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NEC MultiSync P750 User Manual

Professional series
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NEC Professional Series
User's Manual



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  • Page 1 NEC Professional Series User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Canadian Department Of Communications Compliance Statement

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Main Menu MultiSync is a registered trademark of NEC Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. and of NEC Home Electronics, Ltd. in Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Saudi Arabia. AccuColor, OptiClear and ErgoDesign are registered trademarks of NEC Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. P in the U.S.
  • Page 4: Packaging

    Packaging Contents of Package Congratulations on your purchase of the MultiSync Is the color monitor! computer a The following lists all of the items included with your MultiSync Macintosh II or LC monitor package: computer? 1. MultiSync P (JC-1744UMA) monitor with tilt/swivel base 2.
  • Page 5: Quick Start

    Quick Start Is the monitor a MultiSync ® ™ monitor? Is the BNC Input being used? Set the BNC/D- SUB switch to the in position. Set the BNC/D- SUB switch to the out position. Attach the MultiCable ™ connection system or BNC cable to the display card first and then to...
  • Page 6 Quick Start Connection To Your Personal Computer For the PC: Your system has one of two configurations: – the video controller is built into the computer – the video controller is in the form of a display card (sometimes referred to as the graphics card, video adapter or graphics board) Both configurations have a video connector (or a CRT PORT on laptop computers).
  • Page 7: Quick Start

    4. Make sure the BNC/D-SUB Switch on the front of the monitor is set to the D-SUB (in) position. For the PC: Connect the 15-pin mini D-SUB (the smaller connector) end of the MultiCable ™ connector of the display card in your system. Connect the 15-pin D-SUB (the larger connector) end of the MultiCable connection system to the monitor.
  • Page 8: Introduction

    The MultiSync P monitor includes many features designed to give you the extra functionality and performance that you need in your monitor. NEC’s newest feature, the C CRT, is offered in the MultiSync P . Other features that enhance the MultiSync P monitor’s performance are dual Dynamic...
  • Page 9: Opticlear ® Screen Surface

    Reduced Emissions The MultiSync P Field electric field emissions and static electricity. NEC MultiSync monitors follow the strictest magnetic field, alternating electric field and electro-static recommendations of the Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation, or SWEDAC (previously known as...
  • Page 10: Multicable ™ Connection System

    The MultiCable connection system has two types of connectors: a 15-pin mini D-SUB connector for connection to NEC and other PC compatible systems and a 15-pin D-SUB connector for Macintosh systems. After assembling the cable to your video connector or display...
  • Page 11: Controls

    Control Panel EXIT CONTROL ™ control buttons on the front of the monitor function as follows: Main Menu EXIT Exits the OSM controls. Moves the highlighted CONTROL area up/down to select one of the controls. Moves highlighted CONTROL +/– area left/right to select one of the controls.
  • Page 12: Main Menu

    Main Menu The icons control the following: Brightness/Contrast Controls Brightness: Adjusts the overall image and background screen brightness. Contrast: Adjusts the image brightness in relation to the background. Degauss: Eliminates the buildup of stray magnetic fields which alter the correct scan of the electron beams and affect the purity of the screen colors, focus and convergence.
  • Page 13: Geometry Controls

    (1 through 5). Reset: Resets the current color setting to the factory setting. NEC’s AccuColor ® control system allows you to change your on- screen colors by adjusting the monitor’s red, green and blue color guns individually.
  • Page 14: Information

    in the lock out mode, a screen will appear indicating that OSM controls are locked out. To activate the OSM Lock Out function, press PROCEED, then and hold down simultaneously. To de- activate the OSM Lock Out, press PROCEED, then down simultaneously.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    CromaClear ™ CRT, multi-layered, anti-static screen coating, semi-tint screen and OptiClear ® screen surface Depends on display card used Automatically Automatically Some systems may not support all modes listed. NEC cites recommended resolution at 85 Hz for optimal display performance.
  • Page 16 Specifications Monitor Specifications Active Display Area (Factory Setting) Active Display Area (Full Scan) Power Supply Current Rating Dimensions Weight Operating Temperature: Environmental Humidity: Considerations Feet: Storage Temperature: Humidity: Feet: MultiSync Monitor ® ™ 306 x 230 mm 12.0 x 9.1 inches 316 x 237 mm 12.4 x 9.3 inches AC 100 –...
  • Page 17: Recommended Use

    Recommended Use Safety Precautions and Maintenance FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHEN SETTING UP AND USING THE MULTISYNC ® ™ COLOR MONITOR: There are no user serviceable parts • DO NOT OPEN THE MONITOR. inside and opening or removing covers may expose you to danger- ous shock hazards or other risks.
  • Page 18: Recommended Use

    • Get regular eye checkups. For more detailed information on setting up a healthy work environment, call NEC at (800) 820-1230, NEC FastFacts 0476 and request document #900108 or write the American National Standard for Human Factors Engineering of Visual Display Terminal Workstations –...
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting/Support

    Troubleshooting/Support Troubleshooting Chart Problem No picture Image is scrolling or unstable LED on the monitor is not lit (no green, orange or yellow color can be seen) Picture is fuzzy Check These Items • The display card should be completely seated in its slot. •...
  • Page 20 Troubleshooting/Support Problem Picture bounces or a waving pattern is present in the picture Edges of the display image are not square Display image is not centered, too small, or too large Color looks blotchy Check These Items • Move electrical devices that may be causing electrical interference away from the monitor. •...
  • Page 21: Fastfacts ™ Information

    - Know the name of the display card you are using and have its manual nearby. If it is more convenient to fax a question to NEC’s technical support, the fax number is (508) 635-4666. The BBS The NEC Remote Bulletin Board System (BBS) is a great way to keep in touch with NEC.
  • Page 22: Warranty

    Limited Warranty NEC Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter NECTECH) warrants this Product to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair or replace any part of the enclosed unit which proves defective under these terms and conditions. How Long is the Warranty Parts and labor are warranted for three (3) years from the date of the first consumer purchase.
  • Page 23 While NEC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Products are considered to be compatible with many systems, the specific functional implementation by the customers of the Product may vary.
  • Page 24: References

    References AccuColor ® Control System ™ Advanced Digital Control System ANSI/HFS (Remote Bulletin Board System) Brightness Control Contrast Control ™ ROMA LEAR Degauss Control 10, 17, 18 Dimensions Display Area Display Mode Dot Pitch (see Mask Pitch) DPMS Dynamic Beam Focus Electronic Channels Energy Star 10, 11...
  • Page 25: Directory Of Telephone Numbers

    MultiSync Monitor Technical Support 174401 Technical Support Fax NOTE: To request the “Setting Up a Healthy Work Environment” 900203 brochure, call NEC at (800) 820-1230, or NEC FastFacts information at (800) 366-0476 and request document #900108. 900204 (800) 388-8888 (800) 374-8000...
  • Page 26 PROPRIETARY NOTICE AND LIABILITY DISCLAIMER The information disclosed in this document, including all designs and related materials, is the valuable property of NEC and/or its licensors, as appropriate, reserve all patent, copyright and other proprietary rights to this document, including all design, manufac- turing, reproduction, use and sales rights thereto, except to the extent said rights are expressly granted to others.
  • Page 27 Notes...
  • Page 28 Printed on Recycled Paper MultiSync is a registered trademark of NEC Technologies, Inc. NEC Professional Series NEC Technologies, Inc. 1250 North Arlington Heights Road Itasca, IL 60143-1248 Part No. 78131312 Printed in U.S.A.