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Honeywell RTH7400 series Quick Start Manual

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Quick Start Guide

Programmable Thermostat
RTH7400/RTH7500, RET97 Series



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell RTH7400 series

  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    Quick Start Guide Programmable Thermostat RTH7400/RTH7500, RET97 Series...
  • Page 2: Easy Installation

    Installation is Easy Label wires and remove your old thermostat Install and wire your new thermostat Set your new thermostat to match your heating/cooling system – This thermostat works with virtually all System Types – It is preset for the most common system We are here to help.
  • Page 3: Remove Old Thermostat

    Turn Power to Heating/ Cooling System Remove Old Thermostat Remove old thermostat but leave wallplate with wires attached. Is there a sealed tube containing mercury? If so, see back cover Leave wallplate for proper disposal instructions. in place EM. HEAT AUX. HEAT 50 60 50 60 70 80 F Old thermostat...
  • Page 4: Label Wires With Tags

    Label Wires with Tags Label the wires using the supplied wire labels as you disconnect them, then remove the old wallplate. M31545 Wire color might not match labels. Wire Labels MCR33763 NOTE: Jumper wire used on old thermostat? If yes, note what letters the jumper connected and review in wiring section.
  • Page 5 Separate Wallplate from New Thermostat Remove wallplate from the new thermostat. M28073 Wallplate...
  • Page 6: Mount Wallplate

    Mount Wallplate Mount the new wallplate using the included screws and anchors. MCR28094 Drill 3/16-in. holes for drywall Drill 7/32-in. holes for plaster...
  • Page 7: Connect Wires

    Connect Wires Simply match wire labels. SCREW INSERT WIRES THEN TIGHTEN SCREWS LABELED WIRES CONVENTIONAL WIRE HOLE MCR28070 Remove metal jumper if you have both wires. Labels don’t match? See Wiring Notes (over). Have a Heat Pump system? See Wiring Notes (over). Call 1-800-468-1502 for wiring assistance.
  • Page 8: Install Batteries

    Install Batteries Install two AA alkaline batteries and remove tab. MCR28101 Back of thermostat Remove tab. MCR28102...
  • Page 9 Install Thermostat onto Wallplate Install thermostat onto the wallplate on the wall. M28103 Turn Power Back Turn the power back on to the heating/cooling system.
  • Page 10: Set Time And Date

    Set Time and Date Press to set month, then press NEXT. Press to set day, then press NEXT. Press to set year, then press DONE. Month Year 2012 Go Back Next Done MCR33842 Press to set time, then press DONE to save and exit.
  • Page 11 If your system type is... If your system type is: q Single Stage Heat and Cool Congratulations, you’re done! Thermostat is set with energy saving schedule; see operating manual to adjust schedule. If your system type is: q Multistage Heat and Cool q Heat Pump* without Backup Heat q Heat Pump* with Backup Heat q Heat Only...
  • Page 12: System Setup

    System Setup Step 1 Press and release the left button. Set To 6:30 Some functions may not appear NOTE: System Fan Auto due to thermostat model or previous Cool System & Fan Schedule Clock & More selections made. MCR33839 Step 3 1 Press to change setting.
  • Page 13 Preferences (optional) Use the Setup and Navigation steps in 12a to set Display Preferences. Function Settings & Options Manual/Auto 0300 Manual changeover (Heat/Cool/Off). Changeover Automatic changeover (Heat/Cool/Auto/Off). Automatically turns on Heat or Cool based on room temperature. Note: System maintains minimum 3°F difference between heat and cool settings. Temperature Format Fahrenheit 0320...
  • Page 14 Wiring Notes Conventional system Alternate wiring (conventional systems) Remove metal jumper connecting only if you must connect both wires. If your old thermostat had both wires, remove metal jumper. Connect the wire to the terminal, and the wire to the terminal.
  • Page 15 Customer assistance For assistance with this product, please visit or call Honeywell Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-468-1502. This thermostat contains a Lithium battery which may contain Perchlorate material. Perchlorate Material—special handling may apply, See Do not place your old...

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