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Internet tablet os 2008 edition feature upgrade
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Internet Tablet OS 2008 edition
Feature upgrade

User Guide

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
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  • Page 1: User Guide

    Internet Tablet OS 2008 edition Feature upgrade User Guide Nokia N800 Internet Tablet Nokia N810 Internet Tablet...
  • Page 2 NOKIA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVISE THIS DOCUMENT OR WITHDRAW IT AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. The availability of particular products and applications and services for these products may vary by region. Please check with your Nokia dealer for details, and availability of language options. Export controls This device may contain commodities, technology or software subject to export laws and regulations from the US and other countries.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety...5 Your device...7 Touch screen ... 7 Task navigator... 8 Application title area... 8 Status indicator area ... 8 Minimise and close buttons ...10 Application area...10 Toolbar ...10 Home view...10 Device control...11 Text input methods...11 Integrated keyboard...11 Full-screen finger keyboard ...12 On-screen keyboard ...12 Handwriting recognition ...13 Text input settings...14...
  • Page 4 E-mail ...32 Create an e-mail account ...32 Retrieve and read e-mail messages...33 Create and send e-mail messages ...34 Define e-mail settings...34 Updating page ...34 Composing page...35 Modify e-mail account ...35 Account page ...35 User info page...35 Incoming page ...35 Outgoing page ...35 Inbox folder ...36 Outbox folder...36 Sent folder ...36...
  • Page 5 PC connectivity ... 49 Battery and charger information ... 50 Nokia battery authentication guidelines...51 Care and maintenance ... 52 Additional safety information... 53 Open source software notice... 54...
  • Page 6: Safety

    Safety Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Read the complete user guide for further information. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the device on when wireless device use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRST Obey all local laws.
  • Page 7 Network services Contact your service provider for additional instructions for the use of network services and information on what charges will apply. Some networks may have limitations that affect how you can use network services. Your service provider may have requested that certain features be disabled or not activated in your device.
  • Page 8: Your Device

    Your device Your Nokia internet tablet provides easy access to the internet through a wireless network connection (WLAN/ Wi-Fi) or Bluetooth connection with compatible mobile phones. Its wide screen and portable size make it optimal for enjoying the web and internet communications away from your laptop or desktop.
  • Page 9: Task Navigator

    Task navigator The task navigator (1) includes icons that you can tap to open new applications and switch between running applications. To select an option in a menu, tap it. To close the menu, tap another area of the screen. The task navigator contains the following items by default.
  • Page 10 —you have set an alarm. —your device is connected to another device through a USB cable. The presence icon—your presence status. To change the presence settings, tap the icon. It is visible only after you have created an account for internet call and instant messaging services.
  • Page 11: Minimise And Close Buttons

    Minimise and close buttons Every application has the minimise and close buttons (4). If you tap , the current application is hidden and the underlying application is shown. To bring the minimised application back to the top, tap its icon in the application switcher.
  • Page 12: Device Control

    The device also learns new words from your input. Integrated keyboard Some Nokia internet tablet products may have an integrated keyboard. When the integrated keyboard is in use, the on-screen text input methods are disabled.
  • Page 13: Full-Screen Finger Keyboard

    To enter accented letters, hold down [Chr], and press a letter key repeatedly until the desired accented character appears. To preview all special characters available, press [Chr] briefly. The integrated keyboard allows you to use global keyboard shortcuts, as well as shortcuts for application specific tasks.
  • Page 14: Handwriting Recognition

    Numeric keyboard—When you press the shift key, the most common special characters are displayed in this area. —Deletes the character to the left of the cursor. —Moves the cursor to the next row or text input field. Additional functions are based on the current context (for example, in the web address field of the web browser, it acts as a go button).
  • Page 15: Text Input Settings

    Text input settings To define the text input settings, tap Settings > Control panel. In Control Text input settings. For more information, see the device help. Volume control To adjust the master volume of your device, tap status indicator area. To set the master volume, drag the volume slider with the stylus, or tap [+] or [-].
  • Page 16: Lock Touch Screen And Keys

    Note: If you lose the device lock code, you must take the device to a Nokia authorised service facility. To unlock the device, the software must be reloaded, and all data you have saved in the device may be lost.
  • Page 17 Use only compatible MultiMediaCards (MMC), Reduced Size MultiMediaCards, SD cards, microSD cards (with an adapter), or miniSD cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Nokia uses approved industry standards for memory cards, but some brands may not be fully compatible with this device.
  • Page 18: Back Up And Restore Data

    OK. Note that the following information, for example, is not backed up: • contents of the non-removable internal memory card on Nokia N810 Internet Tablet • theme settings, when you restore backups from previous product versions •...
  • Page 19: Help

    2008 user site. You can also update the software on your device with the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard on your compatible PC. You must also have a compatible USB cable and a fully charged battery for your device.
  • Page 20 To start the search, select OK. Results appear in Search results. To stop the search at any time, tap toolbar. When you stop a search, you cannot continue it; you must start a new search. The search function in your device operates with Boolean AND logic, which means that all search words must match.
  • Page 21: Internet Connections

    Internet connections Your device allows you to access the internet either through a wireless network (WLAN/Wi-Fi) or a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth wireless technology. Connectivity settings To edit and create internet connections, and to adjust connection creation logic, tap , and select Control panel.
  • Page 22 Connection setup: Name and type, define the following: Connection name—Enter a descriptive name for the connection. Connection type:—Select WLAN (wireless local area network). Select Next to proceed. The device asks whether you want to scan for available WLAN networks. Select to start the scan, or skip it.
  • Page 23: Mobile Phone Connection

    (Human Interface Device Profile), HSP (Headset Profile), SPP (Serial Port Profile), and OPP (Object Push Profile). To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved enhancements for this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device.
  • Page 24: Select A Phone

    Phone. Although only one device can be selected as a phone at a time, you can pair several devices with your internet tablet. To pair a phone with your internet tablet, do the following: Activate the Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone.
  • Page 25: Disable Wireless Connections

    Connection name—Enter a descriptive name for the connection. Connection type:—Select the type of the network over which you want to access the internet. To use a packet-switched data service in a cellular network, such as GPRS (network service), select Packet data.
  • Page 26 To enable connections, briefly press the power key, and select Normal mode > OK. Note: In the offline mode, you cannot use features that require wireless network or Bluetooth connection. To use the features, you must first set the device back to normal mode.
  • Page 27: Browse The Web

    Browse the web To open the web browser, tap , and select Open new browser window or a bookmark. Before you can connect to the internet, you must define the proper internet connection settings. For detailed instructions, see ‘Connectivity settings’, p. 21. Important: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software.
  • Page 28: Manage Bookmarks

    You may also access other third- party sites through your device. Third-party sites are not affiliated with Nokia, and Nokia does not endorse or assume liability for them. If you choose to access such sites, you should take precautions for security or content.
  • Page 29: Internet Communication

    To communicate over the internet, you must have an active network connection and registered user accounts and passwords for internet call, instant messaging, and e-mail services with service providers outside Nokia. You can have multiple accounts for internet call and instant messaging services.
  • Page 30: Presence

    Account setup: User name, define the following: User name—Enter the user name for the account. If you are defining a Google Talk user name, enter the full user name (everything before Password—Enter the password for the account. Verify password—Enter the password again. This option is only available if you selected to create a new Jabber account.
  • Page 31: Contacts

    Contacts To manage contact information and start communicating with your contacts, tap , and select The main view of the Contacts application displays contact information in two panes: the left pane lists available groups, and the right pane shows the contacts in the selected group and their presence status.
  • Page 32: Internet Call

    Depending on the product model, the procedure for switching from audio call to video call can vary: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet—You must activate the web camera manually. The web camera is located in the upper left corner of your device. Press the camera inwards in its slot and it pops out.
  • Page 33: E-Mail

    Nokia N810 Internet Tablet—Tap integrated web camera. To end an internet call, tap . When you end a call, a call summary is displayed. E-mail To send and receive e-mail messages, you must have an active internet connection and a registered e-mail account with a service provider.
  • Page 34: Retrieve And Read E-Mail Messages

    Tip: With POP3, the messages you retrieve are stored locally on your device and do not remain on the server. With IMAP4, the messages you retrieve remain on the server. Secure connection—Define the security setting for incoming messages. Use secure authentication—Select if you want the system to use secure authentication.
  • Page 35: Create And Send E-Mail Messages

    view, hold the stylus on until a context-sensitive menu appears, and select the desired account. When retrieving e-mail, all messages in the outbox folder are sent regardless of the selected account. To retrieve the contents of a selected message, tap the message header.
  • Page 36: Composing Page

    Play sound when message arrives—Select if you want a tone to sound when a new message is received. Composing page Default message format—Select the default message format for your e-mail messages. Modify e-mail account Select > Tools > Accounts... The e-mail accounts page opens.
  • Page 37: Inbox Folder

    Secure connection—Define the security setting for the server connection for outgoing e-mail messages. Follow the instructions given by your service provider. Port—Follow the instructions given by your service provider. Use connection-specific SMTP servers:—Select if you want to use connection-specific SMTP servers for sending e-mail messages.
  • Page 38: Media Applications

    Media applications Media player With Media player, you can listen to music and other audio files stored on your device or a compatible memory card (if inserted) and audio streams from the internet. You can also watch video clips or watch streaming videos from the internet.
  • Page 39: File Formats

    Add media bookmark, enter the URL address of the audio stream. If an audio stream is playing, the dialog provides its URL address. From the available types of media streams, select Internet radio, and select to save the channel. The radio channel is added to Media player Library >...
  • Page 40: Upnp Media Servers

    Resolution media files (pictures, video, audio, and multimedia files). Up To Your internet tablet functions as a UPnP client and can auto-detect UPnP media servers as long as they are QVGA connected to the same local network as your device and (320x240) are configured accordingly.
  • Page 41: Images

    The RSS feed reader supports the following file formats: Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication (all are also known as RSS), and Atom. To refresh all feeds or only the selected one, tap , and select the desired option. When refreshing a feed, the RSS feed reader updates it to contain all content available on the server and deletes automatically content no longer available on the server.
  • Page 42: Positioning

    24 satellites and their ground stations that monitor the operation of the satellites. A GPS terminal, such as the internal GPS receiver in Nokia N810 Internet Tablet products, receives low-power radio signals from the satellites, and measures the travel time of the signals.
  • Page 43: Tips On Creating A Gps Connection

    If you are outdoors, move to a more open space. • Ensure that your hand does not cover the internal receiver of your Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. For the location of the receiver, see ‘GPS receiver’, p. 42. • Signal strength may be affected by bad weather conditions.
  • Page 44: Select And Download Maps

    Nokia N800 Internet Tablet—Local maps are not pre- installed on your device. You must download the local maps separately through the map application. For more information, see ‘Select and download maps’, p. 44. Nokia N810 Internet Tablet—Local maps are pre-installed on your device.
  • Page 45: Find Locations

    Find locations To find addresses, cities, suburban areas, and services stored in the map database, tap on the toolbar. You can search for a location based on the following information: Address—Enter the street address of a desired location. To limit your search to a certain area, enter a postal code or the name of a city.
  • Page 46 service, if you have not yet done so. After purchasing, all navigation features become available in the menu. To start navigation, tap the arrow icon on the right side of the display, select Find route from the menu, and enter the destination similarly to finding a location.
  • Page 47: Settings

    Accounts—Define account settings for internet call and instant messaging services. Bluetooth—Change the Bluetooth connectivity name of your internet tablet, and set its visibility. Bluetooth keyboard—Configure items related to an manager. external hardware keyboard supporting Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Page 48: Restore Original Settings

    Also, it does not affect the contents of the internal non-removable memory card in your Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. However, it removes, for example, account user names defined for instant messaging and internet calls.
  • Page 49: Utilities

    Utilities Calculator To access the calculator, tap , and select Calculator. Note: This calculator has limited accuracy and is designed for simple calculations. Clock To set the date and time, select an analogue or digital clock, set alarms, and access language and regional settings, tap , and select Utilities...
  • Page 50: Pc Connectivity

    PC (for example, to transfer files). When the USB cable is connected, a memory card in your Nokia internet tablet is listed as a mass storage device on your PC, and is displayed on your internet tablet. To be able to transfer files from the PC to the device, you must have a compatible memory card installed in the device.
  • Page 51: Battery And Charger Information

    Battery and charger information Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery intended for use with Nokia N800 is BP-5L, and with Nokia N810 BP-4L. These devices are intended for use when supplied with power from the following chargers: Nokia AC-4 and DC- 4.
  • Page 52: Nokia Battery Authentication Guidelines

    Nokia battery authentication guidelines Always use original Nokia batteries for your safety. To check that you are getting an original Nokia battery, purchase it from an authorised Nokia dealer, and inspect the hologram label using the following steps: Successful completion of the steps is not a total assurance of the authenticity of the battery.
  • Page 53: Care And Maintenance

    More detailed information is available from the product retailer, local waste authorities, national producer responsibility organizations, or your local Nokia representative. For the product Eco-Declaration or instructions for returning your obsolete product, go to country-specific information at
  • Page 54: Additional Safety Information

    Additional safety information Small children Your device and its enhancements may contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small children. Operating environment This device meets RF exposure guidelines when used either in the normal use position or when positioned at least 1.0 centimetre (3/8 inch) away from the body.
  • Page 55: Open Source Software Notice

    All referred licenses, disclaimers and notices are reproduced and available with said source code. Alternatively, Nokia offers to provide such source code to you on a CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution, such as the cost of media, shipping and...

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