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Motorola MOTOKRZR K1 Owner's Manual

Gsm wireless phone.
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    HELLOMOTO Introducing your new MOTOKRZR™ GSM wireless phone. Here’s a quick anatomy lesson. Open menu and select. Scroll up, down, left, or right. Left Soft Key Volume Keys Go online. Smart Key Make & answer calls. Right Soft Key Clear/Back Key Voice Command Key Turn on &...

  • Page 4

    Home Screen Service Provider 12/31/09 Press the Center Key s key to open the Main Menu. 12:00 Options Main Menu Press and hold the Power Key O for a few seconds or until the display lights up to turn on your phone. Main Menu Games &...

  • Page 5

    Motorola reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications without notice or obligation.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    contents menu map ... . 6 Use and Care ..8 essentials ... . . 9 about this guide.

  • Page 7

    messages..61 personalizing..64 call times & costs..66 handsfree ..67 data calls .

  • Page 8: Menu Map

    main menu Phonebook Recent Calls • (press the to scroll through the call lists) Messages • Create Message • Email Msgs • Message Inbox • Hot Messages • Voicemail • Browser Msgs • Info Services * • Outbox • Drafts •...

  • Page 9: Settings Menu

    settings menu Personalize • Home Screen • Main Menu • Voice Dial Setup • Skin • Greeting • Wallpaper • Screen Saver Ring Styles • Style • (style) Detail Connection • Bluetooth™ Link • USB Settings • MOTOSYNC™ * Call Forward * •...

  • Page 10: Use And Care

    Use and Care Use and Care To care for your Motorola phone, please keep it away from: liquids of any kind Don’t expose your phone to water, rain, extreme humidity, sweat, or other moisture. extreme heat or cold Avoid temperatures below -10°C/14°F or above 45°C/113°F.

  • Page 11: Essentials

    essentials CAUTION: Before using the phone for the first time, read the Important Safety and Legal Information included in the gray- edged pages at the back of this guide. about this guide This guide shows how to open a menu feature as follows: Find it: s >...

  • Page 12: Sim Card

    SIM card. essentials battery battery tips Battery life depends on the network, signal strength, temperature, features, and accessories you use. • Always use Motorola Original batteries and chargers. The warranty does not cover damage caused by non-Motorola batteries and/or chargers.

  • Page 13

    • New batteries or batteries stored for a long time may take more time to charge. • When charging your battery, keep it near room temperature. When storing your battery, keep it uncharged in a cool, dark, dry place. • Never expose batteries to temperatures below -10°C (14°F) or above 45°C (113°F).

  • Page 14: Turn It On & Off

    Cables and software drivers are available in Motorola Original data kits, sold separately. turn it on & off Caution: Some phones ask for your SIM card PIN code when you turn them on. If you enter...

  • Page 15: Make A Call

    To turn on your phone, press and hold O for a few seconds or until the keypad or display lights up. If prompted, enter your eight-digit SIM card PIN code and/or four-digit unlock code. To turn off your phone, press and hold O for a few seconds.

  • Page 16: Call A Stored Phone Number

    Contacts on the SIM card only have a Name and Number. 1 Enter a name and other details for the phone number. To select a highlighted item, press the center key s. 2 Press the Done key to store the number. To edit or delete a Phonebook entry, see page 57.

  • Page 17: Your Phone Number

    To use voice commands for calling, see page 37. your phone number From the home screen, press the clear key D then # to see your number. Tip: Want to see your phone number while you’re on a call? Press Options > My Tel. Number. You can edit the name and phone number stored on your SIM card.

  • Page 18: Main Attractions

    main attractions You can do much more with your phone than make and receive calls! Bluetooth® wireless Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless connections. You can connect your phone with a Bluetooth headset or car kit to make handsfree calls. You can also connect your phone with a phone or computer that supports Bluetooth connections to exchange files.

  • Page 19: Copy Files To Another Device

    Find it: s > w Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Audio Devices > [Look For Devices] Your phone lists the devices it finds within range. 1 Scroll to a device in the list and press the center key s. 2 Press the Yes or OK key to connect to the device.

  • Page 20: Audio Player

    3 Select a recognized device name, or [Look For Devices] to search for the device where you want to copy the file. If your phone could not copy the file to the other device, make sure the device is on and ready in discoverable mode (see the user’s guide for the device).

  • Page 21: Photos

    Find it: s > h Multimedia > Sounds and select the file you want to play. Press S up to play or pause. Press S down to stop. Press S right or left to go forward or back. To download songs to your phone, see page 76.

  • Page 22

    1 Press s > h Multimedia > Camera to see the camera viewfinder. Camera Mode Timer (photo or video) Press take the picture. Press or down to view camera settings. Zoom Press left or right to Options change. Open the camera menu. Note: Adjusting the exposure affects the brightness of both the viewfinder display and the captured photo.

  • Page 23: Send A Stored Photo In A Message

    options Go To Video Mode Switch to the video camera. Auto-Timed Capture Set a timer for the camera to take a photo. Camera Setup Open the setup menu to adjust photo settings. Switch Storage Choose to store Device pictures on your phone or a memory card.

  • Page 24: Videos

    4 Press the Send key to send the message. Your phone might tell you that this is a Multimedia Msg, since it has a picture in it. Some other phones or networks do not support picture messages. Press the Yes key to send the message. videos To view, delete, or manage videos you’ve recorded, see page 75.

  • Page 25: Text Messages

    Tip: If you want to send your video in a message, the video length must be set to MMS. To set length, press Options > Video Camera Setup > Video Length. 1 Press the center key s to start recording the video in the viewfinder.

  • Page 26: Receive A Text Message

    1 Press keypad keys to enter text on the page (for details about text entry, see page 33). To insert a picture, sound, or other object on the page, press Options > Insert. Select the file type and the file. To insert another page in the message, enter text or objects on the current page and press Options >...

  • Page 27: Memory Card

    To see all of your text messages: Find it: s > e Messages > Message Inbox If a multimedia message contains media objects: • Photos, pictures, and animations show as you read the message. • A sound file plays when its slide shows.

  • Page 28: Install Or Remove A Memory Card

    install or remove a memory card 1 Remove the battery door (see page 11). 2 To install the memory card, make sure the memory card’s metal contacts are facing down, and slide the top of the memory card under the metal band.

  • Page 29: Cable Connections

    To transfer data between your phone and computer, you might need to install the software included with the Motorola Original data kit. See the data kit user’s guide for more information. To make data calls through a connected computer, see page 68.

  • Page 30

    connect your memory card to a computer You can use a cable connection to access your phone’s memory card with a PC. Note: When your phone is connected to a computer, you can only access the memory card through the computer. On your phone: Disconnect the cable from your phone, if it is connected, then press s >...

  • Page 31: Phone Updates

    5 Disconnect the cable from your phone and computer. On your phone: To return to Data as your USB default connection, press s > w Settings > Connection > USB Settings > Default Connection > Data Connection. phone updates Sometimes we think of ways to make your phone’s software faster or more efficient after you’ve purchased your phone.

  • Page 32: Basics

    basics See page 1 for a basic phone diagram. display The home screen appears when you turn on the phone. Service Provider Left Soft Key Label Options Main Menu Note: Your home screen might look different from the one shown, depending on your service provider.

  • Page 33

    Status indicators can show at the top of the home screen: 1. Signal Service Provider Strength 2. EDGE / GPRS 3. Data Options Main Menu 4. Roam 5. Active Line 1 Signal Strength Indicator – Vertical bars show the strength of the network connection.

  • Page 34

    4 Roam Indicator – Shows W when your phone is seeking or using a network outside your home network. 5 Active Line Indicator – Shows shows h to indicate an active phone call, or g to indicate when call forwarding is on. Indicators for dual-line-enabled SIM cards can include: f line 1 active i line 1 active, call...

  • Page 35: Text Entry

    text entry Some features let you enter text. For indicator descriptions see following SMS:0 section. Options Flashing cursor indicates Press the Options key to insertion open the submenu. point. Press # in a text entry view to select an entry mode: entry modes Û...

  • Page 36

    (á), no capitals (Á), or next letter capital (Â). • To enter numbers quickly, press and hold a number key to temporarily switch to numeric mode. Press the number keys to enter the numbers you want. Enter a space to change back to iTAP or Tap mode.

  • Page 37

    For example, if you press 7 7 6 4, your display shows: Hold S up or down to see a SMS:7 list of word Program options. Press the Options key to open Options message options. Press the Cancel key to cancel the suggested word.

  • Page 38: Numeric Mode

    For example, if you press 7 one time, your display shows: Character displays at insertion Page point. Press the Options key to open message Options Send To options. After you enter text, press the Send To key to enter recipients. The first character of every sentence is capitalized.

  • Page 39: Navigation Key

    volume Press the volume keys • turn off an incoming call alert • change the earpiece volume during calls • change the ringer volume from the home screen Tip: Sometimes silence really is golden. That’s why you can quickly set your ringer to Vibrate or Silent by holding the down volume key while you are in the home screen.

  • Page 40

    and replace John Smith with a phonebook entry name): voice commands “Call 555-1212” “Call John Smith” “Send Email John Smith” “Send Voice Note 555-1212” “Send Voice Note John Smith” “Send Message 555-1212” “Send Message John Smith” “Lookup John Smith” “Go to Voicemail” “Go to Camera”...

  • Page 41

    Tips: • You can say a phonebook entry’s name and number type together. For example, say “Call John Smith Mobile” to call the Mobile number stored for John Smith. • Speak numbers at a normal speed and volume, pronouncing each digit distinctly.

  • Page 42: External Display

    external display When your phone is closed, the external display shows the time, date, status indicators, and notifications for incoming calls and other events. For a list of phone status indicators, see page 31. handsfree speaker You can use your phone’s handsfree speaker to make calls without holding the phone to your ear.

  • Page 43: Lock & Unlock Phone

    lock & unlock phone You can lock your phone to keep others from using it. To lock or unlock your phone, you need the four-digit unlock code. To manually lock your phone: Press s > w Settings > Security > Phone Lock >...

  • Page 44: Customize

    customize ring style Each ring style profile uses a different set of sounds or vibrations for incoming calls and other events. Here are the profiles you can choose: õ Loud Ì Vibe & Ring ô Soft ö Vibe then Ring Î...

  • Page 45: Time & Date

    3 Press the Back key to save the alert setting. time & date Your phone can automatically update your time zone, time, and date. It uses the time and date for the datebook. To synchronize the time zone, time, and date with the network: Press s >...

  • Page 46: Screen Saver

    options Layout Select Center to center the image in the display, Tile to repeat the image across the display, or Fit-to-screen to stretch the image across the display. screen saver Set a photo, picture, or animation as a screen saver. The screen saver appears when the flip is open and no activity is detected for a specified time.

  • Page 47: Display Appearance

    To download a theme, see page 76. To delete themes you downloaded, press s > h Multimedia > Themes, scroll to the theme, and press Options > Delete or Delete All. display appearance To choose a phone skin that sets the look and feel of your phone’s display: Press s >...

  • Page 48

    Find it: s > w Settings > In-Call Setup > Answer Options options Multi-Key Answer by pressing any key. Open to Answer Answer by opening the flip. Delayed Answer Set up your delayed answering option (see page 47). customize...

  • Page 49: Calls

    calls To make and answer calls, see page 13. turn off a call alert You can press the volume keys to turn off a call alert before answering the call. delay answering If you want to answer a call, but need to step outside first, you can delay answering the call.

  • Page 50

    Find it: s > s Recent Calls, then press * or # to switch to Dialed Calls, Received Calls, or Missed Calls Scroll to a call. A % next to a call means the call connected. • To call the number, press N. •...

  • Page 51: Redial

    options Talk then Fax Talk and then send a fax in the same call (see page 68). Filter by Select all, dialed, received, or missed calls. Notepad Open the number in a text editor. Call Times Open your call time information.

  • Page 52: Caller Id

    2 Scroll to the call you want to return, then press N. caller ID Calling line identification (caller ID) shows the phone number for an incoming call in your external and internal displays. Your phone shows the caller’s name and picture when they’re stored in your phonebook, or Incoming Call when caller ID information isn’t available.

  • Page 53: Voicemail

    voicemail Your network stores the voicemail messages you receive. To listen to your messages, call your voicemail number. Note: Your service provider may include additional information about using this feature. When you receive a voicemail message, your phone shows the voicemail message indicator Ë...

  • Page 54: Other Features

    other features advanced calling To use voice commands for calling, see page 37. features attach a phone number Dial an area code or prefix for a phonebook number, then press Options > Attach Number. other features features notepad Press s > s Recent Calls, press the Options key, then >...

  • Page 55

    features international calls If your phone service includes international dialing, press and hold 0 to insert your local international access code (indicated by +). Then, press the keypad keys to dial the country code and phone number. hold a call Press Options >...

  • Page 56

    features conference call During a call: Dial the next number, press N, and press Options > Link. transfer a call During a call: Options > Transfer, dial transfer number, press call forwarding Set up or cancel call forwarding: s > w Settings > Call Forward other features features restrict calls...

  • Page 57: Phonebook

    features change phone line If you have a dual-line-enabled SIM card, you can change your line to make and receive calls from your other phone number. s > w Settings > Phone Status > Active Line fixed dial When you turn on fixed dialing, you can call only numbers stored in the fixed dial list.

  • Page 58

    choose which entries you see, press s > n Phonebook, then press Options > View. You can select Phone & SIM Card, SIM Card, or Phone Contacts. features assign a speed dial key to a phonebook entry You can assign the keys 1 through 9 to phonebook entries.

  • Page 59

    features edit or delete a phonebook entry Edit a number stored in the phonebook: s > n Phonebook, scroll to the phonebook entry, and press Options. You can select Edit Contact, Delete Contact, or other options. Shortcut: In the phonebook, press keypad keys to enter the first letters of an entry you want.

  • Page 60

    features set picture ID for a phonebook entry Assign a photo or picture to show when you receive a call from an entry: s > n Phonebook > entry, then press Options > Edit Contact > Picture > picture name Note: The Picture option isn’t available for entries stored on the SIM card.

  • Page 61

    features create a new category s > n Phonebook, then press Options > Manage Contacts > Edit Categories > [New Category] Enter the category name, and select its members from your phonebook entries. edit a category s > n Phonebook, then press Options >...

  • Page 62

    features copy one phonebook entry Copy an entry from the phone to the SIM card, or from the SIM card to the phone: s > n Phonebook, scroll to the entry, press Options > Copy to SIM Card or Copy to Phone copy multiple phonebook entries Copy multiple phonebook entries between the phone and SIM card:...

  • Page 63: Messages

    messages For basic text message features, see page 23. features send email s > e Messages > Create Message > New Email send voice message s > e Messages > Create Message > New Voice Msg Your phone starts recording the voice message.

  • Page 64

    features read and manage messages s > e Messages > Message Inbox Icons next to each message indicate if it is read > or unread <. Icons can also indicate if the message has an attachment =, might be SPAM ?, or is locked 9, urgent !, or low priority ↓.

  • Page 65

    features print message over Bluetooth® connection You can use a Bluetooth wireless connection to send a message from your phone to a printer. s > e Messages > Message Inbox, Email Msgs, Outbox, or Drafts Scroll to the message you want to print and press Options >...

  • Page 66: Personalizing

    features edit email settings You can edit the settings for your Email connections. To use email, you need to store your email User ID and Password. s > e Messages, then press Options > Setup > Email Msg Setup > Account Settings If you have more than one email account, select an account to edit.

  • Page 67

    features scroll Set the scroll bar to Up/Down or Wrap Around in menu lists: s > w Settings > Initial Setup > Scroll text marquee Set the speed for scrolling text in your display: s > w Settings > Initial Setup > Text Marquee activate ringer IDs Activate ringer IDs assigned to phonebook entries and categories:...

  • Page 68: Call Times & Costs

    features main menu Reorder your phone’s main menu: s > w Settings > Personalize > Main Menu > Reorder show/hide menu icons Show or hide menu feature icons in the home screen: s > w Settings > Personalize > Home Screen >...

  • Page 69: Handsfree

    The amount of network connection time you track on your resettable timer may not equal the amount of time for which you are billed by your service provider. For billing information, contact your service provider. features call times Show call timers: s >...

  • Page 70: Data Calls

    laws and regulations on the use of these products. features speakerphone Activate the speakerphone during a call: Press the Speaker key (if available), or Options > Spkrphone On. auto answer (car kit or headset) Automatically answer calls when connected to a car kit or headset: s >...

  • Page 71

    features receive data or fax Connect your phone to the device, then answer the call through the device application. talk then fax Connect your phone to the device, enter fax number, press Options > Talk then Fax, then press N to make the call. features set up Exchange ActiveSync You can use the Internet to...

  • Page 72: Network

    features use Exchange ActiveSync Once you set up an Exchange ActiveSync partner, you can schedule your phone to synchronize with the account automatically. To schedule synchronization, press s > w Settings > Connection > MOTOSYNC > Exchange, press the Options key, then >...

  • Page 73: Personal Organizer

    personal organizer features set alarm s > É Tools > Alarm Clock turn off alarm When an alarm happens: To turn off the alarm, press the Disable key or O. To set an eight-minute delay, press the Snooze key. Note: The Snooze key is available only if the phone is already powered on when the alarm sounds.

  • Page 74

    features event reminder When an event reminder happens: To see reminder details, press the View key. To close the reminder, press the Exit key. send datebook event to another device Send a datebook event to another phone, computer, or device: s >...

  • Page 75: Security

    features create voice record Press and hold the voice key, speak into the phone, release the voice key. Note: Recording phone calls is subject to varying state and federal laws regarding privacy and recording of conversations. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of this feature.

  • Page 76: Fun & Games

    features lock feature s > w Settings > Security > Lock Application manage certificates Enable or disable Internet access certificates stored on your phone: s > w Settings > Security > Certificate Mgmt Certificates are used to verify the identity and security of Web sites when you download files or share information.

  • Page 77

    features edit photos Edit the appearance of your photos: s > h Multimedia > Pictures Scroll to the photo you want to edit, and press Options > Edit. You can choose settings such as Brightness and Contrast, or effects such as Blur and Mirror.

  • Page 78

    features hear, delete, or manage sounds Manage ring tones and music that you have downloaded or composed: s > h Multimedia > Sounds To delete a file, scroll to it in the list and press Options > Manage > Delete. To copy or move a file from your memory card (©) to your phone memory (®), scroll to it in the list and...

  • Page 79

    features store downloaded files in your phone or memory card You can choose to store your downloaded files on your phone or your memory card you download choose where to store the files you download: s > w Settings > Phone Status >...

  • Page 80

    features start game or application Start a Java™ game or application: s > Q Games & Apps, scroll to the game or application, press the center key s Note: To install and run games stored on your memory card, press s >...

  • Page 81: Service And Repairs

    Go to, where you can select from a number of customer care options. You can also contact the Motorola Customer Support Center at 1-800-972-1837 (United States), 1-888-390-6456 (TTY/TDD United States for hearing impaired), or 1-800-461-4575 (Canada).

  • Page 82: Sar Data

    Specific Absorption Rate Data SAR Data This model wireless phone meets the government’s requirements for exposure to radio waves. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the U.S.

  • Page 83

    The standard incorporates a substantial margin of safety to give additional protection for the public and to account for any variations in measurements. 2. The SAR information includes the Motorola testing protocol, assessment procedure, and measurement uncertainty range for this product.

  • Page 84: Eu Conformance

    European Union Directives Conformance Statement EU Conformance Hereby, Motorola declares that this product is in compliance with • The essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC • All other relevant EU Directives The above gives an example of a typical Product Approval Number.

  • Page 85

    Important Safety and Legal Information...

  • Page 86: Safety Information

    Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human beings to RF energy.

  • Page 87: Other Medical Devices

    2.5 centimeters (1 inch) from your body. Using accessories not supplied or approved by Motorola may cause your mobile device to exceed RF energy exposure guidelines. For a list of Motorola-supplied or approved accessories, visit our Web site at:

  • Page 88: Driving Precautions

    If your mobile device or battery has been submerged in water, punctured, or subjected to a severe fall, do not use it until you take it to a Motorola Authorized Service Center. Do not attempt to dry it with an external heat source, such as a microwave oven.

  • Page 89: Glass Parts

    Your battery, charger, or mobile device may contain symbols, defined as follows: Symbol Definition Important safety information follows. 032374o Do not dispose of your battery or mobile 032376o device in a fire. Your battery or mobile device may require 032375o recycling in accordance with local laws.

  • Page 90: Caution About High Volume Usage

    lights on in the room, take a 15-minute break every hour, and stop use if you are very tired. Caution About High Volume Usage Listening at full volume to music or voice through a headset may damage your hearing. Repetitive Motion When you repetitively perform actions such as pressing keys or entering finger-written characters, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of...

  • Page 91: Industry Canada Notice

    Industry Canada Notice to Users Industry Canada Notice Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause interference and (2) This device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. See RSS-GEN 7.1.5. Industry Canada Notice...

  • Page 92: Fcc Notice

    FCC Notice To Users FCC Notice Motorola has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the user. Any changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. See 47 CFR Sec. 15.21. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is...

  • Page 93: Warranty

    Canada Warranty What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola, Inc. warrants its telephones, pagers, messaging devices, and consumer and professional two-way radios (excluding commercial, government or industrial radios) that operate via Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service, Motorola-branded or certified accessories sold for use with these Products (“Accessories”) and...

  • Page 94

    (c) use of the Products or Accessories for commercial purposes or subjecting the Product or Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of Motorola, are excluded from coverage. Warranty Use of Non-Motorola Products and Accessories. Defects or...

  • Page 95: Other Information

    This warranty extends only to the first consumer purchaser, and is not transferable. What Will Motorola Do? Motorola, at its option, will at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any Products, Accessories or Software that does not conform to this warranty. We may use functionally equivalent reconditioned/refurbished/pre-owned or new Products, Accessories or parts.

  • Page 96: What Other Limitations Are There

    Motorola certain exclusive rights for copyrighted Motorola software such as the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute copies of the Motorola software. Motorola software may only be copied into, used in, and redistributed with, the Products associated with such Motorola software. No other use, including...

  • Page 97: Hearing Aids

    Hearing Aid Compatibility with Mobile Phones Hearing Aids Some Motorola phones are measured for compatibility with hearing aids. If the box for your particular model has “Rated for Hearing Aids” printed on it, the following explanation applies. When some mobile phones are used near some hearing devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants), users may detect a buzzing, humming, or whining noise.

  • Page 98: Who Information

    Motosupport/source/registration.asp Product registration is an important step toward enjoying your new Motorola product. Registering helps us facilitate warranty service, and permits us to contact you should your product require an update or other service. Registration is for U.S. residents only and is not required for warranty coverage.

  • Page 99: Export Law

    Program for Used Wireless Devices, please visit us at:: or re-exportation of this product to certain destinations. For further information contact the U.S. Department of Commerce or the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. index.html Export Law...

  • Page 100: Perchlorate Label

    California Perchlorate Label Perchlorate Label Some mobile phones use an internal, permanent backup battery on the printed circuit board that may contain very small amounts of perchlorate. In such cases, California law requires the following label: “Perchlorate Material – special handling may apply. See perchlorate.”...

  • Page 101: Driving Safety

    If you choose to use your mobile device while driving, remember the following tips: • Get to know your Motorola mobile device and its features such as speed dial and redial. If available, these features help you to place your call without taking your attention off the road.

  • Page 102

    • Use your mobile device to call for help. Dial 911 or other local emergency number in the case of fire, traffic accident, or medical emergencies.* • Use your mobile device to help others in emergencies. If you see an auto accident, crime in progress, or other serious emergency where lives are in danger, call 911 or other local emergency number, as you would want others to do for you.*...

  • Page 103: Index

    index accessories 10, 67 accessory connector port 1 activation list 76 active line indicator 32 active line, changing 55 ActiveSync 69, 70 airplane mode 78 alarm clock 71 alert set 37, 42 turn off 37, 47 animation 74 answer a call 13, 45 attach a number 48, 52 audio player 18 backlight 45...

  • Page 104

    camera 19 car kit 67 categories 58, 59 center key 1, 37 center select key 9 certificate management 74 clock 43 codes 40, 41 conference call 54 contrast photo setting 75 copy files 17 copyrighted files, activating costs, tracking 67 data call 68, 69 data indicator 31 date, setting 43...

  • Page 105

    headset jack 1 hearing aids 95 hold a call 53 home screen 2, 30, 66 in-call indicator 32 Incoming Call message 50 information services 64 international access code 53 iTAP text entry mode 34 Java applications 77 keypad 46, 65 language 64 linking.

  • Page 106

    pairing. See Bluetooth connection passwords. See codes perchlorate label 98 personalize 64 phone number 15, 55 phonebook 48, 52, 55, 56 photo 19, 74, 75 picture 74 picture ID 50, 58 PIN code 13, 40, 73 PIN2 code 40 power key 1, 13 quick dial 55 received calls 47 index...

  • Page 107

    time zone 43 time, setting 43 timers 67 transfer a call 54 TTY device 54 turn on/off 12 unlock application 74 phone 13, 40, 41 SIM card 73 unlock code 40, 41 USB cables 27 video clip 75 videos 22 voice commands 37 voice dial 37, 68 voice message 61...

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