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Haier HSU-12LEA13-M Service Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Haier HSU-12LEA13-M

  • Page 1 $&69...
  • Page 5: Cautions Regarding Products After Repair

    Warning Do not repair the electrical components with wet hands. Working on the equipment with wet hands can cause an electrical shock. Do not clean the air conditioner by splashing water. Washing the unit with water can cause an electrical shock.
  • Page 6 Warning Be sure to use an exclusive power circuit for the equipment, and follow the technical standards related to the electrical equipment, the internal wiring regulations and the instruction manual for installation when conducting electrical work. Insufficient power circuit capacity and improper electrical work can cause an electrical shock or fire. Be sure to use the specified cable to connect between the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Page 7: Inspection After Repair

    2.1.3 Inspection after Repair Warning Check to make sure that the power cable plug is not dirty or loose, then insert the plug into a power outlet all the way. If the plug has dust or loose connection, it can cause an electrical shock or fire. If the power cable and lead wires have scratches or deteriorated, be sure to replace them.
  • Page 8: Using Icons List

    2.1.4 Using Icons Icons are used to attract the attention of the reader to specific information. The meaning of each icon is described in the table below: 2.1.5 Using Icons List Icon Type of Information Description A “note” provides information that is not indispensable, but may Note: Note nevertheless be valuable to the reader, such as tips and tricks.
  • Page 18 3.4150 3.1072 2.8237 -2.82 2.60 3.2993 2.9987 2.7222 -2.87 2.64 3.1881 2.8946 2.6249 -2.92 2.68 3.0812 2.7946 2.5316 -2.97 2.73 2.9785 2.6986 2.4420 -3.02 2.77 2.8796 2.6063 2.3560 -3.07 2.81 2.7845 2.5176 2.2735 -3.12 2.86 2.6931 2.4324 2.1943 -3.17 2.90 2.6050 2.3505 2.1182...
  • Page 19 0.8495 0.7404 0.6445 -5.30 4.66 0.8263 0.7196 0.6258 -5.36 4.71 Pipe Sensor R25 =10K ±3% B25 /50 =3700K±3% Max.(K ) Normal(K ) Min.(K ) Temp.(( )) Tolerance( ) 165.2170 147.9497 132.3678 -1.94 1.75 155.5754 139.5600 125.0806 -1.93 1.74 146.5609 131.7022 118.2434 -1.91 1.73...
  • Page 23: System Configuration

    6. System Configuration 6.1 System Configuration After the installation and test operation of the room air conditioner have been completed, it should be operated and handled as described below. Every user would like to know the correct method of operation of the room air conditioner, to check if it is capable of cooling (or heating) well, and to know a clever method of using it.In order to meet this expectation of the users, giving sufficient explanations taking enough time can be said to reduce about 80% of the requests for servicing.
  • Page 29 Cautions WARNING Please call Sales/Service Shop for the Installation. Do not attempt to install the air conditioner by yourself because improper works may cause electric shock, fire, water leakage. WARNING Check proper When abnormality such as burnt-small found, Use an exclusive immediately stop the operation button and power source installation of the...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Trouble shooting Cautions Before asking for service, check the following first. The machine is adaptive in following situation Cause or check points Phenomenon 1.Applicable ambient temperature range: When unit is stopped, it won't restart The system does not restart immediately until 3 minutes have For: T1 immediately.
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  • Page 47: Indoor Unit

    (Unit:mm) (Unit:mm) HSU-12LEA03 HSU-22LEA03 HSU-05LEA03 HSU-09HEA03/(DB) HSU-24LEA03 HSU-18LEA03 HSU-07LEA03 HSU-09HEA03/(BP) HSU-22LEA13-W HSU-18LEA13-W HSU-12HEA03/(DB) HSU-09LEA03 HSU-18LEA03-T HSU-10LEA03-T HSU-12HEA03/(BP) HSU-09LEA13-W AMS22H03-N HSU-13LEA03-T HSU-12LEA13-M HSU-12LEA13-W HSU-22HEA03 HSU-09LEB13-H HSU-18LEA13-M HSU-09LEA13-F HSU-24HEA03 HSU-09LEA13-H HSU-18LEA03(T3) HSU-07HEA03 HSU-12LEA13-H HSU-18LEA13(T3) HSU-09HEA03 HSU-14LEA13-H HSU-12LEA13-F HSU-12HEB03 HSU-12LEB13-H HSU-12HEA03 HSU-09CRA03-T HSU-18HEA03...
  • Page 62 The end...

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