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GE 521NB Installation Instructions Manual

Smoke detector esl 500n series.
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ESL 500N Series
Smoke Detector

Installation Instructions

This document is intended for licensed electricians/
alarm installers. GE Interlogix cannot provide technical
support to unqualified persons.
If you have questions, call GE Interlogix at 1-800-648-7424.
The ESL 500N Series conventional 2-wire and 4-wire photoelectric
smoke detectors have intelligent software and digitally processed
sensing capabilities. This intelligence coupled with the ESL patented
optical sensing chamber means the ESL 500N Series quickly and
accurately detects smoke. CleanMe® compatible software, self-
diagnostics, and dust (drift) compensation are standard in every unit.
The ESL 500N Series offers application flexibility with optional
auxiliary relays, rate-of-rise/fixed temperature heat sensors, isolated
heat sensors and/or 85dBa temporal 3 sounders.
All models ship standard with the following features:
Detector/base lock
Discourages unauthorized removal of the smoke detector by requiring
a screwdriver to remove the detector from the base.
Includes automatic sensitivity testing. Once a day and immediately
upon first power up, each 500N Series detector performs a full
diagnostic test that includes a dynamic test of the sensing chamber
and internal electronics. This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing
requirements without the need for external meters.
Drift compensation (dust compensation)
The detectors automatically adjust sensitivity, up to a maximum of
1.0%/ft., as the detectors become dirty.
Automatic voltage range selection for UL 2-wire compatibility
The 2-wire 500N Series detectors automatically determine if the
detector is connected to a 6/12V panel or a 12/24V panel. There are
no switches to set.
Depending on the model, the smoke detector provides the
following features:
Enables the control panel to receive a warning signal via a 505
module, or CleanMe compatible panel, indicating that the optical
chamber needs to be replaced. This feature is available on the 500N
Series 2-wire detectors only.
The 500N Series 2-wire detectors enable the CleanMe function by
recognizing voltage polarity at installation. If the + and - terminal
connections are reversed, the CleanMe function is enabled. New
500N Series detectors are compatible on the same loop with previous
500 Series detectors if proper wiring is observed. See Figure 5.
Integral Temporal 3 Sounder
In the 500N models with sounder, a piezoelectric horn produces an
interrupted 85dBa tone when the detector alarms or when the polarity
is reversed. Sounder follows input voltage in reverse polarity.
In order for all sounders to activate when the panel alarms, the panel
must reverse the supply voltage polarity to the loop on alarm. If the
panel does not implement polarity reversal, an ESL 405 Polarity
Reversal Relay Module must be used. (Refer to the installation
instructions for the ESL 405 Polarity Reversal Relay Module.)
ESL 500N Series
Auxiliary and end-of-line relays
Auxiliary relays are form C and operate at 1A
allow for the addition of auxiliary notification devices to the
smoke loops. Products with an "R" in the suffix signify the
auxiliary relay feature.
An end-of-line relay operates as a power supervision relay and
is normally energized and will release with the loss of power.
Products with an "E" in the suffix signify the end-of-line
Heat sensors
Some models come with both a rate-of-rise and fixed tempera-
ture heat sensors which allows the unit to detect changes in
temperature that may signal a fire event. Models with an "XT"
in the suffix have a heat sensor included.
Some models are available with an isolated heat sensor. If the
unit senses a temperature change it will alert the panel and
signal an alarm independent of smoke in the photoelectric
chamber. The heat alarm output is on the alarm relay and the
smoke alarm output is on the auxiliary relay. Models with an
"H" in the suffix have an isolated heat sensor which is both rate-
of-rise and fixed temperature.
Convertible inputs
The 2-wire 500N Series can be converted using the ESL 505
module to a 4-wire input on the control panel. The 500N Series
is UL Listed as compatible with the 505 module and will be
fully UL compliant with any UL listed 24 VDC control panel
and panels that do not operate below 12V. Up to 20 ESL 500N
Series smoke detectors can be accomodated on each 505
module. See the 505 module installation instructions for more
Please refer to the ESL Compatibility Index for a complete
listing of control panels and proper identifiers. For a copy
of the Compatibility Index, call 1-800-648-7424 or visit for a copy to download. Remember,
4-wire smoke detectors do not require a compatibility listing.
1 A
1 B
1 C
Living Room
TV Room
Living Room
= Required smoke detectors
= Additional smoke detectors required for new construction
Figure 1. Detector placement
30VDC to


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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Models with an “XT” in the suffix have a heat sensor included. If you have questions, call GE Interlogix at 1-800-648-7424. Some models are available with an isolated heat sensor. If the Description...
  • Page 2 Installing the Detector Selecting a Location All wiring must conform to the National Electric Code (NEC) and/ Selecting a suitable location is critical to the operation of smoke or local codes having jurisdiction. Use 12 to 24 AWG (16 to detectors.
  • Page 3 CleanMe CleanMe The 500N Series 2-wire Disabled Enabled Disabled detectors are polarity sensitive. Model Model Model 521NB/521NBXT 521NB/521NBXT 521NCRXT Note 521NCSRXT 521NCSXT 521NCSXT CleanMe is enabled by wiring units in reverse polarity WARNING The system may not operate if the detector is not connected to the control unit initiating device circuit as specified in the detector or control unit literature.
  • Page 4 Understanding the LED Test the detector sensitivity (See Testing the Detector Sensitivity). The LED on the detector indicates the status of the detector as Reconnect all alarm notification appliances, service release follows: devices and extinguishing systems. Flashing every 9 seconds = Normal operation. Important: The control panel alarm and all auxiliary On = Detects smoke, sending an alarm.
  • Page 5: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty Fire Prevention and Escape ESL is a brand name of GE Interlogix, Inc. The manufacturer warrants this The purpose of an early warning smoke detector is to detect the presence of smoke detector to be free from defects in material and workmanship under fire in its early stages and sound an alarm giving the occupants time to exit conditions of normal use for a term of 3 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Page 6: Specifications

    North St. Paul, MN 55109 Tualatin, OR 97062 USA & Canada: 800-547-2556 USA & Canada: 800-777-5485 Technical Service: 800-648-7424 Technical Service: 800-648-7424 FaxBack: 800-483-2495 © 2002 GE Interlogix, Inc. 1036525 Rev. B 09/02 ESL 500N Series...

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