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NEC MobilePro 770 Getting Started

Professional pc companion.
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Getting Started
Getting to Know Your MobilePro
Installing and Charging the Battery
Connecting the AC Adapter
Taking a Quick Tour
Knowing your MobilePro Software
Connecting to Your PC
Setting Up for a Remote Connection
Getting Help


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   Summary of Contents for NEC MobilePro 770

  • Page 1: Getting Started

    Getting Started Welcome Getting to Know Your MobilePro Installing and Charging the Battery Connecting the AC Adapter Taking a Quick Tour Knowing your MobilePro Software Connecting to Your PC Setting Up for a Remote Connection Getting Help...

  • Page 2

    WELCOME Congratulations on purchasing your NEC MobilePro™ 770 Professional PC Companion powered by the Micro- ® ® soft Windows CE operating system. The size and capa- bilities of this device let you keep your most important business and personal information up-to-date and close at ™...

  • Page 3: Getting To Know Your Mobilepro

    GETTING TO KNOW YOUR MOBILEPRO The NEC MobilePro 770 offers you a portable system de- signed for synchronization with your desktop or notebook computer. Standard features include a VR4121, 64-bit MIPS processor with 24 KB, L1 cache, 32 MB RAM, an 8.1-inch H-VGA STN enhanced touch screen, a V.90 in-...

  • Page 4: Installing And Charging The Battery

    Cables The NEC MobilePro 770 ships with the following cables. AC Adapter PC Connect (serial port) cable RJ-11 Telephone cable VGA Monitor cable INSTALLING AND CHARGING THE BATTERY Follow these steps to install and charge the main battery. Unpack the contents of the MobilePro carton and locate the unit and the Lithium-Ion battery pack.

  • Page 5

    Slide the lock back to the locked position. Note: Be sure to slide the lock back to the locked position. The NEC MobilePro will not power on when the lock is in the unlocked position. Charge the main battery while you work or explore the software on your new H/PC by connecting the AC adapter.

  • Page 6

    Follow these precautions whenever you use the AC adapter and the NEC MobilePro. When using the AC adapter, make sure the AC outlet is near the NEC MobilePro and easily ac- cessible. Keep the main battery installed when running on AC power.

  • Page 7

    Connect the AC adapter as follows: Insert the plug on the AC adapter cable into the AC power port on the left side of the NEC MobilePro. Connecting the AC Adapter A – AC Power port B – AC adapter cable Plug the AC adapter into a working AC outlet.

  • Page 8

    For details, see the section in chapter 4, “Adjust- ing MobilePro Settings.” KNOWING YOUR MOBILEPRO SOFTWARE Your NEC MobilePro 770 features the latest version of Microsoft Windows CE software along with additional ap- plications on the accompanying CDs. Your NEC MobilePro 770 software includes: Microsoft Windows CE Services 2.2 CD...

  • Page 9: Connecting To Your Pc

    Bonus CD is for U.S. and Canada distri- bution only. CONNECTING TO YOUR PC Most users want to synchronize the MobilePro 770 with a desktop or notebook computer. In this mode, the MobilePro 770 is a companion PC. The latest work done...

  • Page 10

    19200” displays. Ensuring the Availability of the Serial Port The serial port on your desktop or notebook computer must be available for synchronization with your NEC Mo- bilePro. To ensure the availability of the serial port follow these steps. Access the setup utility on your desktop or notebook computer to verify that the port is enabled.

  • Page 11

    Installing Windows CE Services You must install Windows CE Services on your desktop or notebook computer to enable synchronization with your MobilePro. The Microsoft Windows CE CD that ships with your MobilePro contains Windows CE Services soft- ware. Windows CE Services is designed for synchronization with Microsoft Office components.

  • Page 12

    Select Typical and click Next to display the Installation Complete window. The Installation Complete window indicates that you will next establish communication with your MobilePro. Click Next to display the Get Connected window that prompts you to connect your (PC Connect) serial cable to continue the installation process.

  • Page 13

    Connect the other end of the cable to the 9-pin serial port on your desktop or notebook computer. If your desktop has a 25-pin serial port, use an adapter (avail- able in most computer stores). Note: Before connecting the PC Connect cable to the serial port on your desktop, be sure that the serial port is enabled in the desktop’s BIOS setup and that no conflicts exist for the port.

  • Page 14

    Microsoft Outlook or Schedule+ email, contacts, calendar, and task list each time you attach the PC Connect cable to the MobilePro 770 and the desktop. The MobilePro 770 Bonus Software CD also includes software for synchro- nizing with other PC applications.

  • Page 15

    Refer to Chapter 5, “Setting Up a Remote Connection” or the MobilePro 770’s online help file (click the MobilePro Online Help icon on the MobilePro desktop screen) for details.

  • Page 16: Getting Help

    GETTING HELP The following table provides a comprehensive list of where you can get help on your MobilePro 770, the software, connections, accessories, and support. Help Resources Item Resource MobilePro Operation MobilePro 770 User’s Guide MobilePro Online Help (Help icon on the MobilePro 770 desktop)

  • Page 17

    For U.S. and Canada only. If you purchased this computer outside of the U.S. and Canada, a local service may apply. Contact a local NEC CSD dealer in your country. World Wide Web address subject to change. Getting Started 1-17...

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