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LG 55VH7B Owner's Manual

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LG Digital
Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it
for future reference.



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  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL LG Digital Signage (MONITOR SIGNAGE) Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. 55VH7B
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS MAKING CONNECTIONS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Connecting to a PC Precautions In Installing the Product External Device Connection Precautions to the AC Adapter and Electrical Power Using the Input List Precautions In Moving the Product Daisy Chain Monitors Precautions In Using the Product TROUBLESHOOTING Mounting on a Wall LICENSES...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Please check ► If the product collapses or is dropped, you may be injured. Children with LG or a qualified installer before installing. This caution must pay particular attention. • Do not leave the power or signal cable unattended on the...
  • Page 4: Precautions To The Ac Adapter And Electrical Power

    If loosely connected, the poor connection may cause a fire or electric shock. • Be sure to use power cords and AC adapters provided or approved by LG Electronics, Inc. ► The use of non-approved products may cause a fire or electric shock. •...
  • Page 5: Precautions In Moving The Product

    Precautions In Moving the such as nail, pencil, or pen, or make a scratch on it. • Keep the proper distance from the product. Product ► Your vision may be impaired if you look at the product too closely. • Set the appropriate resolution and clock by referring to the User’s Guide.
  • Page 6: Licenses

    LICENSES Supported licenses may differ by model. For more information of the licenses, visit The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
  • Page 7: Assembly And Preparation

    • SuperSign Software & Manual - Downloading from the LG Electronics website. - Visit the LG Electronics website ( and download the latest software for your model. Optional Accessories Without prior notice, optional accessories are subject to change to improve the performance of the product, and new accessories may be added.
  • Page 8 Connecting KT-OPSA Screws Cable Card Power Cord (Easy Setup Guide) OPS kit NOTE • Optional accessories are available for some models. If necessary, please purchase them separately.
  • Page 9: Parts And Buttons

    Parts and Buttons To Install in a Portrait Layout The image may be different according to the model When installing in a Portrait Layout, rotate the monitor clockwise 90 degrees (when facing the screen). Remove L-brackets before Installation Make sure that the protection pads are removed from each corner before installing the product.
  • Page 10: Storage Method For Panel Protection

    STORAGE METHOD FOR PANEL PROTECTION Correct Method Incorrect Method Panel Panel If the product needs to be set upright, hold both If the product is tilted onto the bezel, the bottom sides of the product, and tilt backward carefully for. of the panel may be damaged.
  • Page 11: Installing On A Wall

    • If you install the monitor on a ceiling or slanted wall, it may fall and result in injury. Use an authorized LG wall mount and contact your local 100 mm dealer or qualified personnel to assist with the 200 mm installation.
  • Page 12 Insert and tighten the eyebolts, or brackets and Securing the monitor to a wall (optional) bolts on the back of the monitor. (Procedure may differ depending on the model.) - If there are already bolts inserted in the eyebolts’ position, remove the other bolts first. Mount the wall brackets with the bolts to the wall.
  • Page 13: External Equipment Setup

    EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP IR RECEIVER This allows a remote control sensor to be placed in a custom location. Then that display can control other displays via an RS-232C cable. Tiling Displays How to Mount the Set Example of 2 x 2 Tiling Using the screws for attaching the VESA wall mount, mount the set to the wall mount plate or the wall.
  • Page 14: How To Join Sets

    How to Join Sets Join other sets using screws for fixing the VESA wall mount in the same way as above. Set 4 joined to the rest of the sets (2 x 2 tiling) After joining the sets, use the tiling guide to adjust the gap between the sets. (M4 X L6) Now the 2 x 2 tiling is complete.
  • Page 15: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL The descriptions in this manual are based on the buttons on the remote control. Please read this manual carefully to use the monitor correctly. To install batteries, open the battery cover, place batteries (1.5 V AAA) matching terminals to the labels inside the compartment, and close the battery cover.
  • Page 16 Selects the Picture Mode. HOME Activates the Launcher. W.BAL Enters the White Balance menu. SETTINGS Accesses the main menus or saves your input and exit menus. S.MENU SuperSign menu key (Depending upon the model, this feature may not be supported.) Navigation Buttons Scrolls through menus or options.
  • Page 17: Making Connections

    MAKING CONNECTIONS You can connect various external devices to your monitor. Change the input mode and select the external device you want to connect. For more information about external device connections, see the user manual provided with each device. Connecting to a PC Some of the cables are not provided.
  • Page 18 NOTE • For the best image quality, using the monitor with HDMI connection is recommended. • To comply with the standard specifications of the product, use a shielded interface cable with a ferrite core, such as a DVI-D cable. • If you turn the monitor on when the set is cold, the screen may flicker.
  • Page 19: Daisy Chain Monitors

    Daisy Chain Monitors To use different products connected to each other, connect one end of the signal input cable (DP Cable) to the DP Out connector of Monitor 1 and connect the other end to the DP In connector of the other product. Monitor 1 Monitor 2 Monitor 3...
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING No image is displayed Problem Action Is the product power cord connected? Check if the power cord is correctly plugged into the power outlet Does the Out of range message The signal from the PC (video card) is out of the vertical or appear? horizontal frequency range of the product.
  • Page 21 The audio function does not work. Problem Action No sound? See if the audio cable is connected properly. Adjust the volume of the external device. See if the sound is set properly. Sound is too dull. Select the appropriate equalizing sound of the external device. Sound is too low.
  • Page 22 CAUTION • Image sticking does not occur when using constantly changing images but may occur when using a fixed image for an extended period of time. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the instructions below to decrease the likelihood of image sticking occurring when using a fixed image. It is recommended that you change the screen at least once every 12 hours at the very minimum;...
  • Page 23: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The product specifications below may be changed without prior notice due to upgrade of product functions. “ ” refers to alternating current (AC), and “ ” refers to direct current (DC). LCD screen Screen type Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen Pixel pitch 0.630 mm (H) x 0.630 mm (V)
  • Page 24 DVI-D (PC) Support Mode RGB (PC) Support mode Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Resolution Resolution frequency (kHz) frequency (Hz) frequency (kHz) frequency (Hz) 640 x 480 31.469 59.94 640 x 480 31.469 59.94 800 x 600 37.879 60.317 640 x 480 37.5 1024 x 768 48.363...
  • Page 25 HDMI / DISPLAYPORT (DTV) Support Mode NOTE Horizontal Vertical • When the cable is connected to the DVI-D, Resolution frequency (kHz) frequency (Hz) HDMI or the Display Port, you can select the 480/60p 31.5 PC/DTV mode optionally. It is recommended that you select PC mode when connecting to a 576/50p 31.25...
  • Page 26 Make sure to read the Safety Precautions before using the product. ENERGY STAR® is a set of power-saving guidelines issued The model and serial numbers of the SET are by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). located on the back and one side of the SET. As an ENERGY STAR®...

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