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Nokia 2285 User Manual

Nokia cell phone user's guide
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Table of Contents



Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: User Guide

    Nokia 2285 What information is needed? My number Voice mail number Wireless provider’s number Provider’s customer care Model number Phone type Electronic serial number (ESN) User Guide Numbers Nokia 2285 RH-3 Where is the number? Wireless service provider Wireless service provider...
  • Page 3: Legal Information

    Includes RSA BSAFE cryptographic or security protocol software from RSA Security. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The information in this user guide was written for the Nokia 2285 phone. Nokia operates a policy of on-going development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contact Nokia ........
  • Page 5 7. Call log ........... 25 Check missed, received, or dialed calls .
  • Page 6 Nokia Xpress-on™ color covers ..........78 19. Nokia One Year Limited Warranty....... 80 Appendix A .
  • Page 7 NOTES [ vi ]...
  • Page 8: For Your Safety

    For your safety Read these simple guidelines. Breaking the rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in this manual. SWITCH OFF WHERE PROHIBITED Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.
  • Page 9 CALLING Ensure the phone is switched on and in service. Fully extend the whip antenna. Enter the phone number, including the area code, and press the talk key. To end a call, press the end key. To answer a call, press the talk key. EMERGENCY CALLS Ensure the phone is switched on and in service.
  • Page 10: Quick Guide

    • QUICK GUIDE Make a call Answer a call Answer a call with call waiting End a call Ignore a call Redial Adjust call volume Use the in-call menu Use 1-touch dialing Save a name and number Recall a name/number Recall a name/number during a call Check voice mail...
  • Page 11: Menu Shortcuts

    • MENU SHORTCUTS MESSAGES Text messages ....Create message ..Inbox ....Outbox .
  • Page 12: Welcome

    • ACCESSIBILITY SOLUTIONS Nokia is committed to making mobile phones easy to use for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Nokia maintains a Web site that is dedicated to accessibility solutions. For more information about phone features, enhancements, and other Nokia products designed with your needs in mind, please visit the following Web site: Your Nokia phone is equipped with a universal 2.5-mm enhancement jack that can be used to...
  • Page 13: Contact Nokia

    The label is inside the back cover of your phone under the battery. It contains important information about your phone, including the model, type and electronic serial numbers (ESN). Nokia recommends that you note this information on the title page of this guide. Please do not remove or deface the label.
  • Page 14: About Your Phone

    About your phone This section gives you a brief introduction to your phone and provides you with quick steps for making, answering, and managing your calls. The rest of this user guide provides complete details on phone use. Power key Earpiece Screen Left soft key...
  • Page 15: Antennas

    While in a call, hold the phone to your ear. • BATTERY Warning! Use only the BL-5C battery in this Nokia phone. Install Remove the back cover. Place the battery in the compartment with the label side facing down and the metal contacts aligned with the contact prongs.
  • Page 16: Switch Phone On Or Off

    Please avoid placing anything in this slot. Important battery information • Recharge your battery only with a charger approved by Nokia. • You can switch the phone on and use it for calls while the battery is charging.
  • Page 17: The Soft Keys

    • THE SOFT KEYS Note the two soft keys beneath the screen. The function of these keys is determined by the word shown above them on the screen. For example, pressing the Left soft key when Menu appears above it shows the first of many menus.
  • Page 18: Make And Answer Calls

    • MAKE AND ANSWER CALLS Use the following table as a quick reference for making and answering calls: Task Instructions Make a call Fully extend the whip antenna. Enter the number using the keypad (include area code as needed). Press the Send key. Hold the phone as you would any other telephone, with the ear piece over your ear and the microphone near your mouth.
  • Page 19: Browse Phone Menus

    • BROWSE PHONE MENUS Your phone menu system displays choices you can make to change settings on your phone or gives you access to various phone features. Your phone has 10 menus, plus the phone book menu (Contacts). Each menu can contain several levels of submenus. You can use menus and submenus two ways: by scrolling or by using a shortcut.
  • Page 20: Phone Book Menu

    • PHONE BOOK MENU From the start screen, press Contacts. The following phone book options are available: Menu Search Add new Edit name Delete One by one Delete all Add number Options Scrolling view Name list Name+number Memory status 1-touch dialing View number Change Delete...
  • Page 21: Phone Setup

    Phone setup Now that you have had a chance to learn about some of the basic functions and features of your phone, you may want to explore a few options to improve the way you use your phone. • THE HS-5 HEADSET Your sales package may include the HS-5 headset.
  • Page 22: Text Entry

    Text entry Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. You can enter letters, numbers, and special characters using the phone keypad when working with the phone book, calendar, text messaging, or while browsing the Internet.
  • Page 23: Enter Numbers

    Pressing a key repeatedly cycles you through all of that key options. To enter a letter, press the appropriate key repeatedly until the desired letter appears. Continue this process until the word or name is completed. Note: If the next letter in the word you are entering is on the same key, wait two to three seconds for the cursor to advance, and enter the new letter, or press 0 to advance the cursor.
  • Page 24: Write With Predictive Text

    (or dictionary) of common words that tries to anticipate the word as you enter it. Watching predictive text guess a word can be confusing, disregard the screen until all characters have been entered. Example: To write “Nokia”: Press 6 for N 6 for o...
  • Page 25: Turn On Predictive Text Input

    KEYS AND TOOLS FOR PREDICTIVE TEXT Description Text entry. Press each key only once per letter. Press and hold the key to enter 2—9 the number. If the underlined word is not the word you intended, press this key repeatedly until the word you want appears.
  • Page 26: Tips For Predictive Text

    Turn off predictive text input While creating a new text message, press and hold the Options key for two seconds. OR Press Options, scroll to Predictive text, and press Select. Scroll to Prediction off, and press Select. • TIPS FOR PREDICTIVE TEXT Check a word When you have finished writing a word, and the word is correct as shown: •...
  • Page 27: Phone Book

    Phone book Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. You can save up to 500 entries (contacts and associated numbers) in your phone book. Phone memory can store multiple numbers for each name (home, business, mobile, etc.), as well as text information (postal address, e-mail address, or note).
  • Page 28: Phone Book Menus

    • PHONE BOOK MENUS The phone book has several menu options from which you can choose. These options appear when you press Contacts. Use the scroll keys to scroll to the option you want. Option Function Search Search for a specific phone book entry Add new Add a new contact to your phone book Edit name...
  • Page 29: Add A Number To A Phone Book Entry

    Scroll to the number type you want, and press Select. Important: If you plan on using Nokia PC Suite to synchronize your phone book and your PC PIM (personal information manager) application, make sure all phone numbers are assigned the correct number type. PC Sync uses this information to synchronize contacts correctly between phone and PC.
  • Page 30: Delete Stored Contacts And Numbers

    The primary number If a phone book entry contains multiple numbers, the number entered when the phone book entry was created is designated as the and press the Send key, your phone dials the primary number. Consider designating the number you dial most often (for phone book entries containing multiple numbers per name) as the primary number.
  • Page 31: Use Caller Groups

    Scroll to the type of information you would like to add (E-mail, Street addr., etc.), and press Select. Enter the information, and press OK. Press the End key to return to the start screen. • USE CALLER GROUPS Your phone allows you to group phone book entries with similar attributes into The five default caller groups are Family, VIP, Friends, Business, and Other.
  • Page 32: Call Log

    Call log Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Your phone keeps a log (record) of call-related information including phone numbers and call times. Before your phone can log missed or received calls properly: You must have a subscription to caller ID service.
  • Page 33: Delete Recent Call Lists

    MISSED CALLS When you miss calls, Missed calls appears on your phone screen along with the number of calls missed. Important: You are notified of missed calls only if your phone was turned on and you are in a digital service area. Note: If you chose the Forward if not answered option in Call Forwarding, your phone handles these forwarded calls as missed calls.
  • Page 34: Turn On A Current Call Timer

    Use the scroll keys to scroll through the following options: Option Duration of last call Duration of received calls Duration of dialed calls Duration of all calls Life timer Clear timers • TURN ON A CURRENT CALL TIMER Your phone can display a call timer showing elapsed time of the current call. When the call is completed, the timer displays the call length.
  • Page 35 Access data-related call timer • For data/fax call timers, press Menu 2-6 (Call log > Data/fax calls) • For minibrowser call timers, press Menu 2-7 (Call log > Minibrowser calls) Data-related call timer options The following call timer options are available for data and browser calls: •...
  • Page 36: Voice Mailbox

    Voice mailbox Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Voice mail is a feature that enables those who call you to leave a voice message in the event you are unable to answer your phone. When using your phone in conjunction with your service provider’s voice mail system, you can retrieve your messages at any time.
  • Page 37: Text Messages

    Text messages Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. You can use the Messages menu (Menu 1) and short message service (SMS) to read, write, and send text messages to another phone in your network.
  • Page 38: View Message Options

    USE OTHER OPTIONS You may use the following as a shortcut for sending a new text message: Enter the recipient’s phone number, and press Options. Scroll to Send message, and press Select. Continue the creation process as described. View message options The table below lists several options available while creating a text message.
  • Page 39: Message Templates

    Enhanced messaging options Enhanced messaging functions in the same manner as text messaging, but it offers additional options for the style and content of text messages. Note: Enhanced messaging services are not supported by all networks or providers. The ability to send or receive an enhanced message is network dependent. Check with your local service provider for more information on these options.
  • Page 40: E-Mail

    • E-MAIL You can also use the Messages menu to write and send text messages to a person’s Internet or corporate e-mail account or to phones in other networks. If the phone displays Cannot Send to e-mail recipients, your message will not be delivered to computer email addresses, but it will be delivered to compatible phones that can receive e-mails.
  • Page 41: Respond To A Message

    • RESPOND TO A MESSAGE You have several options when reading a text message. Press Options to display the following list of choices: Option Description Delete Deletes the current message. Reply Replies to the current message. Use number Captures the phone number in the message (or from the message sender) with the option to Save (as new phone book entry), Add to contact, Send message, or Call.
  • Page 42: Delete Messages

    E-mail message Use the methods described above for replying to SMS messages sent from an e-mail address. Note: If the incoming e-mail message is improperly formatted, you may be required to re-enter the e-mail address. Press Options > Add e-mail to re-enter the e-mail address. •...
  • Page 43: Settings

    View message settings You can assign several settings to the text messages (new messages, replies, or forwarded messages). The following settings are available from the message Options menu: • Urgent sends the message marked urgent and appears in recipient’s Inbox with higher priority than other messages.
  • Page 44 Outbox—Messages that cannot be sent immediately can be saved so you can come back to it later. Your phone stores the message in Outbox. If you try to send a text message and the network is unavailable, the outgoing message will be saved in Outbox.
  • Page 45: Personalization

    10 Personalization Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. • LEARN ABOUT PROFILES profile refers to a group of settings you can use to customize the way your phone works.
  • Page 46: Rename Profiles

    Scroll to one of the ringing options described below, and press Select. Option Description Ring The phone rings normally. Ascending Ringing volume increases in volume if the phone is not answered. Ring once The phone rings once to indicate an incoming call. Beep once The phone beeps once to indicate an incoming call.
  • Page 47: Download A Ringing Tone

    • DOWNLOAD A RINGING TONE Your phone has 35 predefined ringing tones and can store up to 10 new ringing tones (sent from an Internet Web site as an SMS or created or downloaded using Nokia PC Suite). Note: Buzzer tones can be sent using SMS.
  • Page 48: Voice Commands

    Manually set the clock Press Menu 4-3-1 (Settings > Time settings > Clock). Scroll to Set the time, and press Select. Enter the current time, and press Select. For example, to enter 7:30, enter 0730. Scroll to am or pm, and press OK. Selecting time format Press Menu 4-3-1 (Settings >...
  • Page 49: Use A Voice Command

    Option Description Profiles Switch between Normal, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, and Pager. Voice mailbox Access your voice messages. Recorder Start recording a memo. Call log Access the Call log menu. Create a voice tag for a menu option Important: Please see “Voice tag notes” on page 48, for more information on creating voice tags.
  • Page 50: Advanced Features

    Advanced features Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Note: Some in-call options are Network Services features. Contact your service provider for information and availability. This chapter describes advanced calling features such as conference calling, call waiting, and the use of calling cards for calls.
  • Page 51: Feature Codes

    Feature codes Your network requires separate codes for activating and cancelling the various types of call forwarding. Your service provider can provide you with the necessary feature codes for these network services. Once you store these feature codes in your phone, they are sent automatically to the network when you select one of the call forwarding options from your phone menu.
  • Page 52: Call Waiting

    Highlight Activate and press Select. Enter the number to which you want your calls forwarded (or press Search to recall a number from the phone book), and press OK. Your phone calls the network to activate or cancel the feature you have requested. The network sends a confirmation when the feature is activated or cancelled successfully.
  • Page 53: Send Own Caller Id When Calling

    • SEND OWN CALLER ID WHEN CALLING This feature allows you to block caller ID when you call someone (your number will not be displayed on their caller ID). This feature may only be effective when calling a number equipped with caller ID.
  • Page 54: Calling Card

    • CALLING CARD If you wish to use a calling card for long distance calls, you can first save your calling card information into your phone. Your phone is equipped to handle up to four calling cards. Save card information Press Menu 4-1-7 (Settings >...
  • Page 55: Voice Dialing

    • VOICE DIALING You can dial up to 25 stored phone book numbers using the voice dialing feature. Before you can place a call using voice dialing, you must first assign a voice tag to the number. Before using voice dialing, note: •...
  • Page 56: 1-Touch Dialing

    Warning! Do not use a voice tag for dialing emergency numbers. In emergencies, stress causes changes in your voice, which may keep the phone from recognizing your voice command. Dialing a number using voice dialing Note: You must say the name exactly as you said it when you recorded it. At the start screen, press and hold Contacts for two seconds.
  • Page 57: Caller Groups

    Assign a number If you want to assign a number to one of the number keys (2—9), do the following: Select Contacts > 1-touch dialing. Scroll to the desired number key (2—9), and press Assign. If a phone number is already assigned to a key, the phone book entry name is displayed and the Left soft key is Options.
  • Page 58: Touch Tones

    • TOUCH TONES Touch tones (sometimes known as DTMF tones) are those tones produced when you press the keys on your phone keypad. You can use touch tones for many automated dial-up services such as banking and airlines or for entering your voice mailbox number and password. Touch tones are sent during an active call.
  • Page 59: Link Phone Book Entries

    Store with phone number You can store touch tone strings (for example, voice mailbox number and PIN code) as a part of a phone book entry. Once the string is stored, it is sent automatically (instead of entering the touch tones from the keypad). Enter the phone number of the automated service.
  • Page 60: Voice Recorder

    • VOICE RECORDER Voice recorder allows you record audio memos and store them in your phone. Use this feature to record phone numbers and personal memos. Total time available for all memos is three minutes. Maximum length of a single message is one minute, up to 60 seconds. The maximum number and length of remaining memos depends on how much memory is still available.
  • Page 61: Security And System Settings

    12 Security and System settings Warning! Do not switch on the phone when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Your phone has a variety of security features that help prevent some of the following: •...
  • Page 62: Phone Lock

    Enter the new five-digit security code, and press OK. Reenter the new five-digit security code for verification, and press OK. Your phone displays the confirmation message Security code changed. Important: If you change your security code and do not remember the new code, contact your service provider.
  • Page 63: Call Restrictions

    ALLOWED NUMBER When phone lock is on, the only outgoing calls that can be made are to the following numbers: • The emergency number programmed into your phone (for example, 911 or other official emergency number). • The number stored in the Allowed number when phone locked location. Store the unlocked number Press Menu 4-5-4-2 (Settings >...
  • Page 64: Edit Call Restrictions

    Enter the number string you wish to restrict and press OK. For example: If you wish to restrict all calls that begin with 1, enter 1. If you wish to restrict all calls that begin with 1972, enter 1972. If you wish to restrict all calls that begin with 214, enter 214. Enter a name to identify this restriction, or press OK.
  • Page 65: Gps (Location Privacy)

    • GPS (LOCATION PRIVACY) The GPS feature allows the phone to share position information over the network. For calls to emergency numbers, this position information may be used by the emergency operator to determine the position of the phone. The functionality of this feature is dependent on the network, satellite systems and the agency receiving the information.
  • Page 66: Roaming Options

    Security and System settings Roaming options The menu options you see in your phone are based on your service provider’s network. Their network determines which options actually appear in the phone menu. The following is a description of the options that may appear in your phone: Home only—You can make and receive calls in your home area only.
  • Page 67: Organizer

    13 Organizer Your phone has a calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, and contact database—everything you need in an organizer or personal digital assistant. • ALARM CLOCK Your phone alarm clock can be set to sound an alarm at a time you specify. The alarm clock uses the clock time format (12 or 24—hour format).
  • Page 68: Calculator

    Alarms can also be set to notify you of your appointments or notes. You can also use the DKU-5 cable in conjunction with Nokia PC Suite to synchronize your PIM application calendar with your phone calendar, keeping you up-to-date when you are away from you office or PC.
  • Page 69: Stopwatch

    Enter the second number. Repeat steps 3 as many times as necessary. A subtotal is shown after you enter the next operand (+, -, *, or /). For a total, press Options twice. To start a new calculation, press and hold Clear for 2 seconds. Note: This calculator has limited accuracy and rounding errors may occur, especially in long divisions.
  • Page 70: Lap Timing

    Lap timing The lap time function allows you to measure the amount of time it takes to complete a cycle or lap. To measure lap time: Select Organizer > Stopwatch > Lap timing > Start. The running time appears on the display. Once the lap timer has started, you can: •...
  • Page 71: Applications

    This menu allows the management of Java from your PC using Nokia PC Suite. Your phone software may include Java applications designed for your Nokia phone. Some service providers offer other applications via mobile Internet services.
  • Page 72: Games

    15 Games Warning! Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. You can use your phone not only for communication but also for some serious fun.
  • Page 73: Your Phone And Other Devices

    Please refer to the document, Nokia PC Suite User Guide and PC/PDA Connectivity Guide, for installation and setup instructions. You can use your Nokia phone as a modem with your laptop computer or handheld device, to access the Internet (for e-mail and Web browsing) or corporate networks.
  • Page 74: Minibrowser

    17 Minibrowser Warning! Your phone must be switched on to use this function. Do not switch the phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Important: This feature is available only if your service provider’s network supports mobile internet access.
  • Page 75: Minibrowser Menu

    • MINIBROWSER MENU While browsing, press and release the power key to display the minibrowser menu: Reload—Reloads information for current page. Home—Returns you to the Home page. Bookmarks—Displays a list of bookmarks you have saved. Bookmark site—Used to save a bookmark for the current page. Version—Displays information about the minibrowser software version and developers.
  • Page 76: Bookmarks

    • BOOKMARKS You can create a bookmark for a page so that you can quickly return to that page later. You may also be able to create bookmarks using your personal account at your service provider’s web site. BOOKMARK A PAGE Go to the page for which you want to set a bookmark.
  • Page 77: End The Minibrowser Session

    • END THE MINIBROWSER SESSION Press and hold the End key. Press the Power key, and select Exit browser > OK. • DISABLE MINIBROWSER CONFIRMATIONS You can specify whether or not you want your phone to display confirmation messages when you begin or end a browser session.
  • Page 78: Reference Information

    When you purchase batteries, chargers, and enhancements for your phone, use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements that have received approval from Nokia. The use of any other type may invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone, and could also be dangerous. For availability of approved batteries, chargers, and enhancements, check with your service provider.
  • Page 79 Operating environment Remember to follow any special regulations in force in any area and always switch off your phone whenever it is forbidden to use it, or when it may cause interference or danger. Use the phone only in its normal operating positions. Electronic devices Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals.
  • Page 80 Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often but not always clearly marked. They include below deck on boats; chemical transfer or storage facilities; vehicles using liquefied petroleum gas (such as propane or butane); areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders;...
  • Page 81 • CERTIFICATION INFORMATION (SAR) THIS MODEL PHONE MEETS THE GOVERNMENT'S REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Communications Commission of the U.S.
  • Page 82 SAR values may vary depending on national reporting requirements and the network band. For SAR information in other regions please look under product information at: [ 75 ]...
  • Page 83: Care And Maintenance

    • Installation of any complex car enhancements must be made by qualified personnel only. • Use only batteries, chargers, and enhancements that have been approved by Nokia. The use of any other types could invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone and could be dangerous.
  • Page 84: Battery Information

    • BATTERY INFORMATION Note: The phone has a lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery. Dispose of batteries according to local regulations (for example, recycling). Do not dispose as household waste. This section provides information about the phone battery. Be aware that the information in this section is subject to change.
  • Page 85: Chargers And Other Enhancements

    Chargers and enhancements described in this section are available for your phone. Contact your dealer for details and refer to the enhancements brochure in your sales package for all Nokia Original enhancements. Note: When a charger is not in use, disconnect it from the power source.
  • Page 86 REMOVE THE BACK COVER Switch off the power. Disconnect the phone from the charger or any other device. Push the release button on the back cover. Slide the cover downward and lift off. REMOVE THE FRONT COVER With the phone face down or up, grab the bottom of the front cover.
  • Page 87: Nokia One Year Limited Warranty

    No charge will be made to the Consumer for any such parts. Nokia will also pay for the labor charges incurred by Nokia in repairing or replacing the defective parts. The limited warranty does not cover defects in appearance, cosmetic, decorative or structural items, including framing, and any non- operative parts.
  • Page 88 Product. If Nokia cannot perform repairs covered under this limited warranty within 30 days, or after a reasonable number of attempts to repair the same defect, Nokia at its option, will provide a replacement Product or refund the purchase price of the Product less a reasonable amount for usage.
  • Page 89 This is the entire warranty between the Nokia and the Consumer, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements or understandings, oral or written, relating to the Product, and no representation, promise or condition not contained herein shall modify these terms.
  • Page 90 5758278 5859843 6005889 D405784 5642377 5790957 5887250 6009129 D423515 5699482 5793744 5887252 6025802 4969192 5701392 5796757 5889770 6029065 6088342 5440597 5708656 5802465 5929813 Nokia One Year Limited Warranty 5990740 6055264 6154455 6072787 6167083 6076181 6205325 4901307 6078570 6253075 6084471 6292474...
  • Page 91 NOTES [ 84 ]...
  • Page 92: Appendix A

    Appendix A Appendix A Message from the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association) to all users of mobile phones. © 2001 Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. All Rights Reserved.1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036. Phone: (202) 785-0081 [ 85 ]...
  • Page 93 Safety is the most important call you will ever make. A Guide to Safe and Responsible Wireless Phone Use Tens of millions of people in the U.S. today take advantage of the unique combination of convenience, safety and value delivered by the wireless telephone. Quite simply, the wireless phone gives people the powerful ability to communicate by voice--almost anywhere, anytime-- with the boss, with a client, with the kids, with emergency personnel or even with the police.
  • Page 94 Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving. If you are reading an address book or business card, or writing a "to do" list while driving a car, you are not watching where you are going. It’s common sense. Don’t get caught in a dangerous situation because you are reading or writing and not paying attention to the road or nearby vehicles.
  • Page 95 NOTES [ 88 ]...
  • Page 96: Appendix B

    Appendix B Appendix B Message from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) to all users of mobile phones. July 18, 2001 ... For updates: [ 89 ]...
  • Page 97 Consumer Update on Wireless Phones 1. Do wireless phones pose a health hazard? The available scientific evidence does not show that any health problems are associated with using wireless phones. There is no proof, however, that wireless phones are absolutely safe. Wireless phones emit low levels of radiofrequency energy (RF) in the microwave range while being used.
  • Page 98 Appendix B FDA shares regulatory responsibilities for wireless phones with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). All phones that are sold in the United States must comply with FCC safety guidelines that limit RF exposure. FCC relies on FDA and other health agencies for safety questions about wireless phones.
  • Page 99 5. What research is needed to decide whether RF exposure from wireless phones poses a health risk? A combination of laboratory studies and epidemiological studies of people actually using wireless phones would provide some of the data that are needed. Lifetime animal exposure studies could be completed in a few years.
  • Page 100: Wireless Phones

    Appendix B 8. What has FDA done to measure the radiofrequency energy coming from wireless phones? The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is developing a technical standard for measuring the radiofrequency energy (RF) exposure from wireless phones and other wireless handsets with the participation and leadership of FDA scientists and engineers.
  • Page 101 11. What about wireless phone interference with medical equipment? Radiofrequency energy (RF) from wireless phones can interact with some electronic devices. For this reason, FDA helped develop a detailed test method to measure electromagnetic interference (EMI) of implanted cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators from wireless telephones. This test method is now part of a standard sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Medical instrumentation (AAMI).
  • Page 102: Index

    41 displaying the clock 41 hiding the clock 41 set the time 40 time format 41 color covers 78 connecting to a PC 66 contacting Nokia 6 contacting your service provider 6 content copier (PC Suite) 66 [ 95 ]...
  • Page 103 data cable 78 data call timers 27 data synchronization (PC Sync) 66 dialed calls, checking 25 dictionary, add words 19 display language 40 download applications 64 download a ringing tone 40 download software 66 dynamic memory 11 ear piece 14 edit a name or number 21 e-mail 33 emergency calls 73...
  • Page 104 PC Suite content copier 66 instructions 66 PC Sync 66 PC Sync (PC Suite) 66 phone certification information 74 radio frequency signals 74 phone book add entries 20 add number to entry 22 add other info 23 caller groups 24 change number type 22 change views 21 edit entry 21...
  • Page 105 templates 32 turn on your phone 9 underlined words 19 understanding wireless network services 5 view dialed calls 25 missed calls 25 received calls 25 voice command shortcut 4 voice commands 41 create a voice tag 42 using 42 voice dialing 48 dialing a number 49 working with tags 42, 49 voice mail greetings 29...

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