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Important Safeguard - NEC PF-51V21 Instructions Manual

Colour television
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To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this TV set to rain or moisture.
Place the TV set on a flat, level surface and in a dry area free from dust and moisture. Do not place the unit in direct sunlight, or
where it would be affected by smoke, steam, vibration or heat from heat radiating appliances. To prevent excessive internal
temperature rise, place the unit so that there is at least 15 cm of space between it and the surrounding walls.
Adequate ventilation must be provided to prevent heat build up inside unit. Keep the inside of unit free from foreign objects,
such as hairpins, nails, paper, etc. Do not build the set into a bookcase or other enclosures in which it would be poorly
ventilated. Do not place it on carpet or a bed as low ventilation holes could become obstructed.
Do not set liquids, including flower vases and vessels filled with chemicals or water etc., on top of the unit as liquid could
get inside the unit. If a hazardous object falls inside the TV set, unplug it immediately and call a qualified technician for
When placing or moving the TV set, take care to insure that the power cord is fitted into the allocated slot. To
avoid damage to the power cord, never allow heavy objects such as the TV set itself to be placed on the
power cord. Keep cord away from heat radiating appliances. Do not allow cord to become knotted or tangled.
Do not lengthen the cord. When removing the power plug from the socket, always hold onto the plug, never
pull by the cord.
Do not remove the back cover of the TV set. Accidental contact with high voltage components could result in electric
shock. When internal adjustment is necessary, please contact your distributor.
If your set produces sound but no picture, or it emits smoke or produces a strange sound or smell, continued operation
is dangerous. Immediately turn off power and remove the power plug from the socket and contact your distributor.
During vacation or other occasions when you will not be using the set for an extended period, remove the power plug
from the socket.
This appliance should not be operated by children or infirm persons without adequate supervision.
If a continual DISCOLOURATION or a COLOURED PATCH appears on your picture image, it may be caused by one of the
External speakers placed near to the TV.
Vacuum cleaners switched ON or OFF near the TV.
Moving or rotating the position of the TV while it is turned on.
The TV has been left in the STANDBY mode for some period of time, without being turned OFF using the front panel power
If this happens then...
Switch OFF the TV by using the FRONT PANEL POWER button.
Leave the TV switch OFF for at least 20 minutes.
Then switch ON the TV using the FRONT PANEL POWER button.
Note: You may need to repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for the best result.



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