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Sharp MZ-808 Owner's Manual


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Personal Computer MZ-80B Owner's Manual
Complete MZ-80B IPL Assembly Listing
This supplement shows the complete MZ-808 IPL (Initial Program Loader) as::embly
listing. Although operation of IPL is described in the Owner's Manual, this booklet is pre-
pared for users who want to know operational detaiis of IPL. This booklet is for reference
only. The'Sharp Corporation is not obliged to answer any questions about the contents of
thiS assembly listing.
IPL includes the folloWing routines: the CMT CONTROL routine, which loads pro-
grams from the cassette tape into the memory and executes them; the MFM MINIFLOPPY
CONTROL routine, which loads programs from the floppy diskette into the memory and
executes them; and the INTRAM-EXROM routine, which loads programs from ROM con-
nected to the extension port of the M7.-808 into the memory and executes them. Each
routine name is shown in the remarks column.
The Sharp Corporution reserves all rights to the contents of thiS pubiication.



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