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Bosch WKD28351GB Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions

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Instruction Manual and Installation Instruction



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  Summary of Contents for Bosch WKD28351GB

  • Page 1 Washer-Dryer WKD28351GB Instruction Manual and Installation Instruction...
  • Page 2 Please take a few minutes to read and become familiar with the advantages of your washer dryer. To meet the high quality demands required by Bosch, every washer dryer that leaves our factory is carefully checked to ensure that it functions correctly and is in perfect condition.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents General safety information ............4 Operating instructions Environmental protection/economy tips ........6 Your new washer-dryer ............... 7 Before washing for the first time ..........9 Preparing and sorting the laundry ..........9 Detergents and Care Products..........11 Programmes.................13 Washing and drying options ..........15 Washing and drying ..............17 Cleaning and care ..............19...
  • Page 4: General Safety Information

    General safety information – For private domestic use only. Intended use – The washer dryer is suitable for machine washable textiles and hand washable wool and for drying certain types of textiles according to care instructions. – The appliance is suitable for operation with cold mains water and commercially available detergents and care products which are suitable for use in a washer dryer.
  • Page 5 Warning Safety for children Danger of death! If children play with the washer dryer, they may get into life- threatening situations or injure themselves. – Do not leave children unattended near the washer dryer. – Do not let children play with the washer dryer. Warning Danger of death! Children may lock themselves in appliances, putting their...
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions Environmental Protection/Economy Tips

    Environmental protection/economy tips – Separate out the various waste materials of the packaging and take them to the nearest collection point. – Always fill the washer-dryer with the maximum load for the relevant programme. – Wash normally soiled laundry without a prewash. –...
  • Page 7: Your New Washer-Dryer

    Your new washer-dryer The washer-dryer can be used Description of the in 3 ways –> page 17: washer-dryer – washing only – drying only – successive washing and drying. The successive wash-dry programme automatically shifts from the wash cycle to the dry cycle without further intervention. Drying is achieved using the condensation principle.
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    Control panel Display panel Shows the settings that have been selected (e.g. spin speed, drying time), the progress of the current programme and the programme status. Programme progress Indicator lamp Pre-wash, Main wash, Rinse, Final spin, Indicates the settings that have been Drying.
  • Page 9: Before Washing For The First Time

    Before washing for the first time The washer-dryer was tested before leaving the factory. To remove any water that may be left over from the test, do not load any laundry the first time that you run a wash programme. ...
  • Page 10 Sorting laundry for drying Only dry laundry that is labelled "suitable for tumble-drying" or which Sorting laundry has the following care symbols: according to the information on the Care label Type of laundry care labels Dry at normal temperature. Dry at low temperature (delicate drying). Do not wash the following fabrics in the washer-dryer: –...
  • Page 11: Detergents And Care Products

    Detergents and Care Products The detergent drawer is divided into three compartments Detergent drawer Compartment I : detergent for pre-wash. Compartment II : detergent for main wash, Compartment i : Liquid additives, such as starch or fabric softener. Additives are automatically dispensed during the final rinse cycle. –...
  • Page 12 Normally soiled laundry Measuring washing powder  Set the programme.  Do not select ! (Pre-wash) –> page 15.  Add all the detergent, according to the manufacturer's instructions, to compartment II of the detergent drawer. Heavily soiled laundry  Set the programme. ...
  • Page 13: Programmes

    Programmes The programme selector is used to set the washing and drying Programme selector programmes. The time remaining until the end of the programme and the Beladungsmenge (Load) are shown on the display panel. Cottons Washing programmes* Suitable for hard-wearing fabrics, heat-resistant fabrics made from cotton or linen.
  • Page 14: Washing Programmes

    Sensitive s Washing programmes* For washing fabrics with increased hygiene requirements or those that will be used by allergy sufferers. The temperature remains constant during the * depends on the model washing process. More intensive rinsing with increased water level. For hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics made from cotton or linen.
  • Page 15: Washing And Drying Options

    Washing and drying options The temperature can be adjusted individually for each programme. Temperature °C button To adjust it, press the °C (Temperature) button repeatedly until the required temperature is displayed. The spin speed can be individually adjusted for each programme. Spin speed button B To set the spin speed, press the B (Spin) button repeatedly until the required spin speed is displayed.
  • Page 16 The drying programmes –> page 14 can be individually adapted by Drying button selecting the drying options. – Press the 5 (Drying) button repeatedly until the required drying option is shown on the display panel. – To deactivate, press the 5 (Drying) button repeatedly until shown on the display.
  • Page 17: Washing And Drying

    Washing and drying  Turn the programme selector to the desired programme, Washing only e.g. ic Cottons 60°C. – The display panel alternately shows 2 (Remaining time) and the recommended load in kg. The % symbol flashes.  If necessary, adjust the temperature and the spin speed and select any options for your individualised programme, –>...
  • Page 18 The washing and drying programmes are ended automatically. End of the programme appears on the display panel.  Turn the programme selector to Off.  Remove the washing from the drum.  Leave the door open to allow the inside of the washer-dryer to dry out. ...
  • Page 19: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Risk of electric shock Safety information You must disconnect the appliance from the mains first. Never clean the washer-dryer with a water jet. Risk of explosion. Never clean the washer-dryer with solvents. Risk of scalding Hot washing water must be cooled before Draining. Wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Page 20: Drain Pump

    Drain pump  Set the programme selector to Off.  Use a screwdriver to release the lock pins.  Tip the kick panel and pull upwards to remove. Draining the water  Take the Drain hose out of the retainer. ...
  • Page 21: What To Do If

    What to do if... Risk of electric shock. Repairs must only be carried out by customer services or authorised technicians. If repairs are needed, or if you cannot rectify a fault yourself with the help of the following table:  Set the programme selector to Off. ...
  • Page 22 The mains plug is not correctly Plug in the mains plug correctly. Water is not flowing in. plugged in. The door is not properly closed. Close the door. The tap is not turned on. Turn on the tap. The filter in the water supply hose is Clean the filter in the water supply hose blocked.
  • Page 23 The laundry clings to the sides of the Loosen up the laundry by hand; start Drying result not drum after being spun. the drying programme –> page 17. satisfactory. Closed tap Turn on the tap. Selected drying time too short. Select the drying time according to the Load.
  • Page 24: After-Sales Service

    After-sales service Before you call the after-sales service, please check whether you can cor- rect the fault yourself –> page 21. You will be charged if a technician is called out, even during the warranty period. You can find information about your nearest after-sales service here or in the After-sales service directory (depending on the model).
  • Page 25: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions The washer-dryer is very heavy. Take care when lifting it. Safety information Do not operate the washer-dryer if it has any visible damage. If you are in any doubt, please consult our after-sales service or your retailer. Do not install the washer-dryer outdoors or in areas exposed to frost. Frozen hoses can crack or burst.
  • Page 26 Removing the transport safety bolts Unscrew all screws using Remove all transport safety bolts completely the spanner supplied. and take the mains cable out of the retainers. – Before using the appliance for the first time, you must make sure that all transport safety bolts have been removed and kept safe for any subsequent transport.
  • Page 27 Intense noise, vibrations and “wandering” may be the result of incorrect Levelling levelling. – All four appliance feet must stand firmly on the ground. – The washer-dryer must not wobble. – Check the levelness of the washer-dryer with a spirit level and correct if necessary.
  • Page 28: Water Connection

    To prevent leaks or water damage, you must observe the instructions in Water connection this section. If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance. The water supply and Drain hoses can be routed to the left of right, depending on installation conditions. Do not use a used inlet hose.
  • Page 29: Electrical Connection

    The washer-dryer must only be connected to an alternating current supply Electrical connection via a properly installed earthed socket. If a residual current circuit breaker is used, only use a type which displays this symbol: ‚. Only this symbol guarantees compliance with the currently applicable regulations.
  • Page 31: Appendix Consumption Rates

    Consumption rates Washing Programme Load Energy*** Water*** Programme duration*** ic Cottons 30 °C 0.44 kWh 62 l 1:51 h ic Cottons 40 °C 0.83 kWh 62 l 1:51 h 7 kg ic Cottons 60 °C 1.27 kWh 52 l 2:45 h X Intensive* Mixed Load m30 °C 0.30 kWh...
  • Page 32: Index

    Index Draining water .....18 Numerics Drum -Cleaning ......19 0 ..........8 Hazard warnings Drying ......16, 17 -Detergent .......11 -Button ....... 8 Housing -Display panel ....8 -Cleaning ......19 -Options ......16 -Synthetics ......10 -Woollens ......10 Care information Drying programmes ...14 -Drying ......10 -Washing ......
  • Page 33 -Drying options ....16 Transport safety bolts ..26 Positioning -Washer-dryer ....26 Pre-wash -Display panel ....8 Unbalanced load detection -Programme ....15 system ........15 Programme Use ........17 -Cancelling .....16 -Changing .......16 -Pausing ......16 -Progress ......16 Programme selector ..8, 13 Programme start Washer-dryer -Display panel ....
  • Page 36 Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München DEUTSCHLAND WKD28351GB 06.2015 19291027400 9001122835...