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  • Page 1: User Guide

    Make the most of now. Vodafone 725 Mobile Phone User Guide...
  • Page 2 Notice Copyright © 2008 Huawei Technologies Co. information, and recommendations in this man- ual do not constitute a warranty of any kind, Ltd. expressed or implied. Read the safety precautions carefully to ensure All Rights Reserved that you use wireless device in a correct and Your Vodafone 725 is made exclusively for safe manner.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Read the Safety Information section of Do not use while re-fuelling. this user guide on page 53. This device may produce a bright or Do not use hand-held while driving. flashing light. For body-worn operation maintain a Do not dispose of in a fire. separation of 1.5 cm.
  • Page 4 used in other positions, such as on the body as described in this user guide**. Switch off in explosive environments. As SAR is measured utilising the device's highest transmitting power, the actual SAR of Only use approved accessories. this device while operating is typically below that indicated above.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Messaging 20 Getting to Know Your Phone 1 Messages..........20 Email ............22 Packing List ..........1 Broadcast Inbox ........25 Your Phone ..........2 Templates ..........25 Getting Started 6 Music 26 Loading the SIM Card ........6 Music Library..........
  • Page 6 Open homepage........35 Distraction ..........56 Open new page ........35 Product Handling ........56 Bookmarks ..........35 Electrical safety........58 Saved pages ..........36 Interference..........59 History ............36 Explosive environments ......60 Resume ............36 Environmental Protection......60 Settings ............36 Acronyms and Abbreviations 61 Entertainment 37 Appendix 62 Games............37...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Getting to Know Your Phone Your Vodafone 725 phone can operate in virtually all One headset countries, automatically switching between One USB data cable WCDMA 2100 and GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 net- works. This allows you to enjoy communication wher- ever you use your mobile phone. The services supported by your phone Note should be also supported by the network...
  • Page 8: Your Phone

    Your Phone Your Phone Camera Earpiece Scroll key Right function key • Press this key to scroll through a menu. • To activate the function indicated at the right of the • To quick access Quick Menu, Contacts, text prompt bar on the screen. message editor and My Files.
  • Page 9: Back View

    Your Phone Back View Home Screen Icon bar Speaker Camera Desktop To display the operations and the function options. Prompt bar To display the operations currently available. ◆ Icon bar Side View This area displays the phone status. The following table illustrates all the icons that may appear on this bar.
  • Page 10: Introduction To The Menu

    Your Phone Icon Description Icon Description SD card is inserted. You are using the roaming service. Bluetooth is enabled. Ringtone is enabled. Indicates network connection state. The vibration mode is enabled. Indicates security connection state of The phone is in mute mode. the network.
  • Page 11 Your Phone Camera, Messaging, My Files, Organizer & Tools, Contacts, Calls, Profiles, Video call and Settings. In the standby mode, press to display the main menu. Press the scroll key to scroll through the menu, and then press to select. If the menu contains further submenus, repeat step 2.
  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Getting Started Loading the SIM Card Load your SIM card before using your phone. To use the SIM card properly, please read the following instructions carefully. Fit the battery into the battery slot on back of the • Keep the SIM card out of the reach of chil- Note phone.
  • Page 13: Unloading The Sim Card

    Unloading the SIM Card Press the SIM card with one finger and slide it Unloading the SIM Card out of the slot. Only unload the SIM card and the battery after pow- ering off your phone. Otherwise, your phone may be damaged.
  • Page 14: Loading/Removing A Memory Card

    Loading/Removing a Memory Card shorter time period than usual after being charged normally, replace it with a battery of the same type. • Do not strike, throw or cause any kind of violent shock to the battery, otherwise liq- uid leakage, body damage, overheating, •...
  • Page 15: Powering On/Off

    Powering On/Off Powering On/Off Powering On Ensure that the SIM card is in your phone and that the battery has been charged. Press and hold to power on your phone. Insert the memory card into the slot, as shown in the following figure.
  • Page 16 Powering On/Off ◆ ally provided when you get the SIM card from The personal identification number (PIN) code is Vodafone. If you have not received a PUK2 code or if used to protect your SIM card from unauthorized use. you have forgotten it, contact your local Vodafone The PIN code is usually provided when you get the customer care centre.
  • Page 17: Call Service

    Call Service • Select a number from the Calls screen. Making or Answering Calls • Select a number from the Contacts screen. Making a Video Call Press to dial. You can make a video call to other person whose Press to end the call.
  • Page 18: Operations During A Voice Call

    Operations During a Voice Call Operations During a Voice Call Operation Description Answer • If the answer mode is Any key, open Icon Description a call the phone and press any key. except : A call is ongoing. • If the answer mode is Send key, press : The call is on hold.
  • Page 19: Operations During A Video Call

    Operations During a Video Call • Answer/Reject: Your phone allows you to handle Operations two calls simultaneously. During a call, if there is a new incoming call, select Options > Answer to During a video call, you can press to hold the answer it or select Options >...
  • Page 20: Calls

    Calls • Other applications:To access the Contacts • Mark/Unmark: To mark/unmark a record or all screen, the Messaging screen, the Calls screen or records. the Calendar screen. • Calls status: To display the information on voice calls, video calls and data services. In the voice call, video call and data page, you can select Reset Calls to clear all records.
  • Page 21: Text Input

    Text Input You can use the keypad to enter alphanumeric char- didate words composed by the letters you have acters and symbols. For example, you can add entered in the drop-down menu. entries to the contacts, write messages or schedule For example, to enter the word "good"...
  • Page 22: 123" Numeric Input Method

    "123" Numeric Input Method ters. Repeatedly press the key that carries the letter "123" Numeric Input Method to be entered when it appears on the screen. For example, to enter the word "hello" with the tradi- In a text editing screen, press and hold the character/ tional input method, follow these steps.
  • Page 23: Contacts

    Contacts Contacts enables you to save and manage such screen. Select Options > Search, and then enter the information as phone numbers and addresses of your contact name you are searching for. The contact is contacts. You can save such information in your displayed.
  • Page 24: Groups

    Groups • Details: To view the detailed information of the con- • My business card: To save your own information tact. to a Business Card. • Call: To make a voice call or a video call. • Settings: To set the default contact list displayed in •...
  • Page 25: Managing A Group

    Groups To delete a group member, select a member from the group member list, and then select Options > Remove. Managing a Group In the Contacts screen, press the left/right scroll key to select Groups. Select a group and select Options for the follow- ing options.
  • Page 26: Messaging

    Messaging Press or select Options > Send to send Messages the message. The maximum content for a single text message is Messages Mailboxes 160 characters. If the characters you enter exceed this limit, the text is divided into two or more continu- The phone provides four mailboxes for messages, ous messages when it is sent.
  • Page 27 Messages Viewing Messages in Inbox : A multimedia message to the phone. Viewing and Editing Messages in the Draft Select Messaging > Inbox. Press the up/down scroll key to view the mes- Select Messaging > Drafts. sages and then press to view the details.
  • Page 28: Email

    Email ◆ • Signature: To set whether your signature will Outbox Outbox is used to save the messages that failed to be sent along with the message. You can edit be sent. the signature while creating a new message. Icons in Outbox. •...
  • Page 29 Email Icons in Inbox Select 【To】 or 【Cc】 and press • Select Add from contacts or Add from : A read email. groups to select an email address. : An unread email. • Select Enter recipient to directly enter the Viewing and Editing Emails in Inbox email address.
  • Page 30: Email Settings

    Email Viewing and Editing Emails in Drafts Viewing and Editing Emails in Sent Select the desired email in the drafts and press Select an email and press to access the to access the editing screen. View screen. Edit the related information. For details, perform Edit the related information.
  • Page 31: Broadcast Inbox

    Broadcast Inbox Broadcast Inbox The broadcast messages are saved in the broadcast inbox. You can set the broadcast message. Select Messaging > Settings > Broadcast to set the following items. • Service: to enable or disable this service. • Subscription: to subscribe to broadcast channels or cancel the subscription.
  • Page 32: Music

    Music Music enables you to manage your music files easily • Playlists: To access the music playlist. and conveniently. It also enables you to purchase a • Bookmarks: To access the bookmark list. wide variety of latest music from Vodafone. •...
  • Page 33: Playlists

    Playlists tracks on a channel you listen to, the service recogn- Operation Description ises the kind of music you are skipping. Then, it does Press the right scroll key to access the not offer such music again on that channel. You can next music file.
  • Page 34: Organiser & Tools

    Organiser & Tools This function provides you with various helpful tools. If your phone is powered off, the alarm clock will still You can access the Organiser & Tools screen by ring. When the alarm rings, you can choose to power selecting Organiser &...
  • Page 35: Task

    Task In the screen for editing birthday reminder, you can • Management: To backup all schedules to the mem- set the following items: name, birthday, content, ory card or to restore all schedules from the mem- whether the sound is on, the vibration function, alert ory card to the phone.
  • Page 36: Memo

    Memo New Tasks Memo To define a new task, press or select Options > You can store important events on your phone. You New on the Tasks screen. can save up to 100 such memos. In the screen for editing task, you can set the follow- Select Memo from Organiser &...
  • Page 37: Calculator

    Calculator To create a profile, select Options > New to cre- Calculator ate a profile. You can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, Press the left/right scroll key to switch between division and extraction operations on your phone. Synchronise items, Server Setting, and Net- •...
  • Page 38: Currency Converter

    Currency converter On the From bar, press the left/right scroll key to On the To bar, press the left/right scroll key to select the unit to be converted from. select the currency to be converted to. On the To bar, press the left/right scroll key to On the Rate bar, enter the currency rate.
  • Page 39: World Time

    World Time • Play an audio file instantly: After recording is com- Timer plete, select Option > Play to play the audio file instantly. You can set a timer for up to 99 hours and 59 min- Alternatively, you can select Options for the follow- utes.
  • Page 40: My Files

    My Files My Files enables you to manage the Pictures, Vid- • Info.: To view the properties of one or more files. eos, Music, Ringtones, Games, Applications, Some sound files are protected by Digital Note Themes and other files conveniently. You can access Rights Management (DRM), and may not be My Files by selecting My Files from the main menu.
  • Page 41: Vodafone Live

    Vodafone live! The built-in browser makes it easy to browse the • Open new page: To enter a website address and Vodafone live! portal. You can access the Browser access it. screen by selecting Vodafone live! from the main • History: To access the visited webpage. menu.
  • Page 42: Saved Pages

    Saved pages Saved pages With this option, you can save the pages in your phone. Web pages are saved to the Saved pages. History With this option, you can access the visited webpage. Resume To link to the latest visited webpage. Settings These are preset for you to use the Vodafone ser- vice.
  • Page 43: Entertainment

    Entertainment You can use the phone to play games, take photos, • Delete: To delete the game. and listen to online music. • Properties: To view the property of the game. • Internet settings: To set the Internet settings. • Move: To move games saved in the phone to the Games memory card and vice versa.
  • Page 44: Video Camera

    Camera Video Camera Icon Operation When the camera is started, press the In the camera viewfinder screen, press the right scroll right scroll key to switch to the video key to switch to the video camera function. You can camera function (when the tool bar is use your phone to record a video.
  • Page 45: Mobile Tv

    Mobile TV ◆ Operations During Recording In the viewfinder screen, you can press to start recording the video. During the recording, you can perform the following operations. • Pause/Continue: To pause and then to start recording again. • Cancel: To cancel the recording. Mobile TV With this option, you can access the preset link.
  • Page 46: Connections

    Connections Your phone provides you with many data communi- phone, and then connect the other end of cation functions. You can access the Connectivity the cable to the PC. To disconnect your screen by selecting Settings from the main menu. phone from the PC, first disable the Vodafone PC Assistant, then disconnect •...
  • Page 47: Accessing The Internet By Usb

    To operate the USB-based synchronisation with your helps to set up a dial-up connection to the Internet. phone, do as follows. There are two methods to access the internet by using the USB cable: use the Vodafone PC Assistant Connect your phone to the PC by using the USB supplied with your Vodafone 725 to load and run the cable.
  • Page 48: Micro-Sd Card Reader

    The Vodafone PC assistant may not syn- If the dialog box does not appear in (3) Note Note chronise with the phone initially. please disconnect the cable from the PC and then the phone. Then reconnect the Resolution cable to the phone and then the PC in this order.
  • Page 49: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth® The Bluetooth function supported by your Found New Hardware is displayed on your PC, Note Phone meets the requirements of Bluetooth and an icon for the mobile memory drive Specification 1.2. It can work successfully appears. only if you use it with compatible Bluetooth The Vodafone PC Options software supplied on devices.
  • Page 50: Bluetooth-Based Internet Access

    Bluetooth® Bluetooth-Based Internet Access port service, activate the Bluetooth serial port service on the phone. Connecting your phone to a PC through Bluetooth Run the Vodafone PC Assistant on the PC. function enables the PC to use the phone as a modem.
  • Page 51 Bluetooth® • Search for devices: To search for new Bluetooth Select Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > devices. Bluetooth shall be set to non-discoverable Switch On/Off > On. as default. Make sure that Bluetooth modem is in Device • Devices: To view all detected Bluetooth devices. Manager/Modem of your PC.
  • Page 52: Settings

    Settings Phone language You can access the Settings screen by selecting Set- tings from the main menu. Your Vodafone 725 supports several languages. Select Settings > Phone settings > Phone lan- Phone settings guage to select a language. In addition to these lan- You can change the settings of the phone, including guages, you can also select Auto.
  • Page 53: Display Settings

    Display settings Keypad lock period Display settings After enabling the auto keypad lock function, you can You can change the settings for the phone display, set the keypad lock period. If there is no operation on including Wallpaper, Themes, Brightness, Keypad the phone within a preset period of time, the keypad backlight, Backlight time, Intermittently alert, is locked automatically.
  • Page 54: Message Settings

    Message settings Alternatively, you can select Disable all and then Message settings select one from the four items: Voice call, Fax call, Data and video call and All services. Then press You can change the message settings including SMS to disable all call forwarding services of this &...
  • Page 55: Save Unknown Number

    Call settings ◆ Disable All Save unknown number Select one type from Voice call, Fax call, Data This function is used to prompt whether to save the and video call and All services, and then enter number after a call ends. You can enable or disable the call barring password.
  • Page 56: Video Call

    Video call • Text Message: To auto send a text message that is Video call preset and chosen from the Common phrases to the current caller. You can change the settings for the Video Call func- • Recorded voice: To answer an incoming call by tion, including Picture mode, Image quality, Camera auto playing a recorded message.
  • Page 57: Contact Settings

    Contact settings Select Settings > Network for the following options: Contact settings Mode, Select Network, Cell information, and Operator list. This option is used to set the default contact list displayed in the contact screen or sort the contacts Security on the Contacts screen.
  • Page 58: Drm Setting

    DRM Setting versely, you need to select the desired status • PUK or PUK2 code are delivered with the and then enter the PIN code. SIM card. If you have not received one or have forgotten it, contact your local Change password Vodafone customer care centre.
  • Page 59: Warnings And Precautions

    Warnings and Precautions Limiting exposure to radio frequency RF Exposure (RF) fields General Statement on RF energy For individuals concerned about limiting their exposure to RF fields, the World Health Organisation Your phone contains a transmitter and a receiver. When it is ON, it receives and transmits RF energy. (WHO) provides the following advice: When you communicate with your phone, the system Precautionary measures: Present scientific informa-...
  • Page 60: Rf Exposure

    CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY VODFONE; Vodafone 725/VODAFONE Registration-No.: E815288V-CC Number of annexes: --- Certificate Holder: HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. Manufacturer's Name: Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. Bantian, Longgang District Shenzhen, 518129 P.R.C. Manufacturer's Address: Bantian, Longgang District, Product Designation: V725, Vodafone 725 Shenzhen, 518129, Guangdong, P. R. China.
  • Page 61 Warning: Changes or modifications made to this correct the interference by one or more of the follow- equipment not expressly approved by HUAWEI may ing measures: void the FCC authorization to operate this equipment.
  • Page 62: Distraction

    Distraction You must always switch off your phone whenever the Distraction use of a phone is prohibited. Use of your phone is subject to safety measures designed to protect users Driving and their environment. Full attention must be given to driving at all times in •...
  • Page 63: Small Children

    Product Handling Do not carry your phone in your back pocket as it Antenna could break when you sit down. Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily. Small children Do not leave your phone or its accessories within the reach of small children or allow them to play with it. Normal use position They could hurt themselves or others, or could accidentally damage the phone.
  • Page 64: Electrical Safety

    Electrical safety Repetitive Motion Injuries Phone heating To minimise the risk of RSI, when texting or playing Your phone may become warm during charging and games with your phone: during normal use. • Do not grip the phone too tightly. Electrical safety •...
  • Page 65: Interference

    Interference Only qualified personnel must service or repair the Hearing Aids phone or its accessories. People with hearing aids or other cochlear implants If your phone or its accessory has been submerged in may experience interfering noises when using water, punctured, or subjected to a severe fall, do not wireless devices or when one is nearby.
  • Page 66: Explosive Environments

    Explosive environments Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres include Aircraft fuelling areas, below decks on boats, fuel or chemical Switch off your wireless device whenever you are transfer or storage facilities, areas where the air instructed to do so by airport or airline staff. contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders.
  • Page 67: Acronyms And Abbreviations

    Acronyms and Abbreviations DRM Content Format Digital Rights Management Fixed Dial Number GPRS General Packet Radio Service Global System for Mobile communica- tion Over-The-Air Personal Identification Number PLMN Public Land Mobile Network PIN Unblocking Key Secure Digital Card Specific Absorption Rate SIM Tool Kit Universal Resource Locator Universal Serial Bus...
  • Page 68: Appendix

    Appendix The phone supports image files, video files and audio files of many formats. For details, see the following table. File type Formats Image JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, BCI, WBMP, SVG, and SVGZ. Audio MP3, AAC/AAC+, AMR, MID, WAV (ADPCM), MMF, QCP, and XMF/DLS. Video 3GP, MP4, 3G2, and PMD.
  • Page 69: Index

    Index "123" Numeric Input Method ........16 Call barring ............48 Access Codes ............9 Call forwarding............48 Accessing the Internet by USB ......41 Call settings ............48 Accessories............58 Call waiting ............49 Adding/Deleting Group Members......18 Calling ID ............... 50 Air bags ..............
  • Page 70 Explosive environments ......... 60 Making a Voice Call..........11 Faulty and Damaged Products ......58 Making Calls from the Contacts......17 Fixed dialer number ..........52 Making or Answering Calls ........11 Function Options During Playing ......26 Making Voice Calls Using SDN ......11 Games ..............
  • Page 71 Operations ............. 13 Select line .............. 50 Orig. phone settings..........51 Service dial number..........33 Other Operations for the Homepage...... 35 Setting Alarm Clocks ..........28 Other Operations ........... 17 Settings..............36 Pacemakers ............59 Shortcuts ............... 47 Packing List.............. 1 Side View ..............
  • Page 72 Your Phone .............. 2...

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