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NEC C944 User Manual

NEC C944 User Manual

Ip dect cordless handset
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C944 Cordless Handset
User Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 IP DECT C944 Cordless Handset User Guide...
  • Page 2 LIABILITY DISCLAIMER NEC Business Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to change the specifications, functions, or features, at any time, without notice. NEC Business Solutions Ltd. has prepared this document for use by its employees and customers. The information contained herein is the property of NEC Business Solutions Ltd.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Important Safety Information ... 3 Sensitive Electronic Environment ... 3 Power Supply ... 3 Safety Precautions ... 4 Usage ... 4 2 Installation ... 5 Installation Location ... 5 Commissioning your Handset ... 5 Installing the Charger ... 6 3 Important Battery Information ...
  • Page 4 13 Menu: Redial List ... 29 14 Menu: Key Lock ... 30 Key Lock On Off ... 30 15 Menu: Caller List ... 31 Accepted and Missed Calls ... 31 Calling ... 31 16 Menu: Messages ... 32 Writing a new message ... 32 Sending a message ...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    1 Important Safety Information Only use this product in countries where the appropriate authorities have given their authorisation. The A Australian technical requirements concerning user safety and electro-magnetic compatibility valid at the time of approval. Sensitive Any radio-based equipment can potentially cause interference Electronic with other equipment and can be interfered from other equip- ment.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Safety • Do not open the handset or charger, this could expose you Precautions to high voltages. Have all repairs carried out by authorized service personel. • Do not allow the charger and the battery contacts to come into contact with conductive objects such as keys, paper clips, rings or bracelets.
  • Page 7: Installation

    2 Installation Installation Place the charger on a flat, even surface. Do not install the Location charger, handset and accessories in the proximity of: • Water, moisture or damp areas. • Sources of heat, direct sunlight or unventilated areas. • Devices which generate strong magnetic fields, electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps, computers, radios, televisions or fax and telephone terminals.
  • Page 8: Installing The Charger

    Closing the battery compartment cover: Replace the cover by placing it on the compartment at a slight angle (1) and pressing it down until it clicks into place (2). Note: if the batteries are inserted incorrectly, the handset will not function, and may be damaged. Installing the To operate the charger a mains connection is required.
  • Page 9: Important Battery Information

    3 Important Battery Information Note: use only rechargable AAA NiMh battery of typical 800 mAh, 1.2 V. Never use a battery which is damaged or worn out. Heat or cold reduces the performance and service life of the batteries. It is possible that a handset with hot or cold batteries can be temporarily out of operation even if the batteries are fully charged.
  • Page 10: Charging The Batteries

    4 Charging the Batteries Initial Setup Charge the batteries approximately 6 to 7 hours before initial and Operation use of the handset. This protective measure extends the ser- vice life of the batteries. The maximum power output is only attained after three to five charging and discharging cycles.
  • Page 11: Battery Capacity Icon

    Battery When batteries are replaced, no icon will be displayed before a Capacity Icon complete charge cycle has been completed, except when almost empty batteries are inserted in the phone, then the icon will be shown immediately. When the battery capacity icon is displayed the indication is reliable.
  • Page 12: Initial Setup And Operation

    5 Initial Setup and Operation The handset can be operated on up to 10 different DECT sys- tems. To do so, it has to be registered to each DECT system. Handset Register the handset on the DECT system as described in Registration ”Menu: System”.
  • Page 13: Keys, Display And Connectors

    6 Keys, Display and Connectors Earpiece Earpiece Display Display Up and Down keys (arrow keys) for Up and Down keys (arrow keys) selecting the menu and entering the for selecting the menu and telephone book entering the telephone book Softkey Softkey for controlling the functions and features for controlling the...
  • Page 14: Display Arrangement

    Display Arrangement œ Menu Icons ‹ œ ¢ » ‚ ƒ Charge status of the batteries ª º ¢ ƒ Station 1 Peters 10:00 • Ringer deactivated Caller filter active At least 2 bars: Good radio link On: Handset has a connection Flashing: Handset has an incoming call On: Handsfree is activated Flashing: Message in voicebox...
  • Page 15: Text Lines/Softkey Line

    Text Lines/ In the top line of the display, information is given concerning the Softkey Line current status of the telephone during a call or in standby mode. When using the menus, this line displays an additional line of text containing the name of the active menu. With this feature, you always know where you are in a menu.
  • Page 16: Softkeys And The Cancel Key

    7 Softkeys and the Cancel Key The Softkeys Miller Newman Peters Options Softkey: Symbols are displayed above the arrow keys which identify the Arrow Keys respective functionality of the arrow keys: ‘ Softkey: OK is used to confirm the selected function. If a function only permits you to switch between two options, the this to take place.
  • Page 17: Example: Menu

    Example: Menu Key Lock Ringer Settings Volume Settings Example: Search:_ Telephone Miller Book Newman Peters Options Entering a Telephone Number Press Menu scroll through this list and confirm the desired function with ‘ If the telephone book has been opened ( • -key), the arrow keys can be used to select a name and To change entries, switch over to ‘...
  • Page 18: Calling

    8 Calling Handset On/ The handset can be switched off by pressing 1 second when it is in an idle state. The handset is switched on by pressing set in the charger. Loudspeaker During a conversation you can change the volume of the ear- Volume piece or the loudspeaker with the arrow keys in 7 steps.
  • Page 19: Making A Call

    Making a Call œ 367_ Options 0123_ Options Note: In pre-dialling, if the input cursor is positioned behind the telephone number, the number to be chained will be suffixed to that telephone number. If the input cursor is at any other point, the number to be chained will be prefixed to the telephone number.
  • Page 20: Redial List

    Making a Call from the Miller Last Number Newman Redial List 0309987 Options Selection: Redail Press the of the arrow keys (several times if necessary) with the handset in an idle state. The last 30 phone num- ‘ bers dialed are then displayed. The beginning / end of the number redial list is marked by a dashed line.
  • Page 21: Book

    Making a Call Search:_ from the Miller Telephone Newman Book Peters Options Making a Call The handset stores the phone numbers of the last 20 callers in from the the caller list (dependent on the transmission of the phone number). If a call is not answered within 10 seconds the user is Caller List notified via the text ”Missed calls”...
  • Page 22: Making A Sos-Call

    Making a This handset can be used to send emergency calls to a certain SOS-call telephone number. The number and the text message is stored in the menu ”Telephone Option”. To make the emergency call press the SOS-/ than 2 seconds. (only possible in idle mode). Muting Ringer/ During the call alert phase, it is possible to mute the ringer alert Trembler...
  • Page 23: Enquiry Call/Call Transfer

    Enquiry Call/ During a connection another party can be consulted (enquiry Call Transfer call). holds the first call. Now dial the other phone number. Press speak alternately with the other parties). transfers the first call to the enquiry call party when you are connected to the enquiry call party.
  • Page 24: Messages

    9 Messages This handset can be used to send and receive text messages. A differentiation is made between urgent and normal messages which are signalled in different ways on the handset. Every message is stored in a list which can contain up to 10 entries. You can set the behavior of the handset for more than 10 mes- sages by means of the ”Message Memory: Overwrite”...
  • Page 25: Receipt Confirmation

    Receipt You have to confirm the receipt of an urgent message. When confirmation an urgent message is not confirmed within 60 seconds, the ini- tiator will be signalled the message has not been received suc- cessfully. œ MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL 11:00 Message...
  • Page 26: Message Waiting Indication For Voice Mail

    10 Message waiting indication for Voice Mail When the user has a message in his voice mail box, the icon appears on the display (when in idle mode) and the i-key starts flashing. After pressing the I-key, the voice mail box will be selected in the menu and after pressing the softkey or the hook key, the voice mail box will be dialed.
  • Page 27: The Menus: Operating Procedures

    11 The Menus: Operating Procedures In this and subsequent sections, all features are activated via the softkey shown in short form, and then a short discription follows. Menu Control The symbols have the following meaning: Menu Key Click Example Saving user names (in the next chapters all representations of the operating sequences have the following form.): Menu System...
  • Page 28: Menu: Telephone Book Settings

    12 Menu: Telephone Book Settings At least 100 phone numbers and names can be stored in the telephone book and the names are sorted alphabetically, there- fore the telephone book offers an alphabetic search function. Entering the same name more than once is not accepted, but the same telephone number can be stored with different names.
  • Page 29: Entering Characters/Names

    Entering The following characters can be entered by pressing the key- Characters/ pad keys several times. The entry position is automatically advanced if no entries are made for a short while or a new Names character is entered. Pressing the tals to non-capitals and the same action switches back.
  • Page 30: Quick Call

    Quick Call Activate an entry in the telephone book and then select Quick Call from the Options menu. Key in a one-digit num- ber from 1 to 9 as your quick call number and confirm your selection by pressing Note: quick call numbers can only be allocated once. To dial a number, press the key you have allocated the number to and hold it down for a second or two while the handset is idle.
  • Page 31: Menu: Redial List

    13 Menu: Redial List In the idle state, press the keys (several times if necessary). You will see the last 30 inter- nal and external parties dialled (telephone number or name). Dialing: Dial the phone number by pressing pressing for a longer period. Options: Add To ...
  • Page 32: Menu: Key Lock

    14 Menu: Key Lock Key Lock The keypad can be locked to prevent any accidental operation: Key Lock On Off press the Menu softkey, select via the arrow keys and confirm by pressing . A lock icon is then shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the display.
  • Page 33: Menu: Caller List

    15 Menu: Caller List Accepted and Accepted and missed calls with a transmitted phone number, Missed Calls are entered into the caller list. A missed call is a call which has not been answered and has been alerted for at least 10 sec- onds.
  • Page 34: Menu: Messages

    16 Menu: Messages Your handset can be used to send and receive text messages. These messages can be stored in a list with up to 10 entries. There are normal and urgent messages which are signalled to the recipient in different ways. Every stored message is dis- played in the message list with the first few words of the mes- sage and can be shown in full length by means of Read...
  • Page 35: Sending A Message

    Sending a Select message Normal Message message If the message list is not full, you can use the ”Send” function. Select the desired message by means of the arrow keys before choosing played. You can change the text as required via the arrow keys and the whether a normal or urgent message is transmitted.
  • Page 36: Menu: Ringer Settings

    17 Menu: Ringer Settings A different melody can be set for every type of call (internal, external, unknown number, VIP, normal message, urgent mes- sage, emergency call and alarm call). National anthems first lines are integrated in the handset and they are selected in the ringer settings by choosing one of the numbers shown below.
  • Page 37: Melody: Emergency Call

    Melody: Emergency Call Select the melody for Emergency Calls by entering a number 1... 30 or use the arrow keys. Melody: Alarm Call Select the melody for Alarm calls by entering a number 1... 30 or use the arrow keys. Type This function is used to switch on the ringer signalling function with a chirp (short melody).
  • Page 38: Menu: Volume Settings

    18 Menu: Volume Settings Earpiece Menu The voice volume of the earpiece can be changed in 8 steps via the arrow keys. Hands-free Menu The voice volume of the loudspeaker can be changed in 8 steps via the arrow keys. Volume Settings Volume Settings Earpiece...
  • Page 39: Menu: Caller Filter

    19 Menu: Caller Filter Via the caller filter it is possible to block or receive incoming calls if the calling phone number is stored in the caller filter. The phone numbers in question have to be stored ahead to the caller filter, before it is possible to use the filter functions.
  • Page 40: Blocking Or Receiving Calls

    Blocking or Menu receiving calls select The selected mode is marked ”“” and the filter is activated! When the filter is active, the handset is showing the ”icon filter active” ( Caution - If the filter mode is set to receive and the caller filter is activated, the numbers in the caller filter are the only num- bers, from which the calls will be received by the phone ! Example:...
  • Page 41: Menu: System

    20 Menu: System Registration The handset can be operated with a maximum of 10 DECT Code systems. Before you can make a call via the DECT system, the handset has to be registered to the respective system. A sys- tem ID and registration code may be necessary for the registra- tion process.
  • Page 42: Automatic Search System

    Automatic Search System If you have registered your handset with several DECT systems and this function is active (”“”), then the handset will automati- cally select one of the systems. Thus, your handset is automat- ically ”logged-in” to another of your registered DECT systems, as soon as you move out of the effective range of the current system.
  • Page 43: Menu: Telephone Options

    Menu Then select… Alarm The C944 allows you to set a time between 00:00 and 23:59 at which the handset will emit an acoustic signal (preset tone for internal calls). The signal lasts 60 seconds and can be switched off by pressing any key. Powering the handset On/Off doesn´t affect the Alarm Setting.
  • Page 44: Emergency Call Messages

    Emergency Call Messages You can store the message text for the SOS-function (max. 160 characters). SOS number The phone number for the SOS-function can be stored here. Attention tones Key Click Error tone If activated ”“” an acoustic warning signal is given when a key is pressed (Key Click), if there is a danger of losing the radio link (Coverage Warning), if the battery charge becomes too low (Batteryalarm), an error is signaled (Error tone) or if the end of a...
  • Page 45: Normal Message Display

    Normal Message Options Message You can determine whether normal messages* received are Display immediately displayed ”“”, or should only be stored. Message Message Options Memory The message Overwrite sages. You can select whether each additional new message deletes the oldest message ”“” or whether the new message is not stored.
  • Page 46: Menu: Security Functions

    22 Menu: Security Functions The security functions are protected by a PIN code (4 digits). The PIN entry is only necessary when read only is switched on. In the delivery state the PIN is set to 0 0 0 0. For additional security, which have been entered can be deleted by pressing have forgotten your PIN, please consult your system adminis-...
  • Page 47: Menu Shortcuts

    23 Menu Shortcuts Several frequently used menu items can also be activated with shortcuts, so you do not have to scroll through the menu. When the handset is idle, press one of the following key combi- nations within 3 seconds: Ringer on / off Silent charging on / off...
  • Page 48: Accessories

    24 Accessories • Battery: • C944 Desktop Charger • C944 Charger Rack (Future availability) A maximum of eight handsets can be charged simultaneously. The charger rack is designed for desktop use and for wall mounting. NiMh (Nickel-Metal Hydride), rechargable AAA battery of 850 mAh, 1.2V...
  • Page 49 • Belt Clip Belt clip and adapter for the handset. The adapter is clipped onto the handset and is removable without any remains or damages. • Data cable Cable to connect the handset with a PC. • Headset The headset in combination with the belt clip makes really handsfree telephoning possible.
  • Page 50 • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4, 2000 or XP • COM port • CD-ROM drive On the CD-ROM you find the C944 software, consisting of the following components: - Telephony Application Programmer's Interface (TAPI) - This is also a standardised interface, and enables remote control of the C944.
  • Page 51: Care And Maintenance

    25 Care and Maintenance Your telephone is a product which meets high demands with regard to design. It should therefore be treated with care. We want this product to give you pleasure for a long time and therefore make the following suggestions. Pay attention to all safety instructions.
  • Page 52: Menu Tree

    26 Menu Tree Key Lock Ringer Settings Volume Settings Caller Filter System Telephone Options Security Melody Internal External Unknown Number Normal Message Urgent Message Emergency Call Alarm Type Full Melody Chirp Device Buzzer Vibrator Headset Volume Settings Earpiece Hands-free List of numbers Filter Options Accept List Block List...
  • Page 53: Notice To The User

    Disposal of electrical and electronic products in Australia should be done in line with local regulations. If no arrangement has been made with NEC Business Solutions Ltd. or your supplier, please contact the local authorities for further information.

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