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PART # TV-8888-39


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  • Page 1: Service Manual


  • Page 2

    HTX29S31S COLOR TELEVISION Service Manual MODEL: HTX29S31S Features PAL M/N, NTSC M Front Audio/Video input V-CHIP, CCD 181 Channel NO:M-LA-EC-2199-76812 Edition: 2002.12.30...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CONTENTS Contents--------------------------------------------------------------------1 Product Code illumination and Series Introduction--------------------2 Features--------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Safety Precautions------------------------------------------------------------------4 Warning and Cautions-------------------------------------------------------------5 Net dimension----------------------------------------------------------------------11 Parts and Functions--------------------------------------------------------------12 Remote Controller Functions--------------------------------------------------13 Program Diagram------------------------------------------------------------------14 Maintenance Service and Trouble shooting------------------------------15 Circuit Diagram---------------------------------------------------------------------18 Circuit Explanation----------------------------------------------------------------22 Adjustment---------------------------------------------------------------------------24 Exploded View----------------------------------------------------------------------27 List of Parts--------------------------------------------------------------------------28 Damageable Parts List-----------------------------------------------------------41 Information of Resistors and Capacitors----------------------------------41...

  • Page 4: Product Code Illumination And Series Introduction

    Product Code illumination and Series Introduction Product Code illumination and Series Introduction - 29 31 Color television appearance CRT size (unit: inch) Philips Haier...

  • Page 5: Features

    Features Features MODEL MODEL HS-2190 TV-9708 FUNCTION FUNCTION ITEM ITEM PICTURE SOFTWARE Main IC 76814 Digital curtain Flat square Slow fading on & off NTSC Color system Semitransparent menu Audio system Non-flashing channel changing Number of channels ZOOM E ˆF ˆS ˆP 29 OSD language 16:9 mode Multi-picture modes...

  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Safety Precautions SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Many electrical identify these parts and mechanical parts in this chassis have special safety-related characteristics! In the Schematic Diagram and Replacement Parts List. It is essential that these special safety parts should be replaced with the same components as recommended in this manual to prevent X-RADIATION, Shock, Fire, or other Hazards.

  • Page 7: Warning And Cautions

    Warning and Cautions Warning and Cautions 1. When you clean the TV set, please pull 4. To prevent the TV set from firing and out the power plug from AC outlet. Don't electric shock, don't clean the cabinet and the screen with make the TV set rain benzene, petrol and other chemicals.

  • Page 8

    Warning and Cautions NOTE: If unforeseen circumstances create conflict between the following servicing precautions and any of the safety precautions, always follow the safety precautions. Remember: Safety First. General Servicing Precautions 1). Always unplug the receiver AC power cord from the AC power source before: a.

  • Page 9

    Warning and Cautions components are usually called Electrostatic ally Sensitive (ES) Devices. Examples of typical ES devices are integrated circuits and some field effect transistors and semiconductor “chip” components. The following techniques should be used to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity.

  • Page 10

    Warning and Cautions CAUTION: Work quickly to avoid overheating the circuit board printed foil. 1) Use the following unsoldering technique a. Allow the soldering iron tip to reach normal temperature. (500 F to 600 b. First, hold the soldering iron tip and solder the strand against the component lead until the solder melts.

  • Page 11

    Warning and Cautions Remove the heat sink mounting screw (if so equipped). Carefully remove the transistor from the heat sink of the circuit board. Insert new transistor in the circuit board. Solder each transistor lead, and clip off excess lead. Replace heat sink.

  • Page 12

    Warning and Cautions At other connections Use the following technique to repair the defective copper pattern at connections other than IC Pins. This technique involves the installation of a jumper wire on the component side of the circuit board. 1) Remove the defective copper pattern with a sharp knife. Remove at least 1/4 inch of copper, to insure that a hazardous condition will not exist if the jumper wire opens.

  • Page 13: Net Dimension

    Net dimension 6.Net dimension...

  • Page 14: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions 7.Parts and Functions HT-2599/HP-2999 TV 1.Front panel " # $ %#" & TV/AV MENU TV Rear Panel AUDIO VIDEO S-VIDEO AV 2...

  • Page 15: Remote Controller Functions

    Remote Controller Functions 8.Remote Controller Functions...

  • Page 16: Program Diagram

    Program Diagram Program Diagram Insert the power plug into the power line socket and insert the antenna plug into the antenna socket on the rear panel. Press down the power switch of the TV set. The red indicator light goes on. Program preset A ˚...

  • Page 17: Maintenance Service And Trouble Shooting

    Maintenance service and trouble shooting Maintenance service and trouble shooting 1). Adjustment item Explanation: Explanation Range Remark H.PHASE H.PHASE 0~31 NT.H.PHASE H.PHASE 0~31 No used H.BLK.LEFT H.BLK.RIGHT V.SIZE Vertical Size 0~127 V.LINE Vertical Linearity 0~31 V.POSI Vertical DC 0~63 V.SC Vertical S-Correction 0~31 NT.V.SIZE...

  • Page 18

    Maintenance service and trouble shooting Brt.Abl.Def (0/1) Mid.Stp.Def (0/1) — < % < * % / R-Y/B-Y Gain Balance (0~15) No use (LA76814) R-Y/B-Y Angle (0~15) C_Kill OFF (0/1) Sound Trap (0~7) Volume Filter Defeat Video IF setting (0 45.75M 1 58.75M) For LA76814 Video Level (0~7)

  • Page 19

    Maintenance Service and Trouble shooting No lig Check to see if Fuse3 is normal Abnormal Normal Check to see 110V ˆ180V Check VD501, C507, V513, etc. etc. voltage is normal Normal Abnormal Check to see if the Test to see all terminal collector voltage of V552 Resistance of load is 0V...

  • Page 20: Circuit Diagram

    Circuit Diagram 11. Circuit Diagram...

  • Page 21

    Circuit Diagram XS803 XS801-1 XS801-2 XS802 AVout R825 C806 16V10 R1009 R1010 W801 R826 4.7K R814 4.7K C812 R808 4.7K 0.01 V804 R835 2SC1815 R838 R823 8.2K C811 C810 R837 R836 R907 C825 16V10 16V10 R902 C809 2SJ15K 16V47 C807 C808 V902 16V10...

  • Page 22: Circuit Block Diagram

    Circuit Block Diagram Circuit Block Diagram Antenna Sound Power Amplifier Picture/Sound IF Amplifier, Tune Video and audio signal Processing, RGB Output Circuits and H &V Sync pulse Horizontal Scan segregation Output C BUS Vertical Scan Output Main Processor Audio/Video In/Out Infrared Receiver Remote Controller NO:M-LA-EC-2199-76812...

  • Page 24: Circuit Explanation

    Circuit Explanation 12. Circuit Explanation , & U H I H U H Q F H G D W D , & U H I H U H Q F H G D W D , & U H I H U H Q F H G D W D , &...

  • Page 25

    Circuit Explanation N101 LA76812 Ä Å Ä Å , & 2 # 3- # - , " # - ,1 2) 4 # - ,1 & & " & 5.,6 " & & & 7 / & 38 & $ " &...

  • Page 26: Adjustment

    Adjustment 13. Adjustment D O L J Q P H Q W D O L J Q P H Q W D O L J Q P H Q W D O L J Q P H Q W f. User Remote controller g.

  • Page 27: White Balance Adjustment

    Adjustment Main power adjustment: Adjustment: Connect voltage meter to +B on main PCB, make +B voltage be 148V±0.3V. 6 F U H H Q Y R O W D J H D G M X V W P H Q W 6 F U H H Q Y R O W D J H D G M X V W P H Q W 6 F U H H Q Y R O W D J H D G M X V W P H Q W 6 F U H H Q Y R O W D J H D G M X V W P H Q W...

  • Page 28

    Adjustment GEOMETRIC ALIGNMENT: Receive the monochrome circle pattern (NTSC system); Check vertical center and horizontal center and H-linearity .if they are not standard, press FACTORY button to enter service mode, and adjust vertical size, vertical linearity, vertical center, horizontal center, make them standard.

  • Page 29: Exploded View

    Damageable Parts List 16. Damageable Parts List Location Material Code Parts Name Type Qt. (unit) Remark FU501 0094000150 Fuse T2.5A/250V 0094000778 Remote controller HYF-25E A101 0094003734 Tuner ENV56DB4G3 R474, R472 0094101006 Resister RF10-1W-1 ±5%-15-C-A R491 0094101008 Resister RF10-2W-3.3 ±5%-20-C-A N551 0094400357 L7812CV N801...

  • Page 30: List Of Parts

    ABBREVIATION OF PART NAME AND DESCRIPTION RESISTOR PART NAME & DESCRIPTION PART NAME & DESCRIPTION TYPE ALLOWANCE TYPE ALLOWANCE Carbon f 1% f 5% Ceramic Solid f 5% Ceramic Metal f 10% Film Oxide Electrolytic Fuse Tantalum +100%-0% +80%-0% CAPACITOR Terminal view of transistors KSC815-YTA KSR1010TA...

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