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Nokia 6710 Navigator User Guide
Issue 2.0


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Nokia 6710 Navigator

  • Page 1: Keys And Parts

    Nokia 6710 Navigator User Guide Issue 2.0...
  • Page 2 Nokia tune is a sound mark of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited.
  • Page 3 The third-party applications provided with your device may have been created and may be owned by persons or entities not affiliated with or related to Nokia. Nokia does not own the copyrights or intellectual property rights to the third-party applications. As such, Nokia does not take any responsibility for end-user support, functionality of the applications, or the information in the applications or these materials.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Safety...7 About your device...7 Network services...8 Get started...9 Insert SIM card and battery...9 Insert a memory card...9 Remove a memory card...10 Charge the battery...10 Switch the device on and off...11 Antenna locations...11 Configuration settings...11 Your device...12 Keys and parts...1 Zoom area...13 Home screen...13 Frequently used menu paths...13 Display indicators...14...
  • Page 5 Photos...4 Camera...45 Capture an image...45 Capture a panorama image...46 Record videos...46 Location information...46 Internet...47 Web browser ...47 Share online...50 Nokia Video Centre...51 Search...52 Ovi Music...53 Ovi services...53 About Ovi...53 About Ovi Store...53 About Ovi Contacts...54 About Ovi Files...54 Personalisation...54 Change the display theme...54 Profiles ...55...
  • Page 6: Transfer Content From Another Device

    Ovi Sync...70 WLAN wizard ...70 Save energy...71 Recycle...72 Save paper...72 Learn more...72 Accessories...73 Battery...76 Battery and charger information...75 Nokia battery authentication guidelines...77 Taking care of your device...77 Recycle...78 Additional safety information...78 Small children...78 Operating environment...78 Medical devices...79 Vehicles...79 Potentially explosive environments...79 Emergency calls...80...
  • Page 7: Safety

    Your device may have preinstalled bookmarks and links for third-party internet sites and may allow you to access third- party sites. These are not affiliated with Nokia, and Nokia does not endorse or assume liability for them. If you access such sites, take precautions for security or content.
  • Page 8: Network Services

    If so, these features will not appear on your device menu. Your device may also have customized items such as menu names, menu order, and icons. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 9: Get Started

    Use a memory card to save the memory on your device. You can also back up data from your device to the memory card. Use only compatible microSD cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Nokia uses approved industry standards for memory cards, but some brands may not be fully compatible with this device.
  • Page 10: Remove A Memory Card

    If the battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator appears on the display or before any calls can be made. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 11: Switch The Device On And Off

    For more information on availability, contact your service provider or nearest authorised Nokia dealer. When you receive a configuration message, and the settings are not automatically saved and activated, is displayed.
  • Page 12: Your Device

    10 — Navi™ key; hereafter referred to as scroll key 11 — Clear key C 12 — End/Power key 13 — Number keys 14 — Nokia AV connector 15 — Charger connector 16 — Volume/Zoom keys 17 — Capture key © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 13: Zoom Area

    To open a list of most recently dialled numbers, press the call key. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. To use voice commands or voice dialling, press and hold the right selection key. To change the profile, press the power key briefly, and select a profile.
  • Page 14: Display Indicators

    A UMTS packet data connection is available (network service). indicates that the connection is active. indicates that the connection is on hold. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 15: Offline Profile

    A loopset is connected to the device. Your device is synchronising. The GPS indicator shows the availability of the satellite signals. One bar is one satellite. When the © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. indicates that indicates that the Other indicators may also be displayed.
  • Page 16: Menu

    Keypad autolock User defined and the desired time. > Slide handling Keyguard activation > within 1.5 seconds. Settings > Settings. > General Security Phone and SIM > > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Security > period, >...
  • Page 17: Remote Lock

    Do not connect any voltage source to the Nokia AV Connector. When connecting any external device or any headset, other than those approved by Nokia for use with this device, to the Nokia AV Connector, pay special attention to volume levels. Refresh content.
  • Page 18: Wrist Strap

    Thread the wrist strap, and tighten it. Useful information Check or your local Nokia website for the latest guides, additional information, downloads, and services related to your Nokia product. In-device help Your device contains instructions to help to use the applications in your device.
  • Page 19: Software Updates

    Not all operators may endorse the latest software versions available. To update the device software, you need the Nokia Software Updater application and a compatible PC with Microsoft Windows XP, or Vista operating system, broadband internet access, and a compatible data cable to connect your device to the PC.
  • Page 20: Call Functions

    The WLAN on your Nokia device switches off when you are not trying to connect, not connected to an access point, or not scanning for available networks. To further reduce battery...
  • Page 21: Make A Call

    © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Transfer. To end the active call, press the end key. To end both calls, select Voice dialling Your device supports enhanced voice commands.
  • Page 22: Speed Dialling

    Call internet call > Change number. > Options Options Conference to merge the calls into a > > Mute. Conference Drop participant > > Conference Private and the participant. > > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. mbx.. > and the...
  • Page 23: Video Calls

    To view the amount of data transferred during packet data connections, select Packet data. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Video calls Make a video call To make a video call, enter the phone number or select the General Slide >...
  • Page 24: Call Settings

    — Divert all incoming voice, data, video, or fax calls. — Divert incoming calls if you have an active call. — Divert incoming calls after your device — Divert calls when the device is switched © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Call > All fax...
  • Page 25: Network Settings

    Incoming calls when roaming ● when outside your home country. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. calls to foreign countries or regions, but allow calls to your home country. To check the status of voice call barrings, select the barring...
  • Page 26: Video Sharing

    Turn the loudspeaker on and off. Pause and resume video sharing. Switch to full screen mode (available for receiver only). call, press the end key. When you end the call, video sharing also ends. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. when prompted.
  • Page 27: Internet Calls

    Options Search for WLAN. > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Make internet calls When you have activated the internet call feature, you can make an internet call from all applications where you can make a regular voice call, such as the contacts list or log. For...
  • Page 28: Media

    — Change the frequency manually. — View available stations based on — Save the station to which you are — Open the list of your saved stations. — Return to the home screen while © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 29: Realplayer

    Mark/Unmark — Mark items in the list to send or delete ● multiple items at the same time. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. as format, resolution, and duration. Settings — Edit settings for video playback and ●...
  • Page 30: Positioning

    With the help of assisted data, your device can obtain the GPS position faster. Your device is preconfigured to use the Nokia A-GPS service, if no service provider-specific A-GPS settings are available. The assistance data is retrieved from the Nokia A-GPS service server only when needed.
  • Page 31: Maps

    You can also use the Nokia Map Loader PC software to download maps. To install Nokia Map Loader to a compatible PC, go to
  • Page 32: Gps Data

    Options > and a landmark as the destination, or enter the Applications GPS data and Position. > > indicate the uppercase and lowercase. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Stop Options >...
  • Page 33: Predictive Text Input

    If the word is not correct, press * repeatedly to view the matching words in the dictionary. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. intended to write is not in the dictionary. To add a word to the dictionary, select Spell, enter the word (up to 32 letters) using traditional text input, and select OK.
  • Page 34: Messaging

    Sending an e-mail requires a data connection, and continuous attempts to resend the e-mail may increase — Messages waiting to be sent are temporarily — You can request the network to send you > Messaging. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 35: Data, Settings, And Web Service Messages

    Insert sound clip > New. 7. To add an attachment to an e-mail, select the attachment type. E-mail attachments are indicated by © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. the call key. to send a text or to send a Note: The message sent icon or text on your device screen does not indicate that the message is received at the intended destination.
  • Page 36: Message Reader

    > View. E-mail Set up your e-mail With the Nokia e-mail wizard, you can set up your corporate e-mail account, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mail for Exchange, or Intellisync, and your internet e-mail account. When setting up your corporate e-mail, you may be prompted for the name of the server associated with your e-mail address.
  • Page 37: Disconnect From The Mailbox

    Download all. The attachments are not saved in your device, and are deleted when you delete the message. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. attachments in your device, select all. To open the selected, downloaded attachment, select...
  • Page 38: Nokia Messaging

    Nokia Messaging service. The Nokia Messaging service must be supported by your network and may not be available in all regions. To set up the Nokia Messaging service, use the E-mail setup wizard. For more information, go to
  • Page 39: Multimedia Message Settings

    Reply via same centre — Select whether you want the ● reply message to be sent using the same text message centre number (network service). © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Multimedia message settings Select Multimedia Select from the following: Image size ●...
  • Page 40: Contacts

    — Select whether the device Messaging Options Settings > > — Select whether you want to save Sent folder. — Define how many sent — Select the memory where you want to © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Settings > > >...
  • Page 41: Work With Contacts

    (network service). © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. to some extent. Never rely solely on the cartography that you download for use in this device.
  • Page 42: Search For Contacts In A Remote Database

    > — Select the memories from where — Select the default memory to — Change the way the contacts' names are — Select which contacts directory — Change the remote contacts © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. from the list...
  • Page 43: About Calendar

    ● Memo entries are related to the whole day but not to a specific time of the day. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. ● Anniversary entries remind you of birthdays and special dates. They refer to a certain day but not a specific time of the day.
  • Page 44: Meeting Location

    To change the default view, select Default Options > Show in Maps. > Calendar. Options Change view > Tip: To open the week view, select the week number. Options view. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. location. and the Settings > >...
  • Page 45: About Photos

    To activate the secondary camera when the main camera is activated, select Options camera. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Downloads ● from the web, received as a multimedia or e-mail and from the message, saved on a memory card, or copied to phone memory from a memory card or other sources.
  • Page 46: Capture A Panorama Image

    To add location information to all captured material, in Camera, select Location information indicators at the bottom of the display: Options Panorama > > Camera. Continue Options Settings Show GPS info > > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. >...
  • Page 47: Internet

    To browse the web, in the bookmarks view, select a bookmark, or start to enter a web address (the automatically), and select © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. information is added to the captured material. Files with location information are indicated with Photos application.
  • Page 48: Browser Toolbar

    Settings > > Recently visited pages folder. Internet > Web. > Options and the appropriate option. Internet > Web. > Go to > Bookmarks. You can select web > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Find >...
  • Page 49: Connection Security

    To delete the information the network server collects about your visits to various web pages, select privacy data > Cookies. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Connection security field opens If the security indicator ( ) is displayed during a connection, the data transmission between the device and the internet gateway or server is encrypted.
  • Page 50: Share Online

    — Select whether you want the — Enable or disable the receiving and sending of — Select the desired access is active. — Select whether you want the Internet Share online. > > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Recently...
  • Page 51: Nokia Video Centre

    > To subscribe to an online sharing service, go to the service provider's website, and check that your Nokia device is compatible with the service. Create an account as instructed on the website. You receive a user name and password needed to set up your device with the account.
  • Page 52: Search

    To change the default search provider, select Settings Search > Options Schedule downloads. Video > Manual download > Search. Search the Search more to use another search provider. Options services. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. >...
  • Page 53: Ovi Music

    Ovi services Nokia Ovi Suite offers a new, more user-friendly approach to Nokia PC software. The PC application gives you an easy access to the files on your computer, your Nokia device, and Ovi all within a single window. About Ovi Ovi contains services provided by Nokia.
  • Page 54: About Ovi Contacts You must have a Nokia Account to use the service. Create an account on your mobile device, or visit on your Using Ovi Contacts may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through your service provider's network.
  • Page 55: Profiles

    Before using voice tags, note the following: ● Voice tags are not language-dependent. They are dependent on the speaker's voice. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Timed, and set the time. When the time expires, the profile changes back to the previously active non-timed profile.
  • Page 56: Voice Command Settings

    Tip: To define the time period after which the alarm sounds again when you set it to snooze, select Options Settings Alarm snooze > > Options Remove > > Settings. Options > Settings. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. time. alarm.
  • Page 57: Office Applications

    English. Speech — Edit the voice feature settings. You can adjust ● the speed and volume of the voice. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Clock Converter With Converter, you can convert measures from one unit to another.
  • Page 58: Calculator

    To create a note, start writing. To edit a note, select the note and options. Options Last result. > Memory > Save. > Options Organiser Active notes. > > Options © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Memory > > Editing >...
  • Page 59: About Quickoffice

    About Quickoffice Select Organiser > Quickoffice. > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. documents, Quicksheet for viewing Microsoft Excel worksheets, Quickpoint for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and Quickmanager for purchasing software. You can view Microsoft Office 2000, XP, 2003, and 2007 documents (DOC, XLS, and PPT file formats) with Quickoffice.
  • Page 60: Notes

    — Send the note to other compatible devices. — Delete a note. You can also delete several notes > Mark/Unmark, and delete the notes. — Synchronise the notes with Important: Even if the use of certificates makes the © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 61: Common Accessory Settings

    For example: Symbian installation: — The certificate is able to ● certify the origin of a new Symbian operating system application. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. App. installation: ● the origin of a new Java application. Select Options Common accessory settings Select >...
  • Page 62: Data Management

    Bluetooth connectivity. You can use Nokia Application Installer in Nokia Ovi Suite to install an application to your device. Icons in Application manager indicate the following: SIS or SISX application Java™...
  • Page 63: Remove Applications And Software

    (.sis, .sisx) remain in the device memory. The files may use large amounts of memory and prevent you from storing other files. To maintain sufficient memory, use Nokia Ovi Suite to back up installation files to a compatible PC, then use the file manager to remove the installation files from the device memory.
  • Page 64: Licenses

    Start configuration. DRM or the use of non-DRM-protected content. About Licenses Options > Select Warning: If you install a software update, you cannot Applications > Licences. > © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 65: Use Licenses

    SIM card is inserted in the device. To view your licenses by type, select licences, or Not in use. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. The following details are displayed for each media file: Status ● expired, or Content sending ●...
  • Page 66: Connectivity

    You can use your mobile device with a variety of compatible PC connectivity and data communications applications. With Nokia Ovi Suite, you can, for example, transfer files and images between your device and a compatible computer. For more information about Ovi Suite and the download link, see
  • Page 67: Pair Devices

    Headset, Object Push, Phone Book Access, Serial Port, and SIM Access. To ensure interoperability between other devices supporting Bluetooth technology, use Nokia approved accessories for this model. Check with the manufacturers of other devices to determine their compatibility with this device.
  • Page 68: Send And Receive Data With Bluetooth

    > > Tip: If you have sent data using Bluetooth connectivity before, a list of the previous search results is displayed. To search for more Bluetooth devices, select More devices. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Connect > Define Bluetooth.
  • Page 69: Data Cable

    To set the device to ask which mode to use each time you connect the USB data cable to the device, select connection > Yes. To use Nokia Ovi Suite with your device, install Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC, connect the USB data cable, and select Sync Select >...
  • Page 70: Ovi Sync

    With Ovi Sync, you can synchronise contacts, calendar entries, and notes between your device and Ovi. To use Ovi Sync, you need a Nokia account. If you do not have a Nokia account, create one at Synchronise data with Ovi Sync...
  • Page 71: Green Tips

    When you have fully charged the battery and disconnected the charger from the device, unplug the charger from the wall outlet. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. unauthorised access to your data. To set the WLAN wizard to automatically create an access...
  • Page 72: Recycle

    Recycle Most of the materials in a Nokia phone are recyclable. Check how to recycle your Nokia products at werecycle, or with a mobile device, werecycle. Recycle packaging and user guides at your local recycling scheme. Save paper This user guide helps you get started with your device.
  • Page 73: Accessories

    Nokia Holder Easy Mount HH-20 and CR-111 The Nokia Holder Easy Mount HH-20 is a mounting device that allows you to attach the Nokia CR-111 mobile holder to the windscreen of your vehicle.
  • Page 74 Press the suction cup of the mounting device gently against the windscreen, and rotate the mounting device clockwise to create a vacuum between the suction cup and the windscreen. Check that the suction cup is firmly attached. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 75: Battery And Charger Information

    To remove the device, close the © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. from the holder by pushing it from the bottom. To detach the suction cup from...
  • Page 76: Battery

    Battery and charger information Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery intended for use with this device is BL-5F. Nokia may make additional battery models available for this device. This device is intended for use when supplied with power from the following chargers: AC-8.
  • Page 77: Nokia Battery Authentication Guidelines

    Nokia battery with the hologram on the label is not an authentic Nokia battery, you should refrain from using it, and take it to the nearest Nokia authorised service centre or dealer for assistance. To find out more about original Nokia batteries, see
  • Page 78: Recycle

    This way you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials. Check product environmental information and how to recycle your Nokia products at, or worn operation should not contain metal and should position the device the above-stated distance from your body.
  • Page 79: Medical Devices

    If you have any questions about using your wireless device with an implanted medical device, consult your health care provider. © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. Hearing aids Some digital wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids.
  • Page 80: Emergency Calls

    The actual SAR level of an operating device can be below the maximum value because the device is designed to use only the power required to reach © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 81 Use of device accessories may result in different SAR values. SAR values may vary depending on national reporting and testing requirements and the network band. Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 82: Index

    40, 41 adding ringing tones 42 contact groups 41 contacts directories 42 location 41 searching 42 settings 42 synchronising 69 converter 57, 58 currency converter 57 data connections PC connectivity 66 synchronisation 69 © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 83 GPS (global positioning system) 30 headphones 17 headset 17 help application 18 home screen 13 indicators 14 © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved. battery 9 SIM card 9 installing applications 62 internet call services managing 27 internet calls 27 activating 27...
  • Page 84 33 traditional input 32 text messages sending 34 settings 39 SIM messages 38 themes 54 time and date 56 traditional text input 32 trust settings 61 UPIN 16 uploading media files 50 © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.
  • Page 85 26 voice commands 21 settings 56 voice mail calling 22 changing number 22 volume control 16 web connection 47 WLAN access points 70 WLAN wizard 70 writing language 33 Zip manager 59 © 2009 Nokia. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents