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Black & Decker KX2001-XE Original Instruction

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  Summary of Contents for Black & Decker KX2001-XE

  • Page 1 Australia KX2001-XE New Zealand...
  • Page 3: Intended Use

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Intended use e. When operating a power tool outdoors, use an extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Use of a cord Your Black & Decker heat gun has been designed for various suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock. heating applications such as paint stripping.
  • Page 4 ENGLISH Do not touch the nozzle as it becomes very hot during use  and remains hot for up to 30 minutes after use. Do not place the nozzle against any object during or im-  Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of mediately after use.
  • Page 5: Electrical Safety

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Assembly Residual risks. Additional residual risks may arise when using the tool which Warning! Before assembly, make sure that the tool is may not be included in the enclosed safety warnings. These switched off and unplugged. risks can arise from misuse, prolonged use etc. Fitting an accessory (fig.
  • Page 6 ENGLISH The tool has stand locations (4) to facilitate hands free use. Place the tool with the nozzle up on a surface where it Separate collection. This product must not be  cannot be tipped over. disposed of with normal household waste. Secure the cable to prevent pulling the tool off the stand ...
  • Page 7 ENGLISH (Type 1) Class II 2000 50 - 600 offers an outstanding guarantee. This guarantee statement is in addition to and in no way prejudices your statutory rights. The guarantee is valid within the territories of the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Area.
  • Page 8 Australia Stanley Black & Decker Tel. 1800 338 002 82 Taryn Drive, Epping Vic, 3076, Australia New Zealand Stanley Black & Decker Tel. +0800 339 258 90600361 07/2013...