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Haier HWD100-1297HS Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic drum washer-dryer.
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No.Pendaftaran: I.14.SSI5.00501.0212
Please read these instructions carefully before use.
Please save these instructions for future reference.
Automatic Drum Washer-dryer

Operating Instructions



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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Automatic Drum Washer-dryer Operating Instructions HWD10-12HDDR HWD100-1297HS No.Pendaftaran: I.14.SSI5.00501.0212 Please read these instructions carefully before use. Please save these instructions for future reference.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Product Features Safety Precautions DD inverter frequency motor technology Function (Stop just in time upon cleanness) Precautions for Use Hybrid balance technology Drawer-type box Components Inclined drum Function of Supporter Dry Accessories Large capacity Self-cleaning function Notice before Use Optimal door height design Air-wash function Control Panel and Program Description...

  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    1. Safety Precautions 2. Precautions for Use Electrical safety prompt: Please pay attention to electrical safety during use. Due to the fluctuation of water pressure, please check all the joints of water inlet pipe, water tap and drain pipe for firm connection before washing every time. In case of loose water pipe connection or water leakage, please turn off the The plug should be accessible after the washer-dryer is installed in place.

  • Page 4: Components

    3. Components 15. When washing small articles (e.g. handkerchiefs, gloves, socks, etc.) and those clothes liable to inter-twist and wear, please put them in net bags for washing, rinsing and spinning to prevent them from falling into between the inner drum and window pad and further avoid inadequate washing and drying.

  • Page 6

    To connect the drain pipe Floor Distributor box drainer Ring the drain pipe on the joint; Drain outlet Pipe clamp Pipe sleeve Fix the pipe clamp to the groove of drain pipe; Please select suitable non-foaming or low-foaming washing powder/detergent for automatic drum washer; Insert the drain pipe into a floor drainer;...

  • Page 7: Control Panel And Program Description

    6. Control Panel and Program Description After turning on the washer-dryer,select the desired washing program by turning the knob.Press any function button (e.g. “Speed”, “Temp.”, “Delay”, “Dry”, “Spin”, “Rinse”, “Wash” button ) once and turn the program knob within 3s to set televant parameters. After turning on the washer-dryer,the “Spin”...

  • Page 8: Display Screen

    7. Display Screen Note: The time displayed on the display screen is only for reference and may be slightly different from the actual time. It illuminatcs when the “delay” function is selected. It illuminates Mark of locking door Prompt information After selecting the “delay”...

  • Page 10: General Program Running Process

    10. General Program Running Preparations before Washing Check the articles to be washed for special washing requirements and make sure that they are machine washable and Process dryable to avoid deformation and damage. For those articles tainted with much mud and dust, please remove them before washing. Wash those articles liable to color fading separately from others.

  • Page 11: Other Functions

    Other Functions Buzzer mute function Select the self-clean program, simultaneously press and hold the “Delay” and “Temp.” buttons for 3s to mute the Power-down memory buzzer for all the programs (excluding the alarm sound), and the display screen will display “BEEP OFF”. Simultaneously With the power-down memory function, the washer-dryer can memorize the program’s running state in case of power press and hold the “Delay”...

  • Page 12: Cleaning/maintenance

    Cleaning/Maintenance distributor box cannot be siphoned into the washer-dryer’s drum. To clean the drying filter box Please unplug the power plug from the socket before cleaning and maintenance. Note: Please clean the drying filter box after using the drying function every time. After finishing washing, please turn off the water tap and remove the water inlet pipe.

  • Page 13: Fault Clearance

    15 Fault Clearance State o i t The following phenomena are not necessarily faults of the washer-dryer. Please check against the following table before call for servicing. If any fault actually exists, please contact our After-sales Service Department and do not repair by yourself. Please unplug the power plug before check. Check the detergent for proper type and dosage Poor washing effect Check whether a proper program is selected...

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