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Service instructions
for contractors
Vitoplex 100
Type PV1, 150 to 620 kW
Oil/gas boiler
For applicability, see the last page
Please keep safe.
5692 701 GB


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 VIESMANN Service instructions for contractors Vitoplex 100 Type PV1, 150 to 620 kW Oil/gas boiler For applicability, see the last page VITOPLEX 100 Please keep safe. 5692 701 GB 10/2014...
  • Page 2 Safety instructions Safety instructions Please follow these safety instructions closely to If you smell gas prevent accidents and material losses. Danger Safety instructions explained Escaping gas can lead to explosions which may result in serious injury. Danger Do not smoke. Prevent naked flames and ■...
  • Page 3 Installing non-authorised components and making non-approved modifications or con- versions can compromise safety and may inva- lidate the warranty. For replacements, use only original spare parts supplied or approved by Viessmann.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Index Index Product information Symbols ....................Intended use ..................Commissioning, inspec- Steps - commissioning, inspection and maintenance ......tion, maintenance Parts lists Ordering parts ..................14 Parts ...................... 16 Parts ...................... 18 Water quality Water quality requirements ..............20 Prevention of damage due to scaling ..........20 ■...
  • Page 5: Symbols

    Product information Symbols The work sequences for commissioning, inspection Symbol Meaning and maintenance are summarised in the chapter Reference to other document containing "Commissioning, inspection and maintenance "and are further information marked as follows: Additional information, not safety relevant Symbol Meaning Step: Work sequences required during commis-...
  • Page 6: Commissioning, Inspection, Maintenance

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Steps - commissioning, inspection and maintenance Commissioning steps Inspection steps Maintenance steps Page • • • 1. Commissioning the system....................• • 2. Shutting down the system....................• • 3. Closing the Vitoair draught stabiliser (if installed)............•...
  • Page 7: Commissioning The System

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Commissioning the system Operating and service instructions for the control 11. The dew point range must be cleared as quickly unit and the burner as possible. To do so, prevent any heat supply to the consumers when heating the system from 01.
  • Page 8: Opening The Boiler Door And Cleaning Cover

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Opening the boiler door and cleaning cover Note On gas burners, disconnect the gas supply pipe. Fig. 1 Cleaning the turbulators, heating surface, flue outlet and flue pipe 1. Remove turbulators without applying force. 2. Clean flues and combustion chamber with the brush.
  • Page 9: Inserting Turbulators

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Checking all gaskets and packing cords on the flue gas side Checking the thermal insulation components on the boiler door Inserting turbulators Please note Burner adjustments and specific system condi- tions can cause the turbulators to move forward, which may result in them being burnt.
  • Page 10: Checking The Function Of The Safety Equipment

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Securing the boiler door and cleaning cover (cont.) Tighten screws crosswise (torque 25 Nm). Danger Leaks can result in a risk of poisoning through escaping gas. Check gaskets carefully. Checking connections and sensor well on the heating water side for tight- ness Checking the function of the safety equipment Check safety valves, water level and pressure limiter in...
  • Page 11: Checking The Water Quality

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Checking the expansion vessel and system… (cont.) Please note Carry out all checks in accordance with the manufac- The ingress of oxygen can result in system dam- turer's instructions. Limit pressure fluctuations to the age as a consequence of oxygen corrosion. lowest possible differential.
  • Page 12: Cleaning The Sight Glass In The Boiler Door

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Checking the water quality (cont.) The total hardness of the feed and top-up water must The pH value should be between 9 and 10.5. not exceed 0.11 °dH (total value of alkaline earths 0.02 mol/m ≤ Cleaning the sight glass in the boiler door Fig.
  • Page 13: Instructing The System User

    Commissioning, inspection, maintenance Adjusting the burner (cont.) Safeguard the boiler return temperature (minimum Rated heating Pressure drop on the hot gas temperature) of 65 °C. output side Set the minimum heating output for the base load mbar stage according to the conditions of the flue system. Note that the flue system must be suitable for the low flue gas temperatures that may occur.
  • Page 14: Parts Lists

    Parts lists Ordering parts The following details are required when ordering parts: Serial no. (see type plate) ■ Position number of the part (from this parts list) ■ Pos. Part not shown Installation instructions Service instructions Thermal insulation, small parts Touch-up spray paint, Vitosilver Touch-up paint stick, Vitosilver Flame tube gasket...
  • Page 15 Parts lists Ordering parts...
  • Page 16: Parts

    Parts lists Parts Fig. 7 Boiler control unit, see parts list in the service instructions of the boiler control unit...
  • Page 17 Parts lists Parts (cont.) Pos. Part Boiler door Studs Sight glass set, comprising: pos. 004 to 008 Hose Sight glass closure Sight glass with pos. 007 Seal ring Hose nozzle Gasket Ø 18 mm Thermal insulation block Thermal insulation mat Gasket 20 x 15 mm Cleaning brush (wearing part) Brush handle (accessory)
  • Page 18: Parts

    Parts lists Parts Fig. 8 Type plate, optionally left or right Burner cable, see parts list in the service instruc- tions of the boiler control unit...
  • Page 19 Parts lists Parts (cont.) Pos. Part Turbulator Gasket Cleaning cover Gasket 10 x 10 mm Sensor well Back panel, top Back panel, bottom Side panel, back left Side panel, front left and back right Thermal insulation jacket Thermal insulation mat, back Vitoplex 100 logo Side panel, front right with pos.
  • Page 20: Water Quality Requirements

    Water quality Water quality requirements Note Observing the following requirements is necessary to safeguard your warranty rights. The warranty excludes damage due to corrosion and scaling. Prevention of damage due to scaling Prevent excessive scale build-up (calcium carbonate) on the heating surfaces. For heating systems with operating temperatures up to 100 °C, Directive VDI 2035 Part 1 "Prevention of damage in water heat- ing installations - Scale formation in domestic hot...
  • Page 21: Prevention Of Damage Due To Corrosion On The Water Side

    For pressure maintaining systems, see page 10. Using antifreeze in boilers Viessmann boilers are designed and built for water as Check the compatibility with sealing materials. If ■ a heat transfer medium. To protect boiler systems from...
  • Page 22: Water Quality

    Water quality Using antifreeze in boilers (cont.) The concentration must never fall below the prescri- ■ bed minimum level, subject to the required frost pro- tection temperature. Check and adjust the pH value and frost protection (measure the density) regularly, at least once a year, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Page 23: Commissioning/service

    Commissioning/service reports Commissioning/service reports Commissioning Service Service date: Service Service Service date: Service Service Service date: Service Service Service date: Service Service Service date:...
  • Page 24: Specification

    Specification Specification Rated heating output Flue gas parameters Temperature at boiler water temp. 80 °C At rated heating output °C ■ At partial load (60 %) °C ■ Product ID CE-0085BP0365 Efficiency η 100 % of the rated heating 90.8 91.0 90.9 91.0...
  • Page 25: Declaration Of Conformity

    Certificates Declaration of conformity We, Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG, D-35107 Allendorf, declare as sole responsible body, that the following product complies with the listed standards: Vitoplex 100, type PV1, 150 to 620 kW with the Vitotronic boiler control unit ■...
  • Page 26: Keyword Index

    Keyword index Keyword index Adjusting the burner........... 12 Heating surface cleaning..........8 Boiler door Instructing the system user........13 – Opening..............8 – Securing..............9 Boiler water total hardness......... 11 Operating and service documents......13 Checking the diaphragm expansion vessel....10 Parts................16 Checking the mixer for ease of operation and tight- ness................12 Checking the system pressure........10 Safety equipment function, checking......
  • Page 28 Serial No.: 7184508 7184509 7184510 7184511 7184512 7184513 7184649 7553287 Viessmann Werke GmbH&Co KG Viessmann Limited D-35107 Allendorf Hortonwood 30, Telford Telephone: +49 6452 70-0 Shropshire, TF1 7YP, GB Fax: +49 6452 70-2780 Telephone: +44 1952 675000 Fax: +44 1952 675040...

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