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Special Keys
Press to see more information on the current
Press to access the Options menu.
Press to accept call, setting, option,...
Press to access the Messages menu.
Press to access the Phone Book menu.
Press to reject call, setting, option,...
Press to turn phone on and off.
Reserved for use with a future feature.
Press to switch privacy mute on and off during a
Making a Call
Enter CO.
Receiving a Call
Press O or lift the handset from the hang up cup.
Ending a Call
Press O or C, or replace the handset in the hang up cup.
Making an Emergency Call
Enter 112O. The call will be directed to a central
emergency operator.
Calling the Last Number Dialled
Press the O key. The last number dialled will be shown
in the display.
Press O to call the number.
One Touch Dialling
Press and hold the appropriate digit key 1 to 9.
Dialling Phone Book Numbers
Press Q GOO
Storing Numbers in the Phone Book
Press and hold Q to access the Phone Book.
Press Q to choose whether to store the number in the
phone memory or the SIM card memory. Press O.
Enter CO (remember to include the full area
Enter the name followed by O and then the location
number followed by O.
The phone will confirm the location of the stored
number, for example:
Quick Reference


   Summary of Contents for MOTOROLA International 2500

  • Page 1

    The phone will confirm the location of the stored number, for example: Stored 123. Ending a Call Press O or C, or replace the handset in the hang up cup. Making an Emergency Call Enter 112O. The call will be directed to a central emergency operator. Quick Reference...

  • Page 2: Phone Book Menu

    New Security Code Phone Number Extended Menus Language Selection Add Entry Change Greeting Add To Phone Memory Battery Saving Mode Add To SIM Card Memory Select Keypad Tones Check Capacity Check Phone Capacity Phone Status Check SIM Capacity Network Available Networks...

  • Page 3

    Personality also allows ™ you to personalise the way you use your phone - for example, different ringer tones, a phone book and network selection preferences - all presented with clarity and simplicity. In this manual, each of the Personality...

  • Page 4

    English Introduction...

  • Page 5

    How to make full use of your phone in transportable mode ................53 Accessories Details the accessories available for use with your phone .................. 57 Index A comprehensive index .............................. 61 The Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in technical and product specifications without prior notice. Contents English...

  • Page 6

    The Phone Operation and Menu System The Display Your phone has been designed to be used in as simple and The LCD display of your phone is also represented graphically consistent a manner as possible. We have made the next, within this manual, either as a full screen display such as this: most obvious, action selectable by pressing the O key.

  • Page 7: Exposure To Radio Frequency Energy

    General Of course, if you want to limit RF exposure even further than the updated ANSI standard, you may chose to control the duration of your calls or For the safe and efficient operation of your phone, maintain a distance from the antenna of more than 10 centimetres (4 observe these guidelines.

  • Page 8: Electronic Devices

    Children Most electronic equipment, for example in hospitals and motor vehicles is Do not allow children to play with your phone. It is not a toy. Children could shielded from RF energy. However, RF energy may effect some hurt themselves or others (by poking themselves or others in the eye with malfunctioning or improperly shielded electronic equipment.

  • Page 9: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    (such as propane or butane) ensure that the vehicle complies with the • National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements relevant fire and safety regulations of the country in which the vehicle is to (NCRP). Report 86 be used. •...

  • Page 10

    English Safety...

  • Page 11: Using Your Phone

    Press to move backward and forward through entries. Volume Buttons The buttons on the left hand side of your phone adjust the earpiece and keypad tone volume levels. Volume is increased with the upper button and decreased with the lower button.

  • Page 12

    Signal Strength. The more segments displayed in the bar graph, the better the signal strength. The liquid crystal display screen used in your phone will behave differently at extremely low temperatures. You may notice that In Use. Displayed when a call is in progress.

  • Page 13: Remote Card Reader

    Insert the SIM card into the transceiver or remote card reader If either of the Bad Card See Supplier as shown. Line up the triangle mark on the SIM card with the messages are displayed, then Blocked See Supplier triangle mark on the device being used and then push in the you will need to contact your Cellular Service Provider.

  • Page 14: Switching The Phone On And Off

    Unblocking Your SIM Card To unblock your SIM card, enter the following key sequence: If you are switching the phone on and there is no SIM card inserted, you will be asked to insert one. Once inserted, the * * 0 5 * E O F O phone will check that the SIM card is valid.

  • Page 15: Phone Calls

    It will not be possible to make or receive remove the last digit. Holding the C key down will a phone call unless you move to an area where there is a GSM remove the entire number.

  • Page 16

    Press OO to call the number. it is used. However, the first pause character in a phone number is a special case, it will not begin its delay until the call Calling an Embedded Number in a Message is answered.

  • Page 17: Receiving A Phone Call

    Ending a Phone Call The emergency call will be directed to a central emergency To end a phone call, press O or C, or replace the handset in operator. the hang up cup. To dial the GSM emergency number, press 112O.

  • Page 18: Storing Numbers In The Phone Book

    You can store up to 255 names and telephone numbers in Making a Handsfree Phone Call your Phone Book. Full details on how to use the Phone Book Leave the handset in the hang up cup. Enter the number using are given in the Using the Phone Book section, however, the the digit keys, press O, and talk into the microphone.

  • Page 19

    Call?. This message will be removed, three seconds after the last key press. If you press O at this point, your phone will place the current call on hold and attempt to call the number entered. Using Your Phone...

  • Page 20: Phone Services

    Phone Services Your phone offers a number of services that enable you to make more efficient use of the GSM network and your time. The following services are provided: • Call Holding and Call Waiting - allows you to place a current phone call on hold and either accept an incoming call or start a second call.

  • Page 21: Menu Navigation

    What is Menu Navigation? Leaving the Menus To leave any of the menus, you can either, press and hold the A large number of your phone's options are accessed by using C key or repeatedly press the C key. Both of these actions menus.

  • Page 22

    Press the M key again, the display will now show the 'Call Require SIM Card PIN Related Features' menu item. New Security Code Press the M key to go to the next menu item. The display Extended Menus will now show the 'Phone Setup' menu item. Language Selection Press the O key to select the sub-menu.

  • Page 23

    You can store up to 255 names and telephone numbers as entries in an electronic 'Phone Book'. These entries are stored in both the phone's and SIM card's memory and can be used for fast dialling. Your phone can store 100 entries and the SIM card can store up to 155 entries.

  • Page 24

    Press the appropriate keys to get the following characters: For example, if you press the 5 key, the first displayed Space . ? ! , & : " ( ) ' ` % ¡ ¢ 1 character will be J. If this is not the required character, then Space .

  • Page 25: Find Entry By Name

    The Phone Book Menu Items Find Entry By Name This option is used to select a telephone number from a list of alphabetically sorted Phone Book names. Once selected, this option will display the message Name. You can enter the first three characters of a Enter name.

  • Page 26: Find Entry By Location

    Press QG - you must enter the location within two seconds. Once a Phone Book entry has been selected, it can be used to make a call to, modify or erase an entry. This option is used to select a telephone number from a list of numerically sorted Phone Book locations.

  • Page 27: Show My Phone Number

    This option is used to add (store) entries to the Phone Book. Prevent Access You can choose to add the new entry to either the phone or This option enables you to prevent access to the Phone Book SIM card memory locations.

  • Page 28

    O selects an option, C will reject or cancel English Using the Phone Book...

  • Page 29: Using The Messages Menu

    Displays the o (messages) icon. To start or stop scrolling press the * key. The # key will restart scrolling from the beginning of the message. Stores the message for later viewing, if there is space.

  • Page 30: Call Voicemail

    The Messages Menu Items O Call Voicemail Once selected, this option will leave the Messages menu and automatically make a phone call to the current voicemail number. The display will show and standard call Calling Call Voicemail Calling operations can be performed.

  • Page 31: Received Messages

    If you are currently viewing the last old message, your phone card. will either display the first new message (if there is one) or the first old message. When a Point to Point message is received, your phone will attempt to store it in your SIM card.

  • Page 32: Cell Broadcast

    This option is used to set the cell broadcast settings. The option has two settings or Off. If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter the channel you wish to receive information from. Please contact your Cellular Service Provider for a list of available channels and the information they provide.

  • Page 33: Using The Options Menu

    Automatic Handsfree Phone Status Safety Timer Auxiliary Alert Menu Navigation Items shown in italics are available only when Extended Menus are enabled. Accessory Setup section is not available in transportable mode. M selects the Options menu Using The Options Menu English...

  • Page 34

    Extended Menus, and therefore personalise the Options Menu, to suit your requirements. If you want to move a feature from the Short Menu to the Extended Menu (or from the Extended Menu to the Short Menu), a long press of the O key will offer you the following choices: •...

  • Page 35: Last Ten Calls

    Last Calls Made phone numbers. Last Calls Received Once an option has been selected, use the < and > keys to scroll through the list of phone numbers. Press the O key to Restrict My Show ID On Next Call call the displayed number.

  • Page 36: Call Diverting

    Selection Meters Setup O Call Diverting Show ID On Next Call Your phone number is sent with the next attempted call, after this your phone number will not be sent until you re-select this Call Divert When Diverting option. Unavailable...

  • Page 37

    The option has two settings, or Off. When selected, this option will divert incoming calls, if If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter a your phone is busy. diversion phone number by using the digit keys.

  • Page 38

    The Call Holding and Call Waiting options are selected by Offers the following option: using the M and O keys. By repeatedly pressing the M key, End Active Call? you will see the current hold/wait options. When you see the If selected, the active call ends.

  • Page 39

    Features Setup Selection Meters Setup A call is held and there is a call waiting: A call is active, a call is held and there is a call waiting: The waiting call is connected and will be 2 Calls displayed.

  • Page 40: Call Barring

    Cannot Hold Second Call After selecting this option, there will be a short delay while A call is already on hold, you cannot place two calls on hold the phone asks the network for the current setting. at the same time.

  • Page 41: Call Restrictions

    The option has two settings, or Off. If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter the When selected, this option will disable all call barring for maximum phone number length by using the digit keys.

  • Page 42: Incoming Call Alert

    Phone Setup Menu Items Phone Setup Adjust Ring Volume Adjust Ring Volume This option is used to set the incoming call ring tone volume. High Medium The option has three settings, high, or low. medium Incoming Call Alert O Incoming Call Alert...

  • Page 43: Phone Lock

    PIN code before you can proceed. Lock Now You will be asked to enter a new, four to eight digit code to This option can be used to immediately lock your phone. Once replace the old PIN code. The new PIN code must be entered selected, your phone will be unusable until the unlock code is again as confirmation.

  • Page 44: Language Selection

    Book Menu section for more information. code before you can proceed. The new greeting will be displayed when your phone is next You will then be asked to enter a new, six digit code to replace switched on. the old security code.

  • Page 45: Phone Status

    ! This option should be used with extreme caution. Status Review This option is used to restore certain phone options to their This option can be used to view the current setting of menu original settings. options. When selected, you will be asked to enter the security code.

  • Page 46: Network Selection

    When the scan is Delete Selection complete, press the M key to scroll through the list. When you see a network you wish to register with or store in your Menu Navigation preferred list, press the O key. You will now enter the 'Register Now' and 'Make Preferred' sub-menu.

  • Page 47: Network Search

    In the manual mode, the phone will present you with the These options determine how often your phone tries to sorted list of networks. Use the *, # and O keys to select register with a network and how the attempt is made.

  • Page 48: Preferred Networks

    When the scan is complete, press the M key to scroll through enter a new location for the selected network. the list. When you see a network you wish to store in your preferred list, press the O key. You will be asked where the When selected, 'Delete Selection' will remove the selected network from the preferred list.

  • Page 49: Call Metering

    The default setting for these meters is to show call time. Show Total Calls Show Home Calls If you wish to display the cost of calls, you must set the 'Set Show Roaming Calls Call Cost Rates' option. This setting is then used to calculate Reset All Meters the call costs.

  • Page 50: Set Audible Call Timers

    The 'Set Meter Format' option is used to determine which call value is shown. The rates in the 'Set Call Cost Rates' options If you change the setting to On, you will be asked to enter a must be set if you wish to display the cost of a call.

  • Page 51: Show Meter During Calls

    Meters Setup O Show Meter During Calls Set Home Rate This option is used to enter the cost of a call, per minute, on This option allows you to display the current call meter, during your home network. a call.

  • Page 52: Automatic Handsfree

    Accessory Setup Menu Items O Mute Car Radio Accessory Setup This option can be used to mute your car radio when you Mute Car Radio make or receive a call. This option has two settings, or Off. Automatic Answer This option will have no effect if your car radio does not Automatic Handsfree have a mute feature.

  • Page 53: Auxiliary Alert

    Meters Setup Safety Timer This option can be used to keep the phone on for a set period after the vehicle ignition has been turned off. This prevents the vehicle's battery from becoming drained and saves you from having to re-enter PIN and Unlock codes after every short stop.

  • Page 54

    O selects an option, C will reject or cancel. English Using The Options Menu...

  • Page 55

    When in transportable mode, the Power Supply connects (SLN3194) directly to the battery in the carrying cassette and allows you For use in a vehicle a Hang Up Cup with integral Card Reader to use the phone at the same time as charging the battery. is available.

  • Page 56

    English Accessories...

  • Page 57

    Accessories English...

  • Page 58

    English Accessories...

  • Page 59: Removal From The Vehicle

    Removing the Handset Always start by making sure that the phone is switched off. Lift the handset from its mount. Press the lock on the coil cord plug while pulling out the cord. You are now ready to remove the transceiver.

  • Page 60

    Insertion into the Carrying Cassette Lower the transceiver into the base of the carrying cassette. Attach the shoulder strap by sliding the clips into the slots in The antenna connector will fit into the cutaway portion. Slide the carrying cassette. The clips will lock into place. To remove the transceiver forward until a click is heard indicating that the the shoulder strap, press the tabs and lift the clips.

  • Page 61: Battery Charging

    External Power Connector You may either remove the battery or leave it in. If you leave it in, a completely discharged battery will be fully charged in The Overnight Charger will take approximately 9 hours to approximately four hours.

  • Page 62: Use Inside A Vehicle

    With a Car Kit Installation To conserve battery power, the keypad and display lighting will If you have a car kit, remove the handset and transceiver from turn off after a few seconds. Pressing any key will turn the the carrying cassette and reinstall in the vehicle. The lighting back on.

  • Page 63: Table Of Contents

    Entries from phone book ....24 Call restrictions ........39 Add to phone memory ....25 Detailed diverting ........ 35 Add to SIM card memory ....25 Call timers ........... 48 Dialling a phone book entry ....14 Adjust ring volume ......40 Call waiting .........

  • Page 64

    Find entry by location ......24 Making a phone call ......13 Names Find entry by name ......23 Master clear ........43 Entering .......... 22 Find new network ....... 46 Master reset ........43 Network search ........45 Menu navigation ......... 19 Network selection menu .....

  • Page 65

    Ring tones ........... 40 Phone lock .......... 41 Storing phone numbers ...... 16 Roam symbol ........10 Phone services ........18 See also Add entry Phone setup menu ......40 Switching the phone on and off ..12 Symbols ..........10 Index English...

  • Page 66

    Volume Setting alert tones ......40 Adjusting the earpiece volume ..9 Transportable mode Adjusting the keypad tone volume ..9 Using the phone ......53 Adjusting the ring volume ....40 Buttons ..........9 Unblocking your SIM card ....12 Understanding this manual ....

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