Philips Senseo Twist HD7870/80 Service Manual

Philips Senseo Twist HD7870/80 Service Manual


Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Service Manual


• This product meets the requirements regarding
interference suppression on radio and TV.
• After the product has been repaired, it should function
properly and has to meet the safety requirements as
officially laid down at this moment.


• Voltage
• Frequency
• Power consumption
• Standby power
• Color setting
• Weight
• Dimensions H x W x D
- Appliance
- F-Box
• Length of cord
• Contents water reservoir : 930 cc (ml)
Published by Philips Consumer Lifestyle
: 220 - 240 V
: 50 Hz
: 1450 W
: 0.25 W
: Chinese Fire
: 2,05 Kg
: 31,5 x 24,9 x 30,8 cm
: 36 x 29 x 29,5 cm
: 80 cm
Printed in the Netherlands


• CRP475/01 1-cup pod holder Black
• HD5015/01 2-cup pod holder Black
• CRP862/01 Drip tray cover Black
• CRP872/01 Collector
• CRP864/01 Water container small
• CRP869/01 Water container lid Deep Black
OPTIONAL (accessories)
• CRP865/01 Water container big (incl. bucket, optional
Britta Filter to be purchased separately)
• CRP866/01 Water container lid
(for Water container big)
© Copyright reserved
Senseo Twist
Subject to modification



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  Summary of Contents for Philips Senseo Twist HD7870/80

  • Page 1 - F-Box : 36 x 29 x 29,5 cm • Length of cord : 80 cm • Contents water reservoir : 930 cc (ml) Published by Philips Consumer Lifestyle Printed in the Netherlands © Copyright reserved Subject to modification 13/02...
  • Page 2 TECHNICAL INFORMATION HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 Volume adjustment The PCB circuit board makes it possible to adjust the volume output by means of pushing the one-cup and two- cup user controls. How to adjust the volume output: 1. Make sure the boiler is fi lled properly, otherwise perform fi ll procedure see DFU for instructions.
  • Page 3 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 SCHEMATICS UI PCBA Water level On/Off button sensor 1-cup button 2-cup button Toggle button Communi cation On/Off LED Water 1-cup LED Supply Boiler 2-cup LED System Toggle LED PCBA Fuse Regular LED Strong LED Pump M Memory LED Descale LED Fuse Buzzer...
  • Page 4 DISASSEMBLY- AND RE-ASSEMBLY ADVISE HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 To remove the brewhead assembly: • Now use the screwdriver to trace around the edge of the tray panel assembly and base plate until you reach • Remove the back cover. the position of the drip tray. Repeat the process for the •...
  • Page 5 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 REPAIR INSTRUCTION Please note, as the appliance is equipped with a capacitive touch panel as a user interface, special 2-cup button attention is required to be able to enter several service modes. The capacitive buttons need 0,5 seconds to initialize after the mains is connected.
  • Page 6 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 REPAIR INSTRUCTION BOILER RESET: Boiler-reset-step 0 Entry to boiler reset mode: ME/HE selection 1. Connect mains; In this appliance ME (Mid-End) should be selected; 2. After 0.5 second and before 1.5 second operate the Strong LED off. 1-cup button.
  • Page 7 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 REPAIR INSTRUCTION SENSOR AND LED TEST To validate the assembly and electrical correctness of an appliance, especially during testing and debugging phase, a sensor and LED test is very useful. Please keep in mind that it is not an automated test and only intended as indication.
  • Page 8 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 PARTS LIST Service code Description Remark 4222 259 44211 Padholder assy 1 Deep black 4222 259 44221 Padholder assy 2 Deep black 4222 247 67501 Collector Deep black 4222 259 57261 Spout assy complete Chinese Fire 4222 247 67751 Driptray cover Deep black 4222 247 68611...
  • Page 9 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 EXPLODED VIEW 9-12...
  • Page 10 HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 EXPLODED VIEW 10-12...
  • Page 11 EXPLODED VIEW HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 11-12...
  • Page 12 EXPLODED VIEW HD7870/80 / HD7870/81 12-12...