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Panasonic oral irrigator Operating Instructions

Panasonic communications co., ltd. operating instructions oral irrigator.
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Portable Oral Irrigator
Irrigador oral portátil
Model No. EW1270
Modelo N.° EW1270
Operating Instructions
Instrucciones de funcionamiento
Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
1048, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8686, Japan
Before operating this device, please read these instructions completely.
Antes de usar este dispositivo, lea completamente estas instrucciones.
No.1 EN, ES
Printed in Japan
Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW1270. With its
Loading Batteries
water jet of 1,600 pulses per minute, the Panasonic Oral Irrigator gently
• Be sure to wipe the unit before installing the
yet thoroughly cleanses your teeth and gums, removing trapped food
batteries so that no water enters the battery
particles and reducing bacteria that can lead to gingivitis and other
periodontal diseases. When used in combination with regular brushing
1. Twist the battery cover to the OPEN
and flossing, the Panasonic Oral Irrigator can help you have healthier
position and open it (Fig. 2).
teeth and gums.
2. Insert two 1.5-V alkaline (AA/LR6)
Before using this device, please read these instructions completely.
batteries, ensuring correct "+" and "–"
Keep these instructions for reference.
• The device can be used approximately
30 times (with one full tank of water per
use) with a fresh set of Panasonic
Muchísimas gracias por haber adquirido el irrigador oral portátil
EW1270. Con su chorro de agua de 1.600 pulsaciones por minuto, el
alkaline batteries.
irrigador oral portátil limpia sus dientes y encías de forma suave pero
• Do not mix old and new batteries.
concienzuda, eliminando las partículas de comida atrapadas y
3. Twist the battery cover to the CLOSE
position and close it.
reduciendo las bacterias que pueden causar gingivitis y otras
enfermedades periodontales. Cuando se utilice en combinación con
cepillo de dientes e hilo dental, el irrigador oral Panasonic le ayudará a
The batteries' power output is impaired at low
tener unos dientes y encías más sanos.
Antes de utilizar este aparato, lea completamente estas instrucciones y
guárdelas para utilizarlas como referencia en el futuro.
Do not throw batteries into a fire. Doing so may result in an accident or
1. Do not use while bathing.
2. Do not place the device where it can slide, fall or be pulled into
Carga de las pilas
• Asegúrese de limpiar la unidad antes de instalar las pilas para que no
3. Close supervision is necessary when this device is used by, on or
entre agua en el compartimiento de las pilas.
near children.
1. Gire la cubierta de las pilas hasta la posición OPEN y ábrala (figura
CHILDREN. The nozzle is small enough to be swallowed and can
2. Inserte dos pilas alcalinas de 1,5 V (AA/LR6), asegurándose de
become lodged in the throat.
poner las polaridades "+" y "–" en las posiciones correctas.
5. Keep this device out of the reach of children when not in use.
• Con pilas alcalinas Panasonic nuevas, el aparato puede utilizarse
6. This device is designed for use only in the oral cavity. Do not direct
aproximadamente 30 veces (con un depósito lleno de agua por
water in delicate areas, such as under the tongue, in the eye, ear or
nose, or in other delicate areas of the body.
• No mezcla pilas nuevas y viejas.
7. Use only attachments recommended by the manufacturer.
3. Gire la cubierta de las pilas hacia la posición CLOSE y ciérrela.
8. DO NOT operate this product if it is not working properly or it has
been dropped or damaged. If damaged or inoperative, return the
La potencia de las pilas se reduce a bajas temperaturas.
product to a service center for inspection and repair.
9. NEVER drop or insert any object into any opening on the device.
10. Do not disassemble the device. Damage to the product and/or
No tire las pilas al fuego. De lo contrario, puede causar un accidente o
personal injury may occur.
una explosion.
11. People with tooth or gum disease or people receiving oral treatment
should consult their dentist before use.
12. People who experience tooth or gum pain may not be able to use
(Figs. 3 & 4)
this device and should consult their dentist.
• Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is not a
13. NEVER use while drowsy.
substitute for proper dental care. Brush your
14. Remove the batteries from the device if it will not be used for more
teeth or dental prosthesis for at least five
than a month. Otherwise, electrical leakage may occur if the
minutes immediately after every meal, then
insulator is worn.
use the device.
15. Fill the tank with water only.
1. Open the water tank lid.
16. Certain types of mouthwash may damage the equipment by causing
• The tank cannot be pulled out easily
the housing or water tank to crack. Therefore, do not use
when the lid is closed.
mouthwash in the water tank.
2. Pull the water tank section downward to
17. Improper handling of batteries may result in battery explosion or in
the water tank usable line.
corrosion from battery leakage. Please observe the following to
3. Remove the nozzle from its compartment
ensure proper use of batteries.
and insert firmly into the nozzle insertion
a. Be sure to turn off the power of the device after use.
hole until the nozzle clicks into place.
b. Do not mix different types or sizes of batteries.
4. Fill the tank with cold or warm water, not
c. Replace all batteries at the same time. Do not mix old and new
warmer than 40°C (104°F).
• Do not put any toothpaste, powder or
d. Be sure to insert batteries with correct polarity, as instructed.
other chemicals into the water tank.
e. Remove batteries when they are worn out, and dispose of them
• Certain types of mouthwash may damage
properly according to all applicable environmental regulations.
the unit by causing the housing or tank to
f. Do not disassemble or throw batteries into a fire.
crack. Therefore, use only water in the
g. Do not short-circuit batteries.
water tank.
h. Do not charge the batteries included with this unit.
NEVER fill the water tank with hot water!
Sensitive gums can be easily irritated or
1. No lo utilice mientras se baña.
damaged by hot water.
2. No ponga el aparato donde pueda deslizarse, caerse o introducirse
5. Close the lid.
en el agua.

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    INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic Oral Irrigator EW1270. With its water jet of 1,600 pulses per minute, the Panasonic Oral Irrigator gently yet thoroughly cleanses your teeth and gums, removing trapped food particles and reducing bacteria that can lead to gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

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    3. Cuando este aparato sea utilizado por un niño, con un niño o cerca de él deberá realizarse una supervisión cuidadosa. 4. MANTENGA LA BOQUILLA DEL CHORRO DE AGUA ALEJADA DE LOS NIÑOS PEQUEÑOS. La boquilla es muy pequeña y puede ser tragada y quedarse alojada en la garganta.

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    We therefore recommend refilling the tank several times to ensure thorough cleaning of teeth and gums. • In addition to using the oral irrigator and brushing and flossing your teeth, we recommend regular checkups by a dentist as part of a complete dental hygiene program.

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    VIAJANDO CON EL IRRIGADOR ORAL PANASONIC Gracias a su forma práctica y tamaño compacto, el irrigador oral Panasonic es el compañero ideal para viajar. Cuando lo utilice en un viaje, asegúrese de vaciar completamente el depósito y la boquilla antes de guardarlo.

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