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Ematic EWT136WT User Manual

10” quad-core tablet with windows 10.
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User Guide
10" Quad-Core Tablet with Windows™ 10


   Summary of Contents for Ematic EWT136WT

  • Page 1

    User Guide 10” Quad-Core Tablet with Windows™ 10 EWT136WT...

  • Page 2: Important Notices

    Important Notices • The new battery will be in its best condition after being fully charged and discharged 2-3 times. • While using earphones, if the volume is excessively high it may cause hearing damage. Please adjust the volume of the player to a safe and moderate level during use.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Section 1: Tablet Overview Tablet Overview Touch Screen Basics Actions Center Take a Screenshot Section 2: Initial Setup Turn on or Wake Charging Battery Status Getting Started Section 3: Personalize Your Tablet Personalize Your Start Screen Create Tiles Customize Your Tiles Background &...

  • Page 4

    Close Apps App Commands Uninstall Apps App Help & Settings Explore Apps Alarm Camera Included Apps Section 8: User Accounts Microsoft Account or Local Account Manage Your Accounts Unlock & Sign-in Sign-In Options Change Your Password Lock or Sign Out Section 9: Ease of Access Section 10: PC Settings Section 11: Tips &...

  • Page 5: Section 1: Tablet Overview

    TABLET OVERVIEW Hold for 2 seconds to turn on/off. Press to sleep/wake up. Volume Up/Down Camera Hold for 2 seconds Camera Volume to turn on/off. Up/Down Press to sleep/wake. Microphone 3.5mm Audio 5v Charging HDMI Micro USB Micro SD Speaker Speaker 3.5mm Audio HDMI...

  • Page 6: Touch Screen Basics

    Touch Screen Basics Swipe in from the right edge to reveal Action Center. You can also return to the Start screen from here. Swipe in from the left edge to switch to the last used App. Drag from the top edge of the screen down to the bottom to close the current app.

  • Page 7: Actions Center

    Action Center The action center allows you to view and manage the accumulated notifications and gives you quick access to commonly customized settings. To open the Action Center Touch: Swipe from right edge of the screen and tap the notification you want to view, or the setting you want to configure. Keyboard: Windows Key Lock the devices current orientation. Switch from desktop to tablet mode.

  • Page 8: Take A Screenshot

    Enable or disable location settings. Adjust the displays brightness Access all device settings . Connect to wireless display or audio devices. Activate to save battery. Tap to connect to a connection via VPN service. Activate to disable notifications after a cer- tain hour. Tap to activate airplane mode. Take a Screenshot To take a screenshot of your screen: 1.

  • Page 9: Section 2: Initial Setup

    INITIAL SETUP Turn on / Wake To turn on your tablet, press and hold the power key for 2 seconds. Once the screen loads, connect to your Wi-Fi network. To wake, press the power button and the lock screen should appear. Swipe up to unlock and sign in. Charging Fully charge your tablet for 6 hours before the first use...

  • Page 10: Battery Status

    Battery Status There are a few places you can check on your battery status: The lower left corner of the lock screen. Battery Status Battery Status The lower right corner of the Desktop taskbar. Note:: Plug your tablet into the charger when you see a low battery warning.

  • Page 11: Getting Started

    Getting Started Use your information to Ematic create a user account on the tablet. You can use this account to create, modify, or remove other accounts on your tablet. CUSTOMIZATION Personalize Your Start Screen Create Tiles Pin your favorite apps and websites to the Start Screen.

  • Page 12: Customize Your Tiles

    Customize Your Tiles Customize your start screen by changing around the tiles any way you like. To move a tile: Tap and drag to where you want it. To resize a tile: Press and hold a tile. Select more options icon (...). Choose the size you want.

  • Page 13: Personalize Your Lock Screen

    Personalize your Lock Screen Open the Action Center Tap All Settings. Tap Perso- nilization then Lockscreen and configure your options. Personalize your Desktop Customize your desktop how you want it. Go to the desktop and open the Action Center. Tap Personalization. Here you can change the theme, desktop background, colors, and sound.

  • Page 14: Section 4: Networks

    NETWORKING Wi-Fi can only be used when it connects with a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) or a free unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn on Wi-Fi Within the Action Under Networks, tap the Center menu, tap the Wi-Fi switch to turn it on wireless Network icon.

  • Page 15: Forget A Wi-fi Network

    Forget a Wi-Fi Network Go to Network and Internet after you open the All Settings. In the Network settings screen, tap “Manage WiFi settings”. Then tap Manage known networks, select a network and tap “Forget” in the dialog box that opens. Connect to a VPN You can connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • Page 16: Section 5: Connect To Devices

    CONNECT TO DEVICES You can connect your tablet to different devices with a USB cable or wirelessly. Pair with a Bluetooth Device 1. Turn on your Bluetooth device to make it discover- able. 2. Open Action Center, and tap and hold Bluetooth then tap Go To Settings.

  • Page 17: Connect To Tv, Monitor, Or Projector

    Project to a second screen Connect your tablet to a TV or monitor to watch mov- ies, work with multiple apps, and share presentations. To Connect to a wireless display: 1. Open Action Center. Tap Connect. 2. Tablet will search for wireless Audio and Display devices.

  • Page 18: On-screen Keyboard

    When your on the desktop in desktop mode, you can access the on-screen keyboard from the keyboard icon in the lower right. To close on-screen keyboard: Tap anywhere on the screen where text can’t be entered, or tap the X on the top right corner Other On-screen Keyboard Options (Desktop Mode Only) Thumb Keyboard...

  • Page 19: On-screen Keyboard Tips

    Access On-Screen Keyboard Settings 1. Open the Action Center. 2. Tap the Ease of Access Icon 3. Change your on-screen keyboard settings under Touch keyboard menu. On-Screen Keyboard Tips Numbers Tap &123 key or swipe upwards on the buttons in the top row.

  • Page 20: Docking Keyboard

    Docking Keyboard Connecting the Keyboard & Tablet Place the tablet into the keyboard dock by joining the matching connectors. The magnetic pins will pull them together. Gently pull them apart to disconnect.

  • Page 21: Keyboard Functions

    Keyboard Functions Function Switch between Start screen and last opened app. Open the Action Center Scroll forward. Shift + Tab Scroll backwards. FN + Volume Arrow Keys Scroll up/down and left/right. Enter Open app or open link...

  • Page 22: Section 7: Apps

    APPLICATIONS Find Apps Tap List Icon at the bottom left of Start screen. An alphabetized list of your apps will appear. Scroll through the list or search to find an app. Note: You can also use the FN key + Tilde Key (~) on a keyboard to open search. Switch Between Open Apps Go Back To Previous App Touch: Swipe in from left edge of screen.

  • Page 23: Dual Screen Apps

    Dual Screen Apps You can arrange and view two apps side-by-side. 1. Open the apps you want to use. 2. Open your recently used apps tab (swipe in from left edge, then swipe out). 3. Choose the app you want and drag until you see a black vertical line divide the screen in half.

  • Page 24: Uninstall Apps

    Uninstall Apps Press and hold an app until the app is highlighted, and more options icon appear at the bottom of the tile. Tap on More Options (...) . Select Uninstall. App Help & Settings For App Help: Open the App and find Help. If there is no help, check the developers website for information. For App Settings: Open Action Center.

  • Page 25: Explore Apps

    Exploring Apps Open up some apps to better familiarize yourself with your new tablet. Alarm & Clock Tap the Alarm & Clock app to access your alarm, timer, or stopwatch. Camera Tap the camera app to take pictures and videos to share with your friends and family.

  • Page 26: Included Apps

    Included Apps 3D Builder: Create models and print in 3D using 3D Builder. Alarm & Clock: Set Alarms, stopwatch, World Clock Calculator: Basic calculator functions Calendar: Keep track of your schedule and set reminders Candy Crush Saga: Additictive puzzle game filled with magical lands and characters.

  • Page 27

    Get Office: Download a trial version of Micro- soft Office. Get Skype: Download Skype to chat with friends and family. Get Started: This informational app helps you navigate around your tablet with ease. Groove Music: Stream and download new music Mail: Use the mail app to respond to messages from all your e-mail accounts.

  • Page 28

    Movies & TV: Keep yourself entertained by watching and streaming movies and television. News: A photo-rich app that keeps you up to date with what’s happing in the world. OneDrive: Easily share files securely with friends. Cloud storage makes your files acces- sible from any of your devices. OneNote: A digital notebook where all your notes, to-do lists, and pictures are saved in the cloud for easy access.

  • Page 29

    Sports: Live updates from your favorite sports and teams. Store: Get the latest apps from the Windows Store. Twitter: Integrate your Twitter account to recieve notifications. Voice Recorder: Record audio using the built- in microphone Weather: This app shows you hourly, daily, and 10-day forecasts.

  • Page 30

    Windows Powershell: a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft Windows System: Access the Control Panel,Task Manager and other system settings from this panel. Word Mobile: Light weight version of the Word processing program. XBOX: The Xbox app is the place to play games, meet up with friends, make new ones, and rack up achievements.

  • Page 31: Section 8: User Accounts

    USER ACCOUNTS Your user account controls how you use your tablet. When you want to use your tablet, sign in with your user account. Microsoft Account or Local Account Choose whether you want to use a Microsoft account or a local account. Microsoft Account You use this account to sign into Windows, and shop for apps in the Windows Store. All your files are also...

  • Page 32: Unlock & Sign-in

    Control Panel 1. In Desktop Mode open the search menu. 2. Type “user accounts” into the search bar. 3. Choose accounts from search results. Unlock & SIgn-in 1. Press and release power button. The lock screen should appear. 2. Swipe up to dismiss lock screen, and type in your password (if required).

  • Page 33: Change Your Password

    Change Your Password 1. Open the Action Center. Tap All Settings. 2. Tap Accounts. Then Tap Sign-in options. 3. Choose user accounts from search results. 3. Under password, tap Change and follow the on- screen instructions. Lock or Sign Out Your tablet will be automatically locked when you don’t use it for awhile.

  • Page 34: Section 9: Ease Of Access

    EASE OF ACCESS The Ease of Access settings allows you to change your tablet the way you want, making your PC easier to use. To go to Ease of Access Settings: 1. Open Action Center. Tap All Settings. 2. Tap Ease of Access. 3. Configure your settings.

  • Page 35: Section 11: Tips & Tricks

    TIPS & TRICKS Extending Battery Life Reducing the Brightness of your screen can help extend your battery life 1. In the Action Center, tap the sun icon with 100%. Tapping this tile reduces the display brightness in increments of 25%. 2.

  • Page 36: Refresh/reset

    REFRESH/RESET Refresh Device 1. In the Action Center, tap on All Settings. 2. Tap on Update and Security. Tap Recovery. 3. Choose how you want to refresh the tablet. Restart Device 1. In the Action Center, tap on All Settings. 2.

  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Cannot turn on the tablet. Check the tablet’s power level. Please charge it before start- ing it. If your tablet still cannot be turned on, you may reset it before you turn it on. No sound from earphones. Check if volume is set to ‘0’. Or earphone may be broken, please try another one.

  • Page 38: Technical Specifications

    • 10” 1280 x 800 Screen • 1.3GHz Quad-Core Intel Atom Processor • 1GB RAM • 32GB flash memory (formatted capacity will be less) • Front & Back Cameras • MicroSD card slot supports up to 32GB • USB Connection • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) • Bluetooth Customer Support Visit for customer support regarding your device. To submit a request, fill out the required information online. You will be provided a ticket number regarding your issue which you can refer to when contacting us further.

  • Page 39: Limitations Of Liability Statement

    Ematic has been previously advised of the possibility of such damage. You agree that you have sole responsibility for adequate protection and backup of data and/or equipment used in connection with the product and software and will not make a claim of any nature against Ematic for lost data, inac- curate output, work delays or lost profits resulting from the use of the materials. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Ematic, together with its affiliates, parent and subsidiary entities, successors, assigns, partners, managers, members, employees,...

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