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   Summary of Contents for Siemens IMPACT Pro M

  • Page 1 IMPACT Pro M, DP & DSP Instructions and guidance...
  • Page 2 Your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument IMPACT Pro M IMPACT Pro DP Features 1. Earhook 2. Microphone opening 3. Volume control 4. Cover for programming socket 5. Program button...
  • Page 3 IMPACT Pro DSP 6. Audio input 7. Battery compartment 8. Colour-coded typeplate red = right instrument blue = left instrument...
  • Page 4: Changing The Batteries

    Changing the batteries Open the battery compartment Remove coloured sticker from new battery, place battery in drawer with + symbol on battery + side up. (You should only remove the protective sticker if you actually use the battery) Close battery door...
  • Page 5: Low Battery Indicator

    Low Battery indicator Your hearing instrument may be programmed to inform you when the battery should be replaced for best system performance. You may hear an intermittent series of beeps and/or experience low amplification power or volume. Change the battery when either of these occur.
  • Page 6 Switching the instrument on/off Close the battery compartment fully to switch on. Off: Press open the battery compartment to the first stop to switch off.
  • Page 7 Selecting the hearing program Your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument can be programmed with up to 5 hearing programs which are selected with a program button. Each time the button is pressed the instrument changes to the next program, which is confirmed with beep tones. The number of beep tones is the same as the selected program.
  • Page 8 Optional On/Off using the program button Your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument can also be programmed by your NHS Audiologist to be turned on and off using the program button. To turn your hearing instrument off, press and hold the program button for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Page 9 Optional Power-on delay Your hearing instrument may be equipped with a “power-on delay” feature. This feature delays sound from entering your hearing instrument when it is first turned on, so that you may insert the hearing instrument into your ear without experiencing unpleasant feedback (whistling).
  • Page 10: Using The Volume Control

    Using the volume control Optional Your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument is fully automatic. There is no need to manually adjust the volume control. However, if you prefer manual volume control, your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument can be programmed for manual adjustment. This will be done by your NHS audiologist.
  • Page 11 To increase volume, place your index finger gently against the volume control wheel and rotate it upward. If your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument is equipped with a warning tone for volume control limits, once it is heard, adjusting the volume control further in that direction will have no effect.
  • Page 12 Fitting the audio shoe to the hearing instrument It is possible to connect audio accessories through an audio shoe. Ask your NHS Audiologist for details. Fitting Before the audio shoe can be connected to the hearing instrument follow the steps below: Open the battery compartment Open the audio shoe cover Close the battery compartment...
  • Page 13 Removing the audio shoe To remove the audio shoe, slide it in the opposite direction. Any other method of inserting or removing the audio shoe may result in damaging the audio shoe or hearing instrument housing. With the connected audio shoe, the battery compartment switch is disabled and the hearing instrument can only be switched off with the...
  • Page 14 e2e wireless ™ IMPACT Pro e2e systems Optional The following section applies to binaural fittings only. Your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument includes e2e (ear-to-ear) wireless ™ technology. The wireless functionality: Automatically adjusts both hearing instruments simultaneously to adapt to different listening situations Provides synchronisation of the hearing instrument settings.
  • Page 15 NOTICE The performance of the e2e wireless system could be affected by electro-magnetic interference, such as computer monitors or halogen lamp systems controlled by a switching power supply. Move away from the source of interference if you experience difficulty. In some countries restrictions for the usage of wireless equipment exist.
  • Page 16 Children’s safety device for the battery This special feature prevents children from unintentionally removing the battery. Open the battery compartment to the first stop to switch off, do not open the battery door fully. Using a pointed tool, push the pin to the right to lock the battery door and to the left to unlock.
  • Page 17 miniTek and Tek wireless enhancement Optional Your IMPACT Pro hearing instrument can be used with the miniTek and Tek wireless enhancement system. Both devices provide a wireless connection from your IMPACT Pro hearing instruments to your television, mobile phone, MP3 player and stereo.
  • Page 18 NHS Audiologist about how you can obtain a miniTek or Tek. Further information is available on our website or email Siemens Hearing Instruments will also be offering accessories and care products. Please visit the website or call 01293 423700.
  • Page 19: General Notes On Safety

    General notes on safety WARNING Connect the audio input only to equipment which conforms with the safety requirements of IEC 65/BS EN 60065 Audio adaptor including plug Choking hazard posed by small parts. Keep batteries, hearing instruments and accessories out of children's reach If swallowed consult a physician or a hospital immediately If infants, small children or...
  • Page 20 NOTICE Your hearing instruments are sensitive to extreme heat, high humidity, strong magnetic fields (> 0.1T), X-rays and mechanical stress. Do not expose your hearing instruments to extreme temperature or high humidity Do not leave them in direct sunlight Do not wear them in the shower, or when applying makeup, perfume, aftershave, hairspray or suntan lotion Do not wear your hearing...
  • Page 21 NOTICE Batteries contain harmful substances that pollute the environment. Do not throw away batteries into household refuse Dispose batteries according to national regulations or return to your NHS Audiologist WARNING Hazard of explosion! Do not use your hearing instruments in areas where there is a danger of explosions (e.g.
  • Page 22 With the CE marking, Siemens confirms that this hearing instrument fulfils all relevant European guidelines, in particular directive 93/42 EEC of the European Council applying to medical products. For the products with e2e wireless 2.0 Siemens additionally confirms compliance with the European Directive 99/5/EC (R&TTE) concerning...

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