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Altec Lansing ADA880 User Manual

Altec lansing technologies user guide amplified speaker system ada880.

User Guide
Altec Lansing
Amplified Speaker System
© 1999 Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., Milford, PA 18337-0277

Summary of Contents

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    User Guide Altec Lansing Amplified Speaker System ADA880 © 1999 Altec Lansing Technologies, Inc., Milford, PA 18337-0277...

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    • The appliance has been dropped or the enclosure damaged. Servicing — The user should not attempt to service the appliance. Servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel or returned to the dealer or call the Altec Lansing service line for assistance.

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    Introduction The ADA880 is a technologically advanced multimedia amplified speaker system featuring Dolby Digital AC3 and Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound and stereo reproduction. The amplifier inputs can simultaneously operate on analog and digital (S/PDIF)* audio signals. The unit is comprised of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. This combination provides surround sound on a desktop by utilizing side firing speakers.

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    4) Plug the AC power plug into the wall outlet. The ADA880 unit should be installed close to the AC power outlet so that the power plug can be readily removed from the outlet in the event of a hazardous problem.

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    Placement of Speakers (See Figures 4 and 5) All stereo information is heard from the satellite and surround speakers. The subwoofer contains no stereo information and its sound is non-directional. As a result, the subwoofer does not necessarily have to be placed in any particular relationship to the satellites. Placing the subwoofer on the floor close to a wall or corner of a room provides maximum bass efficiency.

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    BASS. The BASS button allows 2 modes of operation: BASS level control or CENTER level control. See D) and E) below. D) BASS LEVEL CONTROL. The bass level control is accessible in all modes of operation. If it is desired to increase/decrease BASS response, press this button.

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    Remote Control Operation (See Figure 7) The remote control can perform most of the manual operations. For best performance aim the front part of the control towards the infrared detector as shown in Figure 6. Below are listed the functions of the control. Figure 7 POWER.

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    Remote Control does not work Batteries are dead or not installed Remote is not pointed at speakers Remote signal path is blocked ADA880 Troubleshooting Solution Connect AC power Connect control speaker to subwoofer Press power button or use remote to turn on the system...

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