Sharp Aquos LC-32D44U Operation Manual

Sharp Aquos LC-32D44U Operation Manual

Lc-32d44u/lc-37d44u operation manual
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The examples used throughout this manual are based on the LC-32D44U model.

Supplied Accessories

Make sure the following accessories are provided with the product.
Remote control unit
Page 7
Always use the AC cord supplied with the TV.
To avoid scratching the frame or screen, please use a soft, lint free cloth for cleaning. Approved
cleaning cloths are available directly from Sharp in single (00Z-LCD-CLOTH) or triple (00Z-LCD-
CLOTH-3) packs. Call 1-800 BE SHARP for ordering, or VISIT
AC cord
"AA" size battery
Page 8
Page 7
IMPORTANT : Please read this operation manual
before starting operating the equipment.
Cable clamp
Page 7
Stand unit
Operation manual
Page 6



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  Summary of Contents for Sharp Aquos LC-32D44U

  • Page 1: Supplied Accessories

    LC-32D44U LC-37D44U LIQUID CRYSTAL TELEVISION OPERATION MANUAL The examples used throughout this manual are based on the LC-32D44U model. Supplied Accessories Make sure the following accessories are provided with the product. Remote control unit “AA” size battery (g1) (g2) Page 7 Page 8 •...
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT: To aid reporting in case of loss or theft, please record the TV's model and serial numbers in the space provided. The numbers are located at the rear of the TV. IMPORTANT INFORMATION WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT INFORMATION DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY: SHARP LIQUID CRYSTAL TELEVISION, MODEL LC-32D44U/LC-37D44U This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 4: Dear Sharp Customer

    DEAR SHARP CUSTOMER Thank you for your purchase of the Sharp Liquid Crystal Television. To ensure safety and many years of trouble-free operation of your product, please read the Important Safety Instructions carefully before using this product. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Electricity is used to perform many useful functions, but it can also cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly handled.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Outdoor Antenna Grounding — If an outside antenna is connected to the television equipment, be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static charges. Article 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, provides information with regard to proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors,...
  • Page 6: Setting Tv On Wall

    QUICK REFERENCE Attaching/Detaching the Stand • Before attaching (or detaching) the stand, unplug the AC cord from the AC INPUT terminal. • Before performing work spread cushioning over the base area to lay the TV on. This will prevent it from being damaged.
  • Page 7: Using The Remote Control Unit

    QUICK REFERENCE QUICK INSTALLATION TIPS Attach your antenna to the back of the AQUOS television. (See page 8.) Connect the AC plug for the AQUOS television into the AC outlet. • Place the TV close to the AC outlet, and keep the power plug within reach.
  • Page 8: Installing Batteries In The Remote Control Unit

    Preparation Antennas To enjoy a clearer picture, use an outdoor antenna. The following is a brief explanation of the types of connections that are used for a coaxial cable. If your outdoor antenna uses a 75-ohm coaxial cable with an F-type connector, plug it into the antenna terminal at the rear of the TV set.
  • Page 9: Part Names

    Part Names TV (Front) TV (Top/Rear) Channel buttons Volume buttons INPUT button (VOL / ) AC INPUT terminal AUDIO OUTPUT terminals DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT terminal INPUT 6 terminals (PC-IN) INPUT 5 terminals (HDMI) INPUT 4 terminal (HDMI) INPUT 1 terminals SERVICE terminal INPUT 2 terminals Antenna/Cable in...
  • Page 10: Remote Control Unit

    Part Names Remote Control Unit 1 POWER: Switch the TV power on or enters standby. (See page 12.) 2 CC: Display captions from a closed-caption source. (See page 15.) 3 AUDIO: Selects the MTS/SAP or the audio mode during multi-channel audio broadcasts. (See page 14.) 4 0–9: Set the channel.
  • Page 11: Connecting To External Equipment

    Connecting to External Equipment You can connect many types of external equipment to your TV like a Blu-ray disc player, HD-DVD player, DVD player, VCR, Digital TV tuner, HDMI equipment, game console or camcorder. To view external source images, select the input source from INPUT on the remote control unit or on the TV. (See page 13.) CAUTION •...
  • Page 12: Turning On/Off The Power

    Watching TV Turning On/Off the Power POWER POWER (On/Standby) Initial Setup When you turn on the TV for the fi rst time, it will automatically memorize the broadcasting channels available in the region where you live. Perform the following steps before you press POWER on the remote control unit.
  • Page 13: Direct Button Operation

    Direct Button Operation Changing Channels You can change channels by pressing CH • (DOT). Examples: To select a 1 or 2-digit channel number (e. g., Channel 5): Press 5 ENT. To select a 3-digit channel number (e. g., Channel 115): Press 1 ENT.
  • Page 14 Direct Button Operation AV MODE AV MODE gives you 7 viewing options to choose from to best match the surrounding environment of the TV, which can vary due to factors like room brightness, type of program watched or the type of image input from external equipment.
  • Page 15 Direct Button Operation Closed Captions and Digital Closed Captions Your TV is equipped with an internal Closed Caption decoder. It allows you to view conversations, narration and sound effects as subtitles on your TV. Closed Captions are available on some TV programs and on some VHS home video tapes at the discretion of the program provider.
  • Page 16 Direct Button Operation VIEW MODE You can select the screen size. Press VIEW MODE. • The View Mode menu displays. • The menu lists the View Mode options selectable for the type of video signal currently being received. Press VIEW MODE or a/b while the View Mode menu is displayed to select a desired item on the menu. •...
  • Page 17: On-Screen Display Menu Operation

    On-Screen Display Menu On-Screen Display Menu Operation Example Picture [b12] a16 Backlight Contrast [b30] Brightness Color Tint [ b2] Sharpness Advanced Reset : Select : Enter : Back ENTER RETURN The bar above is an operational guide for the remote control. The bar will change in accordance with each menu setting screen.
  • Page 18: Picture Menu

    On-Screen Display Menu Picture Menu Adjusts the picture to your preference with the following picture settings. Example Picture [b12] a16 Backlight Contrast [b30] Brightness Color Tint [ b2] Sharpness Advanced Reset Press MENU to display the MENU screen, and then press c/d to select "Picture".
  • Page 19: Audio Menu

    On-Screen Display Menu Film Mode (3:2 pull-down) Automatically detects a fi lm-based source (originally encoded at 24 frames/second), analyzes it then recreates each still fi lm frame for high-defi nition picture quality. On: Detects, analyzes, converts fi lm source. Off: Normal viewing mode. •...
  • Page 20: Power Control Menu

    On-Screen Display Menu Power Control Menu Power control setting allows you to save energy. Example Power Control No Signal Off No Operation Off Press MENU to display the MENU screen, and then press c/d to select "Power Control". Press a/b to select a "No Signal Off" or "No Operation Off", and then press ENTER.
  • Page 21 On-Screen Display Menu Input Skip This setting allows you to skip the HDMI or PC-IN Input ("Input 4 (HDMI)", "Input 5 (HDMI)" and "Input 6 (RGB)") on the Input Selection operation. Yes: Skips the input. No: Does not skip input. Input Signal (for Analog PC Input Mode Only) Some input signals may have to be registered manually...
  • Page 22: Parental Ctrl (Parental Control Setting)

    On-Screen Display Menu Parental CTRL (Parental Control Setting) Secret No. Allows you to use a secret number to protect certain settings from being accidentally changed. IMPORTANT: Three conditions must be met to enable the V-Chip (see pages 22 to 24): 1.
  • Page 23 On-Screen Display Menu ■ TV Parental Guidelines Example MPAA TV Guidelines TV-Y Can. English Ratings TV-Y7 Can. French Ratings TV-G TV-PG TV-14 TV-MA NONE Pressa/b to adjust the item to your desired position. " " indicates the item is blocked. Press MENU to exit. Suggested age TV-Y: All children.
  • Page 24: Option Menu

    On-Screen Display Menu ■ Canadian French Ratings Example MPAA TV Guidelines Can. English Ratings Can. French Ratings Press a/b to adjust the item to your desired position. " " indicates the item is blocked. Press MENU to exit. E: Exempt programming. G: General: All ages and children, contains minimal direct violence, but may be integrated into the plot in a humorous or unrealistic manner.
  • Page 25: Color System

    On-Screen Display Menu Input Select If the image does not come in clearly from the external equipment connected to INPUT 1, you may need to change the input signal type setting from the list below: Auto/COMPONENT/VIDEO • If the selected signal type is incorrect, images are not displayed at all or are displayed without any color.
  • Page 26: Digital Setup

    On-Screen Display Menu Digital Setup This setting allows you to optimize the settings of Digital broadcasting. Example Digital Setup Audio Setup Identification Software Update Press MENU to display the MENU screen, and then press c/d to select "Digital Setup". Press a/b to select a specifi c adjustment item, and then press ENTER.
  • Page 27 On-Screen Display Menu uring the data checking, Checking “ Now checking the data in the USB memory device. Checking • The current version of the TV software and the version of the update fi le on the USB memory device are displayed.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting-Digital Broadcasting

    Appendix Troubleshooting Problem • No power • Unit cannot be operated. • Remote control unit does not operate. • Picture is cut off/with sidebar screen. • Strange color, light color, or color misalignment • Power is suddenly turned off. • No picture •...
  • Page 29: Specifications

    Appendix Specifi cations Item LCD panel Resolution TV-standard (CCIR) VHF/UHF CATV Receiving Digital Terrestrial Function Channel Broadcast (8VSB) Digital cable (64/256 QAM) Audio multiplex Backlight Audio out INPUT 1 INPUT 2 INPUT 3 INPUT 4 INPUT 5 Terminals Rear INPUT 6 ANT/CABLE DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT OUTPUT...
  • Page 30: Pc Compatibility Chart

    PC Compatibility Chart It is necessary to set the PC correctly to display XGA and WXGA signal. Refer to page 21 to set PC input signals. Resolution 720 x 400 640 x 480 SVGA 800 x 600 1024 x 768 WXGA 1360 x 768 *These 3 formats are not supported by the analog RGB terminal.
  • Page 31: Calling For Service

    Calling for Service For location of the nearest Sharp Authorized Service, or to obtain product literature, accessories, supplies, or customer assistance, please call 1-800-BE-SHARP. LIMITED WARRANTY CONSUMER LIMITED WARRANTY SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION warrants to the first consumer purchaser that this Sharp brand Liquid Crystal Display product (the “Product”), when shipped in its original container, will be free from defective workmanship and materials, and agrees that it will, at its option, either repair the defect or replace the defective Product or part thereof with a new or remanufactured equivalent at no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor for the period(s) set forth below.

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