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Motorola UltraSync GPS-100M User Manual

Gps synchronization unit for ptp 600 series wireless ethernet bridges
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MemoryLink UltraSync™ GPS-100M
GPS Synchronization Unit
for PTP 600 Series Wireless Ethernet Bridges



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola UltraSync GPS-100M

  • Page 1 MemoryLink UltraSync™ GPS-100M GPS Synchronization Unit for PTP 600 Series Wireless Ethernet Bridges...
  • Page 2 The information in this publication is subject to change without notice. Motorola shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions nor for any damages resulting from the use of this material. Each configuration described may or may not be the only available solution. The description is not a determination of product quality or correctness, nor does it ensure compliance with any federal, state or local requirements.
  • Page 3 Introduction The Motorola wi4 Fixed Point-To-Point (PTP) 600 Series Wireless Ethernet Link, which consists of a pair of radios deployed one at each end of the link, operates on a single frequency channel in each direction using Time Division Duplex (TDD). in situations where a number of radios are installed on the same mast or where a large number of links are installed in a sizeable, dense network, it is possible that the performance or throughput of some of the links can be reduced.
  • Page 4: System Overview

    PTP 600 Series radios to time and synchronize transmit and receive signals. in fact, the UltraSync GPS-100M is critical to a wireless network’s efficiency and reliability as PTP 600 radios transport Time Division Duplex (TDD) data over the link, particularly in a high-interference coverage area where multiple radios and channels are in use.
  • Page 5 • robust operating features allow continuously high performance • Small footprint and lightweight form factor allow easy installation Ordering The MemoryLink UltraSync GPS-100M can be ordered directly from Motorola under the following part number and product description: WB3001 – MemoryLink UltraSync GPS-100M for PTP 600...
  • Page 6 When correctly installed, the Motorola PTP-LPU gives the PTP 600 Series radio the best protection from the harmful effects of lightning. however, 100% protection is neither implied nor possible.
  • Page 7 The UltraSync GPS-100M sits between the Lightning Protection Unit and the oDU (outdoor unit) of a PTP 600 Series link. one UltraSync GPS-100M is required for each link. The unit receives a stable, accurate timing signal from its integrated GPS receiver, which obtains signals generated concurrently from 12 medium-earth- orbit satellites.
  • Page 8 Motorola, inc., 1303 E. algonquin road, Schaumburg, illinois 60196 U.S.a. +1 877 515-0400 • MoToroLa and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. all other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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