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(pbc Playback) About Mp3 Audio Tracks And Jpeg Image Files - Sony DAV-DC150 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd home theater system.
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About MP3 Audio Tracks
and JPEG Image Files
What is MP3/JPEG?
MP3 is audio compression technology that
satisfies the ISO/MPEG regulations. JPEG is
image compression technology.
Discs that the system can
You can play back DATA CDs (CD-ROMs/CD-
Rs/CD-RWs) recorded in MP3 (MPEG1 Audio
Layer 3) and JPEG format. However, the discs
must be recorded according to ISO9660 level 1,
level 2 or Joliet format for the system to
recognize the tracks (or files). You can also play
discs recorded in Multi Session.
See the instructions supplied with the CD-R/
CD-RW drives and the recording software (not
supplied) for details on the recording format.
Note on the multi-session disc
If MP3 audio tracks or JPEG image files are
recorded in the first session, the system will also
play MP3 audio tracks or JPEG image files in
other sessions. If audio tracks and images in
Music CD format or Video CD format are
recorded in the first session, only the first
session will be played back.
The system may not be able to play some DATA CDs
created in the Packet Write format. In this case, you
cannot view the JPEG images recorded.
MP3 audio track or JPEG
image file that the system can
The system can play the MP3 audio tracks or
JPEG image files:
• which have the extension ".MP3" (MP3 audio
track) or ".JPG"/".JPEG" (JPEG image file)
• which conform to the DCF* image file format
* "Design rule for Camera File system": Image
standards for digital cameras regulated by Japan
Electronics and Information Technology Industries
Association (JEITA).
• The system will play any data with the
extension ".MP3," ".JPG," or ".JPEG" even if
they are not in MP3 or JPEG format. Playing
this data may generate a loud noise which
could damage your speaker system.
• The system does not conform to audio in
MP3PRO format.
Playback order of MP3 audio
tracks or JPEG image files
The playback order of albums MP3 audio tracks
or JPEG image files recorded on a DATA is as
x Structure of disc contents
Tree 1
Tree 2
Tree 3
Track (MP3 audio) or
File (JPEG image)
Tree 4
Tree 5


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