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    Meridian Mail Voice Messaging stores all of your voice messages in your personal mailbox. Here are some of the many features you can use to send and receive messages: Forward and reply to messages.

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    Understanding Meridian Mail Voice Messaging Working with Meridian Mail Voice Messaging... 1 Meridian Mail Voice Messaging at a glance... 2 Using standard commands... 4 Mailbox setup Logging in to your mailbox... 5 Changing your password... 6 Recording greetings... 7 Recording your name... 8 Assigning a custom operator ...

  • Page 5: Working With Meridian Mail Voice Messaging

    Meridian Mail Voice Messaging terms While you are working with Meridian Mail Voice Messaging you will use these basic terms. Access numbers You log in to your mailbox by dialing an access number. Your system administrator gives you the Meridian Mail Voice Messaging access number and any other numbers you need to access features and services.

  • Page 6: Meridian Mail Voice Messaging At A Glance

    Meridian Mail Voice Messaging at a glance...

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    Meridian Mail Voice Messaging at a glance...

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    In Meridian Mail Voice Messaging, many keypad commands are common to all features. For example, Play is always 2, Record is always 5, and Help is always these standard commands you can use all the Meridian Mail Voice Messaging features without memorizing every step.

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    You need a Meridian Mail Voice Messaging access number, a mailbox number, and a password to log in to your mailbox. To log in for the first time Your system administrator will give you a temporary password that you change the first time you log in.

  • Page 10: Changing Your Password

    Meridian Mail Voice Messaging prevents you from using some passwords if they are too short or too simple, or if you have used the same one recently. Also, Meridian Mail Voice Messaging requires that you change your password on a regular schedule set by your system administrator.

  • Page 11: Recording Greetings

    Recording greetings You can record external, internal, and temporary greetings. Callers from outside your organization hear your external greeting, callers within your organization hear your internal greeting. If you don’t record an internal greeting, all callers hear your external greeting. You can record a temporary greeting to tell your callers that you are away from the office.

  • Page 12: Recording Your Name, Assigning A Custom Operator

    Recording your name Your personal verification is used in your greetings and addressed messages, and in Express Messaging, Name Dialing, and Remote Notification announcements. Keep your personal verification as brief as possible, and speak clearly. To record a personal verification While logged in to your mailbox, press 89.

  • Page 13: Playing Your Messages

    Playing your messages Meridian Mail Voice Messaging lets you know when you have new messages. Your phone may have a message waiting light, or you may hear a special dial tone when you pick up the handset. When you log in to your mailbox, your mailbox summary tells you the number of new messages in your message list and if any of them are urgent.

  • Page 14: Replying To The Sender, Replying To The Sender And All Recipients

    Calling the sender You can place a call to the sender of a message if the number is known to Meridian Mail Voice Messaging. To call the sender After listening to a message or while it is playing, press 9 to call the sender.

  • Page 15: Forwarding A Message, Addressing A Message, Addressing By Name

    Forwarding a message You can forward a message to another mailbox, to a distribution list, or to a telephone number. You can also record an introduction to the original message. You cannot forward a message marked Private. To forward a message After listening to a message or while it is playing, press 73 to forward the message.

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    Composing a message To compose a message, you first address it, then record your message, then send it. You can address a message to one or more people or distribution lists. Before you send a message you can edit it and add message options. To address, record, and send a message You address a message to one or more recipients before you start recording.

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    Enter the prefix if required, followed by the recipient’s telephone number, then press #. When you send a message to a person at a telephone number, Meridian Mail Voice Messaging calls the person’s telephone and states that there is a message from you. The system may tell the recipient which key to press to hear the message, or the message may play automatically.

  • Page 18: Checking And Editing Your Message

    Name Addressing can be used for addressing a message, for creating a distribution list, for Express Messaging, and for Thru-Dialing. To address by name When Meridian Mail Voice Messaging prompts you for a mailbox number, enter the Name Addressing prefix. 4 If you don’t know the prefix, press *.

  • Page 19: Adding Message Options

    4 To cancel a Private option for a message, press 70 then 4 again. To request an acknowledgment to your message When you send a message marked Acknowledgment, Meridian Mail Voice Messaging automatically deposits a separate acknowledgment message in your mailbox after each recipient has read your message.

  • Page 20: Distribution Lists

    4 To search for an address in the list so you can add it or delete it, press 6. Enter the address, then press #. Meridian Mail Voice Messaging tells you if the address is in the list. If the address is not in the list, you can add it by pressing 5. If the address is in the list, you can delete it by pressing 76.

  • Page 21: Express Messaging, Thru-dialing

    4 To add options, see Adding message options, page 15. Hang up. Thru-Dialing While you are using Meridian Mail Voice Messaging, you can make a call without hanging up. Ask your system administrator if Thru-Dial is available to you. To place a call while logged in While logged in to your mailbox, press 0, followed immediately by the telephone number you want to call, then press #.

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    Remote Notification Meridian Mail Voice Messaging can notify you of new messages at a remote telephone or pager. Instead of calling in to your mailbox to retrieve your messages, you can specify a number, day, and time for Remote Notification. You can change these settings easily, and turn Remote Notification on or off as needed.

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    Remote Notification Use the Remote Notification Planner below to decide how you want to set up your notification day and time periods. Remote Notification Planner ¨ ¨ Notification type: Any Business schedules Non-business schedules Temporary schedules How Remote Notification works You can define up to three remote notification schedule types: business, non-business, or temporary.

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    Remote Notification To change your notification message type You can select one of two notification message types. This message type applies to all days and times you specify. If you select the standard setting Any, you will receive notification of all new messages. If you select Urgent, you will receive notification only of messages that were marked urgent by the sender.

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    When you record a message to leave in another person’s mailbox, you can play it, delete it, or rerecord it just as you do when you compose a message in Meridian Mail Voice Messaging. Use the commands listed in Checking and editing your message, page 14.

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    Keep a record of your Meridian Mail Voice Messaging user numbers here. Do not show your password. Mailbox number____________________________________________________ Login number Meridian Mail Voice Messaging access number _________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Service numbers Express Messaging number _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Addressing prefixes Name Dialing/Name Addressing prefix _________________________________...

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1W7 Copyright © 1999 Nortel Networks, All Rights Reserved. Information is subject to change without notice. Nortel Networks reserves the right to make changes in design or components as progress in engineering and manufacturing may warrant.

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