Nokia DT-910 User Manual

Nokia DT-910 User Manual

Wireless charging stand
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Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910 User Guide
Issue 1.


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  • Page 1 Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910 User Guide Issue 1.
  • Page 2: About Your Wireless Charger

    About your wireless charger With the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910, you can charge your phone wirelessly. Just put your phone on the charger, and it immediately begins charging. You can program your phone to automatically perform an action when you tap it on the Near Field Communication (NFC) area on the charger.
  • Page 3: Keys And Parts

    Keys and parts Power supply Power cable Connector for power supply Charging area Near Field Communication (NFC) area Indicator light...
  • Page 4: Switch The Charger On Or Off

    Switch the charger on or off Use the charger only with the supplied power supply. Switch on Connect one end of the power cable to the power supply. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet. Connect the other end of the power cable to the charger. You can keep the charger plugged into wall outlet even when you're not charging your phone.
  • Page 5: Indicator Lights

    It's normal for the charger and the charged phone to warm up when charging. Using the phone, for example, to stream music while charging may increase the warming. Keep the area around the charger free of clutter. If there is something besides your phone on the charger, the phone doesn't charge, and the white indicator light blinks quickly.
  • Page 6: Set Your Phone To Automatically Perform An Action

    White, continuous Charging White, one long flash The battery of your phone is already full White, flashing quickly Charging error If there is a problem with charging: • Check that no other object is on the plate. • Make sure the plate doesn’t get too hot. If the plate is too warm, take your phone off the plate, and switch the plate off.
  • Page 7: Find Support

    To start the action, tap the NFC area of your phone on the NFC area on the charger. You can set different phones to perform a different action from the same charger, and your phone to do different things from different chargers. Find support When you want to learn more about how to use your device, or if you're unsure how your device should work, read the user guide thoroughly.
  • Page 8: Copyright And Other Notices

    Copyright and other notices DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Hereby, declares that this DT-910 product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2004/108/EC. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found at http:// .
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