Motorola 2001 Portable Cell Phone Owner's Manual

Motorola cell phone owner's manual


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Congratulations on your purchase of a mobile phone
from Motorola, the world leader in wireless
technology. Motorola phones are packed with features
that put you in control and give you unrivalled power,
while remaining discrete.
Customizable Quick Access Menu Place nine of your
most frequently used features in your own personal
menu so they can be accessed with just two key presses.
Voice Dialing Use voice commands to call up Phone Book
VibraCall™ Alert When you don't want your phone to
ring, your phone can vibrate to alert you of a call.
Stop Call Alert Press
vibrating to stop the alert without answering the call.
Superb Battery Performance Your phone is capable of
several hours of conversation or several days standby.
main menu
For details, see "using menus" on page 13 or "menu index" on page 31.
when the phone is ringing or
π Internet
SMS Chat


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Motorola 2001 Portable Cell Phone

  • Page 1 Congratulations on your purchase of a mobile phone from Motorola, the world leader in wireless technology. Motorola phones are packed with features that put you in control and give you unrivalled power, while remaining discrete. control Customizable Quick Access Menu Place nine of your most frequently used features in your own personal menu so they can be accessed with just two key presses.
  • Page 2 MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo and all other trademarks indicated as such herein are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © 2001 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    contents 1 safety 2 about your phone 2.1 keys and display 2.2 battery 2.3 your SIM card 2.4 convertible covers 2.5 using this manual 3 basic tasks 3.1 switching the phone on 3.2 making a phone call 3.3 receiving a phone call 3.4 locking the keypad 3.5 checking voicemail 3.6 personalizing your phone...
  • Page 4 8 chat 8.1 starting a chat session 8.2 responding to chat 8.3 ending a chat session 8.4 reviewing a chat session 9 game 9.1 bricks 10 tools 10.1 using a reminder 10.2 calculating/converting 11 ring tones 11.1 changing your ring 12 recent calls 12.1 viewing recent calls 12.2 viewing call time...
  • Page 5: Safety

    The output power level typically may vary over a range from 0.00024 watts to 0.6 watts. Exposure To Radio Frequency Energy Your Motorola phone is designed to comply with the following national and international standards and guidelines regarding exposure of human beings to radio frequency electromagnetic energy (EME): •...
  • Page 6: Antenna Care

    To maintain compliance with FCC/Health Canada RF exposure guidelines, if you wear a phone on your body when transmitting, always place the phone in a Motorola-supplied or approved clip, holder, holster, case, or body harness for this product. Use of non-Motorola-approved accessories may exceed FCC/ Health Canada RF exposure guidelines.
  • Page 7: Approved Accessories

    Approved Accessories For a list of approved Motorola accessories, visit our website at Electromagnetic Interference/ Compatibility Note: Nearly every electronic device is susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) if inadequately shielded, designed, or otherwise configured for electromagnetic compatibility. Facilities To avoid electromagnetic interference and/or compatibility conflicts, turn off your phone in any facility where posted notices instruct you to do so.
  • Page 8: Safety And General

    Hearing Aids some hearing aids. In the event of such interference, you may want to consult your hearing aid manufacturer to discuss alternatives. Other Medical Devices device, consult the manufacturer of your device to determine if it is adequately shielded from RF energy. Your physician may be able to assist you in obtaining this information.
  • Page 9: Blasting Caps And Areas

    powders, and any other area where you would normally be advised to turn off your vehicle engine. Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres are often but not always posted. Blasting Caps and Areas To avoid possible interference with blasting operations, turn OFF your phone when you are near electrical blasting caps, in a blasting area, or in areas posted: “Turn off two- way radio.”...
  • Page 10: About Your Phone

    2 about your phone 2.1 keys and display Accepts call, Confirms selection, Voice Dial (see pg.12) Opens menu, Quick Access (hold) Rejects calls, Cancels selection Scrolls up or down, Adjusts volume Calls Voicemail (hold) Scrolls up or down (or left and right), Locks keypad (press both) Turns phone on/off...
  • Page 11: Battery

    Low Battery —The battery may be defective or a Invalid Battery non-Motorola battery. The rechargeable batteries that power this product must be disposed of properly and may need to be recycled. Refer to your battery’s label for battery type. Contact your local recycling center for proper disposal methods.
  • Page 12: Your Sim Card

    2.3 your SIM card Your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a “Smart Card” that holds your phone number, service details, and memory for Phone Book numbers and messages. Use your SIM in any GSM phone and you will be charged for the calls. Protect your SIM from scratches, water, and static electricity.
  • Page 13: Convertible Covers

    2.4 convertible covers You can replace your phone’s cover to give it your own personal appearance: a Turn off your phone and remove the battery door. b Using the indentation at the bottom of the phone, carefully separate the front cover from the phone body. c Lift upward on the front cover to release the top edge from the phone body.
  • Page 14: Using This Manual

    2.5 using this manual This manual uses some helpful symbols to guide you along. Key Presses For example, press the sequence. Prompts and Messages Special “LCD” text (such as Enter PIN Other Symbols Also note the following characters: This contains safety information. Indicates This describes a short-cut key sequence.
  • Page 15: Basic Tasks

    3 basic tasks 3.1 switching the phone on hold enter your pin E E E E n n n n t t t t e e e e r r r r P P P P I I I I N N N N : : : : —If your PIN number is entered incorrectly three Blocked times in a row, your phone becomes blocked.
  • Page 16: Receiving A Phone Call

    3.3 receiving a phone call the call arrives 12:00 q I I I I n n n n c c c c o o o o m m m m i i i i n n n n g g g g C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l A A A A n n n n s s s s w w w w e e e e r r r r ? ? ? ? When you receive a call:...
  • Page 17: Using Menus

    3.7 using menus press press to scroll ¶ • • P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e B B B B o o o o o o o o k k k k ≈...
  • Page 18: Phone Calls

    4 phone calls 4.1 making a phone call To make a phone call, you can: Use the digit keys Enter the number and press enter the phone number 12:00 q 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l ? ? ? ? Use Automatic Redial After a call attempt fails, your phone displays...
  • Page 19: Receiving A Phone Call

    Emergency Calls The world-wide GSM emergency number is 112. In many areas of the United States and Canada, the number is 911. This works regardless of security restrictions and (on some networks) without a SIM. 4.2 receiving a phone call the call press the arrives...
  • Page 20: Using The In-Call Menu

    4.4 using the in-call menu Press during a call to open an in-call menu: In-Call Menu Hold Call Make New Call Restrict My Number End Active Call End Held Call End Current and Held Call Switch Calls Conference Call Transfer Call Split Call Reject Waiting Call Reconnect Held Call...
  • Page 21: Phone Book

    5 phone book 5.1 adding an entry press in idle ¶ • P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e B B B B o o o o o o o o k k k k ≈...
  • Page 22: Using Voice Dial

    5.3 using voice dial To add a voice tag to a phone book entry, either: • Press • Find a stored entry and select then press to record 12:00 q u P P P P r r r r e e e e s s s s s s s s O O O O K K K K W W W W h h h h e e e e n n n n R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y You can store 10 voice tags.
  • Page 23: Messages

    6 messages 6.1 reading a message Your phone supports two GSM message features: • SMS Messages—If someone sends you a message, your phone rings or vibrates and displays to open the message now or Your phone stores these messages and displays the •...
  • Page 24: Creating A Message

    6.2 creating a message press in idle • ≈ M M M M e e e e s s s s s s s s a a a a g g g g e e e e s s s s π...
  • Page 25 • Tap: Press a key to enter a character. • Numeric: Enters numbers only (such as phone numbers). smiley wink cool pfrtt grrr meow :<* Correcting Text Press the cursor. Hold text entry table This table shows the upper case (top line) and lower case (lower line) characters assigned to each key.
  • Page 26: Internet

    7 internet Your phone can use your service provider’s mobile Internet services (such as news or travel information). a Confirm that your SIM card is inserted. (If not, see “Initializing Your SIM for Internet Access” on page 35.) b Select Internet session.
  • Page 27: Chat

    Note: This feature may not be available on all phones. Two phones with the session to exchange brief text messages. Only one session can be open at a time. Note: This might not work with some non-Motorola phones. To start a chat session: press in idle π...
  • Page 28: Responding To Chat

    8.2 responding to chat When you receive a chat message: press O to accept it E E E E v v v v e e e e w w w w a a a a n n n n t t t t s s s s t t t t o o o o c c c c h h h h a a a a t t t t A A A A c c c c c c c c e e e e p p p p t t t t C C C C h h h h a a a a t t t t ? ? ? ? To change your text entry method, enter smileys, or enter a...
  • Page 29: Game

    9 game 9.1 bricks Bricks is a game where you strike a ball with a paddle to bounce it against a wall of bricks. When the ball hits a brick, the brick disappears and you receive points. If the ball hits the bottom, the game ends. •...
  • Page 30: Tools

    10 tools 10.1 using a reminder Your phone can store times and details about events, and you can add an alarm to each event as a reminder. creating reminders press in idle œ ™ T T T T o o o o o o o o l l l l s s s s ®...
  • Page 31: Calculating/Converting

    10.2 calculating/converting To open the calculator and currency converter: press select in idle tools œ ™ T T T T o o o o o o o o l l l l s s s s ® basic mathematical calculations enter a select a number...
  • Page 32: Ring Tones

    11 ring tones 11.1 changing your ring press in idle ® ß R R R R i i i i n n n n g g g g T T T T o o o o n n n n e e e e s s s s ¶...
  • Page 33: Recent Calls

    12 recent calls 12.1 viewing recent calls press select in idle recentcall ß ¶ R R R R e e e e c c c c e e e e n n n n t t t t C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l •...
  • Page 34: Viewing Call Time

    12.2 viewing call time press in idle ß ¶ R R R R e e e e c c c c e e e e n n n n t t t t C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l •...
  • Page 35: Menu Index

    13 menu index Your phone displays menus with options that you can select. This section explains the options in the menus. To learn how to use menus, see “using menus” on page 13. • Phone Book Personal Numbers Voice Dialing My Phone Number(s) Copy Between SIM &...
  • Page 36: Phone Book Menu

    • Phone Book Menu Personal Numbers Find Entry By Name Search the phone book for a name (enter up to three characters). Select an entry and press to see your options. Find Entry By Location Display an entry matching the location number you enter.
  • Page 37: Messages Menu

    To copy entries between SIM Cards: Copy entries from a SIM Card to the phone, replace the SIM Card, then copy from the phone to the new SIM Card. One-Touch Dial Setting Set which numbers One Touch dial calls. (Also see “One Touch Dial”...
  • Page 38 Switch View Displays or closes the message text. Send Message Send the message to a phone number: Enter Number Manually enter the phone number. Find Entry by Name/Location Search phone book. Edit Message Edit, send, or store the message. Delete Message Deletes the message. Go to Next Message Displays the next message.
  • Page 39: Internet

    π Internet To open an Internet session, see “internet” on page 22. Setting Up Mobile Internet Access Your service provider must data-enable your SIM card, and may set up Internet access for you. a Select Internet b Hold until the Browser Menu appears. Select c Select Edit Profile Your service provider may enter uneditable profiles.
  • Page 40: Sms Chat Menu

    ø SMS Chat Menu This feature may not be available on all phones. Start Chat Start a chat session (when not chatting). History View the text from the last session (when not chatting). Erase History Erase the text from the last session (when not chatting). End Chat End the active chat session (when chatting).
  • Page 41: Settings Menu

    ® Settings Menu Phone Setup Menu Font Size Set the display font size (not in all languages). Screen Saver Set a screen saver for your phone’s display. Adjust Contrast Adjust the display contrast. Backlight Set the backlight to off, continuous, or normal (on for 15 seconds after each keypress).
  • Page 42: Security Menu

    Internet Setup Set up three Internet profiles and home pages. See “Setting Up Mobile Internet Access” on page 35. Select Keypad Tones Change or disable keypad tones. Select Phone Line Switch between Phone Status Display or erase phone settings. Status Review Displays settings changed from default. Master Reset Use with caution.
  • Page 43: Network Selection

    Call Barring Set your call barring service (network feature). Your service provider provides an initial barring password. Bar Outgoing Calls Bar all calls (except emergency), International Calls, or International Calls Except Home. Bar Incoming Calls Bar calls When Roaming or always. Cancel All Barring Sets all Call Barring options to Change Bar Password Change this 4-digit password.
  • Page 44: Ring Tones Menu

    Preferred Networks Display and edit your list of preferred networks. Add Network to List Select from available networks, preset list, or directly. Show List of Networks Select selected network to the list, remove it, or priority. Find New Network Tries to register with any network other than the current one.
  • Page 45: Recent Calls Menu

    Call Groups This feature gives you five groups (profiles). Each group has a unique ring tone for the phone book entries assigned to it. To assign phone book entries to a call group, see “using an entry” on page 17. Ring Volume Set the ring volume for incoming calls (same setting as Adjust Ring Volume...
  • Page 46: Lifetime Timer

    Set In-Call Display Set a timer to display during calls. Show Time Per Call Displays a timer during calls. No In-Call Display Turns off in-call time display. Lifetime Timer Displays the total time of all outgoing calls from your phone. This cannot be reset (not affected by Reset All Timers , or...
  • Page 47: Accessories

    14 accessories The following accessories have been designed to work with your phone. Additional accessories may be available and a packaged separately. Please refer to your local service provider or retail outlet for more information. The use of wireless devices and their accessories (“devices”) may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas.
  • Page 48: What To Do If

    15 what to do if... you can’t switch your phone on Check the battery. Is it charged, properly fitted and are the contacts clean and dry? See “battery” on page 7. you can’t make or receive calls (or access the Internet) Check the signal strength meter ( weak, move to an open space or closer to a window.
  • Page 49 Check the battery temperature. If it is warm, let it cool first. Is the battery several years old? Replace the battery. Are you using a Motorola original battery? Your charger may not recognize your battery. See “battery” on page 7.
  • Page 50: Sar Data

    16 SAR data Specific Absorption Rate Data This model phone meets the government’s requirements for exposure to radio waves. Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the U.S.
  • Page 51 FCC and can be found under the Display Grant section of: after searching on FCC ID. You may also refer to Motorola’s Web site: Additional information on Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) can be found on the Cellular Telecommunications &...
  • Page 52: Add'l Safety Information

    add’l safety information The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiological Health Consumer Update on Mobile Phones FDA has been receiving inquiries about the safety of mobile phones, including cellular phones and PCS phones. The following summarizes what is known—and what remains unknown—about whether these products can pose a hazard to health, and what can be done to minimize any potential risk.
  • Page 53 of mobile phones are of concern because of the short distance between the phone's antenna—the primary source of the RF— and the person's head. The exposure to RF from mobile phones in which the antenna is located at greater distances from the user (on the outside of a car, for example) is drastically lower than that from hand-held phones, because a person's RF exposure decreases rapidly with distance from the source.
  • Page 54 The cells in this assay showed changes after exposure to simulated cell phone radiation, but only after 24 hours of exposure. It is possible that exposing the test cells to radiation for this long resulted in heating.
  • Page 55: Mobile Phones

    particular is expected to lead to FDA providing research recommendations and scientific oversight of new CTIA- funded research based on such recommendations. Two other studies of interest have been reported recently in the literature: a Two groups of 18 people were exposed to simulated mobile phone signals under laboratory conditions while they performed cognitive function tests.
  • Page 56 month), about 4800 cases of brain cancer would be expected each year among those 80 million people, whether or not they used their phones. Thus it is not possible to tell whether any individual's cancer arose because of the phone, or whether it would have happened anyway.
  • Page 57 of the federal agencies that have responsibility for different aspects of mobile phone safety to ensure a coordinated effort at the federal level. These agencies are: • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health • Environmental Protection Agency • Federal Communications Commission •...
  • Page 58 phones are harmful. But if people are concerned about the radio frequency energy from these products, taking the simple precautions outlined above can reduce any possible risk. Where can I find additional information? For additional information, see the following Web sites: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) RF Safety Program (select “Information on Human Exposure to RF Fields from Cellular and PCS Radio Transmitters”):...
  • Page 59: Warranty

    Motorola (Products). • Batteries. Defects in materials and workmanship in batteries that are manufactured by Motorola and/or sold with Products are covered by this warranty only if the fully-charged capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity or they leak.
  • Page 60 TTY (Text Telephone) You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products to Motorola. You must ship the Products to us with freight, duties and insurance prepaid. Along with the Products you must include: (a) a copy of your receipt, bill of sale or other comparable proof of purchase;...
  • Page 61 Among other things, “ancillary equipment” includes batteries, chargers, adaptors, and power supplies not manufactured or supplied by Motorola. Any of these voids the warranty. • Someone other than Motorola (or its authorized service centers) tests, adjusts, installs, maintains, alters, modifies or services the Products in any way.
  • Page 62 In no event shall Motorola be liable, whether in contract or tort (including negligence) for damages in excess of the purchase price of the Product, or for any...
  • Page 63 Products, as established by Motorola. Motorola will have no liability to you with respect to any claim of patent infringement that is based upon the combination of the Products or parts furnished under this limited warranty with ancillary equipment, as defined in VI.,...
  • Page 64 Products, please call: Cellular Paging Two-Way TTY (Text Telephone) Canada All Products TTY (Text Telephone) To correspond with Motorola about the Products, please write us at or at: Motorola, Inc. 600 North U.S. Highway 45 Libertyville, IL 60048 1-800-331-6456 1-800-548-9954 1-800-353-2729...
  • Page 65: Export Law Assurances

    Export Law Assurances This product is controlled under the export regulations of the United States of America and Canada. The Governments of the United States of America and Canada may restrict the exportation or re-exportation of this product to certain destinations.
  • Page 67: Safety Tips

    1 Get to know your Motorola wireless phone and its features such as speed dial and redial. If available, these features help you to place your call without taking your attention off the road.
  • Page 68 4 Let the person you are speaking with know you are driving; if necessary, suspend the call in heavy traffic or hazardous weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, and even heavy traffic can be hazardous. 5 If you receive an incoming call at an inconvenient time do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving.
  • Page 69 8 Use your wireless phone to call for help. Dial 9-1-1 or other local emergency number in the case of fire, traffic accident or medical emergencies.* 9 Use your wireless phone to help others in emergencies. If you see an auto accident, crime in progress or other serious emergency where lives are in danger, call 9-1-1 or other local emergency number, as you would want others to do for you.*...
  • Page 70 Check the laws and regulations on the use of wireless telephones and their accessories in the areas where you drive. Always obey them. The use of these devices may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. For more information, please call 1-888-901-SAFE or visit the CTIA Web site at...

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