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LG B-VENT GAS GC3 Installation And Operation Manual

Merit series b-vent gas fireplace insert.
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Retain These Instructions For Future Reference
A French manual is available upon request. Order P/N 775,225CF.
n the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:
• Installation must be performed by a licensed plumber or gas fitter
• See Table of Contents for location of additional Commonwealth of
Massachusetts requirements
Hot! Do not touch! The glass and surfaces of this appliance will be hot during operation and will
retain heat for a while after shutting off the appliance. Severe burns may result.
Carefully supervise children in the same room as appliance.
Suitable for installation into masonry or factory built fireplaces. These appliances may be installed in an after-
market permanently located, manufactured (mobile) home, where not prohibited by local codes. This appliance
is only for use with the type of gas indicated on the rating plate. This appliance is not convertible for use with
other gases unless a certified kit is used.
Lennox™ gas-burning appliances are designed for use as a supplemental heater. They are not intended for
continuous use as a primary heat source.
WARNING: If the information in this manual is not
followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result
causing property damage, personal injury or loss
of life.
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
vapors or liquids in the vicinity of this or any other
• DO NOT light any appliance.
• DO NOT touch any electrical switches.
• DO NOT use any phone in your building.
• Immediately call your gas supplier from a
neighbor's phone. Follow your gas supplier's
• If your gas supplier cannot be reached, call
the fire department.
Installation and service must be performed by a quali-
fied installer, service agency or the gas supplier
B-Vent Gas
Fireplace Insert
P/N 775,225M Rev. A, 06/2007
Ce manuel d'installation est disponible en francais, simplement
en faire la demande. Numéro de la pièce 775,225CF.
Report No. 050-S-07b-5
AVERTISSEMENT: Assurez-vous de bien suivre les instruc-
tions données dans cette notice pour réduire au minimum
le risque d'incendie ou d'explosion ou pour éviter tout
dommage matériel, toute blessure ou la mort.
POUR VOTRE SÉCURITÉ: Ne pas entreposer ni utiliser d'essence
ni d'autres vapeurs ou liquides inflammables à proximité de
cet appareil ou de tout autre appareil.
POUR VOTRE SÉCURITÉ: Que faire si vous sentez une odeur
de gaz:
• Ne pas tenter d'allumer d'appareil.
• Ne touchez à aucun interrupteur.
• Ne pas vous servir des téléphones se trouvant dans le bâti-
• Appelez immédiatement votre fournisseur de gaz depuis un
voisin. Suivez les instructions du fournisseur.
• Si vous ne pouvez rejoindre le fournisseur de gaz, appelez
le service des incendies.
L'installation et l'entretien doivent être assurés par un
installateur ou un service d'entretien qualifié ou par le
fournisseur de gaz.
Firestar™ (GC3)


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   Summary of Contents for LG B-VENT GAS GC3

  • Page 1

    Fireplace Insert Retain These Instructions For Future Reference A French manual is available upon request. Order P/N 775,225CF. Ce manuel d’installation est disponible en francais, simplement en faire la demande. Numéro de la pièce 775,225CF. n the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: •...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    & s ... 3 autions afety rifiCe ltitude djustment ... 4 ireplaCe equirements & a ... 4 odes pprovals equirements ommonwealth of ...5-7 nstallation ... 5 eatures ... 5 aCkaging ... 5 atings & f nsert ireplaCe imensions learanCes to ombustibles ...

  • Page 3: Autions Afety

    FOR YOUR SAFETY do not install or operate your Fire-  star™ gas insert without first reading & understanding this manual. Any installation or operation of the appli- ance deviating from that which is stated in this manual WILL void the warranty & may be hazardous. INSTALLATION &...

  • Page 4: Ireplace Equirements

    Orifice Size/Altitude Adjustment For altitudes above 2,000 feet, the orifice should be de-rated by 4% for every 1,000 feet to maintain the proper ratio of gas to air. Improper orifice sizing may result in damage and unsafe conditions. Changing the orifice should only be done by a qualified service technician. Contact your Lennox Hearth Products dealer for proper orifice sizes (see Page 21 and 24 for more information). The Firestar™ Insert • Must conform with all local, state, and national installation codes. In the absence of local codes, the installation must conform with National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1 - latest edition, also known as NFPA 54. Refer to the National Fuel Gas Code and local zoning and code authorities for details on installation requirements. • Must conform with the Manufactured Home Construc- tion and Safety Standard, Title 24 CFR, Part 3280, or when such a standard is not applicable, the Standard for Manufactured Home Installations, ANSI A225.1 - latest edition for manufactured (mobile) home installations.

  • Page 5: Re Nstallation

    Pre-Installation eatures Installation Options Residential - Vented Vertical Only Manufactured (Mobile) Home N atural Gas Or Propane (LP) Bedrooms Optional Wall-mounted Or Remote Thermostat Electrical The fan motor requires 120 Volts AC for operation. The fireplace is not dependent on the fan or an outside electrical supply to operate. Millivolt Valve This insert is operated with a millivolt valve and therefore burns even during a power outage. Fuel This insert comes from the factory equipped to burn natural gas at a specified elevation. The insert can be converted to burn LP (liquid propane) by installing a conversion kit. Only Lennox Hearth Products conversion kits can be used to convert from NG to LP or LP to NG. Contact your Lennox Hearth Products dealer for details.

  • Page 6: Nsert Ireplace Imensions

    nsert imensions See Figures 1, 2 and 3 showing insert dimensions and mini- mum fireplace firebox dimensions to aid you in determining proper fit into existing fireplace. 23-3/4” 11-3/8” 9-7/8” 20” *2” 7-3/8” 10-1/2” 24-3/4” * Equipped from the factory with a 2” filler. Contact your dealer for additional information. Figure 1 41” 26-3/4” 26-1/4” 13-3/4” 7-3/8” 2-1/8” 33-1/2” Figure  Insert Dimensions Width of insert behind Surround Panels Rear height Insert depth into fireplace Flue center line from back of surround with standard draft hood Flue collar diameter (OD)

  • Page 7: I Nsert L Eveling

    inimum learanCes to ombustibles The letters below, C through H, correspond to Figure 4 showing minimum clearances required from the appliance to combustibles and the minimum projection of the hearth extension. C = 6.5” to Side Facing (3/4” or less) D = 11” to Side Wall E = 24” to Mantel** (more than 3/4”) F = 14.5” to Top Facing (maximum thickness 3/4”) earth roteCtion G = Minimum Hearth Protection from Front of Insert* H = Vertical Distance from Insert Bottom to Combustible Material. 23” 20” 0” 2” (*Insert bottom is the metal lip below the lower gold trim bar). Note: Hearth protection to be min. /8” (10mm) thick non- combustible or equivalent, with a k factor of .84.

  • Page 8: I Nstallation

    Installation nsert enting Refer to Figure 6 which shows a typical installation of this ap- pliance into an existing solid-fuel fireplace. WARNING: This appliance is equipped with a safety control sys- tem designed to protect against improper venting of combustion products. Operation of this heater when not connected to a prop- erly installed and maintained venting system or tampering with the blocked vent shut-off system can result in carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and possible death. Insert must be vented to the outside in accordance with the current edition of the National Fuel Gas Code ANSI- also known as NFPA 54 . The insert must not be connected to a chimney flue serving a separate solid fuel burning appliance. This gas insert requires a 4” diameter B-vent or listed flex alu- minum or stainless chimney liner extending the entire length of the chimney to ensure proper operation. The vent should terminate with a chimney cap or rain cap. Chimney should be sealed around cap to prevent air and rain from entering chimney.

  • Page 9: Ero Learance Ireplace Nstallation

    learanCe ireplaCe nstallation This insert may be installed in a masonry or factory built/zero clearance (ZC) fireplace. When installing in a ZC fireplace, the ZC grate must be removed and the ZC damper must be removed or secured open. The ZC doors, screen, refractory or masonry lining, baffles, and smoke shelf may be removed, if necessary, to install the gas insert. However, do not cut or alter the fireplace components. The removal of any parts to facilitate installation must not alter the integrity of the inner or outer shells of the fireplace cabinet. See Fireplace Requirments on page 4. lass emoval See page 17 for Glass Door Removal Instructions. riCk iner nstallation HANDLE THE BRICK PANELS WITH CARE (SEE FIGURE 8) AS THEY ARE FRAGILE. DO NOT FORCE THE PANELS INTO THE FIREBOX AS THEY WILL BREAK IF FORCED.

  • Page 10: I Nstallation

    (gC3) nstallation ontinued 4. Position the top twig, with the charred end forward, on the pin in the top of the rear log and the pin in the top of the right front log (see Figure 11). 5. Place the volcanic stone one high in front of the front burner tube (see Figure 12). Take care not to cover all the burners ports. Any extra volcanic stone may be placed at the ends of the front logs, off the burner. Place small pinches of rockwool (embers) on top of the volcanic stone. Figure 11 Note: The pilot flame can be viewed through the burned hole in the right front log. Figure 4 Embers Volcanic Stone Figure 1...

  • Page 11: Ower Ront Iller Anel

    2” f ower ront iller anel The FireStar™ insert comes with a 2” panel to fill the space be- tween the insert bottom and the hearth extension. If the hearth elevations necessitate, the insert may be installed directly on the hearth without the leveling bolts or filler panel. To install the panel, insert the four tabs on the top of the panel into the corresponding slots in the insert bottom. Open the insert side doors, remove the two socket head screws from the hardware bag and install them (using a 5/32” hex wrench) through the insert bottom into the filler panel. A tall adjustable filler panel is also available. nstallation After leveling, position the insert in the fireplace, holding it about six inches out from its final location. Caution: Specific Hearth Requirements apply (see Clearances and Specifications). The Firestar gas insert must be connected to the gas line in accordance with local codes and / or the National Fuel Gas Code, Z.1-latest edition, also known as NFPA 54.

  • Page 12: Ir Hutter Djustment

    (lp) ropane atural Your Firestar™ gas insert is equipped from the factory for use with natural gas only as specified on the Safety / Listing label attached to the appliance. This appliance can only be operated using propane gas (LP) if a certified fuel conver- sion kit provided by Lennox Hearth Products is installed by a qualified service technician. Also check the orifice size on the label attached to your control panel. It must be the correct size for the fuel and altitude. Do not run propane tank dry. Running the tank dry may cause a hazardous condition due to pressure drop in empty tank. Solid fuel is NOT to be used with this unit. hutter djustment The main burner has an adjustable air shutter located at...

  • Page 13: Perating Nstructions

    Operating Instructions ighting heCklist Be sure to check these items before the initial lighting of the insert: - All packaging materials are removed from the firebox; brick panels and logs are installed. - The insert gas label must correspond to the gas supply available, that is “natural gas” for natural gas; "LP gas" for LP gas. - Be sure the gas pressure has been carefully checked (see Gas Pressure Requirements). - Fingerprints or other marks are cleaned (while the insert is cool) from any gold or nickel surfaces with denatured alcohol and a soft cloth. Marks left on these surfaces may become etched into the finish if not removed prior to burning the unit. - Check all gas fittings for leaks. - Remove all combustible materials from the area in front of the insert and ensure the vented areas of the insert face are unobstructed. - Check to ensure all clearances to combustibles are met- see page 7. - Make sure the glass door is in place and properly sealed before burning the appliance - Ventilate the house to clear initial paint curing odors, see...

  • Page 14: Lame Olor Ehavior

    TO TURN OFF GAS TO APPLIANCE (Refer to controls shown in Figure 16) 1. Turn off the "ON/OFF" rocker switch and/or thermostat (if installed) to its lowest setting. 2. Turn off electric power to the appliance if service is to be performed. 3. Push in gas control knob slightly and turn clockwise to "OFF." Do not force. This appliance needs fresh air for safe operation and must be installed so there are provisions for adequate combustion and ventilation air. WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, or maintenance can cause injury or property dam- age.

  • Page 15: Aint Uring

    aint uring This insert has been painted with Stovebright high tem- perature metallic stove paint. It leaves the factory dry to the touch, but finishes curing as the insert is used. Fire the insert four successive times for ten minutes each time with a five minute cool down between each firing. Ventilate the house during these first firings as the paint gives off car- bon dioxide and unpleasant odors. It is recommended that persons sensitive to an imbalance in the indoor air quality avoid the insert during the curing process. uiet peration GAS NOISE: The sound of gas flowing through the insert may be detectable while the unit is in operation. This is a normal operating sound, however if it is objectionable, it can be reduced by turning down the flame. Turning down the flame will reduce heat output. BLOWER NOISE: As the insert heats up, the blower will come on to move hot air through the heat exchanger and into the room. Adjust the fan speed with the fan control knob to the sound level and air flow desired. lower Your Firestar™ gas insert comes equipped with a 150 CFM blower with a variable speed control and an automatic temperature activated On / Off snap switch.

  • Page 16: Illivolt Ontrol Ystem

    Do not splice any millivolt wires. Refer to Table 3 to determine the proper gage of wire for the thermostat or wall switch connections. This table refers to the total length of the wire (out to the switch and back). The thermostat must be a millivolt type. A 24-volt furnace thermostat will not work. Never hook up household current, 120 Volts, to the millivolt system. It is not recommended to hook up any more than two switches to the insert (for example a rocker switch and a wall thermostat). Additional switches may affect the system resistance and increase the chance of the burner not ignit- ing. Follow the instructions included with the thermostat or remote control for wiring. The thermostat, remote control, and rocker switch will turn the burner on and off independently. Be sure to set the rocker switch to the “OFF” position when using the thermostat or remote control and set the thermostat or remote control to the lowest temperature when you wish to use the rocker switch only, otherwise one may override the other. If a re- mote thermostat is to be used with the insert, do not place the receiver under the firebox. Thermostat Wire Wire Size 1 Gage 14 Gage 16 Gage 18 Gage 0 Gage Table ...

  • Page 17: Aintenance Ervicing

    Maintenance & Servicing aintenanCe heCklist Should Only Be Performed by a Qualified Service Techni- cian. Caution: Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation. Verify proper operation after servicing. 1. Annual inspection should be made and the following checks performed: a) With unit cool, remove glass and inspect burner for dirt, soot, and lint accumulations and remove if necessary.

  • Page 18: Lectrical Equirements

    To remove the front door open the side doors, release the front door latches on either side and rotate the top of the glass door forward and down until it stops. Once it is all the way open, lift it slightly, move it to the left and pull it away from the insert. Place door on a nonabrasive surface being careful not to damage door or glass. When cooled the exterior glass may be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth and windex. For cleaning white condensation from the interior glass use KEL KEM gas fireplace glass cleaner available from your insert dealer. Use of caustic or abrasive cleaners may damage glass. NOTE: BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPRAY COMMERCIAL GLASS CLEANER WITH AMMONIA ON GASKET AREA OF DOOR. AMMONIA WILL DISSOLVE GASKET GLUE. NOTE: GOLD PLATED SURFACE MUST BE CLEANED WITH GLASS CLEANER AND SOFT RAG BEFORE FIRING THE FIRST TIME OR FINGER PRINTS AND STAINS WILL REMAIN...

  • Page 19: Uel Onversion Assette Nstallation

    & C onversion assette nstallation Converting your FireStar™ gas insert between natural gas and LP can be accomplished by either changing the Quick Change Cassette (valve and pilot assembly) or installing a conversion kit (regulator, burner orifice and pilot orifice). Only a qualified service technician should perform the conversion, as it requires discon- necting the gas supply line and other procedures that should only be performed by a qualified technician. Cassette Removal 1. Be sure the gas supply is off and fan power cord is discon- nected before beginning the conversion. Disconnect the gas supply from the insert being careful not to apply pressure to the valve in the process. 2. Remove the log set and brick panels, (see “Brick Panel & Log Installation) 3. Remove the burner by lifting the left end and pulling the burner gently through the block plate and past the pilot assembly.

  • Page 20: Roubleshooting

    Troubleshooting NOTE: When troubleshooting the gas control system, be sure the external gas shut off valve, located at the gas sup- ply inlet is in the “ON” position. IMPORTANT: Call your gas supplier or plumber for additional help with any gas control problem. Valve system troubleshooting should only be accomplished by a qualified service technician.

  • Page 21

    EPLACEMENT ARTS PART # DESCRIPTION H5952 #33 NG Main Burner Orifice H5953 #35 NG High Elevation Main Burner Orifice H5951 #50 LP High Elevation Main Burner Orifice H5843 2” Bottom Trim Piece H5950 #49 LP Main Burner Orifice H5860 4 Piece Log Set H5844 Air Control Burner Pan H5842 Baffle Plate H5519 Baffle Plate Holder Brackets 75145 Black Door w/Glass H5874 Blower Power Cord H5877 Blower Speed Control H5996 Blower Speed Control And Housing (Includes 2 Rivets) H5997 Blower w/Mounting Bracket H5866 Brick Panel Set H5934 Burner Tube H5740 Cassette Assembly NG (For LP Installations, Also Order LP Conversion Kit) H5863 Volcanic Stone H5985 Decorative Gold Bar On Lower Stove Body H5986 Decorative Nickel Bar On Lower Stove Body H5905 Door Rope (Per Foot) Order 8 Ft. for each door...

  • Page 22: Nsert Abels

    Safety / Listing Label...

  • Page 23

    Lighting Label...

  • Page 24: Roduct Eference Nformation

    WARRANTY Your gas appliance is covered by a limited warranty (provided with appli- ance). Please read the warranty to be familiar with its coverage. Retain this manual. File it with your other documents for future refer- ence. PRODUCT REFERENCE INFORMATION We recommend that you record the following important information about your fireplace. Please contact your Lennox Hearth Products dealer for any questions or concerns. For the number of your nearest Lennox Hearth Products dealer, please call 1-800-9-Lennox. REPLACEMENT PARTS See Page 21 for a complete replacement parts list. Use only parts sup- plied from the manufacturer. Your Fireplace Insert's Model Number _ __________________________________ Your Fireplace Insert’s Serial Number ___________________________________ The Date On Which Your Fireplace Insert Was Installed _ _____________________ The Type of Gas Your Fireplace Insert Uses _______________________________ Your Dealer's Name _________________________________________________ Fuel Type (Check one) c Natural Gas c Propane Gas (LP) Lennox™ reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in design, materials, specifications, prices and also to discontinue colors, styles and products. Consult your local distributor for fireplace code information.

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