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Mini Hi-Fi
Operating Instructions
©2004 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 2-595-611-13(1) Mini Hi-Fi Component System Operating Instructions MHC-RV555/RV55 MHC-RV222/RV22 ©2004 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 ® ENERGY STAR ® NERGY is a U.S. registered mark. As an E NERGY ® partner, Sony Corporation has determined that this product ® meets the E NERGY guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents How to use this manual......5 Sound Adjustment Playable discs.......... 5 Adjusting the sound ......24 Getting Started Selecting the sound effect..... 24 Adjusting the graphic equalizer and Hooking up the system......7 storing..........25 Positioning the speakers......10 Selecting the surround effect ....
  • Page 4 Troubleshooting Problems and remedies ......37 Messages ..........40 Additional Information Precautions..........41 Specifications........43 Glossary ..........45 List of button locations and reference pages ..........46...
  • Page 5: How To Use This Manual

    Discs that this system cannot How to use this manual play • This manual mainly explains operations using • CD-ROMs the remote, but the same operations can also • CD-Rs/CD-RWs other than those recorded in be performed using the buttons on the unit the following formats: having the same or similar names.
  • Page 6 Notes on CD-R and CD-RW Note on playback operations of VIDEO CDs • Some CD-Rs or CD-RWs cannot be played on this system depending upon the recording Some playback operations of VIDEO CDs may quality or physical condition of the disc, or be intentionally set by software producers.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting Started Hooking up the system Perform the following procedures 1 to 7 to hook up your system using the supplied cords and accessories. MHC-RV55 is used for illustration purpose. AM loop antenna FM lead antenna Front speaker (right) Front speaker (left)
  • Page 8 3 Connect the FM and AM antennas. Set up the AM loop antenna, then connect AM loop antenna * Saudi Arabian model: 120 – 127 V 6 Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. The demonstration appears in the display. When you press ?/1, the system turns on and the demonstration automatically ends.
  • Page 9: Attaching The Speaker Pads

    Inserting two R6 (size AA) Attaching the speaker pads batteries into the remote Attach the supplied speaker pads to the bottom of the speakers to stabilize the speakers and prevent them from slipping. Front speaker (Left (4)/Right (4)) Note If you do not use the remote for a long period of time, remove the batteries to avoid possible damage from battery leakage and corrosion.
  • Page 10: Positioning The Speakers

    Positioning the speakers Setting the clock (MHC-RV555/RV55 only) Use buttons on the remote for the operation. Press ?/1 to turn on the system. Place the front speakers at an angle of Press CLOCK/TIMER SET. 45 degrees from your listening position. Press .
  • Page 11: Video Cd/cd/mp3 - Play

    Playing a disc VIDEO CD/CD/MP3 – Play — Normal Play/Shuffle Play Loading a disc Use buttons on the unit for the operation. This system lets you play VIDEO CDs*, audio CDs and discs with MP3 audio tracks. Press Z. Before playing a VIDEO CD, turn on your TV Place a disc with the label side up on and select the video input.
  • Page 12: Other Operations

    Other operations Press PLAY MODE repeatedly in stop mode until the mode you want appears Do this in the display. Stop play Press x. Select To play Press X Pause . Press again to resume ALL DISCS* All discs in the disc tray play.
  • Page 13: Resuming Playback From The Point You Stopped The Disc

    Notes Resuming playback from the • You cannot change the play mode during playback. point you stopped the disc • Some time may be needed to start playback of discs recorded in complex configurations such as many — Resume Play layers.
  • Page 14: Playing Video Cds With Pbc Functions

    To cancel playback with PBC Playing VIDEO CDs with functions (Ver. 2.0) PBC functions (Ver. 2.0) In stop mode, press . or > to select a track. — PBC Play Press The “PBC OFF” indicator lights up and playback starts from the selected track. Still images, such as the menu screens, will not You can use PBC* menus on your TV screen to be shown.
  • Page 15: Playing Repeatedly

    Playing repeatedly Creating your own program — Repeat Play — Program Play You can play all the tracks or a single track on a disc repeatedly. You can make a program of up to 25 steps from Press REPEAT until “REP” or “REP1” all the discs in the order you want to play them.
  • Page 16: Locating A Specific Part Of A

    Program additional tracks. Locating a specific part of To program Repeat steps a VIDEO CD Other tracks on the 4 and 5 same disc Other tracks on 3 to 5 — Time Search/Disc Digest other discs Press N. The TV screen must be ON to use these Program Play starts.
  • Page 17: Locating The Desired Track

    Locating the desired track — Disc Digest You can select the track you want by viewing the first frame of each track. 9 different tracks can be displayed on the TV screen at one time. Press SPECIAL MENU in stop mode. Press 2 to select “2) DISC DIGEST”.
  • Page 18: Tuner

    Press + or – (or TUNING + or – on the unit) repeatedly to select the desired Tuner preset number. Press ENTER. Presetting radio stations Repeat steps 2 through 7 to store other stations. You can preset up to 20 FM stations and 10 AM stations.
  • Page 19: Listening To The Radio

    To improve tuner reception Listening to the radio When tuner reception is poor, set CD player power off by CD power manage function. You can listen to a radio station either by Use buttons on the unit for the operation. selecting a preset station, or by manually tuning Press CD.
  • Page 20: Manual Tuning

    Listening to non-preset radio station — Manual Tuning Press TUNER BAND (or FUNCTION repeatedly) to switch the function to tuner. Press TUNER BAND repeatedly to select “FM” or “AM”. Press TUNING MODE repeatedly until “AUTO” and “PRESET” disappear from the display. Press + or –...
  • Page 21: Tape - Play

    Playing a tape Tape – Play You can use TYPE I (normal) tape. Loading a tape For MHC-RV555/RV55 Use buttons on the unit for the operation. Load a tape. Press TAPE A/B repeatedly to select Press PLAY MODE repeatedly to select deck A or B.
  • Page 22: Tape - Recording

    Other operations Do this Tape – Recording Stop play Press x. Recording your favorite Press X. Press again to resume Pause play. CD tracks on a tape Fast-forward or Press m or M. rewind — CD-TAPE Synchro Recording Press PUSH Z on the unit. Remove a tape You can record a whole CD on a tape.
  • Page 23: Recording On A Tape Manually

    To record a disc by specifying Recording on a tape track order manually You can record only your favorite CD tracks using Program Play. Between steps 3 and 4, perform steps 2 to 6 of “Creating your own — Manual Recording program”...
  • Page 24: Sound Adjustment

    To stop recording Press x. Sound Adjustment Notes Adjusting the sound • You cannot listen to other sources while recording. • If TAPE B is selected in step 3, silence is recorded. You can reinforce the bass and create a more Tips powerful sound.
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Graphic Equalizer And Storing

    Adjusting the graphic Selecting the surround equalizer and storing effect You can adjust the sound by raising or lowering Press SURROUND on the unit. the levels of specific frequency ranges, then Each time you press the button, the display store up to three personal files (P FILE) in the changes as follows: memory.
  • Page 26: Mixing Video Game Sound With Other Sound Source

    Mixing video game sound Singing along: Karaoke with other sound source — Game Mixing You can sing along by connecting an optional microphone. Use buttons on the unit for the operation. Select the desired source sound. Enjoying Karaoke Press GAME MIXING. Turn MIC LEVEL on the unit to MIN to Each time you press the button, the level of turn down the microphone control...
  • Page 27: Mixing And Recording Sounds

    Other operations Mixing and recording sounds Do this You can “mix” sounds by playing one of the Use VIDEO CDs Turn on your TV and switch it to components and singing or speaking into a the appropriate video input. microphone (not supplied). Cancel karaoke Turn MIC LEVEL on the unit to The mixed sound can be recorded on a tape.
  • Page 28: Timer

    Waking up to music Timer — Play Timer Falling asleep to music You can wake up to music at a preset time. Make — Sleep Timer sure you have set the clock (see “Setting the clock” on page 10). You can set the system to turn off after a certain Use buttons on the remote for the operation.
  • Page 29: Timer Recording Radio Programs

    Press ENTER. Timer recording radio The type of timer (“PLAY TIMER”), the start time, the stop time, and the sound programs source appear in turn, before the original display returns. — Rec Timer Press ?/1 to turn off the system. You can record a preset radio station from a Other operations specified time.
  • Page 30: Display

    Other operations Do this Display Check the setting Press CLOCK/TIMER Turning off the display SELECT. Press . or > repeatedly until “REC — Power Saving Mode SELECT” appears, then press ENTER. The demonstration display (display window and Change the setting Start over from step 1.
  • Page 31: Viewing Information About The Disc In The Display

    Checking the total playing Viewing information time and titles (VIDEO CD/CD/ about the disc in the MP3) display Press DISPLAY in stop mode. Each time you press the button, the display You can check the playing time and remaining changes cyclically as follows: time of the current track or that of the disc.
  • Page 32: Changing The Power Illuminator

    Checking the station name Viewing information (TUNER) about the disc in the Press DISPLAY while listening to the radio. on-screen display Each time you press the button, the display changes cyclically as follows: You can check the current operating status and Preset number* and frequency t Clock display (for eight seconds) t Effect status disc information during playback or in stop...
  • Page 33 While the deck is: Displayed In stop mode of an Album name MP3 audio track* In Program Play Programed disc and track mode number During playback of Current album name and track an MP3 audio name track* In other conditions No display * When the MP3 audio track information includes an ID3 tag, the on-screen display information may differ from the ID3 information shown on the system...
  • Page 34: Optional Components

    Optional Components Hooking up optional components To enhance your system, you can connect optional components. Refer to the operating instructions provided with each component. MHC-RV22 is used for illustration purpose. Optional video game machine From the audio and video output of To the video input of a TV the video game machine ALBUM...
  • Page 35: Listening To Audio From A Connected Component

    Notes Listening to audio from a • The video game machine image may appear on the TV screen even if the system is turned off. connected component • See “Selecting the surround effect” on page 25 for video game sound effects. (MHC-RV555/RV55 only) •...
  • Page 36: (mhc-rv555/rv55 Only) Recording On A Connected Component

    Recording on a connected component (MHC-RV555/RV55 only) Making an analog recording from a VIDEO CD to a video tape Connect the optional audio cords from the VIDEO/SAT OUT L/R jacks and the supplied video cable from the VIDEO OUT jack to your VCR. Start recording.
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    If the problem persists after doing all of the • Redo the following: above, consult your nearest Sony dealer. – “Setting the clock” (page 10) – “Presetting radio stations” (page 18) – “Falling asleep to music” and “Waking up to When the ?/1 indicator flashes music”...
  • Page 38 Play does not start from the first track. • Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony • Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until both “PGM” service facility. and “SHUF” disappear to return to Normal Play.
  • Page 39: Tape Deck

    Tape deck MP3 audio tracks take longer to play back than others. The tape does not record or play, or there is a • After the system reads all tracks on the discs, decrease in sound level. playback may take more time than usual if: •...
  • Page 40: Messages

    Messages One of the following messages may appear or flash in the display during operation. VIDEO CD/CD/MP3 NO DISC There is no disc in the player or you have loaded a disc that cannot be played on this system (such as DVD).
  • Page 41: Additional Information

    (with wax, If you have any questions or problems concerning your oil, polish, etc.) as staining or discoloration of the system, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. surface may result. On heat buildup • Although the system heats up during operation, this is not a malfunction.
  • Page 42 Notes on discs When using a tape longer than 90 minutes • Before playing, clean the disc with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the center out. The tape is very elastic. Do not change the tape operations such as play, stop, and fast-winding •...
  • Page 43: Specifications

    Recording system 4-track 2-channel, stereo THD) Frequency response 50 – 13,000 Hz (±3 dB), MHC-RV222/RV22 using Sony TYPE I The following measured at AC 120, 127, 220, 240 V cassettes 50/60 Hz Wow and flutter ±0.15% W. Peak (IEC) DIN power output (rated): 100 + 100 watts 0.1% W.
  • Page 44 Speaker General Power requirements Front speaker SS-RV55 for MHC-RV55 Saudi Arabian model: 120 – 127/220 or Front speaker SS-RV555 for MHC-RV555 230 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Adjustable with voltage Speaker system 3-way, 3-unit, bass-reflex selector type, magnetically Thai model:...
  • Page 45: Glossary

    Track Glossary Sections of a picture or a music piece on a CD, VIDEO CD or MP3. An album is composed of several tracks (MP3 only). Album Section of a music piece or an image on a data VIDEO CD CD containing MP3 audio tracks.
  • Page 46: List Of Button Locations And Reference Pages

    List of button locations and reference pages How to use this page Illustration number Use this page to find the location of buttons and other TAPE A/B eg (21, 22, 23, 27) parts of the system that are mentioned in the text. Name of button/part Reference page Main unit...
  • Page 47: Remote Control

    Remote control ALPHABETICAL ORDER BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS ?/1 (on/standby) 1 (8, 29) A – M N – Z m/M (rewind/fast forward) ALBUM +/– qa (12, 15) NEXT ql (14) 8 (12, 22) CD wa (11, 15) Number buttons w; (13, 14, 16) N (play) 9 (12, 21) CLEAR qj (16) ON SCREEN 6 (32)
  • Page 48 Sony Corporation Printed in China...

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