controller, and each Unit starts sequentially to prevent overcurrent.
  • Page 30: Cycle

    Cycle 1. Installation (Connecting the piping between indoor and outdoor unit) Liquid side Indoor unit Outdoor unit 3-Way valve Gas side 3-Way valve Gas cylinder Purge the air • Installation (1) Connect the piping between the indoor and (5) If there is no leakage, discharge N in piping outdoor unit firmly.
  • Page 31 2. Disconnection (on moving) Liquid side Indoor unit Closed Outdoor unit 2-Way valve Gas side Closed 3-Way valve Retrieving Tank • Disconnection (1) Attach the charging hose (manifold gage) to (6) Disconnect the piping between indoor and the service port. outdoor unit and then put on service cap to –...
  • Page 32: Gas Charging

    3. Gas Charging (After Evacuation) Liquid side Indoor unit Open Outdoor unit 2-Way valve Gas side Open 3-Way valve Check valve Charging cylinder OPEN CLOSE • Procedure This is different from previous procedures. (1) Connect the charge hose to the charging Because you are charging with liquid refrigerant cylinder.
  • Page 33: Cycle Troubleshooting Guide

    Cycle Troubleshooting Guide Trouble analysis 1. Check temperature difference between intake and discharge air and operating current. Temp. difference : approx. 0°C All amount of refrigerant leaked out Current : less than 80% of Check refrigeration cycle rated current Temp. Difference Refrigerant leakege Temp.
  • Page 34: Electronic Parts Troubleshooting Guide

    Electronic Parts Troubleshooting Guide Possible Trouble 1 : The unit does not operate. Check the FUSE Is the input voltage and the wiring diagram. AC230V? Is the input voltage Check the main P.C.B of IC03D about DC12V? pattern. Is the output voltage Exchange IC03D.
  • Page 35 Possible Trouble 2 : The indoor fan does not operate. Is it the HOT It is normal operation. START mode? Is IC01M operated Exchange IC01M. normally? Is the each Relay Exchange Relay. any problem? Check the fan motor and connector.(CN-MOTOR) Possible Trouble 3 : Ineffective Heating Adjust operation mode.
  • Page 36 Possible Trouble 4 : Auto Air direction louver does not operate. Is IC01M operated Exchange IC01M. normally? Check the motor and connector. (CN-LOUVER) : Wired remote controller does not operate. Possible Trouble 5 Check the parts of Is the LCD operated communication.
  • Page 37: Electronic Control Device

    Electronic Control Device MAIN P.C.B ASM –37–...
  • Page 38: Schematic Diagram

    Schematic Diagram –38–...
  • Page 39: Exploded View And Replacement Parts List

    Exploded View and Replacement Parts List 1. Indoor Unit 249951 266090 268714 159830 130411 354211 552111 352118 263230 330870 158591 266012 –39–...
  • Page 40 130411 W0CZZ 146811 268712 346810 152312 359012 140570 130911-1 135313 135802 135312-1 352150-1 130911-2 267110-1 267110-2 352150-2 –40–...
  • Page 41 • Parts List(Indoor Unit) Model: LT-D5480HA, LT-D5480HL, LT-D5480CA, LT-D5480CL PART NO. LOCATION NO. REMARK DESCRIPTION LT-D5480HA LT-D5480HL LT-D5480CA LT-D5480CL 354211 EVAPORATOR ASSY 5421A10017E 5421A10017E 5421A10017E 5421A10017E 552111 TUBE ASSY, CAPILLARY 5211A20316B 5211A20316B 5211A20316B 5211A20316B 352118 TUBE ASSY, MANIFOLD 5211A20251A/B 5211A20251A/B 5211A20251A/B 5211A20251A/B...
  • Page 42 2. Outdoor Unit Model: LT-D5480HA, LT-D5480HL, LT-D5480CA, LT-D5480CL –42–...
  • Page 43 • Parts List(Outdoor Unit) Model: LT-D5480HA, LT-D5480HL, LT-D5480CA, LT-D5480CL PART NO. LOCATION NO. REMARK DESCRIPTION LT-D5480HA LT-D5480HL LT-D5480CA LT-D5480CL 435312 GRILLE ASSY, DISCHARGE(OUTDOOR) 3530AP1225B 3530AP1225B 3530AP1225B 3530AP1225B 430411 BASE ASSY, WELD(OUTDOOR) 3041AP2569B 3041AP2569B 3041AP2569B 3041AP2569B 435511 COVER ASSY, CONTROL(OUTDOOR) 3A01293X...
  • Page 44 December, 2000 December, 2001 Printed in Korea P/No.: 3828A30023K Printed in Korea P/No.: 3828A20048R...

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