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Philips 43PUH4900 User Manual

4900 series.
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User Manual
4900 series


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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 10.2 Pause TV 1 TV Tour 11 Sources 1.1 Ultra HD TV 1.2 Pause TV and recordings 11.1 Switch to a device 1.3 EasyLink 11.2 From standby 11.3 EasyLink 2 Setting up 12 Timers and clock 2.1 Read safety 2.2 TV stand and wall mounting 12.1 Sleep timer 2.3 Tips on placement...
  • Page 3: Tv Tour

    TV Tour Ultra HD TV This TV has an Ultra HD display. Its resolution is four times as much as normal HD displays. Ultra HD means 8 million pixels for the most refined and lifelike picture on TV. You can watch native Ultra HD videos through an HDMI connection.
  • Page 4: Setting Up

    You can find the instructions for mounting the TV stand in the Quick Start Guide that came with the TV. In case you lost this guide, you can download it from Power cable Use the product type number of the TV to look for the Quick Start Guide to download.
  • Page 5: Satellite Dish

    Satellite dish - For PUK models Attach the satellite F-type connector to the satellite connection SAT at the back of the TV.
  • Page 6: Connect Devices

    Disc. Also referred to as DRM (Digital Rights Management). If you need help to connect several devices to the TV, you can visit the Philips TV connectivity guide. The guide offers information on how to connect and which cables to use.
  • Page 7 EasyLink On or Off The TV comes with all EasyLink settings switched on. You can switch off any EasyLink setting independently. To switch off EasyLink completely . . . 1. Press  and select Setup and press OK. 2. Select TV settings > General settings >...
  • Page 8: Common Interface - Cam

    Y Pb Pr - Audio L R Common interface - CAM Y Pb Pr - Component Video is a high quality connection. The YPbPr connection can be used for High Definition (HD) TV signals. Next to the Y, Pb and Pr signals add This TV is ready for the CI+ Conditional Access.
  • Page 9: Set-top Box - Stb

    Next to the antenna connections, add an HDMI cable to connect the Set-top box to the TV. Use an HDMI cable to connect a Home Theatre System (HTS) to the TV. You can connect a Philips Soundbar or an HTS with a built-in disc player. HDMI ARC HDMI 1 connection on the TV have HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel).
  • Page 10 > Sound > Advanced > Audio out format. 3. Select Multichannel or Stereo. Automatic audio to video sync 4. Press  , repeatedly if necessary, to close the With recent Philips Home Theatre Systems, the audio menu. to video sync is automatically synchronised and always correct.
  • Page 11: Blu-ray Disc Player

    No sound Game console If you cannot hear the sound from the TV on your Home Theatre System, check the following . . . HDMI - Check if you connected the HDMI cable to a HDMI 1 connection on the Home Theatre System. For best quality, connect the game console with an - Check if the HDMI ARC setting on the TV is High speed HDMI cable to the TV...
  • Page 12: Usb Hard Drive

    corrupt your recordings. When you format another USB Hard Drive, the content on the former will be lost. USB Hard Drive A USB Hard Drive installed on your TV will need reformatting for use with a computer. What you need If you connect a USB Hard Drive, you can pause or record a TV broadcast.
  • Page 13: Camcorder

    3.11 Camcorder HDMI For best quality, use an HDMI cable to connect the camcorder to the TV. Best Setting Ideal monitor setting If your computer is added as a Computer type of device in the Source menu (the list of connections), the TV is set to the ideal Computer setting automatically.
  • Page 15: Switch On

    key. Switch on On, Standby or Off Before you switch on the TV, make sure you plugged in the mains power in the POWER connector on the back of the TV. Sleep timer To put the TV in Standby when the indicator light is off, press the small joystick key on the back of the TV.
  • Page 16: Remote Control

    connected devices. Remote control Colour keys The buttons function follow the on-screen instructions.  INFO Key overview To open or close programme infomation.  BACK To switch back to the previous channel you selected. To close a menu without changing a setting. ...
  • Page 17: Ir Sensor

    IR sensor The TV can receive commands from a remote control that uses IR (infrared) to send commands. If you use such a remote control, always make sure you point the remote control at the infrared sensor on the front of the TV.
  • Page 18: Tv Channels

    Filter a channel list TV channels You can filter a list with all channels. You can set the channel list to show only TV channels or only Radio stations. Channel Lists To set a filter on a list with all channels… 1.
  • Page 19 watching it. To watch a locked channel you need to Channel options enter the Child lock code. You cannot lock programmes from connected devices. Open options To lock a channel . . . While watching a channel, you can set some options. 1.
  • Page 20 Some digital TV channels broadcast special audio and Select a subtitle language subtitles adapted for people who are hearing or visually impaired. If none of the preferred subtitle languages are available, you can select another subtitle language if available. If no subtitle languages are available, you cannot select this option.
  • Page 21 To remove a channel from the favourites list, select Favourite Text pages column. the channel with  , then press  (yellow) again to 1. In Text, select the star in the top left corner of the unmark as favourite. screen to show the column of favourite pages.
  • Page 22: Channel List Copy

    TV successfully. Unplug the USB memory device. With Channel list copy, you can copy the channels installed on one TV onto another Philips TV of the same range. With Channel list copy, you avoid the To Installed TVs time-consuming channel search by uploading a predefined channel list on a TV.
  • Page 23 If the country is not correct, you need to start a reinstallation. To start the reinstallation, press  and select Setup and press OK. Select TV settings > General settings > Re-install TV > OK. Select the correct country and skip the Search for channels.
  • Page 24: Channel Installation - Antenna, Cable

    them. Channel installation - Antenna, Cable Reinstall channels Reinstall All Channels Update channels You can reinstall all channels and leave all other TV settings untouched. Automatic update If a PIN code is set, you will need to enter this code before you can reinstall channels.
  • Page 25: Manual Installation

    Symbol rate mode Free / Scrambled If your cable provider did not give you a specific If you have a subscription and a CAM - Conditional symbol rate value to install the TV channels, leave the Access Module for pay TV services, select Free + Symbol rate mode setting on Automatic.
  • Page 26 To fine tune a channel, select Fine tune and press OK. You can fine tune the channel with  or  . If you want to store the channel found, select Done and press OK. - Store You can store the channel on the current channel number or as a new channel number.
  • Page 27: Channel Installation - Satellite (for Pxk Models)

    Channel list options Channel installation To view the channel list options on the current channel . . . - Satellite (For PxK 1. With the All channels list on screen, select a channel and press  OPTIONS . models) 2. Select the option you want and press OK. Available options for satellite channels .
  • Page 28: Lock Satellite Channels

    immediately. Press OK. To avoid a lot of reordering You will need to enter the Child lock code. later, select the channels in the order you want them in the list. 4. To add a channel to the Favourites list, select the Use an age rating channel and press OK.
  • Page 29: Satellite Installation

    select the package you want. 6. To install the channels of the satellites found, Satellite installation select Install and press OK. The TV shows the number of channels and radio stations found. About installing satellites 7. To store the satellite settings, all satellite channels and satellite radio stations, select Finish and press This TV has a built-in satellite DVB-S/DVB-S2 receiver.
  • Page 30 ask you to select a Quick or Full installation. Automatic channel update Select Quick to install the channels of the package only or select Full to install the package and all If you receive digital channels, you can set the TV to other available channels too.
  • Page 31 Add a satellite Manual Installation You can add an additional satellite to your current Manual Installation is intended for expert users. satellite installation. The installed satellites and their You can use Manual Installation to quickly add new channels stay untouched. However, some satellite channels from a satellite transponder.
  • Page 32: Problems With Satellites

    To set Speakers / Headphones . . . - All settings, satellites and channels are only stored 1. Press  and select Setup and press OK. at the end of the installation when you finish. 2. Select Satellite settings > Languages > Audio All satellite channels are gone description >...
  • Page 33: Tv Guide

    Change day TV guide The TV guide can show scheduled programmes for the upcoming days (maximum up to 8 days). If the TV guide information comes from the What you need broadcaster, you can press  + to view the schedule of one of the next days.
  • Page 34 3. At the top of the screen, select  Scheduled and press OK. 4. In the list of scheduled recordings and reminders, select the tab Reminders and press OK to view the reminders only.  5. Press the colour key Remove to remove the selected reminder.
  • Page 35: Recording And Pause Tv

    1. Press  TV GUIDE. 2. On the TV Guide, select the channel and Recording and programme you wish to record. Press  (right) or  (left) to scroll through the programmes of a  pause TV channel. Use the colour key Day to select the day you need.
  • Page 36: Pause Tv

     Adjust Time . With the USB Hard Drive connected and formatted, 6. Select the start or end time and change the time the TV continuously stores the TV broadcast you are with the  (up) or  (down) keys. watching.
  • Page 37: Sources

    Sources 11.1 Switch to a device In the list of connections - the Source menu - you can find the devices connected to the TV. From this Source menu, you can switch to a device. Sources menu To open the Sources menu, press  SOURCES . To switch to a connected device, select the device with the arrows ...
  • Page 38: Timers And Clock

    3. Press  , repeatedly if necessary, to close the menu. Timers and clock 12.1 Sleep timer With the sleep timer, you can set the TV to switch to standby automatically after a preset time. To set the sleep timer . . . 1.
  • Page 39: Videos, Photos And Music

    To show the progress bar when a video is playing (playhead position, duration, title, date, etc.), Videos, Photos and press  INFO. Press again to hide the info. Music Video options 13.1 From a USB connection During the video playback, press  OPTIONS to… - Subtitles You can view your photos or play your music and Display the subtitles if available.
  • Page 40: Play Your Music

    13.4 Info Play your music To view info on a photo (size, creation date, file path, etc.), select a photo and press  INFO. Press again to hide the info. Play music How you open the list of your media files on TV Slideshow with music depends on the type of device where the files are stored.
  • Page 41: Settings

    1. Press  and select Setup and press OK. 2. Select TV settings > General Settings settings > Location and press OK. 3. Select Home and press OK. 4. Press  , repeatedly if necessary, to close the 14.1 menu. Picture Picture style Picture settings...
  • Page 42 Game or computer Custom colour temperature When you connect a device, the TV recognizes its With Custom colour temperature, you can set a type and gives each device a correct type name. You colour temperature yourself. To set a custom colour can change the type name if you wish.
  • Page 43 1. Press  and select Setup and press OK. Brightness 2. Select TV settings > Picture > Advanced > With Brightness, you can set the level of brightness Sharpness > Ultra resolution. of the picture signal. Brightness is a setting intended 3.
  • Page 44: Sound

    2. Select a format from the list and press OK. Restore a style The selected style will store the changes you made. We recommend to adjust the sound settings for the Screen edges style Personal only. The Sound Style - Personal can With Screen edges, you can slightly enlarge the save its settings for each individual connected device picture to hide distorted edges.
  • Page 45 menu. Headphones volume With Headphones volume, you can set the volume of a connected headphones separately. Clear sound To adjust the volume . . . With Clear sound, you improve the sound for speech. 1. Press  and select Setup and press OK. Ideal for news programmes.
  • Page 46: General Settings

    4. Press  , repeatedly if necessary, to close the should be synchronised. menu. Automatic audio to video sync With recent Philips Home Theatre Systems, the audio to video sync is automatically synchronised and Clock always correct. Date and Time...
  • Page 47 4. Press  , repeatedly if necessary, to close the TV placement menu. As part of the first installation, this setting is set to either On a TV stand or On the Wall. If you have Sleep timer changed the placement of the TV since then, adjust this setting accordingly for best sound reproduction.
  • Page 48: Specifications

    Saving energy and the average energy consumption for 1 year. You can also find the power consumption values for this The Eco settings bundle the settings that help the product on the Philips website for your country at environment. ...
  • Page 49: Reception For Pxh / Pxt Models

    15.3 Reception for PxK models - Aerial input : 75 ohm coaxial (IEC75) - Tuner bands : Hyperband, S-Channel, UHF, VHF When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is - DVB : DVB-T (terrestrial, antenna) COFDM 2K/8K, attached to a product it means that the product is DVB-C (cable) QAM covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.
  • Page 50: Power

    - YPbPr : Y Pb Pr, Audio L/R : Stereo mini-jack Product specifications are subject to change without 3.5mm notice. For more specification details of this product, - USB - TV ANTENNA: 75 ohm coaxial (IEC) Power - Satellite - Mains power : AC 220-240V +/-10% TV Side - Ambient temperature : 5°C to 35°C...
  • Page 51: Multimedia

    15.9 Multimedia Note: Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters. Supported multimedia connections - USB (FAT / FAT 32 / NTFS): only connect USB devices that consume 500 mA of power or less. Supported image files - JPEG: *.jpg, *.jpeg - PNG: *.png.jpg Supported audio files - MPEG1: *.mp3...
  • Page 52: Software

    16.3 Open source software Software This television contains open source software. TP 16.1 Vision Europe B.V. hereby offers to deliver, upon Software update request, a copy of the complete corresponding source code for the copyrighted open source software packages used in this product for which such It might be necessary to update the TV software.
  • Page 53 layers, not only on top of the Linux Framebuffer Device. It is a complete hardware abstraction layer with libpng software fallbacks for every graphics operation that is not supported by the underlying hardware. DirectFB libpng is the official PNG reference library. It supports adds graphical power to embedded systems and sets almost all PNG features.
  • Page 54 libexpat Expat is an XML parser library written in C. It is a stream-oriented parser in which an application registers handlers for things the parser might find in the XML document (like start tags). Source: libdrm libdrm provides core library routines for the X Window System to directly interface with video hardware using the Linux kernel's Direct Rendering Manager (DRM).
  • Page 55: Troubleshooting And Support

    Philips startup screen Troubleshooting When the TV is in standby, a Philips startup screen is displayed, then the TV returns to standby mode. This is normal behaviour. When the TV is disconnected and support and reconnected to the power supply, the startup screen is displayed at the next startup.
  • Page 56: Register

    - Sound should be heard from the HTS speakers. new releases. - Some devices may require you to manually enable Go to HDMI audio output. If HDMI audio is already enabled, but you still do not hear audio, try changing the digital audio format of the device to PCM (Pulse Code 17.3...
  • Page 57: Online Help

    17.4 Online help To solve any Philips TV related problem, you can consult our online support. You can select your language and enter your product model number. Go to . On the support site you can find your country's telephone number to contact us as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Page 58: Safety And Care

    TV to the wall or a suitable support. Contact Philips TV Consumer Care to have the TV - Teach children about the dangers of climbing on checked before use.
  • Page 59: Screen Care

    Lightning storms Disconnect the TV from the power outlet and antenna before lightning storms. During lightning storms, never touch any part of the TV, power cord or antenna cable. Risk of hearing damage Avoid using earphones or headphones at high volumes or for prolonged periods of time.
  • Page 60: Terms Of Use, Copyrights And Licenses

    TP Vision is the warrantor in relation to long as its products are handled properly for their the TV with which this booklet was packaged. Philips intended use, they are safe to use according to and the Philips Shield Emblem are registered scientific evidence available today.
  • Page 61 Dolby Dolby® Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. MHEG software The copyright in MHEG software (the Software) comprised in this television (this product) and included to enable you to use interactive television features is owned by S&T CLIENT SYSTEMS LIMITED (the Owner).
  • Page 62: Index


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